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  • Heh, I knew I'd be off a little, think Darkrain placed 7th. And yeah, I'm starting to realize how hard it is to play Falcon. I decided to main him. I'd love to do a ditto if you ever show up at Mass Madness again. Or if I ever do for that matter. I should be able to attend one early fall and we'll see how it goes after that.
    Hahah, I saw your post on the underrated players thread. To clear things up: I don't hate you or think you're a bad Falcon or anything. I compare good Falcons with you because you're a good Falcon. I don't say Trees is as good as Jona Diaper or anything XD

    But Trees is really legit. I mean, he plays with Elen and KDJ, so he can't be all bad. Anyway, I was taking that from a guy who's played Trees a lot more than me and hangs out with those guys. And looking back on the matches I've played with him, I'd say that Trees is at the very least really impressive.

    Anyway, just wanted you to know I don't hate you or anything. I know my messages in the past may have made it seem that way. But understand that I'm in an area where I hear "Scar's not that good" a lot. But placing seventh at Genesis kinda does away with those comments :p

    Anyway, talk later.

    I was at a tournament yesterday, and a bunch of people said I look like you.

    You must be **** sexy.
    I would strongly suggest changing your password and not allowing someone to get around a ban through your name.
    How do you beat Lol_Master? Is there any weakness I don't know about? I'm sick of him kicking my *** LOL!
    hey man, good **** at Genesis. good matches also. I was the little asian kid you money matched after your money matches with Kouryuu. Your Falcon is really SCARy haha. I hope we play at another tournament!
    Well I saw some of the newer vids and It looked pretty fun but It's still not melee. Some B+'ers were like if we make it to much like Melee then it will just be Melee 2.0. I was like....and what exactly is wrong with that? haha
    Rumor is you play Brawl+. I haven't played the most recent code sets because mine stopped working. How is it?
    Oh and if you want to know who I am, I was that guy in the back of Game Universe and we played a bunch of friendlies, which I strangely won I think all of them except the FD Falcon ditto which I think I got 4 stocked heh. I suck at tournaments but I'm ok in friendlies @.@;
    Cheers mate,

    I practice tech chasing, but I really need more better approaches and stuff to improve my comboing.
    I watched both the "I Killed Mufasa"s, I don't even know how you chase em' like that.
    If anyone ever has a problem with your modding, you should just tell them "Life's not fair."
    Yea yo...Lets do something this week. I was suppose to be in FL but everyhing got ****ed up, so beers and melee are necessary right now lol
    Woah you just reminded me of the cliffhanger scene in the movie. Between when Mufasa shouted "Scar!" then "Brother!" did you hear a voice sharply whisper "brotha!" to cue him what to say? Maybe it's just me...
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