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ISA Presents: Study Hall Brawl 2010. Indianapolis, Indiana


Smash Champion
Mar 11, 2008
St. Louis, Missouri
I'd really like to thank everybody coming to this, especially Missouri and Illinois who traveled super far. I'll do shoutouts later, and please let me know if you want a name change , a character change, or a team name change. I'm especially unsure about some of the mid tier character Hope everybody had fun!

Also, some people were listed twice due to changes in tio for whatever reason, so if you notice that please let me know where the mistake was.

Smada and I would like to especially thank Hilt who helped TO and made the bracket

Singles $10 entry 46 entrants

1. Infern :snake:/:ike: $190
2. Y.b.M. :zerosuitsamus:/:kirby2: $90
3. Kain :wolf: $55
4. Count :diddy: $35
5. Future :popo: $20
5. DJ Iskascribblez :metaknight: $20
7. Green Beast :olimar:
7. Dooms :gw:/:metaknight:
9. Hylian :popo:/:metaknight:
9. Hilt :olimar:
9. ook :dk2:
9. Arty :falco:
13. Crash :luigi2:
13. Avarice :diddy:/:metaknight:
13. Krystedez :wario:
13. DLA :metaknight:
17. Mister Eric :rob:
17. Norm :snake:
17. HadesBlade :yoshi2:
17. Asdioh :kirby2:/:fox:
17. Twilight Prince :ganon:/:metaknight:
17. Akashi :snake:
17. Sovereign :zerosuitsamus:
17. Tactical :lucario:
25. Dajayman :olimar:
25. .....
25. Meneil :ike:
25. Ttar :pit:/:lucario:
25. Excel :sonic:
25. Fwog :diddy:
25. Spin :rob:
25. Zwarm (spot purchased from Oro) :dedede:

One player asked not to be included in the results threat.

Drowned in pools:
33. MetaFlair :metaknight:
33. Jowii :kirby2:/:falco:
33. Heero :rob:
33. Zwarm :dedede:
33. Soldier2 :dk2:
33. RogueBlades :sonic:
33. Tetsion :pit:
41. Level 9 Snake :snake:
41. Smada :lucas:/:diddy:
41. Th3 Composer :samus2:
41. Radium :kirby2:
41. Squid :falcon:
41. HaelPhail :pikachu:

Individual Pools results: (in order from first to last in each pool)

1. HadesBlade, Hylian, Hilt, Norm, MetaFlair, Level 9 Snake
2. ook,, Count, Tactical, Twilight Prince, Jowii
3. DJ Iscaskribblez, Y.b.M, DLA, Spin, DJ Ike, Smada
4. Arty, Avarice, Mister Eric, Zwarm(oro, sold bracket spot to zwarm) , Heero, Jake
5. Infern, Akashi, Crash, Zwog, Zwarm, Radium
6. Kain, Meneil, ...., Future, s2, Squid
7. Krystedez, Green Beast, Sovereign, Dajayman, RogueBlades, HaelPhail
8. Dooms, Asdioh, Excel, Ttar, Tetsion

Doubles $10 entry
1. Rent a Count (Count+Renegade) $216
2. Scribbz +Krystedez $108
3. The Most Prettiest and Baddest Motha****as of All Time...Hold My Drink ***** (Y.b.m.+Infern) $36
4. Hylian+Arty
5. Kain+Oro
5. DLA+Greenbeast
7. Dooms Day (Today+Dooms)
7. Hilt+Crash
9. BlueBalls (Asdioh+Radium_)
9. Future+TP
9. Lemon Party (ook+Dajayman)_
9. Flux Pavilion Remix (Mister Eric+Spin)
13. Jake+Avarice
13. Meneil+Akashi
13. Norm+Excel
13. HaelPhail+MetaFlair
17. Operation Snooperfax (Heero+Smada)
17. Fwog+DJ Ike

