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  • I stan non-Sans Mii mains, especially those who use other, spicier, memes.
    Oz o:
    Oz o:
    I "stan" (whatever the **** this means) no Miis. **** Miis. They're like these ugly "characters" that don't even feel like a real character. Why do people even use them. It feels like they're not taking you seriously.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    I started maining Mii Brawler for memes, but eventually got really good with the playstyle (at least by my standards). it's fun to imagine playing as an obscure character with no chance or a dank meme.
    I've always disliked the title of Donkey Kong Country Returns. it sounds like a tagline and makes no sense without the context of games that were released about 15 years ago when it came out.
    Still beats New Super Mario Bros, which is pretty dang silly in retrospect. Not really "new" once it stops being the latest game.
    Here's everyone I've voted for in KFAD 2, SiIvaGunner's tourney-election-thing, so far:

    Mariya Takeuchi (her opponent was Jack Bros. - she has 90s Japanese pop music, Jack Bros. have Atlus music)
    King Dedede (his opponent was Off the Hook - he has Kirby music, OTH have Splatoon music)
    Metal Ajit Pai (his opponent was Nico Nico - he has mecha songs and the Reese's Puff rap, Nico Nico has old Nico Nico Douga memes)
    The Jazz Cats (their opponent was Adam Levine - they have jazz and cat music, Adam has Maroon 5)
    Johnny Bravo (his opponent was Wario and Waluigi - he has Cartoon Network songs, they have songs from all Mario spin-offs except DKC and the RPGs)
    Weird Al Yankovic (his opponent was Geno - he has songs he's parodied and Micheal Jackson songs courtesy of his stand, Beat It, Geno has Square Enix songs)
    ZUN (his opponent was Quote - he has songs from Touhou and songs about alcohol. Quote has indie game songs)
    Papyrus (his opponent was Law and Disorder, a team of Phoenix Wright and Monokuma. Papyrus has songs from puzzle games and his songs from Undertale, Law and Disorder have songs from mystery related media and interactive novels)
    Daft Punk (their opponent was Men in Black, a team of Will Smith and Howard the Alien. Daft Punk's songs should be obvious, Men in Black have alien songs and songs from Will Smith films)
    Mr. Krabs (his opponent was Dr. Robotnik. he has pirate songs, SpongeBob songs, money songs and Crab Rave, while Robotnik has Classic and Adventure-era Sonic songs (both from games and cartoons) and YouTube Poop)
    Jack Black and Elmo (their opponent was the Rhythm Masters, a team of the Tap Trial Girl and Don-Chan. they have Jim Henson, edutainment and Jack Black music, while the Rhythm Masters have rhythm game music)
    Donkey Kong (his opponent was Eminem. his sources are Rareware and DK music, while Eminem's are his own music and... salsa music for some reason)

    I'm rooting for Jack and Elmo, Robotnik, Thanos and Krabs - Krabs being pitted against Robotnik first round was a little painful, but was nowhere near as hard as Metal Ajit Pai vs. Nico Nico, two contestants I felt equally as indifferent about.
    Someone should do a game that's the opposite of something like SNK Heroines or DoA Beach Volleyball - a game where you can exclusively play as slobby weirdos like Wario and slob-ified versions of cute or conventionally attractive characters. funnily enough I actually drew a few pictures of a "slob-ified" and de-aged Samus a while back https://imgur.com/a/cpuaeFm
    World of Light > SSE, both gameplay and story.
    I honestly prefer the mix of side scrolling platform/adventure to conventional Smash matches SSE offered. World of Light is alright but it's gimmick match after gimmick match which can wear thin.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    See, I liked the concept of SSE's gameplay, but hated the level designs and changes to physics
    I can't be the only person who prefers Rayman and Crash's wackier modern designs over their edgier late 90s-to-early 2000s era designs? I think we can all agree both are better than Jaguar Rayman and Titans Crash through.
    I don't get why it matters to people the gender of the character they play as in video games. to me it's more about the personality or character design - the only time a character's gender really impacts my opinion of them is if it's a feminine male character - I love feminine male characters.
    "Catching 'em all" is about as much a goal for Pokemon as being macho is one of Wario's main personality traits - only fabricated by the marketing department and temporarily canonised. Not trying to say anything major here, just an observation.
    continuing from that last status, if you're ever bored, just look up random terms on the Muppet Wiki - it doesn't matter how dark or adult, it probably has an article on there.
    I remember reading once on the Muppet Wiki that Sesame Street monsters canonically age slower than humans as opposed to a floating timeline - but I cannot find the evidence for the life of me. I really care about the important issues, don't I?
    I love how when you go to "r/antivax" the first thing that shows up is a giant banner saying "Vaccines save lives". they really pulled a 90s McDonald's website (look up "90s McDonald's Fact Fiend" if you don't know what I'm talking about - warning: the video and article are both pretty vulgar!) in sabotaging that subreddit, eh?
    if the Sans Mii costume was leaked (especially without the mask) people would probably jump to assume Frisk was confirmed like they are with Geno and Doomguy now.
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