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  • Legitimate question here.

    Before he joined the roster of Smash Bros, was Captain Falcon actually considered the main character of F-Zero?

    Pretty sure he was but all things considered I don't actually know for sure.
    I have to ask for some input here.

    I mentioned in a previous post about Dorkly's Power Up Mix-Up Videos and how one of them replaced Charmander with Dark Bahamut from Final Fantasy as a Kanto Starter. As well as the comments that came from it about possible options certain Pokemon might have against Dark Bahamut and opinions that those options are rendered moot due to Final Fantasy having stats in higher numbers than Pokemon.

    A tiny bit of inspiration struck, and I've been toying with the idea of making a video that goes into whether or not Arceus could defeat Dark Bahamut (FF10 Version) from a game mechanic standpoint if Arceus was powered up with all the Super Mechanics from all generations at once.

    When I say Super Mechanics, I mean things like Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, Aura, Gigantamax, I think you get the idea.

    But I have a potential hurdle. Unlike the other Super Mechanics, Mega Evolution and Z-Moves have been in the same generation before. And the only Pokemon who doesn't need a held item to Mega Evolve, Rayquaza, cannot Mega Evolve if he's holding a Z Crystal.

    That's what I need some input on. If I decide to make this video should I allow Mega Evolution and Z-Moves at the same time since the point is to bring all the super mechanics together as one (for what it's worth, creative liberties such as a fan-made mega evolution and fan-made gigantamax form for Arceus would be requirements for this) or should I not allow that since the games have already canonically made that impossible?
    With the rumors floating around that the Pokémon Anime might actually be ending soon, here’s a little trip down memory lane from me in regards to the anime.

    Back when eras like Diamond and Pearl and Black and White were airing, I was onboard the bandwagon that the anime had gone on too long and needed to end.

    But when X and Y came out, I wanted to give it a try because I got intrigued by Amourshipping and I actually really enjoyed the X and Y saga and Amourshipping is one of my favorite ships.

    And neither of those things I really like would have come into existence if the anime ended when that bandwagon I used to be on said it should.

    That’s a pretty crazy realization.
    As in support as I am for more Zelda characters in Smash, I have to acknowledge that a hefty amount of notable options only became notable from their Hyrule Warriors movesets.

    And I feel it kind of works against a character in a way if they have to resort so specifically to a spin-off game to have a moveset.
    I posted an hour ago about some of the ideas out there for a Sonic Echo Fighter. So in relation to that, allow me to say that one of the things I appreciate about Fighter Pass 2 is how it made the "All Echoes Challenge" damn near impossible.

    Don't get me wrong, such a challenge can be a fun fan thing from time to time. But in the realm of actual Smash Bros. I don't agree that every character needs an Echo Fighter. Some characters just do not have any options.

    But to explore the flip side of that, I've decided to list my favorite Echo Fighter idea for each character I think can have an Echo Fighter. Aside from the characters who already have one. And no cross-series Echoes.

    Mario - Shadow Mario
    Donkey Kong - Funky Kong
    Yoshi - Boshi
    Fox - Miyu
    Luigi - Gooigi
    Bowser - Dry Bowser (though Dark Bowser is pretty close to being in a tie for this spot)
    Zelda - Hilda
    Ganondorf - Demise (But only with Ganondorf's Moveset as of Smash Ultimate. Otherwise this doesn't work.)
    Meta Knight - Galacta Knight (though like with Bowser, Dark Meta Knight is almost at a tie)
    Ike - Black Knight
    Sonic - Mighty
    Toon Link - Toy Link
    Mega Man - Proto Man
    Palutena - Medusa
    Pac-Man - Ms. Pac-Man
    Shulk - Malos
    Bowser Jr. - Koopa Kid
    Cloud - Zack
    Bayonetta - Jeanne
    Inkling - Octoling
    Piranha Plant - Fire Piranha Plant
    Hero - Heroine
    Terry - Rock Howard
    Byleth - Seiros
    Kazuya - Jin
    Sora - Roxas
    In the realm of an Echo fighter for Sonic, I see Shadow and Metal Sonic get brought up a lot. I've also seen Jet brought up before but not as much.

    And personally, all 3 of them are characters that I feel would be better having their own movesets. I'm not against Shadow or Metal being an Echo (Jet I just think does not work in this regard) but I'd prefer them to have their own kits.

