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Wario Wario Wario
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  • I don't know why people say Rosalina is a "main series" character. (in fact I don't even get why people call the platformers Mario's "main series" instead of Kart but that's besides the point.)

    She's only had 4 platformer appearances - one was heavily plot relevant, one was a post-game unlockable character, and the other two were extremely insignificant. She's only marginally more important than Daisy; Birdetta; and Waluigi if that.
    I feel that with every passing Smash game (or set of Smash games in one case) Sakurai has been less and less transparent.

    • Smash 64: actively revealed the most wanted characters, detailed advanced techniques and cut content, answeed fan mail.
    • Melee: explained the design decisions behind fighters in text, detailed cut content, answered fan mail.
    • Brawl: explained the design decisions behind fighters in text, answered fan mail.
    • 3DS/Wii U: had daily pics to explain design decisions within a Miiverse text limit and occasionally brielfy explained decisions in directs.
    • Ultimate: Only brief mentions in directs and very rare Famitsu columns to explain decisions.
    I wish they'd bring back the Dojo. Waking up one day with no expectations, logging on to a website and saying "hey, Toad's in the game!" is much more satisfying to me than staying up all night and watching a flashy animation, convinced Waluigi will get in, only to see Toad instead.
    "K" is a letter that comes early in the alphabet but has major late in the alphabet vibes.
    YouTube recommendation: "controversial celebrity is returning to Hollywood! Hide your kids!" thumbnail has fire and a demon eye effect on the photos

    You know what? Good for him. Let a man make his movies.
    I feel that if Plok was added to NSO people would disregard it as "NSO shovelware" until they hear the music.

    Give these lesser known NSO games a chance, some of them are pretty rad. Fire N' Ice is great fun.
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    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    Let's be real here, if EarthBound didn't have its deep history in emulation circles or Smash Bros. cameos it'd be disregarded on NSO in the same way as all the other games.
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    There aren't many games I like with characters I don't want in Smash, but I also don't think liking a game is enough of a reason to want a character in Smash.

    I love Lemmings, an all time classic and among the best of what was already a golden age of gaming, but should a lemming be playable in Smash? Hell no! What's it gonna do? slowly build stairs out of bricks to get back on stage?
    Read "Crash Bandicoot" and "launch trailer" and had to do a double take. Just a bundle.
    Bri'ish people be like

    Alvin and the Crispmunks
    Crispotle Mexican Grill
    Crisp N' Dale: Rescue Rangers
    Crisp Off the Old Block
    Crisp the Ripper
    Crisper and Son's Lumber Company
    Crisp's Challenge
    If I had to rank Nintendo's consoles by their first party offerings alone:

    1. GBC - Pokémon Gold and Silver almost bump this above the N64, but for the most part this console was nothing but remakes. Didn't even have good 3Ps to back it up unless you're willing to dig up unlocalised licensed games based on German cartoons even Germans haven't heard of.
    2. N64 - this is excluding Rare, and without them the N64 is a really weak console. (in general, not just for 1P games) I'd say it marks the beginning of Nintendo playing it safe. The lack of 2D games is its biggest detriment.
    3. GameCube - the GameCube had some pretty good offerings, a lot of unconventional and quirky stuff, though none of it truly catches my fancy like the later consoles do. I still have a lot of respect for its library though.
    4. Switch - thank god the Switch has better 3P support than previous Nintendo consoles, otherwise I likely would've regretted my perchase. Most new titles have been a little too non-linear for my tastes and the ports don't do enough to stand out or improve - and are sometimes actively detrimental in their changes. cough*Peachette*cough
    5. Wii U - a slow start and end, but at the peak of the console's existance there was some good stuff.
    6. DS - a lot of Nintendo's DS output felt like shovelware, but there were a lot of gems hiding in there.
    7. NES - Nintendo pushed out a lot of awesome stuff on the NES, especially in the latter half of its lifespan when the SNES had already came out, but truly Konami and Capcom were the real big names of the console
    8. Wii - a lot of gimmicky games, but when they did the gimmicks right they were a joy. The 2D platformer comeback also gave it an edge.
    9. Virtual Boy - VB Wario Land alone puts it this high. It's that good.
    10. Game Boy - coexisting alongside the NES and SNES gave the GB's tech a lot of time to be mastered, which left us with some outstanding and timeless games. Mole Mania 2 when, Nintendo?
    11. 3DS - home of the best 3D Mario, Kid Icarus Uprising, WarioWare Gold, need I say more?
    12. SNES - it's the SNES, a majority of Nintendo's most beloved output comes from this dream machine and for good reason. The true peak of Nintendo's creativity as Sega and Sonic forced them to step up their game.
    13. GBA - a 2D platformer fan's paradise with quite possibly the greatest 2D platformer ever made (Wario Land 4) among others, and also home to one of, if not the, greatest RPG of all time. (Mother 3)
    In hindsight, a lot of the ironic and memey fighters pass predictions/wishlists would've been unironically better (or at the very least more consistently fun additions) than the real DLC for the most part.

    That first one especially, Bubsy; Big Smoke; and Clippy all have great potential for playstyles and moveset, and are iconic to some extent. An FE rep is an FE rep, but Leif would at least soften the blow a little on virtue of not being a shill for the latest game. Movie Mario actually has awesome moveset potential and Tanooki Mario in his own slot could be a lot of fun. Thanos would be awesome and unleashing a brain-pop as Rocko's side smash would be brilliant.
    I don't think Crash's stage should be N. Sanity Beach, but I do still think it should be from Crash 1 and around the N. Sanity Beach area. Native Fortress and Upstream would both be brilliant.

