The Big House 3 Results [October 12-13th, 2013 - Ann Arbor, MI]


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Jul 10, 2008
Yo Strong Bad I used MK the whole time in PM. LOL. Shout outs when I have time, will probably be later this week! Was an incredible tournament.

Frame Perfect

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Jun 23, 2010
machine mainframe
ggs! mad happy i won finally x.x
lmfao as the prophecy goes...

1) Mew2king

The accumulated filth of all their ****ty DI and rusty tech skill will foam up about their waists, and all the Falcos and Foxes will look up and shout "Save us!"... and Jason will look down and whisper "No."
Feb 18, 2013
Mineola, TX
I'm very happy to see everyone cheering on M2k after his win :)

Now just win a brawl national ya ancient game playin' nerd.
Good stuff tho, can't wait to watch you at apex in both games! You've always been one of my favorite smashers, M2k. keep it up


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Jul 18, 2002
Cinnaminson (southwest NJ 5 min drive from Philly)
ive won so many giant brawl tourneys i could honestly care less, i just wanted to beat japan and i beat nietono/rain/otori so i dont rly have goals left, it's not fun enough. I honestly am not even sure if I'll enter brawl at apex and if I do, I certainly don't think I'll be in peak form since the motivation for me is basically dead.


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Sep 27, 2005
GGs to everyone!! I had a blast just hangin out an BSin around smoke breaks FTW on the padio lmaooo! Shoutouts to everyone I seen/talked to good to see the old faces lookin the same with just a lil more facial hair loll! I just wish I practiced up more for the actual tourny :/ but I gotta say that smash doc got me hyped up boiiiii I got wrecked in melee an PM cause ppl are just too fast and kno how to punish too well specialy vs old timers like me LOL....hyperbolic time chamber here I come babbyyyyy!!!

Don't worry rob...that competative spark was put out...but I still got flint n timbers gotta bust out that new technology!! ;) GET EXCITED (no not jinx either LOL)

I'm glad u won jason I was a lil worried lmaoo. Grats to all the top placers and hopefully see everyone again soon!!


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Aug 17, 2004
North Jersey
This was such a great tournament, and I didn't even attend lol. The stream was fantastic.

Thanks to GimR and everyone else who helped make the stream so great, including the awesome commentators (the Prince Abu singing was hilarious). Props to Kish Prime, Dope and Wife for showing that old school's still got it. : p Congrats to M2K for winning, and thanks to Juggleguy + the TO staff for making everything work out so well.


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Feb 18, 2007
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Fun tournament. Thanks for hosting JG. Full shoutouts when I get home.

One thing. I see Peach next to my name in melee singles. I dropped out because I felt sick/tired. Didn't play a single bracket match :(


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May 28, 2007
Orlando, FL (walking distance from the Loop)
****ing bowser

amazing tournament though

main shoutout would be to Christian (zoro) for being the best link ever and almost three stocking PP at one point

and to Butch G for the rides to and from the airport

and to Ben Button for the housing and the good times (lol)

and to Robin for being gdlk

and m2k for winning and carrying me in teams (well i got some clutch rests but yeah)

and strong bad + pm staff for making PM better and better and hyper

and kanye rest (eli schoop) for his amazing taste in music and being the best motivator ever

and kanye west for showing his divine presence in the first four tracks of yeezus + blood on the leaves


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Feb 19, 2009
****ing bowser

amazing tournament though

main shoutout would be to Christian (zoro) for being the best link ever and almost three stocking PP at one point

and to Butch G for the rides to and from the airport

and to Ben Button for the housing and the good times (lol)

and to Robin for being gdlk

and m2k for winning and carrying me in teams (well i got some clutch rests but yeah)

and strong bad + pm staff for making PM better and better and hyper

and kanye rest (eli schoop) for his amazing taste in music and being the best motivator ever

and kanye west for showing his divine presence in the first four tracks of yeezus + blood on the leaves
Oh **** that was wonder he was bodying PP for the first few minutes of the first match.
Too good!! I must say that set vs pp was friggin crazy. You were going hard on dem beats like WTF?!


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Feb 3, 2004
Hey Smashers! I haven't posted in a very long time, but per Robin's request I'd like to briefly do so.

This tournament was not only extremely enjoyable, it was somewhat emotional for me as well. It was my first national in a while, I drove through the night there and back, and watching the documentary the next day - all together it mixed me up inside, for sure.

This is both obvious and obligatory, but I'd like to just the same thank JuggleGuy and Gimr/VGBootcamp. Between the two of you, I think you created something this past weekend that approached MLG in some ways, and surpassed it on other ways. I would like to not only thank you for your hard work, but invite each of you to reach out to old Wifey if there's ever anything I can do to help further your efforts. I still believe in the smash scene.

