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  • Yo, I saw you play my friend H_R. Wanna do some Ike dittos? I"m trying to learn a better technique and could use a little help.xD
    Kirk, you probably don't know me but you played my two friends (a marth and a falco) at the tournament last saturday at screenz. You were really good and I would like to play you online if possible.
    hey kirk i heard your real good with ike. if you want to face me just message back since i need good ike practice.
    Hey ill practice with ya a bit. I main Samus and I am most likely the best one in Oklahoma. Just give me a reply back if you want to. Itd be tight to play someone with an ike as good as you.
    Hey Kirk (unsure to use dude like with most people. Don't want a repeat of cop in baltimore >.<) Anyways, sorry for not keeping contact since, the end of August I think..busy with AP classes and all. So yeah, back to the point..which i forgot lol

    Anyways, how's it goin XD
    Ummm... in your combo video... Is there anyway you can send me a link or something for the 2nd song [Holy Orders: Be Just [To My Friends] Or Be Dead (SSH remix)]? I cant find it anywhere and I like it.... A hard link to a copy of it would be fantastic :)
    Yo, Kirk! I remember challenging you before but I read that you were busy. I'm sure you're still busy with things, but with what? Is it college? Either way, it has to be serious business! :laugh: So what have you been up to lately?
    hey whtz up, ike rocks!! XD yeah... so wanna have an epic ike batte? lol if you want of course
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