    Honestly, they could do the Mushroomy Kingdom/Pac-Land thing with Stormy Ascent and that'd be really fun
    I watched a Space Jam 2 review where they mentioned LeBron's fictional son going to "E3 camp" in passing and assumed it was a joke and it was actually called something else.

    No. They were right. It is actually called E3 Camp.

    (paraphrased, it's actually actually called E3 Game Design Camp)
    Smash requests​
    Pro-moveset potential​
    Moveset neutral​
    Pro-emotional attachment​
    Significance neutral​
    The banner for r/memes has so many characters that I have literally never seen anywhere close to an image macro. Am I a normie now? Am I missing out on those dank-ass Angry Beavers, Iron Giant, and Moomins memes?
    I absolutely love the Crash trilogy, but Jesus some of the design choices they made were questionable even for the time, especially in 3. The Tawna save system in 1, Crystals in 2 and 3 are probably the least consequential game mechanic in history (except maybe pellet throwing in Pac-Man World), the vehicle levels that plague 3 like a parasite, and the power-ups in 3 that are either overpowered or utterly useless except in specific scenarios designed for them - the Wumpa Bazooka especially, who thought it was a good idea to put a heavy, clunky, bazooka in a fast paced platformer?

    Crash 4 did a really good job of fixing almost every little mistake though. Favourite 3D platformer of all time.
    Sorry to make another Nick related post, too caught up in the NASB hype, heh.

    I think the reason SpongeBob was such a hit with adults as well as kids was because, while other shows (on TV in general, not just animation or kids' TV) were trying to position their shallow comedy as genius thought-provoking wit, SpongeBob was a genuinely clever show that presented itself as dumb and asinine.
    I tend to find shows geared towards kids funnier than those geared toward adults. It's probably because adult shows tend to think gross-out humor and jokes about celebrities are funny, when they're not. Kids' shows are much more restricted as far as those two types of "comedy" are concerned, and thus much better at being genuinely funny.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    Agree 100%. I've always found that despite Family Guy being famed for its raunchy gags, the more clean stuff (like this or this) is way funnier. I wonder if Seth MacFarlane would have the same bad rep he has today if Larry and Steve came out on CN...
    I really dislike it when fanmade Crash movesets/stages for Smash just slim the series down to the good games alone. A Crash moveset without taking from the stinkers is gonna be super boring.

    I also don't like it when people use the Wumpa Bazooka in Crash Smash movesets. The Rivals mod did a good job with it as a side smash, but as a special move it would not fit any of Crash's potential playstyles well - it doesn't even fit his playstyle in its origin!
    There are very few things I like about Toy Story 4, but one thing I did appreciate was that they subtly tried to patch up the infamous Buzz plothole by showing that freezing when humans are around is just a thing toys do by instinct.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    There are three other things I can praise about this travesty
    • For as dirty as they did both Woody and Buzz, the new characters were mostly great - Ducky and Bunny were hillarious and I enjoyed Gabby Gabby's redemption arc, regardless of whether it was "earned" or not. Didn't like Duke Kaboom (was that his name? I can't help but feel I'm getting mixed up with some Canadian 2000s cartoon) though.
    • The animation. Terrible for the tone of the film and overall franchise but beautiful on its own.
    • The Pixar easter eggs were more subtle and obscure than ever before. I was in a huge Pixar kick when it came out and finding (and looking up) all the references was pure joy. Seeing Tinny back especially.
    I liked Gabby's arc, but at the same time, I felt quite displeased by Woody basically getting his organs harvested and that amounting to nothing for Gabby.

    I understand that's like... the point of her character development, and that's ok. But why at the cost of my man Woody? As if he wasn't enough of a punching bag throughout the movie.
    Why is this unironically better than the real sequel? I've been crapping on these unreleased Circle 7 movies for years without knowing anything about the scripts but this one sounds legitimately good.
    Hugh Neutron in NASB is like the opposite of Geno in Smash - one began as a meme request but people quickly caught on to the actual potential of the character's inclusion, while the other began as a serious request but slowly became outdated by major series changes to the point of support seeming ironic to outsiders.
    If I was making Space Jam 2, I'd have it go like this:

    After the first film, Looney Tune World is in harmony and now home to stars of all the cancelled cartoons - Looney Tunes, MGM, Hanna Barbera, Ruby Spears, WB TV Animation, Cartoon Network, WAG, pretty much every kid friendly animated IP under WB/Turner that isn't still making new episodes or movies (sans reboots) - this is with the exception of the DC Heroes, who hear of the Tunes' great game against the Monstars decades prior and propose a friendly game of hoops in their universe. To prove the sporting strength of the cartooniverse, Bugs Bunny gets LeBron James to coach all the tunes and toons, and choose the best 15 to shoot and score against the DCverse - basically, an ensemble sports training comedy with no actual villain and inter-personal conflicts as opposed to a proper threat. The movie would end with the big game, where slapstick clashes with superpowers and the stakes are low yet immense. I'm not sure if the Tune Squad or DC Heroes would win, but I think it'd be funny either way if The Joker popped up out of nowhere at the end as a "big surprise" and Bugs disposes of him in mere seconds.
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