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Mini Mic
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  • I wanted to let you know that I just accidentally read your name as "mini marc"
    Mini Mic
    Mini Mic
    That would explain my sudden and inexplicable desire to watch an Indian ****** fist a goat while on fire...
    I believe we kept in touch at one point.
    Mostly air, trace bits of asbestos. You notice the small things when you don't sleep. Aside from that, can't really complain, nor brag much.

    Mini Mic
    Mini Mic
    Try not to breath in that asbestos. When I can't sleep I just start having negative thoughts, I wish I became more observant. That being said, I don't sleep terribly well either. I'll be going back to uni soon but aside from that nothing much is happening in Michael World.
    Well that sounds lovely. And if it makes you feel better, I have negative thoughts all the time. I myself will be going back to colaj next month. But until then I'm lurking here and there.
    aight, I got my AMC avatar back, finally, and D-Drapes looks oh so ballin' under a gray name

    the delay was mic's fault

    anyways start ****in' reprazentin' son
    As you may or may not know, November 11 marks the second anniversary of Rubicon's cancellation. To honor its memory I'll be sporting my Trav-atar, and you and EE should totally change your avatars so we can maximize our AMC Triad powers.
    As far as I know, no. They moved to a MMJ state since one had a tumor or cancer and one has scoliosis.

    That's kind of the white supremacist mentality. I remember going to school with this really smart, but totally socially awkward kid and while this old guy who was dumb and racist was talking to him as a method of mocking. The smart kid explained white people and black people were the same person but mutations arose and that's how it separated. The guy wasn't as racist as these people, but he couldn't handle that at all. What it basically comes down to is these are people who are small and useless, so they have to feel bigger. Hence that cattle wrangler with the swastika brand. He was just doing everything to feel superior, even mocking Louis.
    If it helps, Lynx and Lambe (the Nazi Twins/Prussian Blue) are now 19 or 20 and described as liberals. They also smoke A LOT of pot and are pretty hot for former Nazis.

    The scene in the garage at the Nazi's house was terrifying, though.

    Also, check out his prison documentary if you haven't seen that.

    I saw your avatar and thought, "I really enjoy this style, I'd like to explore its possibilities with Zelda."

    I mean, the character looked like she could be Sheik, but I doubted it. I'm just kinda wowed now. Thanks Mini.
    Man, I don't know why but that American drawl is just so out of reach for my tongue.
    Would you stab me if I spanked you and called you sweetheart? I'll try my best to put on an old Australian perv accent, I can imitate Geoffrey Leonard to a passable level.
    The image of you getting spanked by an old perv is probably one of the most hilarious things ever. Sorry. :(
    I'm good at just drowning people out, but I still blast my music regardless.
    ah, I still haven't seen The Sopranos. Which is weird, because I do like crime dramas. I think I prefer watching someone build their way up, though, like Walter White. How is Sopranos though anyway
    Director's Cut should've been default for theatrical release. The public just wasn't ready, I guess.

    Too ahead of its time.
    Dear sir and/or madam,

    It has come to our attention that you made this post on the forum Smash World Forums. Our computer has calculated that it is the greatest post ever made in the history of the internet. Though we cannot offer fame or monetary compensation, know that this is a monumental achievement.

    The International Internet Committee
    Oh yeah...

    It's funny I told them entry was closed at the end of the month. Looks like they need to brush up literacy huh?

    You're right though, they totally ruined what should have just been a bit of fun, :x
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