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  • :( NP
    When I sent you all vids (like 10-12 LOL, stupid limit lets me send but 5 :() I'll tell you what is vs who.
    I'm always Diddai
    I has zebra cakes :D

    anyhow. Thanks for replying.

    I will pm you between now, and in 24 hours, about what I need to talk about.


    thanks again.
    Yeah lol I can have the appropriate items on and we can torture ourselves to death if we could have customs on wi-fi :).
    Lol yeah I'm glad I did something different in the chamber this time.
    Hey! You should be prideful or thankful that I put your name on my video =).
    Oh but you don't need a camera and shouldn't use it. It can recapture frames and causes bad frame data. You wanna use a debugger mode, it gives you accurate data. Camera's aren't allowed for Smash Lab data anymore.
    I hope you understand exactly what kind of information I am choosing not to share, though. It's the kind of stuff that shouldn't have been in the game to begin with and really adds nothing to it whatsoever.

    It's a shame that the game was conducive to me forming this kind of philosophy, no matter how limited in scope it is.
    Heya! I need a biiig favour. We've recently discovered some obscure tech with Zelda and I have a replay of a fight in which it was done very randomly... I have no means of uploading it. Could I possibly ask you to do this for me?

    I understand if you're busy
    Yeah thanks my man. Yes madness is the point in the Torture Chamber haha and Bumblebee is appropriate for destructive moments! XD. Hey I hope you get a television back =(
    Yeah, i am trying to get that across to those ignorant people. Ok, let me give you an example. If i beat espy, in a ditto, does that mean i am the better Sonic? no, it doesnt. He is still the better Sonic, right? Because the ignorant people are saying, if you beat that person in a ditto, you are the better Sonic. I facepalmed so many times...
    hey infzy, i got a question. If someone beats someone else in a ditto match, does that mean that they are better? For example, if i beat some prominent sonic in a ditto, that doesnt mean that i am better, right? Because someone is too ignorant to listen to me.
    So, how does it work with you guyses, do you have to be a pure Sonic main to join? I love to play Sonic and stuff. And you guys seem fun. ;O
    May I send you some laggy wifi vids Infzy?

    Also I heard you have a job now, what is it? :o
    Also, isn't there better things in the video besides the **** music?? =D The whole concept of the video are the explosions.
    Since there isn't a vid up I assume it wasn't good enough. But is there anything you can see that is really poorly done or missing in my Sonic?
    Sent ya another vid infzy. Um this one is against a level nine cpu, so please look it over and decide whether or not it's any good before you put it up.

    I don't and won't have anyone to play offline for a while and online isn't working out very well. So this would be my vid for the Sonic boards to look at my Sonic, point out problems,etc.

    not sure what i would do if i were you tbh.

    i thought the lab was just for you guys to get stuff put together without the random comments from "non-researchers" if you get what i'm saying, then release it to the public once all the info is gathered perfectly.

    what do you do back there anyways? lol.
    steak mother ****er.
    didn't know you were a researcher lol. i thought you were one of those that contributed a lot but never applied to be a researcher haha.
    Thanks Infzy, I really appreciate it. I'll probably get my Sonic re-rated soon, so I might send more videos sorry. I'll post the names laters :o
    Hey! Sorry to trouble you, but for the life of me can't find that frame-by-frame ocarina code :X. Could you link me to it? Thanks :psycho:
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