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  • UTDZac is banning him also if he ever hosts events again.

    I know that NeoBattou and Denti/ALSM banned him for a short period of time, but I believe that sort of let up once we decided to legalize him these past two or three tournaments. We'll see what happens in Ft. Worth after their next event.

    San Antonio is pretty much all pro MK ban with Nike, Slush, K Prime, and Espy.
    Corpus Christi will likely ban him to attract more entrants.

    Texas is pretty unanimous at the moment.
    I hope you follow suit, it would be a wise decision.
    Yeah, Sync and I are like 98% sure that he will be banned unaminously in Houston.

    Xyro wants him banned.
    Razer wants him banned.
    Trela wants him banned.
    Gnes wants him banned.
    Sync wants him banned.
    I want him banned.

    The entire city does. We also want to train for WHOBO 4 at this point, since lots of us are likely to retire after then. Not worth the stress in keeping him legal until then. Makes matches much less boring and allows for interesting results with him gone.

    Most of the people who main him in Texas have attested to still travelling to our locals despite the ban regardless. Dphat and Infinity enjoy using their secondaries, as well as Dojo. They think it's fair.

    tl;dr Texas hates MK
    Np man. While I didn't always agree with the URC, I always thought what they were trying to do was a good idea. Most of the individual members, such as yourself, always seemed like they were being ignored. Reeks of political bull****. Don't hate the players, hate the game, I say.
    Will you be on Skype later? I wanna talk about how I will be the successor to the "DeLux" style of ICs play :bee:

    I do wanna discuss some ICs stuff though.
    Bonds has already been taken into consideration and will receive the appropriate seeding.

    I'm not disclosing seeding but he's definitely not going to be treated like a random if that's your concern. I'm aware of his rapid progression.

    I don't think its an issue now. DRDN said he'll still throw you guys some money since you're driving from so far. And of course I will too. He'll be getting a ride from Indiana so he'll still have a ride and you'll be housing with him. The only thing that changes is that, I'm now housing with you guys and riding with you lol. Somehow, I keep ending up in your car Phil.
    His place is like 45 mins + from the venue. I'm not going to ask you guys to do that for my sake. I'll find a way somehow.
    I'm flattered <3.

    I might wait until after the next monthly/Impulse since Felix is going to that monthly. I'll try now and try later I guess, but the only notable wins I have (to me) are Firefly, Captain L, and Asadelta. Illmatic plays with asa a lot so it might mean something.
    I'll still mind the Top 5 thread with ya as my duties as mod per usual. Hope it can stick around.
    Wait what?...

    My bad.

    I thought everyone could see infraction histories like that.


    I guess I'm dumb and never realized it when I transitioned.

    Also I didn't know that was a thing, guess I missed it in the rules?... (looks)

    I actually tried to link desync storing.

    Wow that's embarrassing. lol

    But ya I've started using that (friendlies) using SND.
    Yeah, sorry about that. I went into hibernation for too long lulz. Better late than never aye? =P
    You should still come down anyways though, Americans are pretty cool. Its fun confusing them with australian slang/terminology. =P

    I am sorry for posting a topic that's already had a similiar discussion. I also thank you for leading me to the right one.
    My parents said you can stay.
    If I were you I would call dibs on the guest bedroom.
    VVVVyou posted that on your own page.

    plus Nothern IL is being shady w/ their housing.
    I can probably house though
    Yea, but you aren't on the way. I'd go through IA to DB. AND carpool with KS
    Kay well find out if you can go.

    Theres also dont blink the same day, i think its about the same distance though.
    618 978 6371

    you should ask Jordan/Rauleen if they can maybe house you.

    if not let me know.
    Awww haha. Ocean is one of my idols, I remember fangasiming at work when i found out he beat M2k at apex (I think it was apex?)

    You still coming down to aus? I'll annoy you with my ROB :3
    I mean, it's different. But not like, incredibly different. Since there are 2 bans, I wouldn't absolutely hate the idea of adding Brinstar. Obviously I'm not a fan of the stage, but if more people than not want it legal, or it would mean attracting more people then I say go for it. If people don't really care, then probably just leave it off.

    I do think Frigate should be legal if RC is tho, imo.
    I didn't because Frigate wasn't there. Lol.

    And I'm honestly fine with whatever you do. Just run it by your attendees and gauge reactions.
    Why is Rainbow a CP and Frigate not there? I also think you're better off without Brinstar. Its a litle conservative but if you're trying to make this big you don't wanna get too crazy with your deviations..like adding Frigate as a starter...eh.
    I havent personally, but its the best I can get em.

    I have ROB vision goggles actually :O, I can shoot mini lasers with them ^^
    Nuh uh! They're just cuddling, so you should be reported for the dirty mind =P!

    One point goes to ChuChus. :O
    Okay, how about when you come to Australia I'll give you a free hug and ice cream? =D
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