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  • Youko did you read the thread before closing it? Why would you feel bad about closing it?
    I'm sorry to bother you again, but it seems as if I can't directly change that thread title. Does it have anything to do with the fact that I'm not technically the first post?
    Hi, I downloaded your texture pack and it was great :D
    I'm wondering if it is possible for you to upload your CSPtools folders for editing certain csps? Thanks!
    Hello, I was told to ask a mod for permission to do this so....

    Can I create a new thread for the Nintendo's Deadliest Warrior thread?

    The OP abandoned it, and from the start Ive essentially been carrying it, so i figured I might as well redo it in a more active and organized fashion
    Deleted this part because of how rude it sounded. In my naivite, I honestly didn't think that such a thread would be "flamebait". I honestly think that checking back and seeing who's been swayed eitherway by the new tournament, as well as genesis, would be huge in deciding if Metaknight is really having that bad of an effect on the community.

    May I ask that I do the research anyway, and if a significant number of people officially change their minds (atleast over 500, which would be more than enough to make the debate close toa 25-75% majority, assuming only those 2 options are represented), could I post the information on a thread for people to see, and then have a mod close it afterward, so that the information can be presented still, but without the flames?

    Hello? ;.; I'm honestly not trying to be as rude as I sound. Please pardon me.
    Youko, that was not my intention. I knew for a fact that there was already a vote over it.

    However, the thread that SamuraiPanda created lakes something very important:a "changed my mind" button.

    Over the course of the thread, which started quite a while ago, I'm sure that several people, from the debates that occured after the persons voted, to new tournament statistics, could have easily changed peoples minds. I simply wanted to record this, for the same use that the vote was created for: showing To's and the important people the views that the community fostered.

    Can you please tell me why the thread warrented closing? And if it didn't, is it possible for you to re-open it? If it did warrent closing, I'll understand, but I'll still go interview everyone over the thread and any changes, and if the amount of change is radical enough, I intend to post it in the most legal format as possible. I just really want to know why the thread warrented closing. It would have helped me so much. How was it spam?

    I talked to joker about what he reported to you. I had no intention of attempting to superceid the authority of the SBR or Moderators. I also find it unfair that the people who could have used the information the most (Tournament Hosters at the top of that list) would have had to look through 300 posts to try to find it (assuming I could have used a thread to tally fast enough to post before the 400 mark). And I don't see how simply asking people if they changed their minds or not would have started flames up again, but that may just be my own ignorance.

    If anything, please just explain why it warrented a closing...
    3D realms has died? Duke Nukem Forever is dead? Leaked gameplay video looked good?

    I don't know what to think >.<
    Why is your "avatar" character just Totakeke with a CF helmet? Couldn't you be a little original? Or is it just another joke?
    lol that ain't me >.<

    Aparently there's a Vyse that does texture stuffs for Brawl, but it's someone else I'm afraid :p
    Hey Youko,
    How's it going. Long time no talk. Well me and the rest of the BOPIIAC crew, would like to send you this invite to join us for the 20th Episode of "But Our Princess is in Another Castle." Hope to hear from you soon.

    I made the topic like that because I knew some people would find it to be spam, but I searched SWF for the correct place to ask the question.

    I have went through the character boards. However... I hate floaties, but I need one so that I can counter every match up. So I made that thread in hopes people will help me decide. -_-

    BTW.. in your opinion. Can Pikachu get out of CG's easily and is good at breaking out of combo's? I know he is a light weight... but I don't know if he is... floaty enough.
    No... I wanted opinions on floaty characters. Opinions on counters. If SWF does not have a place to ask about getting in your alts so you can take of every match up then that's bull crap. IMO
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