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  • ... Actually i refer to a example went you comes from school or something and you feel tired you know some people wants to you do a lot of things but you feel so tired for the day.

    And is ok that many aren't so perfect i learned english with videogames and things later with my big sister sometimes we needs just to focus in what we want and i like to have friends so i do my best for learn it.

    Is ok i know the tired or exhausted feeling and went some people bother you went you want to just relax and sleep.

    Lol yeah that's basically how I am. And sorry if I seemed mean there, I hadn't slept in 2 days
    ...I say" maybe you are like i was and is this understand went i was 13 to 16" i was able to understand English but i wasn't know how to say it so sometimes i sound weird until i practice more and more is went i could talk it and also in write was good but know im a lil bit better.

    Oh and sorry for that but you ask me to say a few things in Spanish ...

    Esta bien quisas eres como yo fui yo era de los que entendia lo que dicen los demas pero por pena no contestaba muy bien.

    Holy crap I understood more of that then I thought I would. My spanish isn't THAT good. I'm better at french.
    Me parece bien.

    Y es agradable oirlo por que la mayoria lo aprendi por mi mismo tube clases en la secundaria, preparatoria(high school) y en la universidad(university
    ) pero cuando enseñaban era para practicarlo casi(algunas veces aprendia cosas nuevas) por que entendia muchas de las palabras y eso.

    Hope you can understand it if not i can say it in English.

    Well your english is quite better then most people out there today! I know quite a bit of spanish! So you can start typing some stuff in spanish if its easier, if I don't understand then I will just ask
    Is Spanish my first language, Tucson and Sierra Vista are in the state of Arizona i do it good in both events about Yugioh im good and in pokemon too was about download Arceus.

    How you noticed i don't talk like many others and is because im Mexican that lives in the border (Nogales Sonora to Nogales Arizona(i call it the twin cities because both named Nogales)).

    ...A ok First in a friend's profile, Second yep isn't my first language, Third my bad i don't notice the reply in your profile im fine and in that week (November 01) i was in a Yugioh sneak peak event in sierra vista and later in Nov 7 i was in toysrus pokemon event in Tucson, Finally Fourth hope you been fine and i will try to check more often.

    Ah okay. How did you find me? And I'm guessing english isn't your first language or you are a lazy typer, lol. Not much what's up with you?
    Hi Xerxes im happy and honored for be friends lol !

    I hope you are fine.

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