Mid Tiers $5 entry
1. Kain :wolf: $85
2. Renegade :ike: $40
3. Y.b.M :zerosuitsamus: $25
4. Krystedez :pit: $10
5. Sovereign :zerosuitsamus: $5
5. HadesBlade :yoshi: $5
7. Akashi :ike:
7. Mister Eric :rob:
9. Future :rob:
9. ook :dk2:
9. dooms :kirby2:/:peach: (joey let me know who you used haha i'm just guessing)
9. infern :ike:
13. Meneil :ike:
13. Twilight Prince :ganondorf:/:jigglypuff:
13. Tetsion :pit:
13. DLA :ganondorf:
17. Count :toonlink:
17. RogueBlades :sonic:
17. Hylian :peach:
17. Th3 Composer :samus2:
17. Arty :luigi2:
17. Excel :luigi2:
17. Hilt :pt:
25. Crash :luigi2:
25. Avarice :kirby2:
25. Spin :rob:
25. Ttar :pit:
25. HaelPhail :rob:
25. Today :peach:/:wolf:/:rob:
25. Asdioh :kirby:/:fox:
33. Radium :kirby2:
33. Zwarm :rob:
33. Smada: :lucas:
33. Squid :falcon:
33. Heero :rob:
33. Jowii :kirby2:


DtJ XeroXen

The biggest fraud
Aug 22, 2008
Fort Wayne, Indiana
These results confuse me greatly. Why is Krys 13th? Where the hell is Renegade? (And why do I have the feeling that I would've done well?)


Smash Journeyman
Sep 21, 2009
Dayton, OH
I wish I came to this. Stupid job and school ruining my weekends.

Seagull Joe

Smash Legend
Sep 14, 2008

:wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf:
:wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf:
:wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf:
:wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf:
I wish Md/Va would have a mid tier tourney as well @___@

And why is Hadesblades in Indiana?


Smash Master
Jul 24, 2007
Columbus Ohio
Yea, a lot of names surprisingly low. All i can really say is God Kais!

Btw, go count for repping that Tl in mid-tier.. lol


Smash Lord
Jan 7, 2007
St Louis, Missouri
Good **** david, Step it up jordan.

Why didnt Ren enter singles?

Oh and God Kais baby, Y.B.M whippin out that Zss. Good ****


Smash Lord
Oct 8, 2008
Lol ohhhhhhh infern gj..and to kain and ybm too. and the hell is future? im sooooo sickkkk of alll these icssss omfggg.


Awaken the Path
Feb 22, 2010
Colorado Springs
These results confuse me greatly. Why is Krys 13th? Where the hell is Renegade? (And why do I have the feeling that I would've done well?)
Renegade didn't want to enter Singles. I dunno, but I think he felt discouraged, plus he had to go soon.

I wish I did do better, but it's life. I got Ook'd on the last stock, game 3, when I tried to force a kill on the ledge. I got forward B-'d precisely in the air while I charged an fsmash from the ledge (he jumps up to do said Forward-B from the ledge right above me), and he charged a a full power dsmash then and there for the kill.

I was pretty mad, I admit, first time I threw my controller and my hands in the air. But it was a close and good game, I know I could have won, but the point is I didn't, and that's good enough for me. I will OOK him next time! :3

Oh, and facing Ook in the first place was because I got put out by an IC's named Future very early. God. He was playing like a champ. I don't know what I was doing. I was playing way too haphazardly this whole tourney. Those are my johns.

But alas, I will try to get out of these habits and back to where I was, and do better next time. No loss really, I got 13th last ISA anyways according to Count. I was super happy to see everyone again and meet some new faces even though I was completely out of it. XD

Shoutouts later if I get a chance.


