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  • Sup Infzy, I am Attending the tourney on the 9th but I dont have a ride >.>. I was wondering, if your still going would you be in Brampton and be able to carpool >.>
    Yeah...GGs lol, we had a decent connection at first...I was pretty happy...then BAM the spikes lol. Your sonic is all over the **** place lol; wasn't able to follow you most of the time prediction wise...most of it was instinct reaction Was on the edge of my seat for every match hahahaha.
    Ah, lame alright. Send me another message when you get back on lol. Or add me to an instant messenger or sumthin.
    Yo infzy its me bair-jigsaw, if you even remember me lol. Well I'm looking for a tourney to go to, in canada. If you know any that are coming up soon or any that are close to brampton get @ me
    Hey infzy, I was wondering if you could help me out

    You've recorded replays for me in the past but I was wondering, how exactly did you do it? I'm trying to look into getting some more vids up but ones that aren't restricted to the silly 3 minute replay thing. I don't want to hack my Wii cause other people use it

    Essentially, I'm wondering if you could explain to me the method you use beause I'm very puzzled as to how I'm going to go about doing this...thanks in advance :)
    Hey I need you to record something for me! I don't really know anyone else I can send it to - something happened in a match that was really suspicious... like an enormous slide. I'm daisy peach and it looks like I tech roll to the right at the end and my opponent footstools me... which causes this slide about 3/4s the distance of FD. But I dunno...

    I sent you the vid so I hope you can take a look or maybe upload it for others to see.
    Good stuffs - well I sometimes just leave a room open online and accept the first person that pops in so feel free to join whenever. I do actually use a lot of characters but I'm trying to get a little better Zeik atm...
    Hey... I think I was just fighting you online ?? I was a peach/sheik/zelda person... anyways GGs! Sonic is tricky to play against (if you're not SDing =p)
    Are you going to the ATOB Tourney (Oct 3rd).
    If so what game will you be playing Melee or Smash?
    You sir have logic in your posts. And Ill just leave it at that cause I cant think of what else I was going to say (reading through stage legitimacy thread)
    I thought about it. Quad IC grabs are buns!

    You're Bowser is beast, though. D: Although when I faced it, I was like... "It's Bowser, I can take it easy..." If we play more, you'll see how good I am, and how I adapt very quickly. ^.^
    lol, cruel Sakurai. IC's can't chaingrab IC's. I doubt I would wanna IC ditto, mine are rusty. I need to practice with them more. I do have a bunch of good characters, though... a LOT... surprisingly.... Mk OBVIOUSLY being the best. D:
    Yeah for shizzle! Sonic and King Dedede going at it!
    I know what you mean about being super busy... tell me about it. I've got extreme senior school work and I only have like one hour of freetime during the week lol. We will brawl anyways :).
    Joe, you're a huge **** for not saying can you pick me, holy, and doc up at ydale 2mo.

    Can you pick me up too infzy?
    Thanks! I've sent you 4 videos. The Zelda is Kataefi btw. Also, when will you be able to put the videos up? :O
    Hey Infzy I need you help when you get the chance.


    I'm not sure which of Sonic's moves are linked together when it comes to decay. I'm fairly confident that it's mostly in his Side-B, but I want your confirmation since you seem to be a pro at this kind of Sonic knowledge.

    Don't be afraid to give me every detail/referral either, I want to be sure I cover everything.

    Many thanks in advance.
    vs SL:
    Diddy vs Falcon (black) on FD
    Diddy vs Marth (all)
    Diddy vs Link
    Diddy vs MK
    Diddy vs Ike

    vs ToKneeOrNotToKnee:
    Diddy vs Falcon (red) (all)
    Diddy ditto

    vs KC
    Diddy vs Sonic

    I might not have sent em all, but just upload what you have :)
    sorry, but I couldnt talk at the moment I promised.

    are you still up for a chat later tonight?:)
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