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  • Top 10 Chickens in Video Games according to blockfort.com

    #10 - The Chicken Mobs in Minecraft

    #9 - The Chickens in Stardew Valley

    #8 - Abraxas from Shin Megami Tensei

    #7 - Drumstick from Diddy Kong Racing

    #6 - Goose from Animal Crossing

    #5 - Bomb Chicken from a platformer of the same name

    #4 - General Tsao from Sly Cooper 3

    #3 - Cheep Cheep the Cooking Chicken from PaRappa the Rapper

    #2 - The Flying Rooster from Link's Awakening

    #1 - Pollo Juan from the Guacamelee games.
    To this day I have never found an easier one of those “One gotta go” challenges then the one where the choice was between Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast, and Cinnamon Rolls.

    Getting rid of French Toast out of those 4 is such an easy choice for me.
    I would choose to eliminate the person who teleported into my room in the dead of night to provide this ultimatum instead

    That aside I've not actually had french toast so I don't really know how good it is. That said I'd totally keep pancakes
    kicking out waffles because I don't like how inconvenient they are to eat and to cook. You gotta have a waffle maker for it, and even when you're eating it, the thing has to be doused in syrup to be even remotely soft.

    Chicken and waffles is pretty good, but not good enough to save waffles as a whole for me.
    Cinnamon rolls for me. All of the ones I've had were way too sweet for my liking (I say while drooling over a french toast with nutella, banana slices and a drizzle of peanut butter)
    The game where Wario tries to become rich by treasure hunting is called Wario Land.

    The game where Wario tries to become rich by making video games is WarioWare.

    What should we call the game where Wario tries to become rich by revolutionizing the automobile industry with cars that are powered by his gas instead of actual gas?
    I really enjoyed my time with Dragalia Lost, and became enough of a fan to where I would like to see the series continue beyond the one mobile game.

    That being said, I kind of wish they picked a different name than Shapeshifting for the ability to take on the form of a dragon.

    Shapeshifting is a word I find annoying because whenever I’m typing it I always have to be careful to not forget the F in Shift.
    Pressure Point Combat is something present in a few forms of media like Naruto, Fist of the North Star, and a couple Superman Comics, but I do wonder if it’s actually a form of combat that’s a thing in real life.

    And if so, then I also wonder how effective it is.
    It is to a certain extent, but the nature of it is a lot less... colourful than in your examples.
    It's often just used to rapidly disarm someone in hand to hand combat.
    Not surprised. I knew from the get go that no one in real life would be able to do what Kenshiro does to people.

    And good thing too. That'd be pretty scary if it was possible in real life.
    one my friends used to into that sort of thing
    One of the worst points I've seen used in a Smash Bros. review was when two guys reviewing brawl said that the hype the game generated was a bad thing about the game that nearly ended up killing the game.

    A pretty flawed argument.
    Gotta be honest, I prefer the approach Ultimate took with Final Smashes over how the more gimmicky ones worked in the past.

    It’s nice to have a consistent basis for them and some of the more annoying ones to use like Giga Bowser and Wario Man are much more tolerable now.
    Aside from 1-1, which level of the original Super Mario Bros. would you pick to be a Smash Stage?
    Do any of you have a character in Smash who doesn’t click with you even though you know it’s a you problem.

    You think the character is a good inclusion, you don’t think there’s any problem with how the character looks, you think their moveset is good, all that stuff that makes you know it’s a good character but for some reason you just feel weird about that character in Smash anyway?

    For me that’s Diddy Kong.
    Back in 2020 a Devinantart user by the name of evilwaluigi posted a picture he drew of a hypothetical roster for the next console Mario Kart game after Mario Kart 8. I thought it was a really good roster at the time, and going to back to see it again now, I still think it's really solid.

    But what do you guys think of it? I've shared the image below. Fair warning, it's a bright picture. So prepare your eyes if you have a dark colored Smashboards theme.