KY/KP Joey
Jun 9, 2009
Louisville, Kentucky
1. Infern :snake:/:ike: $190 Man you're soo good D: Congratz on winning.
2. Y.b.M. :zerosuitsamus:/:kirby2: $90 Man you're soo good too... thought you were gonna 3 stock me XD! Congratz on getting second! Good games as well! I'll remember no RC for ZSS :D!
3. Kain :wolf: $55 Great job! Good games in mid tiers as well!
4. Count :diddy: $35 Good job reppin' IN/KY! I hope to see you at more tournaments after my assumed break xD!
5. Future :popo: $20 I didn't get to see you play or play you :/. I heard you were really good though sooo don't 3 stock me please? haha great job getting 5th!
5. DJ Iscascribblez :metaknight: $20 Man you're like... soooo much better than me it's not even funny lol.
7. Green Beast :olimar: We didn't play... atleast we got the same place! XD
7. Dooms :gw:/:metaknight: I'm so lucky that renegade didn't enter and I got a first seed -.- ... ughhhh
9. Hilt :olimar: Good games!... Metaknight... o:
13. Crash :luigi2: Weegee so cool. Was hoping you would beat Hilt so we could play XD
13. Avarice :diddy:/:metaknight: FINALLY GOT TO MEET YOU :D :D :D hahaha you're so cool :D
13. Krystedez :wario: You got ook'd... 'nuff said XD! hope to see you again during winter break or summer... D':
13. DLA :metaknight: I hope you get the chance to learn the ditto soon! That's really important... D:
17. Mister Eric :rob: It was great seeing you again~ :D Looking for Flair was fun!
17. HadesBlade :yoshi2: You're sooo good. I hope to see you at more tournaments!
17. Asdioh :kirby2:/:fox: Great games in pools! You're pretty good at the MK matchup too O:
17. Sovereign :zerosuitsamus: Man you're so cool. Sad we didn't get to play D:
17. Tactical :lucario: Taactical.... stop sucking X:
25. Dajayman :olimar: Good games in doubles! O:
25. ..............................................................
25. Meneil :ike: Super good Ike O:
25. Ttar :lucario: good games in pools. I didn't get to 3 stock you sadly :/
25. Excel :sonic: good games in pools as well! Learn to Joey O:
25. Fwog :diddy: Good games! Your diddy is pretty good! O:
25. Spin :rob: We didn't plaaaaaaay :@ Nice seeing you though!
Drowned in pools:
33. MetaFlair :metaknight: Nice talking to you again! :D
33. Jowii :kirby2:/:falco: good games in mid tiers. Toonlink > Kirby X:
33. Soldier2 :dk2: Nice seeing you again! You had a super tough pool so don't worry about it! O: TAIKO DRUM MASTER :D
33. RogueBlades :sonic: Didn't really talk to you or play you but yeeah. Hope to see you at more tournaments!
33. Tetsion :pit: Good games in pools! :D
41. Smada :lucas:/:diddy: Great job with the tournament (Only people that I can recall running it were you and count XD)
41. Th3 Composer :samus2: Samus O: Nice seeing you again! :D Also I heard that you're jugglin' Wario and IC's around with Samus? Use whoever you want man lol. Use one/two though if you want better results? Idk just do whatever you think is the most fun yaknow?
41. Radium :kirby2: Great seeing you again! :D You have improved! Everyone else has too though soo ):.
41. Squid :olimar: ...Falcon...? That's totally supposed to be an Olimar... Real shoutout XD Squidddddd Dangle me bro O:. Aw man your matches were so fun to watch XD Keep on improving man. Great to have you in the scene! :)
41. HaelPhail :pikachu: Keep on improving man. This tournament was staacked! XD! You'll do better next time for sure!

Good games! I'm Joey for anyone that didn't happen to look at my tag.

I used ZSS/Toonlink in Midtiers

Exceladon City

Smash Hero
Dec 2, 2008
The Lonesome Crowded Midwest
1. Infern-Look at you back to winning tournaments again.

2. Y.b.M. -I'm sick of getting God Kai'd in the 1st round.

3. Kain - Never got to play you like I wanted to. Oh well so much for the Wolf EXP.

4. Count - We never play each other in any tournament.

5. Future - GGs in doubles. Good seeing you again Futuretroll.

5. DJ Iscascribblez - DJiskascrizzle! We never got to play.

7. Green Beast - Good stuff GB. Nice talking to you. Olimar is free.
Not really

7. Dooms - I hate hate hate hate playing you. I'm about to do it after these shoutouts too. lol

9. Hilt - We did not play. I wanted to.

13. Crash - So how about them DLA ***-whuppings we got?

13. Avarice - AV! Good hanging with you.

13. Krystedez - Krys! It was good seeing you again. You got Ook'd it happens. I got Ook'd one time...it hurt.

13. DLA - Thanks for the MK EXP and ****** my Luigi with Ganon.

17. Mister Eric - Beepers! Why are you down here?

17. HadesBlade - Despite my unwaivering hatred for Yoshi, you're pretty cool. Welcome to the Midwest and looking forward to seeing you at more tournaments. We should team sometime.

17. Asdioh - I'll get you next time Gadget! Also, SHORYUKEN!!!!!

17. Sovereign - Well, we didn't tie like expected. lol

17. Tactical - Taaaaaaaaaac!

25. Dajayman - Quit trying to have a Bad Romance with Ook.

25. .................................................. ............

