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  • well i wanna make sure its a safe environment thats all. Im really sry for asking u so many questions.
    yes theres gonna be adults...chudats tounament was ina house and malcom and martin the twins tournamnent was in a house
    around christmass and we can call it the christ mass bash or new year brawl i send u the adress later
    We have a deal. I'll get back to you regarding the tournament. Until then, were you thinking of a date to have your tournament on already? Or do we have to figure it out?
    I would actually like it if you didn't bring those 30 people to my house lolz. I already have soo many people coming to my tournament, and more people would just be more work for me >.<. I only wanted 30 to come, but now it looks like I’m getting about 100 O.O. I think that ur way over exaggerating about bringing 30 people, especially since your asking me to help you, when you clearly don't need help since you can get 30 people to come to your tournament lolz. Tell me, are you serious? How did u manage to get 30 people to come? Are they friends? (not being sarcastic btw lolz). Also, I’m assuming that you think I make so much money from smash? I don’t get as much money as you would think, especially since I haven’t been winning for the past month…

    You'll get your electricity money back no problem man, I can guarantee you that. 50 people X 3 dollars would be $150, which is more than enough to pay off your electricity even if we do split (75$ each!!). The thing is with this, you can sit back and watch the money roll in while I do all the work (I intend to do so). All you would need to do is provide the place for the tournament, and wouldn't even have to lift a finger. I will respect your wish for you to receive the majority of the money since it is your place. Tell me what you think about 43% ( I know, its an odd number LOLZ but just work with me.) Assuming at least 50 people will show, you will receive 85$ for your electricity, and I would receive 65$ for everything I would be doing. I’m definitely happy with that =).

    I don't/can't waste my time doing a tournament where I save 10$ for entrance fees, and I get 15$ for helping you with this. LOLZ sorry man, you can ask anyone else and they'll tell you the same thing (unless they LOVE this game and are willing to work for free ^_^).

    Tell me what you think! I’ll give you all the information that you need to know, and so we can start planning once we reach a mutual agreement =).
    Of course I would come. I would be the one helping you run the tournament haha.

    I can't do 10 percent.

    How about this. We charge everyone a door fee of 3$. We keep the entrance fees for singles and teams at 5$ per person.

    The least I will take for the amount of work I'll be putting into your tournament is 50%. No less. We split the door fee. Sound good?
    how much cut are we talking about here? If you can give me a good cut, I'll tell you everything you need to know.
    like i got the house in laurel and im tryna have one every two weeks but i need help advertising so people would come and i need help doing that from someone who has already had one
    Ay Im Having A Tournament In Laurel Md......need Help Been Playing Smash Bros Forever But New To This Tournent Stuff
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