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  • Jet Force Gemini is such a funny and wacky choice for the third Rare game on N64 NSO. Like, you first start off with Banjo-Kazooie, and then GoldenEye and you just kinda nod and go "of course," but you get to Jet Force and it's a record scratch moment if there ever was one lol. You'd think DK64 or something would be next in line.

    But that is what makes it exciting, in that it feels like the sky is now the limit for Rare's games on NSO. Outside of maybe like, Mickey's Speedway if they don't feel like dealing with Disney for a middling game (but then again, they put ****ing Quest for Camelot on there so who knows).
    In hindsight, it's really unfortunate what a catch-22 situation rebranding Pro-Am 64 into Diddy Kong Racing turned out to be. On one hand, it was a good move because Diddy was obviously a much bigger draw at the time than Timber and thus got way more people to buy it than they would have otherwise. It also jump started the concept of the DKU.

    On the other hand...it made it a complete licensing hurtle to actually re-release post 2002, lmao. Had it not been for the last minute inclusion of Nintendo owned DK characters, we'd 100% have Pro-Am 64 readily available through Rare Replay by now. But as DKR, the most we could get was that lackluster DS remake (that also had to remove Banjo and Conker due to once again licensing problems) and now we're desperately hoping that Nintendo can figure something out with Microsoft and Rare to get the original released through NSO.
    Rereading old Rare scribes is really funny.

    Ever get tired of those stinking Killer Instinct questions? Does it give you writer’s cramp responding to those darn questions? Does it make your head hurt trying to figure out how you can respond in a sarcastic way to such questions? Well here is the answer, just give the license to someone else! Remove the words Rare and Killer Instinct altogether! Then everyone will be happy! Why? Well Rare will no longer have to answer such questions and the fans can at least get some game from some developer! Hell, sell it to EA, it looks like they’ll buy anything these days.
    John Meyer

    Killer Instinct questions? We don’t get any Killer Instinct questions. Anyway, I’m not sure “remove the words Rare and Killer Instinct altogether” is strictly speaking the best way to make a new Killer Instinct game. And in spite of all our teasing, we wouldn’t be too happy with the series degenerating into “some game from some developer”. If we brought it back, we’d want to do it right. Until we have the manpower, incentive and backing to do that, or an extremely persuasive argument for outsourcing it, this one’s on the back burner (along with a lot of other Rare franchises, so there’s no sense in taking it personally).
    And then some years later...

    So Nintendo's willing to add a critically panned WB licensed, Tidus developed game to NSO, eh?

    Let's f***ing go, bros

    To be honest this user makes a good point but it emphasizes something I've been feeling for awhile: Modern Paper Mario and Modern Donkey Kong Country, despite both being produced by Tanabe, kinda go to complete opposite extremes of each other.

    As in, Modern Paper Mario tends to rely far too much on pre-existing Mario iconography while keeping new characters to the bare minimum. Meanwhile, Modern DKC seems all too eager to completely move away from the pre-existing Rare stuff and making up its own new cast while keeping the returning veterans from DKC1-DK64 to a bare minimum.

    Like, it's kinda odd hearing stories about how Miyamoto "suggested" for the Paper Mario Sticker Star dev team to only rely on established Mario characters, but then turn around and say (or at least come to a mutual agreement with Tanabe, to be fair) "do we really need King K. Rool back? Why not just make new characters?" when getting DKC Returns off the ground.

    Overall point: I think a better middleground can be found between these approaches. How much of this is due to personal developer choice or weird evil mandates from above, I don't know.

    I find SonSon to be the most peculiar of MVC2's original characters, mainly because, unlike Ruby Heart and Amingo, she actually IS technically based on a pre-existing Capcom IP, known as, well, SonSon. What makes her weird however is that she herself is still an OC, being the granddaughter of that game's protagonist.

    It'd be kinda like if in say, Smash Bros. Brawl, its update of Pit was actually said to be the grandson of the original Pit from the NES Kid Icarus, as opposed you know, just being Pit.
    This big clumsy bear dreams of one day becoming a great ballet dancer. But instead, he ends up being...