25. Meneil - You beat the hell out of me in Mid Tiers. Redonkulous Ike.

25. Ttar - GGs. I was expecting Lucario. Also Faygo is a great tag.

25. Excel - ***** you gay.

25. Fwog - Didn't play you. Killer Star though.

25. Spin - SPIN!!! The look on your face at Denny's was priceless.

Drowned in pools:

33. MetaFlair - Woo!

33. Jowii - Lawl Kirbycide.

33. Soldier2 - Your pool sugg digg.

33. RogueBlades - You need to slow your roll. You do TOO many risky things that don't benefit you as much as think. Work on that.

33. Tetsion - GGs. Nice Pit. I wanted to play your MK as well.

41. Smada - Thanks for the directions to getting food.

41. Th3 Composer - You should focus on your Wario man. Like just go straight Wario next time. Even if your placing doesn't change, the experience is worth it.

41. Radium - Good seeing you again Radium!

41. Squid - MP5's and Helmet Kids! Denny's was too good.

41. HaelPhail - You got dis!

Hylian- Never got a chance to play your ICs. You're a cool dude, welcome to the MW!

TwilightPrince- iMAD. So mad. GGs. Nice MK. I got you next time!

Oro- Ggs. You're a fun guy. Your Marth is pretty nasty too.

Norm- Thanks for teaming with me. Glad to see you're back.

Arty - Dat Falco be sick yo. Happy I didn't see you in brackets.

The rest of IL- Great seeing you guys. Hope you show up to more tournaments around here.

To those of you I missed, I copy pasted this from Joey, so everyone isn't on this.

Teh Future

Smash Master
Apr 6, 2008
St. Louis, MO
2 shoutouts might do more later if i have time:

count: thanks for hosting/housing/drinking

ren: thanks for housing but you should def still enter singles =( you are a cool guy glad i met you and got some much needed snake exp


Not even death can save you from me
Rankings Team
Sep 9, 2004
Switch FC
Fun tournament, I'll do shoutouts later.

Had a hard bracket but I'll get better and **** next time :).

<3 MW is fun.



Not Asidoh
Jun 23, 2008
Man, I knew Kain was good, but jeez! Y.b.M., Infern, how did you guys get so good? Are there a lot of you that practice together frequently? The only practice I have is against Rogueblades, who plays Sonic, so I have the Sonic matchup down stupidly well but other characters, not so much :x I should move to Ohio or something and play with you guys :3

my name isn't listed in the mid tier results for some reason

shoutouts at some point in time

DtJ XeroXen

The biggest fraud
Aug 22, 2008
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Or you could invite Xero/Ducky/other random Huntington guys(maybe girl) to a practice sometime.

Smashfests ftw. (It would have to be a weekend, D: school)


Smash Apprentice
Jun 28, 2008
Lexington, Kentucky
Count, for Mid tiers, I, Ttar, used Pit, and I use Pit in Singles in addition to Lucario (I actually used more Pit than Lucario)

Shoutouts later


"Their anguish was my nourishment."
Jun 28, 2008
Chicago, IL
Pool 3 was:

1. DJ Iscascribbles
2. Y.b.M
3. DLA
4. Spin
5. DJ Ike
6. Smada

shoutouts later probably


Smash Ace
Mar 17, 2008
I had a tough bracket but I still got outplayed by Kain/Infern so I can't be mad. I'll get you guys next time :)

Shoutous later, this was a very fun tourney.

Edit: This is Arty

Teh Future

Smash Master
Apr 6, 2008
St. Louis, MO
olimar is gayer than metaknight with snakes grenades, uptilt, and ice climber chaingrabs

edit: there should probably be an official gay tier list lol
Jun 23, 2010
Lupe fiasco land, Illinois
Artys basketball party was the best thing ever
short hop whistle f air is the best approach ever
Solimar dittos at RC for pools was the best match ever
OOk and kain are the best DK/Wolf ever
Arty sandbags for ever
DLA can never use the bathroom ever
Shout outs later


Henshin a go-go Baby!
Sep 26, 2008
Miamisburg, OH
Good **** Iskascribble, and Dayum Kain, good ****!

Any matches get recorded?
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