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  • Might be just me, I need to see what IL is doing for housing as well if it is just Kain coming or not, and he might take the megabus.
    Sure, I'll add them. Second and third link are the same though :O

    Is Dnyce (Fino) from KS?
    Well I was actually working on a national / international ranking at first; in fact it was harder to split into regions lol. The excel files attached in the ranking thread have how an international ranking would go. Thing is, I think they're not yet accurate enough, so that's why I didn't put it and splitted into regions instead.

    As I said though, national / international rankings are there in the excel files if you still want to see them.
    Your vote is currently invalid. If you want it to count, you gotta fix the Zigsta/Twinkie part and replace it with only one person from the list instead of two. In other words, vote for me.
    If i dont have work, ill look into it. I think I may have lasik surgery done around that time.
    I like that as well. 9 stage also means we can FLSS :) how would that be done with two bans though, 3-3-1-1? 2-2-something would half give away the bans, but starting off with three is pretty hefty...
    I did that because my fans told me to do so, to catch other public. Hmmm, I'll just make one thread on competitive, and put all the links for them in there. Is that ok?
    Fair enough, the stage does not directly interfere in such a manner.

    So then would you say that the WABA stagelist - Halberd + two stage bans is the ideal? And would Frigate be considered a suitable addition or not due to the flipping having the potential to KO a player?
    But can't random stage transformations (a la PS1) also fall under the same category? Switch to a randomly selected unfavorable transformation (not predetermined)?
    Ehhhh... I *guess* it's the only outlier in that case... but what makes easy to identify/avoid hazards more of an issue than transforming stages with "silly" transformations?

    Two stage bans... I suppose. It feels like a lot with an already small stagelist is all :x
    Ban Halberd, go to two stage bans please
    Just out of curiosity, what makes you such a big fan of this given the current WABA stagelist? :x
    Haha, that would be hype. We could probably do dthrow to one of your grab setups. :)
    You can follow up my Klaw with aerials, and my dthrow has set knock back, so you can easily fsmash after it. Bowser's also really big, so I often bait my opponents to try and double team me and run while my partner attacks them.

    I do a lot of jabbing and Fortressing.
    Alrighty, let me know if you definitely wanna team, and I'll email Mike our names and that we wanna team. We'll then pay him our doubles fee at the venue.
    I'm finishing June; I hope to do an update by the end of the next week
    Haha, alright.
    I'll definitely be coming down with Pj and Sync if I have the money by then.

    No job right now :[
    I'll chat with Chi and see what the two of us can brainstorm since th two of us essentially precide over this side of the Midwest. You can count on me being there but obviously if we could get a few cars and some big names like Shugo and Zinoto we'd be golden. We have 2 months. I'll make something happen :yeahboi:
    Sounds like 12/1 is a safe bet here. I would appreciate your attendance/help at this. But before we get to that we should focus on GH2. We may not be able to drive here. I'll do the bus thing if I have to though.
    Give me a few days and I shall make it happen. Trying to confirm a few things. I prettttttty much have my date at 12/1. I WOULD do November..but doing a tournament at the U of M campus during peak football season is essentially suicide.
    D: How could you propose that Popo and Nana not be in Smash 4. I thought you were one of us ):
    Ill probably use some form of what u suggested. and yea ill need help with pools for sure. gotta have some pool leaders.
    Wow. I have never ever had someone on smashboards respond in A respectful way. Thanks actually I really appreciate that. I get frustrated when people jump the gun in the argument because I don't want to feel like I have to quit brawl, mk or no mk. I love this game and am down to play a secondary but not if people hate me -.- thanks for being reasonable. I'm a nice and generous person I figure I shouldn't come off as otherwise -___-
    That actually sounds very very interesting, I'm going to talk to them about it.
    I bet you a few of us could definitely try to make it up there.

    Thanks for the invite.
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