    My personal favorite idea for a Sonic Echo is Mighty the Armadillo.
    I’m going to bring up an idea I had for Super Smash Bros. a long time ago. One that I’m admittedly not too fond of nowadays.

    That idea was instead of having the 1 rainbow colored smash ball you would have 3 different colored smash balls, red blue and green, and each one had a different final smash for every character.
    I don’t know how in the spotlight Dorkly is nowadays. Heck I don’t even know if they still have their own website.

    But back when they did have their own site, I remember seeing a pretty good chain of comments on one of their Power-Up Mix-Up videos.

    I think it was part 2 but whatever the number was, it was the part where the usual starter Pokémon line-up of Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle was now Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or Dark Bahamut from Final Fantasy.

    Some people were commenting on Blue’s disappointment on not getting Dark Bahamut since he got to pick 2nd and pointed out things like “Actually Squirtle can learn moves like Dragon Pulse and Aura Sphere in the right circumstances. Those would be pretty good against a Dark/Dragon Type.”

    And that kickstarted a whole analysis chain where people kept adding things like the Fairy Type Jigglypuff being available pretty early in Kanto.

    But in my opinion the best comment that came from all that was when someone basically said “Guys Bahamut has like 4 Million HP. Just Stop.”
    For those who don't know, Genshin Impact being playable on Playstation Platforms eventually led to Aloy becoming a playable character in the game. That's the main character of Sony's Horizon series BTW. You know, games like Horizon Zero Dawn? And she isn't Playstation exclusive either. You can get her on PC as well.

    Now the Genshin Impact Devs have had plans announced for a Switch version for a while now. And whether that actually comes to pass or if the game comes out on the next Nintendo System, if they do indeed manage to put the game on Nintendo Platforms I think there's a chance that we'll see BOTW Link as a guest character in the game as well.

    The weird about that though? Unlike the Four Champions, Link is kind of tough to determine an element for.

    Revali as an Anemo Bow
    Mipha as a Hydro Polearm
    Daruk as a Pyro Claymore
    Urbosa as an Electro Sword (no not the voice clip from Mega Man NT Warrior)

    Those all make sense and while it's easy to picture Link as a Sword character, the element's a little trickier. Maybe Anemo because Wind Waker Link? Or Dendro because OOT Link grew up in the forest?

    And maybe they'll just give us Tears of the Kingdom Link instead and that game will end up painting a very clear picture of which element he'd have.

    But for now, I'm a bit stumped on this.
    I don’t know how many people here are familiar with this aspect of the Metroid games, but the Metroids themselves have various evolutionary stages.

    One of which is the Omega Metroid. A stage that gives a Metroid Arms and Legs. I’ve known this for a long time, so during a chat about Smash Ultimate I was in shortly after the reveal trailer dropped, I was able to use this information to make a bit of a funny statement.

    One of the people in the call said “I feel they should add Metroid. He would be a pretty good character.” It was a joke based on that misunderstanding from back in the NES days that Samus’s name was Metroid.

    Someone else in the call who I believe is an avid Metroid fan asked if that person could be kicked out of the call in response.

    And then I replied with “Look at this way. Something like an Omega Metroid would be better than Adam Malkovich.”
    The video I'm about to mention is roughly 9 days old, so there's a chance that some of you have seen it already.

    But DidYouKnowGaming made a video about an idea Retro Studios had for a Zelda Spin-off

    And they brought in Zeltik for it. Who is a great Zelda Youtuber. The game itself sounds like it would have been pretty interesting.

    And as is probably to be expected, my mind did go to Smash a little bit when hearing about this game and it's characters.

    Now obviously these characters will never be in a Smash game. Characters from an unreleased game are already ineligible as is, but this game was straight up a rejected pitch. It might as well have negative chances.

    But for yet another case of a fun "what-if?" I'll talk about it anyway. Now the kid who's gathering the pages of the Book of Ganon, Kori, seems to be the main character of the game in a way. But considering how the game is structured with Kori not even being involved in combat until the final boss, I kind of doubt he would be the chosen fighter from this game.

    That leaves the 3 heroes and of those 3, my pick would be Krel.

