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Big O
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  • Grats on madcap big O!! ^_^

    Sorry I never noticed it until now! =P
    Hey man, whenever you have time I have some frame data tables that could use some looking over.

    Add me on skype:
    Hi, O.
    You're good with frames and stuff.
    Would you guess Frame Data for attacks will be the exact same for 3DS and WiiU?
    What does your gut tell you?
    Big O
    Big O
    Well according to everything I've seen so far from nintendo, they are really stressing compatibility between the two versions.

    I'd bet the WiiU version has identical character data to the 3DS version.

    Also if anything does get changed when the WiiU version comes out, I think there'd a patch for the 3DS version to match it.
    hey can you help me out with the brawl 1.1 testing? all I need to know at the moment is how many frame of hitstun are added or subtracted from moves when you change the damage ratio to 1.1. is it a set amount or is it different with each move? basically I need a comparison of frame advantage between just a couple moves. oh and if you could tell me if it affects shield stun or shield pressure that would help also
    Please reply to my grab formula thread again, had a question or two. :) Thanks a TON for the help!

    [Had a strange feeling it'd be Ness, Lucas, or DK mains to find this stuff out... hahahaha]
    SoCal doesn't seem to care much about BBrawl unfortunately. I'm going to be up in Santa Barbara sooner or later and I want to make sure BBrawl gets hyped there this year.

    I think Mario is great in BBrawl but is disadvantaged against Falco, Marth, and G&W. Ganondorf is fine except he gets ***** by Mario, Peach, ICs, and Jigglypuff. Link and Yoshi are fun characters that I believe are good contenders.

    Top tier is Wolf, Falco, Peach, Pikachu, Zelda/Sheik. Lowest tier (C tier) is Kirby, Ganondorf, Lucas, Lucario, and Bowser. I made some big posts in the BBrawl topic explaining why I believe so and what I think should be changed. In short Kirby gets ***** by Marth, G&W, and to a lesser extent Metaknight offstage. Ganon I explained. Lucas loses zoning badly to Marth, G&W, and Sheik. Lucario now loses to Ganon and a lot of characters since he's actually overrated in vBrawl and didn't get enough buffs imo. Bowser works on the ground but gets juggled and edgeguard by everyone too hard.
    Sup Big O? Looks like you're into Brawl-. I got recruited for playtesting that too. I'm still trying to keep Balanced Brawl alive though, with little success.
    "Doesn't jab to up b combo on MK and Marth anyways? I know they can jump out of it (or counter shoryuken in Marth's case) but -2 frames of endlag still means they can jump out of it. Even in Marth's case you can easily bait his dolphin slash when you jab him. All that change would do is screw over a few characters and make Luigi more 1-dimensional."

    Wrong, wrong and wrong :/
    Marth can upB out of any jab followup, MK can upB or shield out of every jab followup. -2 frames would make upB work on MK and Marth, which are the only unwinnable matchups Luigi has. It would make them look like gaw to Luigis : we have to overcome the incredible range they have, but when we do it, we are actually rewarded for it...

    As to the few characters that it would screw up (which means basically only Fox and ZSS), I'm pretty sure there are ways to fix it.
    Haha yeah good games, nice Mario vs DK matches. I saved a lot of replays that I think should demonstrate some of the more "fun" stuff that can be done in this game.
    Fujin and I probably will be up for BBrawl. His code is 0430 8182 7306.

    Mine is up in my profile. It's different from the one you added previously.
    I was thinking like, how many advantageus frames Ganon has on the opponent after a SH Dair?
    And most importantly: If it differs depending on who the opposing characters is?
    Just like the "Gerudo Frame Advantage".

    Ye, I'll go check that DK-thread. thx
    Hey, Big O.
    You think it'd be possible for us (Ganons) to get
    Stomp Hitstun Frame Advantage?
    Like, when stomping people at 0%.
    Ah yes... To tell you the truth, there's no other solution than to not get the impatient feeling and just take it step by step in taking out a camper's stock, whether it would be one Ftilt/Dtilt at a time, or one ground pound at a time, in waiting for the right time to Punch or Fsmash/Dsmash him.
    Just think of it like this when imagining a wall of lasers, you can't do much right? So DON'T do much...all I can say is to shield or spotdodge as many as you can. Brent was getting a tad bit frustrated by me just sitting there and shielding/spotdodging. Just remember that you can thwart with the opponent's feelings also, not just your own. It all ties into.... "playing smart". There's not much else we can do to constant camping lasers than just waiting patiently until the right time to strike. If you really want that "playing smart" mindset with you in a tournament, don't eat anything until the tournament's done. Only eat a small meal an hour before the tournament.
    I saw you there yesterday and I forgot to even say something.... lol sorry.
    Thanks for the tip on punching the bird's sideB.
    I hardly ever play Donkey Kong in tournament because I don't need to and that was pretty much the one time I wanted to play him. But I know quite a bit about him, so it's cool that you got to see mine in action after seeing my name on the DK boards for so long.
    Sorry about getting off so quickly, something came up. **** fun games, although I got warlock punched -.-
    offline i do it too

    Online you gotta spam it a bit more tho

    anyways, im done for the nite :p
    it wasnt that bad lag though, Im in MA, and youre in CA?

    (also, im a pro at Fire Breath Edge Gaurding :p)
    Yeah I'm relying on local wifi right now. We can play now if you want.
    Yeah... brawl wifi is messed up lol...

    I updated it.

    My mashing skills are pro... I get grabbed way too much so I just got better at mashing. Only problem is I always accidentally use moves right when I get out. I need to work on that.

    Oh yeah, unfortunately probably most of the replays I saved are my victories because I just save them if I rmemeber... chances are I remember when I win... don't worry though, Ill mention that and I think there were a few that you won.
    Great games man... I saved nine replays, about 4 or 5 were our DK vs Ganondorf matches from the beginning. Ill try to upload um tomorrow (let me know if you don't want them uploaded.)
    yeah lets play some B brawl, you host I'll be on in a couple of mins. I won't have computer access so just keep playing till we get bored... I might record a couple.
    Good games. How was lag? It was surprisingly not all that horrible on my end. How about your end?
    Gah, I got delayed since I was looking at Club Faire at UCSB. Sorry about that.
    I don't consider myself very good. My knowledge exceeds my technical skill, and I'm gonna warn you, you'll be betting on college wifi services.

    Anyhow, I don't actually know the Brawl code yet for the game I'm using (since it belongs to a friend), so I'll give it to you later.
    I don't think I did... resend it.

    /has an inbox of 476 PM's and doesnt want to search for yours
    yo! man i got a question for you. how do i get frame data? what programs do i need? what steps do i follow?
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