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    ur crib was farther then i thot jo
    yea ight i got other plle helping me too ........im tryna do it this saturday jan 3 i juss need the house and the tourny will be nice...........lets try setting up friday.................wats ur numba so i can contact u and whats ur adress so i can post it on smashboards
    come to my house todai friday the the 26 were juss gonna be chillen...money matching and friendly.......the adress is 300 natick ct silver spring md 20905
    sorry for the late *** reply ut i just got an aim its mambofresh
    im rite by northwood high school, rite off university blvrd. dats not far at all, son we shuld chill and brawl
    what up young, where in SILVER SPRING u stay @? im in Silver Spring too
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