    From the items mentioned in the video, I think Krel's kit puts him in a tie with Dunar for the most unique concept. Mainly with the mechanics that could revolve around Krel being able to use the Ether Medallion to freeze Water he casts out of his Wand.

    Dunar could do something similar what with being able to summon a Fire Elemental and being able to cause sources of fire to explode into even larger bursts of flame, and he has the added advantage of putting up a shield that could make him temporarily immune to fire, but I feel like sources of water are more reliable in Smash for utilizing this kind of concept than sources of fire would be.

    Nothing against Seriph, but it sounds like she'd have a pretty similar kit to Revali. With the exception of the boomerang. So I think her concept potential is a little more limited compared to the other two.

    Do you guys agree with my pick of Krel? Or would you pick one of the other hero's?
    So I’ve finally started playing Genshin Impact. And yes, I do like the idea of the Traveler as a playable Smash Character.

    But I also like the idea of a different character from the game being a playable Smash Character as well.

    And as someone brand new to the game (Amber is the only other character I have) I’d like to ask you all which character aside from the Traveler would be your choice of a Genshin fighter in Smash.
    A tie between Mona and Beidou for me. Mona because she was my first 5-Star Adventurer and carried me through a lot of Monstadt, Beidou because her kit is dopamine fuel and because I believe she's best girl.
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    So. Remember the Gen 7 mythical Pokémon Zeraora?

    I’m sure we all (or at least most of us) know how to pronounce that name. But there’s an older Delzethin video out there that lists Zeraora as a possibility for an Echo Fighter of Lucario.

    In the video he says he’s hoping he pronounces the name right and then pronounces it as ze raow ra.

    No shade on him or anything. It happens. But when he pronounced it that way I thought, and it still think to this day, that it sounded much better than the official way to say it, and ever since then I’ve been mad that it’s not pronounced ze raow ra.
    I don't know how many people here care about the whole shipping thing. But I got good reception on my earlier Teen Titans Post so here's another one that also involves the Justice League cartoon from around the same time frame.

    Picture this: A double date between Robin X Starfire and Batman X Wonder Woman.

    I feel like the girls would be as giddy as can be over how awkward this would be for the boys :p
    So I just realized that the Teen Titans show from 2003 has 65 episodes (plus a lost episode) while Teen Titans go has at least 350 episodes.

    Now people who don't like TTG are sure to be disappointed by that. Heck, I don't like Go either so I thought "seriously?" with a facepalm myself. But if we're being serious, who else agrees that 350+ episodes might be a bit too much for the original?

    I know there were unresolved plot points like the new Terra and the true identity of Red X, but still.
    Glubbfubb Glubbfubb

    For me, there are too many aspects of the show as a whole that just don't work for me. So I'm not into the idea of watching it episode to episode. But there are a few clips I like.

    Of course that's just me. If people like Go than more power to them.
    Nobody said the OG has to reach past 350 episodes.

    I'm just sad Warner Bros. loves to milk TTG so much.
    The original cartoon was a serialized action show. Go is a comedy show with more standalone episodes and (I think) shorter runtime.

    It's not that surprising that the latter can go on much longer.
    So you guys know about Akinator? That Mobile Game about a Genie who tires to guess what character you're thinking of?

    Today's Daily Challenge in that game is trying to get the genie to guess that Top 5 characters that are Mice. And Mickey Mouse is NOT number 1. He's number 3. That was a shocker to me.
    One of the products at the store I work at made me think of Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavored Ramen.

    I was cursed with this thought so now you have to be as well.
    Weird a choice as it was for brawlfan to pick KOS-MOS as the 3rd Blade for his Rex moveset, all things considered that is a very early brawlfan video. So I could believe that if he were to remake it in the modern day, he would know that KOS-MOS should be her own Xenosaga character and would give Rex a different 3rd Blade.

    The question at that point is who that 3rd Blade would be.
    You know how when Ultimate (and I think Smash 3DS/Wii U as well) was announced, but not released that there were a lot of people being pests about getting news for it? Like how when Nintendo Directs came out all they cared about was Smash news and they disregarded every other game shown because it wasn't Smash?

    Now I don't know if this still occurs, but I know that for at least a time there were people doing the same thing with Hollow Knight: Silksong.