    A Little Panda Fighter.

    While he sees himself as a ballet star, he'll have to get into the ring, and fight. And more than just a day of training, he will experience thrilling and moving moments, while trying to reconcile boxing and balleting.

    The Little Panda Fighter.

    Funny how then literally none of these characters proceeded to make it in
    It's really funny how people actually thought Rare was being serious with the Banjo-Threeie tease at the end of Tooie, considering how utterly nonsensical that name is lol.

    "Tooie" works because it's just a dumb pun, as "Two" happens to rhyme with "Kazoo". If anything, in a timeline where Rare had the will to make a third platformer Banjo game like BK/BT, it'd make more sense to call it "Banjo-Kazoothree". Get it? Because "three" rhymes with "ie".

    Nonetheless, if we ever do get a new Banjo game in the future, even if its more in line with the 64 titles I'd suspect they'd just call it "Banjo-Kazooie", similar to how recent revivals of other Rare properties like Killer Instinct, Perfect Dark and Battletoads have been titled.
    NSO may have its problems but I do appreciate how more a bit more ambitious Nintendo's been with the N64 lineup. Pretty delightful seeing all of these N64 games that were never even re-released on the Wii or Wii U Virtual Consoles, like Dr. Mario 64, Mario Party 1 & 3, Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2, Pilotwings 64, and even getting frickin' Rare and Microsoft involved starting with Banjo-Kazooie and Goldeneye, and hopefully more Rare classics to come.

    It's a weird thought that these two have literally the same character designer
    Now before anyone jumps me and says “well Ackchyually Krystal was made by Rare”, do keep In mind that the Star Fox Adventures version of her, who would reappear in actual Star Fox games like Assault and Command, was actually designed by Takaya Imamura, the same man who created the Star Fox and F-Zero casts as well as certain characters in Majora’s Mask like Tingle, the Moon and…Majora’s Mask itself.

    This interview says it all:


    —Look forward to the Star Fox game being made with Namco, everyone (laughs). By the by, which of Adventure’s characters were you most attached to?

    Imamura: That’d be Krystal. Krystal is a character that had been around since the early versions of Dinosaur Planet, and as that game was making the transition into a Star Fox game, they asked, “so, should we get rid of Krystal?”. but I thought it’d be a waste to scrap her, so when I visited Rare, I drew a ton of pictures…

    —I think you made the right call (laughs).
    Imamura: There’s an American comic called Vampirella that I’m really into—that character’s a female vampire who wears risque costumes, and so I drew some quick sketches of Krystal with that kind of image and had a lot of discussions with Rare, and so this version of Krystal turned out to be much sexier than the Dinosaur Planet version.

    —I see.
    Imamura: Miyamoto and I were both aiming to add a little sex appeal, I guess? I think Miyamoto’s always wanted to add that flavor.

    —Really?! (laughs)
    Imamura: I think somewhere in his mind, Miyamoto’s always pictured Star Fox as somewhat mature, and he’s been saying things like “wouldn’t it be good to add a slightly sexy character?” since the beginning. Likewise, for Starfox 64, although the game certainly appeals to children somewhat, I think Miyamoto felt that leaning fully into that would be going too far, and he wanted to add some more mature touches where possible.

    —Katt Monroe from the N64 game did have a flirtatious, cutting personality, but there may have been a slight mismatch between her personality and her appearance (laughs).
    Imamura: In that respect, I thought Krystal was a better match.

    —Agreed. Of all the female characters that have appeared in Rare’s games thus far, this was the first one I really liked.
    Imamura: Right? I think I was able to come up with a design that Japanese people could latch on to. I don’t know whether she’ll continue to appear in future games, but since she was positioned as the heroine of Star Fox Adventures, it was important to design her so that she wouldn’t look out of place next to the established Star Fox cast.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    How can someone make such a generation-defining epitome of sensuality, then create Krystal?
    While we're talking about Rare, I do legitimately think it's a bummer that their only representation in Smash currently is through their Scrimblo Bimblo games, Donkey Kong and Banjo-Kazooie, featuring guest appearances from Dinosaur Planet Star Fox Adventures on the side.

