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    You Laugh You Lose: Gentlemen's Club Edition

    Omfg I lost
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    Georgia Social Thread

    1. What is the highest Entry Fee you would honestly pay to play in a SSBB tournament that guaranteed at least $2,500 prize pool? $20 2. How about if it was a guaranteed $5,000 prize pool? $35 3. Do you think a large entry fee and large prize pool would increase attendance or decrease...
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    Georgia Social Thread

    Well tourney starts at 6. The address is 141 Piedmont Avenue NE Atlanta GA 30303. If anyone is coming just pm and let me know because I'll be signing people in because this will be held at the Commons which is a dorm on campus. I know there already about 20+ signed up already
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    Georgia Social Thread

    Hey I don't know if anyone cares, but Today at Georgia State University there is a Tournament For anyone would would like to come you can just PM me for my phone number and address. The entry is free and i dont really know if or what the prize will be for first place. There is parking...
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    Georgia Social Thread

    Points to sig :urg::bee::)
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    Georgia Social Thread

    So the monthly is this saturday? If so than ill probably show up since this is the first saturday in 2 months i havent had work.
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    Georgia Social Thread

    Completely off topic, but are there any competitive lucarios in GA besides (kind of) Rayku? well and Saltix but i mean he doenst really play anymore. Who else is there?
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    I am sorry guys

    Get ***** canada.
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    Grab release MK like Wario!

    Wow this is pretty legit. Gonna have to try it out next time someone cps RC.
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    WABA/USGA/SIEGE2010: OCT.2ND: $2,000 for SSF4&SSBB Tournaments: Atlanta

    @ Min: I can for sure bring wii and Brawl but the TV part has become about 75% sure as of right now so if you could just take me off the full setup list that'd be awesome because i dont wanna risk not being able to bring a TV and let anyone down :/ Thanks 2 days hype!
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    SIEGE 2010 OCT. 2ND $2000 for SSBB&SSF4 ATL GA Ally, NinJaRLiNk, Seibrik, Shaky, Afro

    So hyped about this. I cant ****ing wait.
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    WABA/USGA/SIEGE2010: OCT.2ND: $2,000 for SSF4&SSBB Tournaments: Atlanta

    Holy **** I'm coming to this I can bring a full setup too (Wii, TV, and Brawl)
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    Georgia Brawl Power Rankings Thread (as of 4/25/2012)

    So are we still doing that whole 3 tourneys per season thing?
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    GA Brawl PR updated 3/14/10. Now with Salt level status!

    Lies lies lies.
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    MLG Raleigh Results - August 27th-29th - Full Results and Brackets Up!

    Wow good **** to Lounis gettin back up there after Colo. Also good **** to Micaelis, Reflex, Kismet, 4GOD. GA Represent!
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