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  • i live in northeast philly. right off of roosevelt blvd. if i hitch a ride with u there, il most likely take the train home. if u want me to get to ur place first im fine with that =]

    also.. are u going to no johns?
    Hey, thanks again for driving Marc and me around Philly the other day, that was a cool thing to do. Anyway, the real reason I wanted to post here is that I just noticed you were born on the exact same day as me. I approve.
    Hey bro, I read somewhere that you say your place is always open for smash. I would liek to ask if I could know where this place is? :] I have moved here from Florida so I'd like to find people to smash with, its really boring for me to practice by myself. Please and thanks in advance. Peace
    hey, im in the state of PA as well. Do you know of any tourneys coming up? I'd like to go to some.
    i'm fantastic haha next time your resoabley close to pitt ring me up or something so we can fox v marth it up again
    Haha I miss melee believe me T_T.

    I'll probably make it to CoT(Insert random generated number here) :)

    I'll definitely play you there ;)
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