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  • hey Youko i'm a big fan of show me your news and i was wondering,what are your new impressions of toon link and lucas?
    I have a special attatchment to you... you were the first mod to infract me ;x

    lol it was a double ( or maybe triple i dont remember) post i was such a ****** when i first joined here lmao:lick:
    Glad to have you then! The thread's been pretty slow activity-wise, but you're a pretty high profile guy so they should come up with some good questions for you.

    Haha, I kind of just wanted a change of pace, looking at S.O.L.I.D. for months gets too repetitive for me, I'll most likely change it back in a month or two.
    Hi Youko, you've been selected to be interviewed in the User Blogs Interview Thread, run by me, SOLID/Vrael.

    If you are able to be interviewed within the next 1-2 weeks, then that'd be great, and if not, there's always other people, and we can come back to you. So if you're up for it, and you think you have the time (doesn't take very long, an hour at most, but probably closer to 45 minutes), or if you can't, please message me back when you get this, so we can work out a time once questions are in.

    Just wanted to make sure before we started getting questions.

    I hope to hear back soon. :)
    Did you really delete that advertising thread THAT FAST after I reported it? O_O
    Thanks for the welcome. My bad about the thread, my mistake. The chain-grab kinda surprised the crap out of me, though.
    I have a question. I remember reading a thread that had a translation in Sakurai's interview about Brawl. I can't really find it anywhere. Do you know where I can find a link to it?
    thanks, i asked around the BBRawl mods as well, the Codes didnt have a PF folder allready, all i had to do was make a PF folder in the same route as the st :p
    Hey Youko! I downloaded your texture pack and its great. I was wondering, since I created my own CSP, did you run it through CUPASH? Its not working for me and i have all the material needed. Do you mind if I sent the .tga file to you and if you can convert it for me please? Thank You in advance
    Hello youko, mind if I bug you with a Q about your Texture Pack?

    I am trying to get it to work with BBrawl, and it has the following string:


    now, your file apparently needs it to end in pf?

    it loaded fine, but the textures will not show, is there any way to work around this dilemma?
    I saw your custom title for the first time, like, a month ago, and I didn't notice the pun until I randomly thought about it the other day. :ohwell:
    Nevermind. I'm not going to class apparently. The geniuses on campus decided to rip up the sidewalks (thus blocking all parking slots).
    You're a super mod, right?
    I need your help in transferring control of someone else's matchup thread (since he doesn't visit SWF really anymore) to let me have access and run it in his place. I talked to Hylian and he has yet to do so, so I came to you instead. Here's the link:
    Thanks in advance ^_^
    Oh and before you release it, you might wanna check everything using ISO hacking. Some stuff, like the Roy texture for Ike, the clone stuff from Star Wars for Fox, and others appear fine using File Replacement but if you ISO hack it, there are seriously glitched and it causes freezes even with a file replacement once in a while, but with ISO's all the time. Just saying, it helps it out and you can just reash them by having two ASH things, use 1 to get a normal file and 1 for the glitched texture, extract both and copy the images from one to the other, index them and stuff, and re-export.
    Hey, I'm working on the .brres freezes, fairly sure its just the infFace one's and I haven't found a definitive cause for it, but I think that renaming the file so it gets CUPASHed is the main cause of it, although I am fairly sure there are others.
    youko that's what i wrote to almas because he was trying to protect me from harsh critcism so called, i wanted to get a super mod or someone else to restore it
    hey why'd you lock the thread almas i don't mind harsh feedback...plus i already listed the reasons above if you read the top of the thread why i wasn't spamming...the original threads were out of my own request to lock them...but obviously the people who posted troll responses didn't bother to read which is why i posted an entire long section urging people to read

    is it possible you could reopen it?

    what right do you have to close my thread just because you wanted to protect me from harsh criticism alma? i'll be the judge of that, i don't mind the harsh criticism nor did you have to close my thread, i'm gonna try to get a super mod to restore it
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