    With that in mind, imagine how crazy it would be if when the next Smash game is announced, and they air the final direct for it before release, and they announce that the last base game fighter is Hornet.
    With how long it's taken the Switch version of Genshin Impact to come out, I'm starting to wonder if Genshin will just be a launch title for Nintendo's next system instead.
    I’ve seen a couple people that seem to think that the cancellation of Dead or Alive 7 means the series is dead.

    On the one hand, I get why they think that. But on the other hand, I’m not entirely sure such a claim can be made yet.

    Either way though I think this is the first time in history when a numbered, main series entry to a fighting game franchise has been cancelled. Which makes the fact that it happened at all even more surprising.
    There are a lot of ways in which people show their sucky side on the internet. One that I've dealt with a few too many times is those who don't allow you to have a positive opinion of Nintendo's Online.

    I know people have their issues with NSO, and honestly there are improvements that could be made, there wouldn't be as many people who have issues with it if there weren't. But it is possible for people to have a fun, smooth experience with it that's pretty consistently without large issues.

    I'm living proof. As are the high amount of online rounds of Ultimate I've played that have run silky smooth. But that doesn't mean I want to discredit those who haven't had experiences that are as good. They have their opinions on NSO and I have mine. Their bad experiences are just as legit and matter just as much.

    But far too many times, I have not been met with the same understanding and respect for my positive views on it. People have told me too often that "Just because I had a good experience with it doesn't make it good" as if they're negative views on NSO are facts when they're not, and have also told me that "it doesn't matter" if I have good experiences with it.

    Some people are jerks about this and it honestly sucks.
    FazDude FazDude Yeah that pretty much hits the nail on the head. Nintendo online has improved from the days of Smash Bros Brawl, but there all still kinks to work out. I doubt Nintendo would have switched to a different server in 2021 to use for their games going forward if there weren’t a couple issues.
    FazDude FazDude You’re fine. That comment about the focus of the post was meant to be a reply to Wario Wario Wario.
    I noticed; I sent my reply before the edit loaded in.
    In terms of a Smash character from a game involving cooking,

    Mina from Battle Chef Brigade > Cooking Mama.
    There are examples out there of game ideas that are so amazing that they should not happen because the amount of development needed for them would be insane and there would be too much of a risk for it to be too disappointing for people because it couldn't live up to that mass of potential.

    One of these ideas is a game that plays like Jump Force, but is solely focused on Yu-gi-oh. If you've ever seen the movesets Yugi and Kaiba have in Jump Force, you'd know why this idea is so cool.

    If it's solely Yu-gi-oh based, then you'd have access to moves that involve tons of Monsters, Spells, and Traps from all 7 (soon to be 8) generations of Yu-gi-oh. Not to mention the idea of creating your own duelists to use as playable characters where you can customize what cards are in their deck. Like the character creator in Jump Force, but with a much wider array of options.

    As much as I would eat up a game like this as if it was a 5 course meal, no developer deserves the stress that all the work required for such a grand project would bring.
    I remember being in a Skype Call years ago where one of the things we were talking about was how much we didn't want there to be a Halo show. I thought we were saying this in terms of a Live Action Show specifically so I brought up how I also thought a live action show for Metroid was a bad idea.

    One of the responses I got was "I actually wouldn't mind a Metroid Anime."

    Now I'm no expert on Metroid, and I haven't seen the widest variety of Anime, but I will admit I view the idea of a Metroid anime with caution.

    Most Metroid games usually have Samus isolated on a planet by herself. Feel free to mention any examples that might prove me wrong, but an anime that focuses on isolating a single character without having practically anything for a cast of characters doesn't sound like a great idea.

    And the only Metroid game I can think of that could avoid that problem is Metroid Other M. And I doubt that the idea of a Metroid anime that uses that game for it's basis is a very favored idea.
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    I agree that a full, seasonal anime would probably require more than a single human character but I think a Metroid OVA with a short run time can work. There are a lot of short animated films with minimal cast and dialogue.
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    Yeah that's actually a really good way to pull it off.
    Ever since I started watching the Castlevania animated series on Netflix I've been of the opinion that something similar for The Legend of Zelda would be awesome.

    But the thing about the idea that gets me thinking the most often is if it would be based on the Botw era. The Castlevania show focuses on Trevor Belmont's Era so I think a Zelda show would do something similar and use the setting of one game as a primary focus.

