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  • Quote from the Snake boards:

    "Hey Snake mains, the Links are discussing the matchup.

    Here's the deal though, the Links moved from SWF to AiB a while back because.......... it's a long story. We're at AiB now, and we'd love to hear what you guys think about the matchup.


    Now, we've had this problem in the past - sometimes the mains of _____ don't have AiB accounts. We're willing to comply if perhaps that were the case, could we possibly discuss it here, in the Snake forums? We're not asking for you to change your weekly discussion or anything, just create a new thread about Link vs. Snake. Hopefully this won't be a major issue.

    Again, your input is greatly appreciated."

    I'm telling you because the Snake boards seem dead, and I dunno too many amazing Snake players, so I'm just getting who I can.
    the final conspiracy. I cam elike once to the site. I made my SN a2sucks or something. lol
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