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  • well let me know what u wanna do today. I can come over ur place to brawl or we can go to the twins place later tonight.
    I dunno, we haven't gotten that far yet, i just found people im reliable with and we'll go from there

    rankings are up btw
    Lol you're not listening I don't care how good you are. I wouldn't team with or respect DEHF just because of how good he is. If he was obnoxious and cocky, and didn't play for the right reason/have the right mindset I wouldn't like or respect him at all. I've seen youtube videos of you playing, that's not important to me though.
    Being my teammate is about mentality before skill. I don't team with people who want to team with me because they think they deserve it, or think it's autowin. I team with people who I respect or who see the game similarly to myself. You're not anywhere near there yet, but we'll see.
    No thanks I dont team with people who are cocky and haven't proven themselves :).

    Me and Candy make a bomb *** team though, dayum.
    as long as meep can keep his cigs outside, and yall dont bring any alcohol/illegal stuff up in the room, you can stay with us. we only have a room friday and saturday tho.
    Lol I won't believe the hype until I play you. And yeah Candy did beat me at MLG but I didn't play gay against him because he's a really cool guy. He's really good and earned the win though, but don't judge me from one loss haha. I used to be a lot better vs Snake before my brother (who used to main Snake switched to Diddy).

    Anyway I believe you're really good but I'll have to see for myself before I say anything lol.
    Well this is a little exciting. You may be really good but even a lot of top players are overhyped, so I'll see when you get here ;). When are you coming to Tampa?
    Im one of the best players in my state and you're just some random from MD/VA who I only know about because he trolled the MLG thread...why should I team with you exactly?
    I'll be driving from NJ to a stop in Allentown PA then straight to Ohio. I'm also heading to Ohio Thursday morning. Thing is my car is either super full or has one spot left aka 7 people in my van or 9. 2 people haven't signed up yet and are still questioning doing so. I'll know for sure by Monday if they are coming or not since signups end Monday.
    :( I don't know what I can do for you ride wise but hotelwise you can probably stay wherever I'm staying which should be with Philly people. I squandered around the Pound 4 hotels and eventually found a place to stay with some people for $10 dollars a night. It shouldn't be hard.

    You just gotta figure out how to get there. Aren't there MD/VA people going you can ride with?
    i live like...an hour away from almost everyone except sassy. But, i should be able to start going to more things now that im graduating.
    hello im exdia i live in silver spring too i just want to know if we could smash one day i dont know alot in this area and i would like to know ir we could play one day just kneed practice.
    Did you understand my last post? PA is super close to me, you are not. I'm staying in a hotel that Waffle won for us. Our car is full of people I like, so I can't give you a ride.
    Go to what? I wouldn't pick you up anyways. You live 1+ hours away, PA is 20 mins from me, thats stupid
    yes I played your falco and it hurt XD
    Good **** yesterday Lie! You need to goto tourneys more, next time DEHF comes to an East Coast tourney, I expect you to be there too and 3-stock him in Falco dittos :D
    That would be really great i'm researching the trip right now and costs

    Would you be able to get us housing for saturday night into sunday :DDDD

    i think its going to be me, Atomsk, Dmbrandon, and Shadow Not 100% confirmed on dmbrandon and shadow tho :DD
    Are you going to pound 4? MAYBE we can do our MM there

    I just checked my bank account and I only have $11. I'll have to win MMs to even be able to enter singles.

    I wish....I wish....I don't have alot of money anymore, you took it all XD

    I'll see how much money I have when I arrive at the venue. I'll MM you with that, but if its not alot I'll try to win a few more MMs so our MM can be big.
    there are like no tournys in sova >.>
    Nobody wants to host ****

    I dont have a car yet :(
    hey man, i'm gonna be at the venue early to help set up and stuff.
    what time are you planning on arriving so we can get some practice in together
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