    I guess it's because Rare had such a diverse range of games that differed in aesthetics and genres, so it's kind of a bummer that their only Nintendo era games that get playable representation are just their animal platformer games. It'd be nice to get Fulgore or Joanna Dark to counterbalance that and showcase the "darker/edgier" side of the company's repertoire, to show that they weren't just a Cereal Mascot factory.
    My hot take is if there ever was to be one and only one non-video game character in Smash Bros., it shouldn't be Goku or Spongebob, but James Bond, specifically the Pierce Brosnan version. Mainly because of how legitimately important GoldenEye 007 is to the legacy of the N64, Rare, Nintendo and gaming in general.

    It's still wild to think that GoldenEye technically already HAD representation in Smash at one point: the Motion Sensor Bomb/Proximity Mine in Smash 64 and the western versions of Melee.

    “if Smash actually were to start including non-VG content, arguments about James Bond (or even Popeye) vs Goku/Shrek/Spongebob/whatever would feel the same way.”

    I know this comment was addressed to WaWaWa, but let me say that this sums up one of the main reasons I don’t want fourth-parties; Smash speculation is already a warzone with just video game characters, so opening the floodgates to all media would probably make the scene even more insufferable.

    (that, and this; if people are this discontent with current smash as a celebration of gaming history, i shudder to think what a celebration of media as a whole would be like with the same philosophy)
    If any 4th party character ever got added to Smash, it should be Anne Amphibia because I said so.
    Champion of Hyrule
    Champion of Hyrule
    Wether or not Rare is essential for Smash depends on how it’s being marketed. When it’s just a Nintendo crossover, hell yeah add Banjo in there, but for the “ultimate videogame crossover” Rare just might not be as essential.

    although, not to do videogame influence olympics here but like I do feel like goldeneye was probably more influential than halo or any other microsoft developed console game. Still an actual microsoft character should be prioritized though.
    Nearly fours later and it's still wild to me that Banjo & Kazooie of all characters were the only ones on the Grinch Leak that actually eventually made it into the game.

    (yeah there's also Ken, but he was already leaked beforehand anyways, so...)
    For centuries, the bottom of the deepest Smash Bros. speculation scene have been shrouded in mystery and superstition. Some say it is a hostile place, inhabited by the strangest creatures. Others that its a prison, for the most dangerous outcasts.

    Legend has it, that the only hope of ever getting out of there, is an envelope, that every video game character has been craving for years. An envelope they say, everyone is prepared to fight for, and risk their life to posses. But the only way of ever finding out, is to go there, and see for yourself.

    You know as much as I love Palutena as a character in Smash and KI Uprising, I do have to admit that objectively speaking she's kinda one of the weirder picks on the roster lol.

    FTR it's not really herself that's weird, she IS the most important character in the series besides Pit and its even named after her in Japan ("Light Mythology: Palutena's Mirror")...but I guess it's just because Kid Icarus itself is such a super minor franchise, so ignoring the Sakurai connection, it just seems weird to give it another fully unique newcomer when the likes of Wario, Pikmin, F-Zero, Punch-Out!!, etc all still only have one rep each. Hell, even series like Star Fox and Mother only really have additional characters outside of Fox and Ness, just because said additional fighters are so heavily based on their movesets, whereas Palutena is obviously a full blown effort.

    I think if Kid Icarus was at least on the level of Metroid, as in a long running and highly influential series with tons of critically acclaimed games under its belt, Palutena's inclusion would be much more justified outside of "uh Sakurai directed Kid Icarus Uprising lol". As it currently stands, it's just three games across like 36 years, and only two of those games even got a proper worldwide release when they came out. Still love her being in Smash though!
    Honestly if Smash's roster was 100% determined soley by which franchises were longest running or made the biggest profits, I'd probably like it a little less.

    At the end of the day, I think video games are art, and art is at its best when the artists make what they enjoy. It doesn't hurt for Sakurai and the team to be a little self-indulgent from time to time.
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