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  • I haven't uploaded it yet, but I'm about to upload it and you vs me soon. Sorry I've been so slow, its just cause when I save the file its usually like 40-70 MB and it takes like 30 minutes to save and while its saving my computer is really laggy so I can't do alot, but I'll upload them right now then send you the link.
    ps ssaid i shuld get 1st down there lol well c and i mean badd girls dont be all sloppy my dude lol
    My dad is a f@g and doesn't want me to have a **** load of cash with me, but I'll try to get $25 more from him then I'll have enough for the MM and to enter the tourney.

    Uh, since its $60, can I be allowed to use my MK....I said I wouldn't originally but that was a few months ago.

    Outplace me tommorow at C3. If you do then your Kirby is good -^_^-

    Well unless of course I play better than I expect to
    Lie, I don't think I'll be able to goto that tourney, after Mythic my next tourney might not be until Pound 4 T_T
    cause you never respond when i see you on aim and i write you >.>
    and you never leave a message with a number for me to contact you at -.-
    Yeah, I'm going to mythic 2 this weekend. Haven't been able to get any rides, but now I'll be able to, still wont get my license for like 4 months tho -.-
    C3 is far, don't think I'm making it there Lie D:

    You know I phail at getting rides :(

    I was going to MM you at woodbridge but you weren't there so EE took my money instead xD
    lmao sorry man. Too much theft going on around in MD/VA. I'd rather just have u sin and deez banned to keep my house safe and to make me feel comfortable
    its a 4-person car so deez can come too, altogether its $6 for both of you. my cell is 443-675-8889, i'll text/call when i'm there/before I leave
    how much space do u have have because dees wants to come and hell pay gas
    my adress is 300 natick ct silver spring md 20905
    oh thats not far...probably about $3 since this is on the way lol, PM me the address, it'll probably be between 2 and 3 when I get there =o
    depends on where i'm picking you up from but sure...you'll cover some gas, right?
    k9 can he atleeast enter doubles with me because i can pay off my debt but he doesnt have the money right now............he promises to pay people and im payin g oath as soon as i c him...............please juss this one time let sin priticipate he wont do any mm........im ok cause i owe noone
    That's why you talk about us with everyone.

    Just chill out. First impressions mean a lot and you had a terrible one.
    Eh, do you not get that the ****ing community doesn't like you?

    Stop startin **** and get your act together. Chill out with the shadyness and just stfu.
    yea i dont owe people muney and were gona be there mm everyone........i dont no the adress and time tho
    Nah I am stuck home tonight but I'm too tired anyway, work n ****.

    Ya'll allowed to go to WoodBridge?
    I need to know by 8 o clock otherwise there is a good chance we might not be able to pick you up. If it is just you and sin that is alright. My bro is probably going to have to pick someone else up.
    metalmonstar needs you address if you wanna get picked up Saturday morning, check the thread

    also u want a nickle bag? cause I think she only got dimes for now...
    lol i quit a while ago. we dont have **** currently anyway, everybodys bailin out
    Yo I can get you some green, my chick sells nickles n dimes.

    How much you want? Cause I could get it for you at Tant's tourny.
    dude, it would be really helpful if you improved your grammar and spelling just a bit. It doesn't need to be perfect T_T, just good enough to help understand what you mean.

    I live quite a ways from you, and I can't brawl today. I'm looking for people to play with tomorrow.
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