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  • no worries. I appreciate your apology. You and sin have good team work. Beating me and EE isn't a big accomplishment though, so you guys have a ways to go still, but no worries, you're getting better and me and EE will step it up next time. I do hate money matches though, that was the first MM i've done in 6 months. Next time I probably won't MM you.

    See you at the tourney!
    I saw you post it on someone's page and thought it was funny and ironic.

    Anyway I'm not sure where I'm going. It all depends on whether I have a ride or not.
    "so which tourny r u going too....bmxs is easuy muney ill puit up for oour crew"

    Me and Ben (BMX) are now permanent partners (because we do so good and we suck if team with other ppl usually lol) but if hes not at a tourney that I am at I possibly would team with you
    just stay lucario / falco.. Zelda sucks as a character and her recovery is even worse bruh lol
    was sad bruh.. no reason to quit though, keep playing a get better, play him again and call it GG
    i wouldnt say that.. tbh you both are evenly matched id say.. but it will all come down to the MM to determine whos tops
    "no wtf do i look like i was juss gunna say if he wuld actaully take the muney..........hell no and yea im tryna *** if i can find a ride"

    You are pretty ****ed up Lie. I'm done with your ***.

    Bolt - you should mind your own business.
    no idea bruh, i wish i could go if you could get me a ride id team with you. ilive closer to sova than you do lol
    You said you ballin, right? Pay me 100$ and I'll let you come. I'm going to show up at your house expecting the money the day on the tournament. I don't trust you. DO NOT come until I get your fine else I will just kick you out. After you pay up, you are welcome to get in my car and come with me to the tournament and everything will be cool with us again, just don't lie man.
    I don't even think it's wise for you to go to my Dojo tournaments anyways Lie. I'm sure everyone will have something to say to you.
    U don't fu*king understand, do you?

    Ur a cool person. Ur just a fu*king liar. U don't know how many people were pissed. People came from fu*king North Carolina, West Virginia, NEW YORK, all over the god@mn place to go to this. U fu*ked it up though, and you have ruined my reputation u stupid motherfu*ker. I worked so god@mn hard... REALLY HARD. I even went out of my way to clean ur god@mn basement so people don't think we're running a ****ty azz tournament while ur lazy azz went to bed. I also went over to the other house to make SURE people went to the right spot. U fu*king left me to deal with the WHOLE god@mn situation. I knew something was up when we rang that doorbell and u hid behind the bushes like a fu*king *****.... I haven't even told u everything... Every time u fuc*ed up, u know how many times I wanted to yell at ur azz? I didn't though.

    If you understand the SERIOUSNESS of the situation, then respond. If you don't, don't waste my fu*king time.
    if you don't see the problem with "just trying to throw a tourney" but not having anything actually planned and confirmed and set in stone, I highly recommend that you don't bother hosting anymore. I'm not "hatin" or anything like that. I'm simply telling you that it seems evident that organizing tourneys is just not the right thing for you to be responsible for.

    But keep playing :)
    LOL you haven't signed in since before the tourney.

    When you do get a chance to read this (if you aren't hiding LULZ) did your computer get f*cked? LOL
    good luck weathering this one mate lol
    sorry about the circumstances if they were out of your control though

    you know who I am? hahah

    Aite cool Friday it is then. Whats your phone number? I'll hit u up before I come.
    Yeah i'll see what I can do. I'm mainly just going to check out the place and talk about it. I'm going to see what goes where. I need an idea before having the tournament, otherwise we might be in trouble. I expect like 50-70 at this so it needs to be run well.

    I'm not really going to play smash witcha, we can do that on Saturday. If you want to play we'll see whats up. I'll ask people if they can come.
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