    What if they delisted April Fools Day as a holiday and just made April Fools something an all month long thing for the month of April like how November has No Nut November?
    Team Four Star's HFIL series depicts Freiza as the equivalent of a teenage high school brat by belittling those around them in a petty way to make themselves seem superior to everyone else, yet they're also super insecure about their shortcomings. Like how Freiza can't accept the fact that his reign as emperor ended when his life did and still tries to insist he's the top dog of the universe.

    As funny and as fitting as this depiction is, it is weird to think about when you know that in canon Freiza does return from the dead and even achieves a form that surpasses Goku's Ultra Instinct.
    Pirating is a weird thing to categorize. Generally speaking it is a bad thing because it does hurt the companies in question. Even if they’re huge companies that make tons of money they can’t just let instances of pirating slide every once in a while because a few people on the internet think the losses wouldn’t hurt them. That’s just not how running a business works.

    Yet at the same time, there are instances where pirating is kind of your only option. Like say that’s the only way you have access to a certain cartoon or anime that you want to watch. If a pirating site is the only option because it’s not available on any streaming services then there you go. Even with video games, if it’s for a system that’s been discontinued, and therefore is no longer being supported and sold by its company, then sure, emulate it. Heck, I’d even say go for it if said game on an older system is available on the digital store of a modern console.

    But without question, support the product officially without resorting to pirating whenever possible. Pirating does impact them in a negative way. Even if it’s a big company the people there still worked hard on that product. Show them your support.
    If we're speaking on moral terms, devoid of legal debate, I disagree.

    It'd be one thing if there were only 100 million or so copies of GTA V. But there's not, it's technically infinite because it's software. So if someone doesn't intend on buying the game in the first place, it's as much stealing as it would be to play it at a friend's house. Or Netflix password sharing. (oh, wait, they actually cracked down on that. Lame.)
    I get where you’re coming from. But I do believe it is still bad morally.

    It’s more than just money. Those are real people in those companies who are working hard to make those products. Remember how one of the reasons AI art sucks is because it’s stealing from fan artists who work so hard on what they’re drawing? This is really the same thing.

    Just as how it’s not cool to repost someone else’s fan art without their permission, or claim it as your own, or try to make profit off of it, it’s also not cool to do that with a companies IP.
    The way I see it is this; If a game's easily available on Steam, the eShop, or what have you, Buy it legally. Sure, some (if not most) of that cash goes to execs, but it also goes to the people behind the experience, and they should be supported. If it's something like a very old game that the parent company doesn't really have out in any form at the moment, then emulation is less harmful to them; Can't profit off a game you're not selling. Pirating a modern game is 100% harmful to the company, but if they're not selling a game, their profits won't get hurt if someone emulates it. This is kinda what psb was saying already.

    There's a saying by old Gabe N.; " The easiest way to stop piracy is not by putting antipiracy technology to work. It's by giving those people a service that's better than what they're receiving from the pirates." Piracy is morally gray, yes, but probably the best way to curb it is for companies to offer their back catalogs and have them more accessible.

    tl;dr: I don't condone piracy for modern consoles, and doing so is harmful, but for older games that aren't being sold anyway, I say go ahead.
    I see you have chosen wisdom
    I used to be pretty obsessed with the idea of spiritual successors to classic game franchises that either haven’t seen a new entry in years or hit a questionable state of quality. Like how Bloodstained is the spiritual successor to Castlevania.

    Nowadays I’ve lightened up on that obsession, but I do find it to be pretty neat that a lot of the classic franchises in question now have 2 really notable spiritual successors instead of just 1.

    Wario Land -> Pizza Tower and Antonball

    Sonic the Hedgehog -> Freedom Planet and Spark the Electric Jester

    Mega Man -> Azure Striker Gunvolt and 20XX

    Banjo-Kazooie -> Yooka-Laylee and Clive N Wrench

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if The Messenger and Cyber Shadow could be considered spiritual successors for Ninja Gaiden, but I don’t know for sure if they would actually count.
    I'm kind of afraid to ask this, but I remember one time I saw a comment praising James Rolfe by saying something along the lines of "In light of how many popular youtubers have had bad skeletons in their closets revealed, I am so happy that in all the years James has been active, the only real controversy he ever faced was people acting like idiotic jerkwads over him not wanting to see Ghostbusters 2016".

