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  • I won't be driving to siis4. I may not even go, but if I do decide to go it'll be with Inui since I think he's driving. Try asking him.
    Besides Chus and Fusion there ain't nothing else poppin this weekend. Then the next 2 Saturdays are Christmas and New Years.
    I don't have one, that's why I posted, u could prolly convince Tant if u team with him lol, otherwise he doesn't wanna go.
    Tyrant isn't sure if he's coming yet but GNES is going. M2K isn't coming, and Ally says he's coming to mine but I'm hearing rumors that he's going to sneak to the PA one instead to take the money. Its your decision of course, was just giving you a heads up. Also I pay out top 8 :D
    You know KTAR 4 is the same date as that PA tourney right? Also my pot is gonna have at least $1000 *cries*
    yeah dude i'd like to but, i'm riding with tant and i basically gotta team with him tomorrow

    if he finds some other partner or something though i'd be down for it
    Alright you can go over now, It's either gonna be my mom or her room mate. Just tell her your steven and your there to pick up your back pack
    its on the forums, you'll see sponsorship requests

    but just joining and applying wont get you in at all, you need to somewhat prove your worth first, become a part of the community, etc
    I was waiting for you to try and contact me lol. Call me when you want it and I'll have my mother bring it to the door for you
    LOL I forgot to give you your ipod. Hey, where did you leave your back pack?
    Sounds good. I wish I wasn't sick yesterday, I'm coming for that Diddy next tournament and I'm gonna win three back to back MMs. ;)
    hey normally i'd say yes but, i drive a pickup truck now and i'm already taking my girlfriend, sorry dude
    Lool honestly i shouldnt have beat either...i was playing pretty stupid that weekend. Chu's amazing, dont really know how i won, but i did lol. Logic was down to the wire.
    yeah....i got school coming up gotta prioritize that ya know. I might be able to go to the small texas tourneys but as much as mlgs/regionals/nationals are concerned wont be seeing yal **** for a while.
    I actually don't have DEHF's aim since I use aim once every couple months. The only Falco I know that can do Falco vs ICs is DEHF. He just camps, shoots lasers, and forward b's in a not predictable way. He beat Atomsk 2-1 at Apex 2010 that way.

    Also if you grab 1 IC's you should be able to cg them safely since the dthrow should hit the other IC too but don't go for grabs like crazy.

    Gl with that matchup, I suggest asking DEHF or going MK like Shugo or just plain losing like Kismet did this weekend lol!
    I don't want it to be enormous because it's not the size of the veteran's tourney or Xanadu. It can easily fit 30 people though. I'm sure I'll get 30 people. It's in a prime location. I'll try asking around though to anyone. :)

    Who're you teaming with?
    Lol no thanks, me and Hrnut are basically unstoppable. On saturday we won doubles without dropping a single game. We're perma teaming from now on unless it's a small event.
    You can direct your question directly to T-boy if you want. Basically we provide everything with good quality with the exception of the controller. We also give away other prizes on top of the cash.
    Between locals and smashboards I'm expecting close to 30 if not more. It dips lower if there are tourneys going on in MD/VA, but there are no others going on this weekend.
    There isnt anything this week other than gamepad. I cant go- we're doing a video scavenger hunt with our youth group. You could come in fact, youre still in school right? Youd probably rather make money playing smash anyways. The week after this is the harrisburg event though which should be fun.
    LOL good **** taking 1st. That's how you do it. When people hate on you, you just come harder and provem wrong. Pretty beast haha.
    i can brawl in a bit i kinda wanna get some reading done for class before i head out. You have aim/msn i can talk to you on rather than the forums?
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