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  • final smash character presentation
    smash logo intro starts
    camera fades in and pans across what appears to be a diorama
    suddenly a figure jumps out
    ”PAPER MARIO Enters the Fold!”
    The viewers are ecstatic!
    cuts to gameplay
    paper mario is shown using his jump and hammer attacks on the other newcomers
    All is well! Many fans' dreams have finally been achieved!
    He does another hammer swing but this time it splatters paint on the floor
    Another attack is shown, using stickers
    more stickers are shown like infinijump and hurlhammer
    he pulls out a deck of cards that he has to paint before releasing
    kersti, huey, and olivia show up for attacks and taunts (but not tippi or the classic partners)
    no no no
    footage cuts to the stage
    all the background characters are generic toads
    it’s a traveling stage that transforms between decalburg, port prisma, and origami castle
    toad town, rogueport, and flipside are mysteriously absent
    final smash is the 1000-fold arms
    footage cuts to “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate X Paper Mario: The Origami King”
    post-trailer scene involves olivia who spouts some nonsensical paper-related pun
    trailer ends
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