    As far as I am aware that debacle of not wanting to see Ghostbusters 2016 still remains the only real controversy James has ever found himself in. Is that actually the case?
    There's the Monster Madness plagarism from a few years ago, but that's really the only big controversy; Other than that, there's just been a decline in AVGN's quality for some time and people calling James out for being lazy.
    Even then - correct me if I'm wrong - but wasn't the Monster Madness plagiarism caused by a ghostwriter in Screenwave? Or something like that

    There is some smaller stuff here and there like FazDude points out - another point is that there's been a minor ongoing controversy over whether making the AVGN Movie was some kind of turning point for Rolfe himself or something within certain circles but I think that's more of a talking point than anything akin to like "the simpsons was never good after season 8"

    That aside, I think part of the reason he's not really ended up in a massive amount of controversy is probably because his brand of "crudeness" isn't actually all that controversial. Obviously people tend to talk about the creativeness of his insults but even then aside from just swearing a lot his content really isn't as bad as like, 2016-era Leafy stuff - hence why to memory I've never really heard anything about him dropping a slur or anything like that
    Going off of my last post about games that can’t be beaten, I do know of a 3D Collectathon Platformer on the N64 where you can beat the main game, but it’s impossible to complete it at 100%

    It’s called Space Station Silicon Valley and the reason it can’t be fully completed is because the programmers forgot to give one of the collectables any collision. So it’s literally impossible to pick it up.
    I recently saw AVGN’s video about beating Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde and the way he had the video play out by saying he couldn’t beat the game until he learned some new tricks about it that he didn’t know before had me thinking.

    Does there exist a game with an ending where it actually is completely impossible to reach that ending?
    A pretty good idea I’ve seen from a couple moveset makers is putting Eevee in Smash with the ability to evolve into a single Eeveelution for the rest of the match.

    But if we’re talking the idea of a character that is just straight up one single Eeveelution without Eevee or an evolution mechanic being involved, which Eeveelution would be your favorite choice?

    For me it’s a tie between Vaporeon and Espeon.
    A long time ago I talked about the idea of another Mario 64 remake with 4 playable characters, but this time those characters were Mario, Sonic, Crash, and Master Chief. And I mentioned how while it's a neat idea on paper, there are a few problems with actually making the idea a reality.

    One of those being that Sonic's high speed would make him nigh unplayable in over half of the levels in Mario 64. To help emphasize this, here are the levels Sonic could actually be playable in. Not counting small bonus courses like Peach's Secret Slide.

    Bob-omb Battlefield
    Jolly Roger Bay (Debatably. It would depend on how Sonic would deal with water in Mario 64. This same thing applies to all water heavy levels in the game.)
    Big Boo's Haunt
    Hazy Maze Cave
    Dire Dire Docks
    Snow Mans Land
    Wet Dry World

    And that's it. Only 7 out of the games 15 main levels. 4 if you believe he couldn't be used in the water levels. All other levels, including the 3 Bowser Levels, he'd be screwed.
    I mentioned in a previous post that I could think of 19 Sonic Games where the entire set of levels in said games would make great Smash stages…….

    Oh what the heck.

    1. Sonic 1

    2. Sonic 3 & Knuckles

    3. Sonic R

    4. Sonic Adventure

    5. Sonic Adventure 2

    6. Sonic Shuffle

    7. Sonic Heroes

    8. Sonic Advance 3

    9. Sonic Rush

    10. Sonic Riders

    11. Sonic 06

    12. Sonic Rivals

    13. Sonic and the Secret Rings

    14. Sonic Rush Adventure

    15. Sonic Rivals 2

    16. Sonic Unleashed

    17. Sonic Colors

    18. Sonic Free Riders

    19. Sonic Lost World

    And while I’m a bit hesitant to count this one, I can also picture a point of view where Team Sonic Racing makes a good 20th pick.
    I was trying to think of something to contribute to what Champion of Hyrule mentioned about deviantart ass titles and in the process, I think I came up with the opposite by thinking of something that might actually be a little clever.

