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  • I think it was a tourney around two months ago, when you and couple of dudes from kansas came over, and took our brawl lunch money. >w>

    I fought you in pools. I was the dude in the silk cowl hoodie~!

    EDIT: One sec. Imma go see if I can dig up the pools chart.
    Coool, Adding you right now!!

    You can find mine under the About me thing. If you dont already know.
    I like that idea a lot.

    Realistically I'm sure there are places already in like metagame discussion but I wouldn't mind a place in the midwest boards to send people to keep stuff localized.
    I thought I saw Kel had a lead on you and you bringing it back and I don't fully remember other than that. o-o
    Oh yes, just wanted to confirm that I got your message on Skype (the one you sent almost a month ago hah), I'll get started on it right away (right away meaning as soon as I finish my comp sci homework).

    Also, the file you sent me didn't transfer correctly o.o
    Lastly is my excuse for why nothing came from near end of summer. - Computer was having major issues and I had to reformat hard disk and reinstall OS, but couldn't install original OS so am now running Vista with a bunch of incompatible drivers. Can still work now though.
    Hi! 1 month ago, you told me you thought you knew why I dropped my CGs so much, and you still haven't told me why. Since I want to play them again, I thought I could send you a message if it could help me to CG correctly. :D
    They do, we'll get to that later though. Once all the people I've PM'd respond and we have the majority of leaders planned out I'll make a thread in the BBR with information on how things will play out.
    Okay. Please don't ask any others about it btw, I want to handle this part more privately. Let me know once you've made a decision on if you want to lead or not.
    That's fair. But if not you, then who D: I mean, if you're going to pass, do you have any recommendations on who would be a better fit?
    I just looked at random posts and... you got to see one of the shows where Sonata Arctica and Dragonforce toured together? Lucky!
    yes I have, you have to double tap to buffer a dash out of GR which doesn't make it much easier, I actually have 3 different methods I use depending on how my other attempts go.
    Is that so?
    How thats really generous of him!

    Alright, i'm gonna try and get in touch with him real quick. Worked over with my parents and they're ok with it! Eeee! Holy **** though! This will be my first real time outta state alone if I can go! Thank you so much~!
    I can't. :( I really want to face your ICs because I know that would be fun. You planning on going to Apex? If so I am sure I will see ya there. ICs vs. Lucas is probably one of my favorite Top Tier MUs. <3 Then again, I'm a sadistic Lucas main and I love fighting Snakes too.

    I can't get into the carpool and I my parents would never allow me to go to Kansas just for brawl since they are letting me go to New Jersey already.
    Also wanted to ask about something I got a Wii I bring down, got an open TV for it?

    Also thanks for finding me housing, I appreciate it a lot.
    This seems perfectly fine from my end. Don't see anything wrong with it, tell me when ya put it up so I can keep an eye on it just in case people are morons about discussing it.
    Nope; in the same way I consider MK-Banned and MK-Legal different things, Mid-tier events would be the same, with High & Top Tiers-Legal and High & Top Tiers-Banned :O
    Kel wants to go to the local tournament instead, it's like an hour from where he lives.

    I still want to go though, I'll see if he'll change his mind.
    My carpool to get hype is looking like me, Luminoth, and Chi.

    Honestly that's a lot of miles with just three people.

    I might actually fly, I've been considering using my casino winnnings.

    And no, I'm not interested with sharing a hotel room with people IDK. Thanks though.
    ill probably get a hotel room. not too big on smashing in the middle of the night and other little things.
    Chuck nasty and I are currently in the carpool. May pick up people from wichita, but I haven't asked anybody in OK yet.
    hit me up I wanted to post sometihng about youmacon in the MW section wanted to know what is the best way to do it.
    Sadly, it would be a pain lol. The Elo system (the one in which I base my ranking) is a dynamic system in which a tournament affects all future tournaments of the involved players, and so on creating huge "chains"; tournaments can't be ranked independently because they need accurate info from the past. Mixing MK-Legal and MK-Banned would imply to re-rank like 80% or even more of the ~ 350 tournaments I've ranked, and that's a lot of work and time :(
    Oh okay! :p

    I think it's because of pressure. I've dropped ICs because of this (I lost a set because I dropped 15 CGs in 3 matches...).

    Not sure if the top 5 being closed is going to be indefinite, but what did you think of the past plan I made for it when asking for ownership?

    I'm just curious to see what and how it should really work out.
    Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. I'm not revealing the final score just yet because I have cool surprise plans for the next interview that may or may not involve the results. :)
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