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  • I'm working on this in my local area, actually. It's just hard as heck to get my TO to change anything, especially concretely. (e.g. We are having a picto-only tournament at our next monthly, and after asking why picto wasn't just legal in the tournament and if our TO had any logical reason to not do so, i was basically told to please shut the f*** up.)

    Also note that on a local level NONE of my videos or tournaments would matter. It would just get swept off as low-level play, which it most likely would be. (Espicially if things went as I thought they would and some of the higher level players didn't come because of their opinion rather then their arguments/the truth...)

    I mean, I might try and start up a brawl scene here anyway, but I can't see how it would provide any conclusive evidence to any case I would make. I also have no influence on anymore then one TO, so...

    And finally, being a leader in one place and then being forced to follow others doing something differently at the next level up is not going to help me get good, especially past a certain point.
    Now that I've read it, I think you meant build my community. I could try this, although I'm not sure how it would go, if I could actually get like 20 people or so...maybe...

    Is that what you were suggesting. (BTW I was only saying my local community sucks. My province has an OK community.)
    First off, thanks. Second off, my arguing? I just scanned over it and I'm about to read it right now, but I don't understand how it relates to my arguing.
    Hey bro. Travellin from Uni to home took longer than expected (bus strike in my region, not able to accurately determine the speed of alternate bus routes). I'd like to say I can still make it but don't hold ur breath :(.
    Oh man, it's been a while, so I don't remember off the top of my head. I did use a lot of spreadsheets for individual tournaments, though. Heck, I'm not even subscribed to the thread anymore...
    Wow, good read, I like it. I wish I had some awesome story from where I got my tag (or tags, I use 2 or 3) but they're all pretty simple and non-interesting haha.
    Lol, Ive never even noticed that before, WHAT A COINCIDENCE!!

    And since we're kinda on the topic, where did you get your username from anyway?
    Where in the control panel do i find the option to make my name cyan. Should I go on skype now?
    I beat Future and Hylian and Kahoka. Broken Kong has taken his vengence. I wish you were there. I got 3rd
    i see u lookin at LSC Championships: House of Mouse 3 GNES/RAZER/TRELA/DABUZ OVER $500 POT BONUS!!

    u should go
    Is there any way you can sort of delegate? ICs only need to create one topic themselves for this round and then there are some other panels arguing against you (and still the matter of the consensus on Snake).
    Basically tl:dr

    Instead of having TO's representing their communities with a yes or no vote, let the players vote. If the players have a majority opinion that the TO's would represent with a yes vote, you will still get the same end result as before.
    Given how busy I am lately I could use some assistance with that PR stuff. Lets make it a group project thing. I am incapable of doing it myself given my now crazy workload.
    re: pokemon trainer

    PT definitely loses that match up hard, likely one of his worst. None of the 3 characters have ANY SAFE MOVES THEY CAN USE TO APPROACH ICS. Pt can -only- capitalise on mistakes, even in the case of squirtle, his means of beating ics camping are quite feeble.

    As approaching is so complicated for them, timing them out (especially squirtle) is ridiculously easy.
    I'm doing the write-up actually.
    I had to translate to spanish the whole Unity Ruleset before that.
    Aw mannnn. I cant wait for your data. Ive just been waiting for awesome data from Smash Labs. I really glad you all are putting so much work into this. I think this will help the community so much! I really do believe Smash Labs has to ability to generate a better scene for this game by showcasing intricacies people werent aware of. People can start looking for more option selects, better frame traps, utilizations of meaty attacks for combos, etc. Im so proud of you all man. THIS is what motivates a community to search for new things!
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    Can they adequately maintain the lead once they obtain it? [No +.5]
    Can they handle both janky stages Brinstar and RC well (it has to be both since we have one ban)? [No +.5.]

    Disagree on those two :p
    the previous ice climber panel experienced similar issues where their beliefs of match ups were ALL DIFFERENT.
    This is true 100 times over, I feel sorry for you for having to tackle the IC panel, haha. It seems like IC players all just have completely different thoughts on all matchups :\
    Hi. I already applied to join the smash researcher group. I need your approval first.

    My reason for joining this group is to research aspects of the game that has not been discovered yet and inform members on the web site about it.

    So my question is can I join the smash researcher group?
    Kind of, it's alot easier to do things out of than a true pivot(I'd always end up dash attacking trying to true pivot).

    The way it should look if you do it right is the character should move some distance and stop to turn around. If you were to use the fighting game notation of directions, it'd be 645 in a quick manner if that helps.
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