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    Smash Ultimate Ruleset Philosophy

    Anyone else remember the days we thought we were going to have so many stages that stage striking for game 1 was going to be unpractical?
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    LF competitive scene in KS

    Which Smash game?
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    Smash Ultimate Ruleset Philosophy

    If I had my dream scenario, you can load it with striking order so that colors denote which player striked which stage. Even more dream scenario would list the order stages were struck as well to help people find where there was an issue.
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    Smash Ultimate Ruleset Philosophy

    Recent 2GG ruleset announcement: Also relevant: a page that can help facilitate striking
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    Smash Ultimate Ruleset Philosophy

    The DSR critiques can be fixed with the following procedural changes: - removing DSR - Maintaining DSR but removing the extra ban per game by having both players announce their bans and announce their CPs immediately after game 1 (and game 3 for a bo5) I have tested both pretty extensively and...
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    Smash Ultimate Ruleset Philosophy

    A couple of interesting posts popped up in the twitter world today: On Stage Hazard Toggle On/Off On DSR
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    Locals Near Overland Park, KS or Louisburg, KS Areas?

    Which game do you play? There are quite a few FB groups in the area
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    Discussion of Stage Legality in Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I am glad yall are having some educated discourse on stage here, because meanwhile on twitter:
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    Brawl BTIKC independence, MO November 10th 2018 brawl results Ft pelca, Delux, and Player-1(15 entrants)

    Grunyan and I werent DQed, we definitely went 0-2 rofl. I used ZSS and Snake, Grunyan used MK. Not sure who jc used in doubles, but stealth used rob/pika and duck used rob. In Unity singles, I won games with Pit, DDD, Wario, Marth to advance in bracket. I won games in losses in bracket with...
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    Ice climbers can still break grabs

    I wonder if it's a function of buffering. Perhaps the climber was buffering a command from the whiffed move, causing it to circumvent? Any evidence the panic mechanic is still in?
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    Smash Ultimate Ruleset Philosophy

    By in large there's a lot to agree with in this video. I am skeptical that a game without brawl mechanics on the ledge is really going to have issues with game breaking sharking. Especially when it appears the designers have taken steps to make the invincible ledge reset option no longer...
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    Smash Ultimate Ruleset Philosophy

    The ruleset isn't and shouldn't be designed to balance for every variable that you're saying. It's only meant to balance in the context of not having an impact on the very variables that you're talking about, which is what I'm helping your proposal address. It's completely legitimate to...
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    Smash Ultimate Ruleset Philosophy

    While it would mitigate the imbalance, there isn't really any reason to believe the imbalances are exactly the same size to neutralize each other. It isn't going to be a huge deal either way, but we might as well start with a balanced system rather than an imbalanced in one. I think it looks...