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  • Naw, I'm a nice person. I was just teasing you for the lulz is all. :0 I'm probably the nicest smasher in Australia :p
    By the way, I pity you if the implications you make are true. I would not want to loose my mother unto any man.
    There are times when "that's not what your mother said last night" is well played. This is not one of them.
    Oh hey, it's one of my favorite Linkin Park songs that Xiivi thinks is bad.

    Glad to see you think otherwise. :3
    Very cool. I dont know if were supposed to post in there or not right now though, lol. Also you should format it to work with AIB blogs since itll get exposure there too, and maybe use a word other than essay >_>
    Cool, I just started playing ZSS as per your suggestion... I always wanted to pick her up anyways. any basic tips for the ZSS vs ICs mu?
    Whaaaaaat? Why would you do that you may be helping out but it may hurt other peoples chances as well ;_;
    I don't really wanna throw names out there since it was mostly due to me assuming it was a legit match since it was being talked about when it wasn't. Most people don't really talk about beating others in friendlies so yeah >_> I derped.
    Not on Youtube, but I was gonna send you some replays when my internet came back because I team with like 3 different ZSS mains online so I have tons of replays
    Oh I'm gonna wait till I get my actual internet back up (later today) rather than trying to download things on stolen internet cause it'd take forever :p I got my laptop fixed a few months ago and it deleted everything so I never bothered redownloading skype since I never used it, but gimme till around 8 pm today
    It's a lotttt different with Lucas, more healing & easier kills out of Dsmash and Fthrow. It's not a hard team at all either, me and Legan got 2nd out of like 28(?) at the first Brainshock as Lucas/ZSS so yeah it's definately one of the better teams out there
    sorry I never responded, you can team with FAE since you've teamed with him before, I don't need a team mate if I can't even confirm atm so don't worry.
    Yeah sure, I'll team with you if Krystedez doesn't confirm. I just wanted a ZSS Lucario or D3 because those are the only characters that I have fun playing doubles with :p But yeah let me know, I'll still try to find another parent for backup just in case Krystedez confirms
    I must talk to you at some point on skype either today or tomorrow. Hopefully you'll be in a position where you can use your mic.
    Alright, I'll ask them about it.
    We might be taking a bus, I honestly don't know at this point lol.
    Alright, I simply misunderstood you then. It's just your posts came off in a disrespectful tone to me and I took it as such, but if you mean well, I believe you.

    Thanks for the advice.
    Here are the points for each place on the results. i used this exact point system for my TX circuit last year. Worked out very well.

    49 players or less:

    1st - 45 points
    2nd - 35 points
    3rd - 25 points
    4th - 20 points
    5th - 15 points
    7th - 10 points
    9th - 07 points
    13th - 05 points

    50 players or more:

    1st - 95 points
    2nd - 70 points
    3rd - 50 points
    4th - 35 points
    5th - 25 points
    7th - 20 points
    9th - 15 points
    13th - 10 points
    17th - 07 points
    25th - 04 points
    33rd - 01 points

    I was thinking that the player with the highest points from MW/EC/WC/SO could get free entry into whobo 4 and obviously everybody else will get a better seed at whobo for the points they have earned. Im gonna try and do 1-2 events per region so it will give more people a chance to get points. Ill update the whobo 4 thread will all the details later tonight. im in school right.
    ill get you the circuit details today. As for the 70$, that should be fine for helping with gas. Ill ask around, see who is driving and then mention the 70$. That should get at least one car to go.
    Yea sure id love to do a WHOBO circuit thingy. I need a few TOs to hold some circuit events(1 per month until WHOBO happens) though. Would you wanna make your event the first WHOBO circuit event?

    As for helping out TX carpools, what kind of help are we talking about?
    I wish you luck on your endeavors with the angel! Hopefully you can get some major work done in your region, I've seen your enthusiasm in skype convos lol.

    Wish we could play sometime, maybe even wifi. I always train when I come home for the weekend lol.
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