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  • Ohhh ok fair enough I figured it was IRL talk and not on the boards. Well hopefully we can play soon DeLux,but I gotta run since I am still at work. It was awesome talking to you!!
    Well thanks man like I said after all that practice with Vinnie I definitely have grown to see the issues with the IC's.

    Hey and I'm not trying to incite any ego or anything, but I was just curious as to what you were saying/where you were saying it because it would be kool to see your comments!
    Lol well not to get anyone in trouble but Vinnie said he heard you chatting about me so I got hyped since I tend not to be really noticed in NY/NJ. So I wasn't informed as to what you were saying I just heard you were talking positively about me, so thanks homie !

    Lol and you really think so?
    I'm doing well and nothing new lol, just trying to keep up practice with the PT/Diddy/D3 trio.

    Lol so I heard through the grapevine that you were kind enough to be hyping me up a bit lol.
    Hey would you happen to know when the next smash tourney in KS would be? I'm sorry about missing the past few been getting ready for college. But now that i have my own car and gps i can attend regularly until football season :).
    I believe Oro and Zwarm follow it almost to a T, might be a stage removed I think but I'd have to check every tournament to see, I think they removed PS2 but I'd have to double check that.

    They did run MK legal but only because of APEX. But yeah they follow it very well.
    Uh I don't know what to say lol. Thanks I guess? Was fun meeting you too
    Just keep on trying to improve, eventually you can make it to the top. You're probably the only real ice climber mains who still trains at the game and can place so keep on going.
    Hey DeLux, I have a couple questions. Ok, so I'm really trying to become a really great player with Pit. One question I have is the importance of knowing frame data and what does/doesn't work. How important is it(for high level play)? And to what extent do I need to know? What threads are there that I really should look over?

    Also, is there other mechanical features of Brawl that I must not know of? When I hear people saying that they understand Brawl's mechanics to a T...what do they mean?

    For improving in smash, do you have any tidbits as far as keeping track of habits and reading opponents or anything else? How can one truly learn a matchup? I feel like there is countless things and that you can't really learn it fully ever.
    Thank you for extending the offer. Unfortunately, I am a senior in high school who doesn't have a lot of time for competitive smash, and also doesn't yet have transportation. In between school/essays, all for which I can afford the time right now is wifi brawl. Although I do want to devote more time to competitive brawl in person now because of a certain decision by the URC, it will have to wait - possibly until the summer. But thank you anyway for the thought. Have a nice day.
    You probably understand it better than I do.
    Ask Smoom xD

    Honestly, all I do is just bait habits and punish them hard with dair LOL.
    Lol, no problem.. and thanks for the compliment :)

    You deserved to be in there, we both know that.
    BBR is really really dumb sometimes... I question why I even care about being apart of it
    Sorry ya didn't make it...:(

    We'll get in next time. :)
    I dunno man. Depends how close it is u know. Not really motivated for smashfest tho :(
    Question for you,

    I heard a long time ago that characters like Ike and Link can DI attacks to stronger angles than other characters, is there any truth to this?
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