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  • Law Schools also make away with some real estate property taxes because they are viewed as pro-community institutions much in the vein of churches or charity organizations. Same with a lot of colleges. People have been discussing that if they can't sack the law schools directly, they might try to make an argument against their tax exemption status.
    Judges said that law schools cooking up numbers is legal because pre-law students are buying services from an entity and should remain informed from other sources. Ironically at the time of the law suit, the only other source of data that could be gotten aside from the school's website would be the American Bar Association and they get their data from... the law schools themselves cooking up numbers.
    That's quite a daunting question. I've always loved Ryan Gosling. And Nick Offerman knows how to work my **** when he's not in Ron Swanson mode (or even when he is in Ron Swanson mode...). I've always kind of had a thing for Gerard Butler, too. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Robert Downey, Jr.

    Then you've got your empirically hot guys. Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, Bard Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio.... Never had any specific hots for them, but I cannot deny their studliness.

    What brought on the question?
    Right now, I'm in the public library in a desk. There are four tutors teaching four kids in elementary/middle school how to understand things. What a racket.

    Author is the same person as mentioned two visitor messages below.

    I thought that you might find it interesting.

    Also if at any point you feel annoyed by all the sordid stuff I'm posting on your wall, please let me know. I only do this because I feel that we connect on issues like this and we would find them mutually interesting. BUT IF YOU DON'T FEEL THAT WAY I UNDERSTAND.
    The Poster: http://lawweb.colorado.edu/profiles/profile.jsp?id=10

    Thursday, October 25, 2012
    The state of the discourse
    One thing that has been driven home to me with extreme prejudice over the life of this little project is that law schools are run primarily for the benefit of their faculties. This observation, which will of course strike almost all law students outside the 1L bubble -- let us not even speak of our graduates -- as blindingly obvious, will, from my experience, be treated as a horrible heresy by large portions of those very faculties, for reasons that are equally obvious.

    Yet -- again in my inevitably limited experience -- whenever law school faculties discuss anything that involves their interests, it would be an understatement to say those interests trump all other possible considerations, and most particularly considerations of whether what we're proposing to do is actually in the interest of our students and graduates.

    Last week the CU faculty met to vote on whether to reauthorize and greatly expand our LLM program, which was started three years ago on an explicitly experimental basis. In a cursory memo, the administration laid out its justification for expanding the program from its current average of six students per year to a projected 26 per year by 2014. The memo featured no data regarding whether our program or similar programs are likely to be worth it for people who enroll. Instead it would be fair to say that its argument consisted of pointing out that, at least with appropriately aggressive promotion on the part of the school, there will be a "market" for enrolling 26 LLM students per year, who will collectively generate nearly a million dollars in annual revenue for the school.

    When the motion was presented for discussion, I laid out a series of concerns regarding the potential this expanded program would have to exploit the desperation of current law students and recent graduates -- the groups which the memo revealed would be primary targets for our greatly enhanced marketing efforts -- given the dismal employment market for new law graduates in general.

    Naturally I didn't think there was any real possibility of blocking the expansion, let alone the re-authorization, of the program, given the overwhelming short-term economic incentives at work. What I did expect, in retrospect naively, is that there would be some discussion of the merits of the proposal. At a minimum, I expected something in the form of an argument from the supporters of the proposal, as to why we ought to aggressively market $36,000 LLMs to current law students, in effect representing to them that it would be, under present circumstances, a good idea for them to extend law school from three years to four, and to spend another $55,000 or so on their legal educations.

    What happened was that, after I had voiced my concerns and extracted some predictably awkward revelations regarding exactly where the LLM tuition money was actually going, nobody said anything. There was literally no discussion of the proposal, and after about thirty seconds of even more awkward silence, the motion passed by a vote of approximately 30 to 1.

    In retrospect, it's easy enough to see why no one was willing to speak in favor of (let alone to oppose) the proposal. After all the most plausible, and indeed perhaps the only, justification for the decision would, I suppose, have to be an appeal to the crudest form of economic self interest, i.e., "if people are willing to give us a million dollars per year for quite possibly useless LLM degrees who are we to say no?" In addition, if we actually engaged in some sort of discussion regarding the potential justification of the LLM program from the perspective of the interests of our students who knows where such a discussion might lead?

    Given that law school faculties are full of gated communitarians, who are to put it mildly not interested in exploring whether their institutional behavior can be reconciled in any way with their putative political commitments, it shouldn't have surprised me that no discussion at all took place.
    Posted by LawProf at 7:02 AM
    I was gonna say the same thing. I am gonna try to take a break because I have been in plenty and should be in a break time if you naw meen. Next time deff.
    I will not. I whipped it up specifically for the Halloween season, so it's sticking around until after the big day, at least.

    But I didn't expect to love it so much, so I may stick with it for a good, long while after that. :p

    Also, I don't see a bear in a hat and shades, so I don't wanna hear it.
    I'll let you know what I think when I read the game. Probably won't be for a month or so, though. ****in uni

    btw, you should watch the Mastermind series. It's only 5 episodes (and an amazing RTS game called Mastermind: World Conqueror, I guess) and has a very duncan brothersy vibe
    I think the hardest part is convincing my friend it's healthy and effective and not a fad diet that makes you fat from fatty foods
    Unfortunate! Usually the artists will have the non-samples uploaded. This is literally the only one she has uploaded that is sample only. Sorry ;_;

    It's hardly noticeable in your avatar though. I didn't know it was there until you mentioned it.
    I have band and school six days a week until November. I'll probably join in on a game in November! :).
    Lol yes, I like the ridiculous direction. Like Evil George Washington or something. I will let you know. Probably not in a while, especially since I'm in like 5 already.

    But yeah hit me up on any IM and we can discuss hydra strategy or just what to name it lol. I do take time in thinking up clever names. :p
    Haha well we are both just taking a break, ironically at the same time it seems. I'll probably still be around reading games and the like and most likely viewing but yeaaaah it's the way it is.
    Ah well that is very nice of you! ^^

    Well I am in Disney atm but that will be my last game before I retire for a while. Getting too busy with life and the like nowadays and just need to put mafia on the backburner.
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