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  • lol i remember our marth peach sets in 08. we went to match 3 everytime and it was down to the last stock on every single match. good times man, can't believe that was like 2 years ago, time fliessss
    you sir

    FIRST of all you need to place higher in tournament to make me feel more secure. If you are going to **** me at least beat someone good.

    Also Im going to record hella matches from now on since my **** is working again. Maybe even a new bardull combo video! "Mom Call Me Darkfire!"

    Good ****. Another money match vs falcon next smashfest-thingy. Gonna keep doing it till I win! And NO BRINSTAR.

    OMG you're going to Rocky?

    Grrr now I'm missing out on even more :( (Yeah, I'm not in Australia early october)
    I want your help when the SS covers Marth.....

    Would you mind posting everything in your opinion for the matchup in the group when I send you the invite? It'd be helping Snake's out against you XD So I could understand if you don't want to... but if not I need to find other Marth's willing to do so.

    Also are there any tourneys you are going to in the Cerritos area? I'd like to get some more friendlies in with you...
    I never thanked you for help at SCSA, I was stupidly nervous and showing it in my matches, thanks for the pep talk XD
    Want to play some matches at Genesis?
    You are about 25-30 minutes away from me. (I'm 25-30 minutes away from LAX)

    That's pretty close if you ask me, considering I have some random person drive 40 minutes to brawl me. lol

    Yeah, I know about the PR. Havok took my name from me (I gave it to him because I'm not on the PR and he was... so I figured I'd lose) but I've improved since then.

    Lulz... yeah, never heard of you. :p JunkInTheTrunk rings a more familiar bell.
    Wow, you live in SoCal with me and I've never heard of you. May I ask where in SoCal? I'm Huntington Beach, if you are anywhere nearby hopefully we can meet up at a tournament or something. :)

    I should just go kill myself now. :p

    Really though, it seems nowadays more and more people are actually beating MK because they are learning the matchup. The fact certain MK's *cough cough M2K cough cough* are still placing high as little to do with the fact he's using MK, and more with the fact that he's just a ****ed good player.

    But I don't want to get into an MK debate. XD So I'll leave it at that.
    Please don't tell me your still pro-ban D= (I used to be REALLY Pro-ban... forgot to leave the group for like 4 months however)

    Also how come I've never heard of you :3 which part of the US (asumption there) are you?
    hey bardull, u do wifi matches? I'm starting to go to tourneys, first one being the ECRC tourney in Massachusetts and I was wondering if you'd battle my marth and maybe critique. I'm not bad though.
    I am asking everyone who voted on the Metaknight Ban thread their opinion again, since over the course of time, many people brought up many more points, possibly changing the way that those that already voted think (most recently the results at Apex). I'm going to list the results of people's new thoughts in another thread (although I'll have to do it much later), and I'd love it if you could message me with your standing. Do you think Metaknight deserves:
    Temporary Banishment,
    A Rule Change,
    or are you unsure at the momment?
    Private messages so I can count the responces and tally properly would be greatly appreciated, but anyway of messaging will do fine.
    Yeah, but he's gotten a lot smarter with his CPs, and now that he knows you can Dedede him, he'll be ready to pounce.

    It's really a crapshoot if you two play, between who is actually smarter o-o
    I beat him myself earlier today in a Ladder match with my d3.

    I don't think my Marth can beat his Wolf online.
    if you want,I'm gonna friendly him tomorow. I could use marth and try and analyse his Wolf.

    No need to lose heart man, if anything, rise above and beat him. Not only will you get an *** load of money, but you'll have bragging rights for.....years.
    Hey man, no need to worry about Jumpman. Just take it home in the play-offs, when it really counts. Go for the money! ^_^
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