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  • I just see a lot of how I play in how you play lol

    I also think I know why you mess up your CGs with ICs so much :D

    You should skype me at some point :D
    Be sure to let me know if you're ever going to APEX or any other big NJ tournament, as long as it's not over the summer I should be able to help you save money on housing :)
    Yeah haha, definitely not something you should try without some experience. Hopefully you can make one in the future, it's a lot of fun to meet so many people of different backgrounds over a videogame :)
    Aw man :( it's a lot cheaper if you buy tickets super early and get help with housing, but yeah, parents are a lot harder to get around xD

    You're 17 right? Your English seems pretty good so you'd probably be fine as long as you traveled with a friend and had some previous travel experience tbh, but I definitely understand why parents would be hesitant.
    Cool :) I mean, he shouldn't force playing a game if he doesn't want to lol, but if he's at least having fun no reason to avoid it ;D

    Are you planning on coming to APEX btw?

    Garr is one of my most favourite video game characters ever~

    Also I recognise your username. You're that PT player from Europe, yes? I've seen and heard quite a bit about your Brawl skills.
    Hey I posted in the social thread and I'm pretty sure after you placed 2nd behind Leon you secured yourself as #2 PT IMO. We need to discuss!
    Hi Myo, I was wondering if you have Msn/Facebook or something? I'd like to discuss stuff about pt :)
    Hey, just saw how you did at that big tourney. Congrats dude!

    Did working on the tech stuff I suggested help?
    Are there any videos going to be ready to critique?

    3/70 is pretty freaking amazing imo
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