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  • Gg's tonight, sorry about the lousy connection. One of these days I'll make it out to an event and we can have a fair fight. :) Feel free to add mgleed, though, if you're ever up for more WiFi sometime.
    Definitely! Connection didn't seem too bad, although I wouldn't be surprised if the issues were more on my side :/

    I'm pretty much Mewtwo only at this point, but I am always down for the Ganon ditto IRL :D
    Swoops? A Luigi? In AZ? Just to make sure, do u go to TGZ?
    I do! In fact I should be at the one this weekend.
    So should I! Not sure if u remember but I'm Funkermonster, and I was one of ur opponents there a bit over a month ago and our game was streamed. I was using the same character in my avatar in the same palette, if that jogs your memory.
    Oh hey Funker, yea I absolutely remember you. You showed me how annoying the DHD match up is for weegee :p.

    Looking forward to the rematch :)
    I've really got to make sure I can get online. I'll send you a message sometime tomorrow.
    If I can't, I should be able to play on Saturday sometime. I'll let you know.
    Yeah i posted in the thread. Though I believe we both have to do so...I think that's what the rules said.
    Alright, getting online now. Code is in profile, adding you shortly...good luck!
    Well, i suppose I can play anytime...I guess it doesn't matter though
    Epic games man. You space Bair so well with Ganon. I'm pretty terrible at spacing it online although I have no problems spacing with Fair. It feels good to go even with a prestigous Ganon such as yourself (going by the Ganon tier list lol).
    If it dc's it's probably my fault. I'm relying on local wifi for now. I'll be on in 5 mins.
    GGs man! your ganon is very good.

    I had alot of fun man, we should play eachother regularly, as we dont endure that much lag.

    How was my falcon? can you rate my falcon (in short, if you like that better:)).
    Swoops, can you brawl against me now :D ?
    I still have you on my brawl wifi friends list.

    So if you want to play, simply re-add me. FC: 3050-9951-8920

    And then please join my game :D
    I'm so glad that you back to our Ganon Board.

    If you need any Help to improve Ganondorf, just call me.

    Nice to meet you Swoops.

    Ohh.. Nice Signature Picture !
    I Laughed a lot today when I saw for the first time.
    Well, to be honest, I decided to create a guide of my own, and was going to use information from your guide without permission (since there was no one for me to ask permission for), but surprisingly two days later you came back to the boards.

    Your guide has, well, information which is pretty much already on the top of Ganon's metagame, and the moveset pictures are pretty detailed. There really wasn't a point for me to rewrite some of the stuff in your guide, since they're described with such detail already and have the latest information.
    I have a small question. Can I use some of the information, data, and pictures from your guide?
    Why did you have to die? ;_;

    Come back to the Ganon board, we miss you.
    If you could get on soon, that would be cool.

    I'll be free until about 10 central.

    If you want to contact me more reliably, add me on Steam. I'm Slack is Love. If you need to use my email for that, it's ghostnin@gmail.com
    As I posted on AiB, you need to either do your Ganongasm match or ask em for an extension by the end of tomorrow. Please don't make me DQ the #3 seed from his first match. :(
    I want to face you again, it's been a while. I think you're still on my list, if I'm correct. Best of 5, that good?
    Yo, you do Game Battles, right? I was thinking of joining that, but I wanted to know how often you have to fight and sh*t. I don't want to have it constantly causing scheduling problems for me.
    you are an opponentin my brawl falcon highlight vid. Do you want your name (and the character you used: ganondorf) in the description of my video?
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