    Say they release remakes of Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages and the linked versions of those two games are available, but as a new game plus once you beat the unlinked versions without having to enter a code you get after beating the other game.

    We could call them Oracle of Seasons: Ageless Adventure, and Oracle of Ages: Seasoned Quest.

    Nintendo has decided that saving Bowser's Castle and Rainbow Road for the last 2 courses in the Special Cup has lost it's luster now that the retro cups and dlc cups exist. That and just the general idea of repetition.

    So when the next Mario Kart game comes out, they do something different for the last two special cup tracks.
    There was this one time I was watching a twitch stream and participating in the rounds of Jackbox Games that were being played.

    At one point the conversation between the streamer and his co-comm went in the direction of the streamer talking about a creek with chemicals in the water that turned frogs into catgirls, and one of the answers I gave in a round of Quiplash after that mentioned the idea of throwing Kermit into that creek and turning him into a catgirl.

    I got permission from another streamer to share that clip on his stream since Kermit is a notable meme in that community and in response, someone actually shared an art piece they drew of Kermit as a catgirl.

    There’s an idea for your new profile pic Champion of Hyrule Champion of Hyrule
    Chapter 3 is one of my favorite chapters of Thousand Year Door. I love the setting it has of centering around a fighting arena. But one gripe I do have with the chapter is the name of the character Rawk Hawk.

    Not exactly because of the name itself. That part is fine. The problem comes from some time back when I noticed that a couple people streaming TTYD were saying the name kind of fast and that was making the name sound like “Raw ****”.

    Ever since then I haven’t been able to un-hear that whenever either me or someone else says his name.
    At the end of Sonic Generations, Sonic tells his past self, aka Classic Sonic “Enjoy your future! It’s gonna be great!”

    A number of fans responded to this when the game first came out with things along the lines of “Yeah about that.” and “Modern Sonic is a troll.”

    One of the reasons I was unimpressed with this at the time was because I thought “Why can’t this just mean that Sega will knock it out of the park with the upcoming Sonic games like they did with this one?”

    But considering the reception behind some of those games that came after generations? Yeah I’ll have a side of fries and a grape soda to go with those words please.
    Two highly skilled warriors who are also just as skilled as each other face each other in battle with the weapons they’re highly skilled with using. One wields a double bladed axe, the other wields a scythe.

    Who wins?
    I hosted a stage contest once where someone submitted a really good stage of the Sand Kingdom from Mario Odyssey.

    Another contestant who had submitted a stage for the Cap Kingdom before that responded to that submission with something along the lines of "Real Talk. Let's just have a stage for every kingdom."

    And while not exactly a great idea for an actual Smash Bros game to do, on Paper the idea does sound appealing. Not just for Mario Odyssey either. Super Mario. Bros 3, Super Mario 64, and Super Mario Sunshine are also Mario platformers that are good choices for this "make every level a stage" idea.

    Mario's not the only series like that either. Half of the Zelda games starting with Ocarina of Time have entire dungeon line-ups that would make for great Smash stages.

    Sonic is a very good example as well. I can think of a whopping 19 games that fit this bill.

    And don't even get me started on Mega Man.
    I thought way too much about my last post involving Sonic Generations and Grilled Chaos and now my brain has misbehaved.

    So when it comes to the idea of grilling up Chaos from the Sonic games, which of these two facts is worse?

    1. The fact that Chaos does technically have meat in him. His brain.


    2. Chaos is apparently a mutated Chao. So you know, Chao meat.
    Thanks to someone pointing it out, I just realized that Waluigi has been in more racing games than Captain Falcon.

    I won’t lie, this realization left me feeling a little stunned.
    So apparently channels that post full walkthroughs of games on the day said games come out are still around.

    sigh YouTube needs to have something in place to punish that.
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