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  • Hey Kirk. I read your explanation on why DK's extended up b invincibility/SS works and I was just wondering if you could figure out why he can't move backwards while on the ground with it. I just started getting into programming but deciphering what's in PSA is above me. I'm just curious about it and would understand if you don't feel like looking into it.

    Good luck on making Tager btw. Hopefully you can do the best character from Blazblue some justice.
    I've been learning and trying to pick up Ike recently, and I could really use a chance to apply what I've learned thus far. That, and I could compare our two Ikes to see how a real one plays.
    I'm sure you get alot of Brawl requests, so I'm sorry for bothering you.
    Well, I don't have aim yet. But I plan on getting it later on tonight. I'll add you whenever I make my account.
    I personally think that his FSmash is perfect as it is, but I'm pretty unsure because I usually never estimate my favorite characters properly.

    I think that it is pretty okay, but as I've said... I'm bad when it comes to all those theorical stuffs.
    So I just wanted to ask you if you had made him balanced or not (some characters are broken on purpose).

    See ya around.

    EDIT: I've tested it, and the tip's too strong. It kills Mario at like 60% (maybe a bit less) from the center (even a bit more leaned on the opposite side). Marth should have a more rewarding Tipper as his sword is shorter...But it seems that Ragna's is better :dizzy:.

    EDIT2: Oh and also, F-Smash's angle direction should be highered in my opinion. When it doesn't kill, it alway sends extremely low.
    Oh my, I was dumb enough not to read it properly.
    Clever thinking! It could give a lot of possibilities...

    As for the FSmash, I'm kinda wondering if the knockback was reduced enough compared to its speed.
    Seems like my usual partner says it's broken, but I'm not sure... As he's a ****ing whiner who says that MK isn't broken -_-...

    Also, I'm working on a Legit Falcon.
    Would you happen to know why that hum... Instead of doing a F-tilt for my FSmash, he's doing a Low-Ftilt? If you could tell, that'd be greatly appreciated. I can't seem to do it right...

    EDIT: That was worded poorly, I hope you understand. My apologies.
    Actually, it's just that I'm pretty unsure about his FSmash at the moment.
    I don't know much about all those stuffs on papers...

    Also, I he's got a few issues with his jabs, the 2nd kick (when the first jab did not hit) often makes him turn around. As if he were doing backthrow randomly. In any case, he's real' tight. Keep up the good work and thanks a bunch.
    Yo, i saw the vid you posted on the DK boards.

    The video quality is amazing, what did you use to record the matches?
    Wow. I remember you from almost a year ago when I first joined. I gotta start checking my friends list ever so often. How are you?
    I dont blame you, I just said it to spark conversation xD. Your right, Ive been away from SWF for a while, and recently have come back, so Im catching up with everyone, u still doing the internship, and hows the Brawl tourneys (which Im assuming you go to a few) ^^; going bro.

    Sorry its been so long, that was my fault ^^;
    Hey Kirk, long time no see, I doubt you remember your old "gym mate" Devil ^^;, but how have u been bro?
    Hey do you play wifi? I wanted to play at the tourney yesterday but I had 2 go early and didn't have time to play you.
    I didn't feel like this belonged in your Ike Frame Data thread, so I decided to post it here.

    Can you explain what happened in this video? It was over Wi-fi, but the match wasn't that laggy and Wi-fi shouldn't affect hitboxes/hurtboxes...
    Hey, I was wondering. Wouldn't it be logical for SamuraiPanda to ask YOU who you want accepted into the Smash Lab? I mean, as your fellow canidate "colleagues", you've obviously proven yourself above and beyond us, and it should be your choice to who you want to work with.
    Just putting it out there. Congrats, again! =D
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