    Botw certainly makes sense in that regard. It's been the focus of Zelda ever since 2017 and I do not at all dislike the idea. But basing it off of a previous Zelda that sticks to the more traditional themes is also a really good option.
    If someone were to say "A Sonic Metroidvania wouldn't work. The speed of traditional Sonic gameplay just doesn't mix well with that kind of style." then I would find myself agreeing with them because I do believe that reasoning to be true.

    Which makes it all the more hilarious that Tails Adventure exists.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    Tails Adventure is slower than most Metroid and Castlevania games, lmao. Might just be GG limitations though.
    That probably is the reason why it's slower yes. But I was more so referring to how the Sonic Franchise has a Metroidvania at all given how hight the usual level of speed most games have is.

    Most Metroidvania's may be faster than Tails Adventure, but they're slower than games like Sonic Mania.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    Yeah. I get what you're saying. Just a small thing I felt like bringing up.
    It's been a decent number of years now that this has been the case. There are people out there who really do not like Mike Matei. And in some cases, that's putting it lightly.

    For those unaware, Mike Matei is a friend and former partner of James Rolfe. The guy who plays the Angry Video Game Nerd. Mike has helped with a number of AVGN episodes and he and James had their "James and Mike Plays" series before Mike left Cinemassacre.

    As I said, there's a lot of controversy surrounding Mike. But I got to be honest, I'm almost entirely unaware of what that controversy is. I've known for a while that it's existed, but to this day I don't know the details of what the issue's people have with him are.

    Worst I ever saw from him was a bad take on twitter of how if you used a rewind feature when playing a retro game than you didn't actually beat the game.

    So it's kind of weird for me to see people hating on the dude because I don't know what the fuss is about.
    I've got a bit of a joke prediction for the Sequel to Breath of the Wild.

    Remember how Ganondorf is all zombified from what we've seen of the game so far? And how across multiple Zelda games he has the pig form of Ganon?

    That will lead to either a post game or a new game + where there will be the first example of dubious food where you can clearly see exactly what it is. Zombie Ganon Bacon.
    Want an example of Japanese only releases being crazy? Look no further than one of the last Sega Dreamcast games, Segagaga.

    It's an RPG where you play as a new hire at Sega trying to save the struggling company from losing the console market to a rival company known as Dogma. Yeah this is quite an ironic game to be one of the last Dreamcast games. You know, since that was Sega's last console before going 3rd party.

    Oh yeah and Alex Kidd, Sega's mascot before Sonic, is a depressed game store clerk in this game.
    There are people out there who claim that Kirby being the starting character in World of Light is "an example of Sakurai's Kirby bias". I can see where that assumption comes from, but factually speaking, it's been confirmed that this is not the case.

    As he says in that interview, he narrowed the starting character down to either Kirby, Palutena, or Bayonetta based on who could actually plausibly survive Galeem's Attack.

    I've known this for a while, but it's still fascinating to me that this is the case. Can you imagine Palu or Bayo being the starting character in WoL? Nothing against the idea but it would be pretty weird. Especially if it was Bayonetta.
    So, remember the Fate franchise? It’s possible you may have at least heard Sabers name in Smash Speculation. Not the most popular character idea, but there are fans.

    The thing is though, is Fate able to count as a video game franchise? I know it started out as a visual novel, which does indeed count as a video game, but when you look at the franchise as a whole there’s so much anime and manga and other such things that it makes one wonder if it can truly qualify for Smash since Sakurai and team are still rightfully adamant about no non-video game franchises.

    Then again Fate does still have a good number of video games. Including a mobile game that at least at one point was one of the most popular mobile games out there. Might even still be.

    It’s probably impossible to truly know without a direct statement from Sakurai. But I still find myself wondering about it from time to time.
    Geno Boost
    Geno Boost
    i dont see the problem with the addition of Visual Novel, Virtual Pet, Hatsune Miku and Clippy from Microsoft.
    i do think what defines something as being video game is:
    being a playable electronic program + being a form of entertainment
    also the fact that we did have Pictochat and Miiverse stages and Mario Paint and Vince assist trophies shows that these kind of contents dont break the rules.
    I agree. I don’t consider those things a problem. What I wonder about is if it would be considered a game franchise.

    Sonic has movies, but you can still tell that’s a game franchise. Spider-Man has cartoons, but you can still tell that’s a comic book franchise.

