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  • I can't tomorrow, I've got school until Thursday afternoon. Oh well. Can you take pictures of the place at least so I can get an idea of where to put things and how to run it? What is the earliest time can I come on Saturday? I told everyone to show up by 10 AM.
    yo so can you chill on Thursday around 2 pm? I'm going to show up at the house address you gave me.
    Yo also, is the place metro accessible? If so, what metro station because people are trying to come by metro.
    ZondaFreak - We got a tournament on April 11th going on in Beltsville MD. Check Tournament Listings for more information.
    "Lie and ChuDatz Present: Chudat's dojo"

    Yo Lie, yea I was thinking the same thing. Are you available Thursday afternoon at like 2 PM? I'm going to show up at the address you gave me.
    sup dude just wondering where u hold your tourneys at and if they are close to Rockville,MD?
    haha, It'll be hard getting you someone that good since people don't know you. Give me some time, I'll see what I can do. Is there anything you want to tell them to "persuade" them to team with you?
    Sin has gotten better I think. We money matched on Saturday and the guy almost beat me. I'm surprised. I think he will be your best option. Nobody knows you so it'll be hard getting you a good partner. I'll still look around if you want.

    55/45 is unfair for me considering the amount of work I'm doing as compared to what you say you are doing. Does 60/40 sound good?

    I've got a partner in mind. U know sin? He's good. He says he wants to come so I'll ask him if he can team with you.
    umm, I might come but I'm not sure. I have other people in line for team mates so I'll see what I can do.

    BTW, Falco ditto MM rematch? lol
    well me and chu are having it together.........they call me lie by the way......and i wanted to team with a game and watch because i no 100 percent m y falco is betta than yours cause i main him and i can beat chillen...........your game and watch is better tho i use him 3rd but any what i need a partner for april 11th it me and chu people juss no hhim way more
    yo what you think of the tournament? We straight for April 11th?

    Btw, I need to talk to you about something. What's ur AIM and when do u get on?
    well can you put this on your tournament page ....................ill charge 10 for beds and room service and stuff and 5 dollors if you just wanna stay the night on the cough or floor or something.......there gonna be playing brawl everywhere so the adress 1401 balsamwood drive laurel MD.............they can come anytime...............The number is 301 879 5881 or 202 413 3356 and ask for stephen.........If you dont need any housing nvm but if u do you can post the adress on your page and let everyone know
    you should probably do only 5. Since people can spend the night at the venue for 5 I'm sure they won't go anywhere else for any more. But since your place is better and would cost the same, they'd probably be willing to do it.
    sure we can play. just come find me whenever there is an open tv and we'll play!

    Alright awesome! Everything sounds good. I'll have the thread up shortly and I'll link it to you when I finish.
    You'll charge 15 plus pancakes towels?

    I don't quite understand. Are you saying you'll charge $15 for people to stay at your house saturday night?
    yea you can announce it now........the hows is really big plent of space.....................and i only have house in md rockville beltsville laurel ........tampa bay florida .........jackson ville florida........so we can have tournament here or there

    just wondering where you at. Venue space doesn't matter, respond back when you can so I can announce the tournament, thanks.
    Cool man thanks. I'm gonna be busy for the next few days since I'm going out of state to North Carolina (got any houses down there? haha).

    I'll make the thread for your tournament when I get back. I already have a name for it. I'm hoping your place is big else I can't charge 5$ a head. I think I can charge 5$ no problem. It all matters on the environment that we give. I want everyone to enjoy their time here and want to come back again (I.e satisfy the customers). I like your idea of getting drinks and pizza for everyone (you can profit from this as well). Also, I hope there is enough space at this place for people to move around else people might complain about that. This seems to be an issue with MD/VA. If we have that dilemma, we definitely can't charge 5$. This is a pretty big situation since I don't want us to lose our names as good tournament organizers by being called greedy *****. If you really plan on making chains all over the U.S and making this big then we gotta do **** right! Let me know what you think.

    Basically, "The house is big" doesn't really tell me anything. Is it "REALLY big"? haha. Thankz man.
    they call me lie.............the adress is 8006 alloway lane
    Beltsville Md and i dnt have the zip but u dnt need it.......the house is pretty big but theres no water running juss electricity and heater.......like after i played boss a million times a got ***** and candy and neo ....... i juss started playin playin like a maniac because i bet if they play me now its gonna be there turn to get *****...........and y dont u change venue to 5 thats more reasonable since its u
    Yo one more thing. How much space to we have for the tournament? Can you give me an idea? Thanks.
    I see. Good minds think alike haha. I'm not going to call out for catering then because we don't profit from it.

    How about that address so we can start this ****z!
    Provide food and stuff? What do you mean by this? U want me to spend my own money on buying food for everyone or something? If so, then sorry, I can't do something like that.

    Now, what I CAN do is call for a Catering service where they will cook all the food, bring it to your tournament, and sell it there. This is going to cost extra though, but its up to you. If you want it let me know and i'll ask them how much the catering fee will cost. They also take requests if you like plus you will be able to eat free.

    Alright cool man, i'll be making the thread and posting it up whenever you get the address. I'll charge everyone 3$ for venue since that's how much I charge at mine. Is it ok if I make a rule that if people bring a FULL Set-up, then I'll waive their venue fee? That seems fair, I also do this at my tournaments. It will please everyone that is coming to your tournament. Aite lemme know.
    ay ight i juss want u to host the whole tournament........i want u to charge venue the same way u do at yours.........i need u to provide food and stuff ..................basically im juss providing the house and i can bring drinks if u want.i ll give u the adress tonight
    Cool sounds good. I can post it whenever you give me the address. Also, I need some information. How much is doubles, singles, and venue going to cost? Another thing, there is another game called Brawl+. If you haven't heard, its a better way of playing Brawl, and its mad fun. If you want, I can host a Brawl+ tournament as well.

    Cool man, I'll be seeing you at God is my rocks tournament. I'll be going out of state the 21'st so I won't be going to c3. good luck though. Interested in seeing how ur friend from cali does haha.
    ight dats perfect because im going to god is my rocks and yea im going to c3 too.......i usually team with malcom one of the twins who uses lucario but he suks im prolly gonna team with my friend from cali watch out in c3........u can post it for april 11 i ll tell you the adress tommorrow its a big house.........wen do u think u can post it on smash boards
    I'll be glad to help you out. There's one problem though.... and maybe you should hold off your tournament as well because of this...

    Next week is a huge North Carolina tournament on March 21st, all of MD/VA is going to be going to that. The ones who aren't going to that will be going to another tournament in Ashburn, VA called C3.

    The week after that is Brawl Till You Fall on March 28th. This is the BIG one. Its going to be a huge tournament, you should come to this as well.

    The week after that is a tournament called GamePad, and its going to be on April 4th.

    If you want to do something and get a lot of people to come, then lets do it on April 11th. Nothing is going on this date.
    I don't really do mms too much but if you see at a tourney then come ask me.
    ey man do u hav a full brawl frend roster?? cuz i got a new wii n onli got like 9 ppl if any1 wanna add me my code is 2793-4374-4428 im FR3SH i went to ur tourny on the 3rd it was pretty fun never did ne thing like dat B4
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