    Fate isn’t as clear as to what kind of franchise it is. It’s origins are in a visual novel. But it does anime and other things as a big focus so often that it’s hard to tell if it’s actually a video game franchise.
    I mentioned in my last post how I’m thinking about getting a copy of Little Town Hero despite its unfavorable reception.

    But there is another game with just straight up bad reception that I’m still considering playing. And that is Balan Wonderworld.

    I know that game bombed pretty bad. And if I do play it I’m fully expecting to made aware of how it’s a bad game.

    But I have come across people who enjoy the game regardless of all that and what can I say? They inspired me. I have mad respect for people who show appreciation for a game they like despite it being more common for the game to be hated.

    And even without all that, I do still respect the idea of what Balan Wonderworld tried to be.
    Lots of games have great soundtracks, but I often find it trickier to truly enjoy a game’s soundtrack without playing the game itself.

    It’s mostly an immersion thing. When I know the context behind where a track from the game is supposed to play, I’m able to develop a much greater appreciation of it.

    For this reason, I’m actually considering giving Little Town Hero a try at some point. I know that reception for that game isn’t exactly favorable. But people praise the music a lot and given my common need for immersion to appreciate a soundtrack, I think playing the game has a chance to be a worthwhile experience for me.

    Plus you know, I have yet to find a review or explanation that makes me understand what people don’t like about Little Town Hero.
    Opinions often vary regarding multiple aspects of emulation. I myself am ok with it if it’s done for a system that’s been discontinued for a while, but even if you’re against emulating for systems such as that, I think you’ll have an extraordinarily difficult time getting on someone’s case for emulating the GBA Boktai games.

    Boktai is an obscure Konami franchise created by Hideo Kojima where you play as a character who uses various solar powered weapons to fight vampires.

    It’s quite an interesting looking series, but the first few games in said series, which were Japan only releases on the Game Boy Advance, had a very unconventional way to charge your weapons.

    As I said, your weapons in these games are solar powered. So the game cartridges had a built in solar sensor, and detecting real life sunlight through that sensor was how you charged your weapons.

    Living proof that a creative idea isn’t always a good one. But emulation of Boktai has figured out a way to charge the weapons in a way to where it can be played like a normal game without having to go outside and hoping it doesn’t rain.

    So even if you’re against GBA emulation, it’s really hard to harp on people for emulating Boktai.
    In the last message Venus left on the Smash Infinite thread before locking it they said that their decision to leave Smashboards was “irresponsible given their duties to the site”.

    Now correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t they have a kid to raise? If you ask me it says a lot about how responsible they are if they’re prioritizing taking care of their kid over a forum about a video game. Pretty clear which one is more important.
    Part of the reason I never try to envision what would be my idea of a perfect Smash Bros. is because it's very easy for me to really like a character idea. Often times all I need to sway me is either a fun sounding moveset or a really cool source game. Antasma from Mario & Luigi Dream Team has some neat looking abilities? Bring him on in! Diddy Kong Racing is a blast to play? Send Timber an invitation! All 4 campaigns of Shovel Knight Treasure Trove had amazing gameplay? Screw it. Go ham and make each playable Knight their own character!

    That's often how I end up liking character ideas. So as you can imagine, it's also pretty sweet when a character already in Smash that I didn't pay much attention to before ends up winning me over when I see their source games in action.

    Like with Bayonetta. When she was added I thought it was cool but she wasn't really a character I payed much attention to. But recently I saw some really cool gameplay of Bayonetta 2 and my mind went "Man that looks awesome. This kind of makes me want to see Bayonetta in Smash. Oh wait, she's already there!"
    I'm pretty much the same way - A lot of the enjoyment I get out of Smash comes from thinking of how some of my favorite characters would work in Smash, regardless of their chances of actually getting in. As such, I'm unable to make a "perfect Smash roster" as much as I am a "list of characters I'd like to see in Smash".
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    For me, I generally look towards a character's shape. Do they have a vehicle? a partner? an additional or absent limb? a body part or weapon they favour over others? a unique posture? some kind of shapeshifting power or tool? weaponized armour; clothes; or hair? That's the stuff I look for first rather than canon powers from the source material. Being from a game I like and/or being from an obscure or underappreciated game is also a plus for me.
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