I'm not gonna do a long list of shoutouts, but a few very briefly:
Pitt guys - It was great getting to hang out and play with all of you. Taki thanks for driving 8 hours, especially. Hope to see you all soon.
Insanecarzyguy - You are the best teams player I have ever seen in Melee, relative to your individual skill. Good on you.
Chad - For being a terrific pool captain and loaning me a controller, you improved my tournament experience more than any other individual. Thank you.
Toph - Thank you for making me look good on the mic. I think that was the single easiest time I ever had commentating matches.

Yeah I've really gotta get back to other stuff so that's it. But honestly, every single person who showed up I feel indebted to. It was a great tourny.

See everyone soon,


the wizard howl

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Sep 24, 2013
amazing tournament. So much fun.

Shouts out to

Chicago traffic for sucking balls.
Steak and Shake for making my clothes smell like burgers.
Foxes that strike to FoD. Love you guys.

DFU for chillest mke rep. Always a pleasure.
Quaz for playing really well. Keep it up, man. Also super impressed with how little you even got frustrated. New leaf! Thanks for driving us, so much.
PGH Housewife doing mad work. You're gay.
PGH Carroll for the games and laughs, you're a cool guy. Come up to milwaukee sometime, we'll give you the pyne haus treatment.
Tony ****ing Streamo, playing you is super gay and really fun at the same time. Thanks for the dollar trick, I'll get mine back next time.
rest of neoh/pgh, I'll meet you for real next time I promise.
Yakal! You're so cool and fun to play with! I'll definitely be hitting you up on fb.
Hellsing, ggs. I'll get you when you're less tired next time.
Madison cool dudes. I'll more than likely see you at IMDB.
Max Berger, Wake, Kels, Ten, etc. Good to see you guys!
Juggleguy for running a great tourney and really fun matches in pools. I'll rest you next time, I know they were there.
Hbox, nice to meet you, gj getting 2nd, air drumming was great.
M2K for holding it down in gfs, nicccccce.
PPU, you dropped the soap, man. You beat Anna in pools, it was yours for the taking! Super fun to watch your matches, though. You're an inspiring player.
PP, I learned a lot watching how you went about your matches with Anna (get wrecked btw). You're a great teacher as well as a player.

Anyone else that I played with but didn't catch your tags, GGs.
Sorry I'm so shy. Next time there'll be more of you.


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Feb 18, 2007
the dog,the dog he's at it again!
Brilliant tournament. Loved it more than Apex

By the way this is Bernal.

Thank you Juggleguy and the staff for an amazingly well run tournament. So much better than apex on that regard. Jugglyguy is the best TO in the country.
Tremor: Great housing. Thank you so much man! You and your family were all so friendly and hospitable. We had to leave super early on sunday to the venue so we didn't get to bye and thank you but I hope you see this because we really are so grateful.
People in my pool: GGs, I played like **** but it was fun!
Kalamazhu guys at Tremor's: You guys are pretty cool. We should've gotten more sober/non-tired friendlies at the venue. Blake you're fox had pretty movement.
Wife: Nice to meet you and play with you.
Everyone else I talked to: GGs
Kage: Nice to talk and hang out with you a bit for the first time. You're a sick player and I know you have all the skill it takes to beat both PPU and Atma next time. Good **** clutching it out several times.
Toronthough homies: It was great travelling with you guys and hanging out at Tremor's. Looking forward to doing it again.
Tom/Hammertime: Thanks for driving and making this bomb ass trip possible. Hope you're not feeling to bad from the driving and the allergies. 17th in teams all dai
Jenny: Sorry I forgot, you held it down behind that wheel. Thanks for dropping me off at home! We be hating falco till the end of time


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Jan 31, 2013
Hey everyone,
This was an amazing tournament experience and I’m really glad I came all the way from Toronto for it! It was really cool to travel to the US and be able to watch the pros in person. I do regret being too shy to approach a lot of people for friendlies but it was still a blast to watch people play.

Shoutouts to Juggleguy & crew and VGBC for the incredibly well-run tournament and live-stream. I was impressed with how smoothly the stream was run so that there were interesting matches to watch at all times. I also thought the venue was a good choice; it was conveniently located, spacious, and had free coffee/tea!

Tr3MoR – Thanks so much for the awesome housing, we really appreciate it! I want to thank your parents for their amazing hospitality. Also your dog is such a cutie!

Hanky Panky – Your peach is awesome and fun to watch! I also think you look like a cross between Armada and Idea which is why you may or may not have noticed me staring at you. GGs in pools.

Darkatma – I never talked to you, but I really enjoyed watching your sheik as a sheik main. Very impressive! Shoutouts to Uganda #Kony2012

Hax$ - Thanks for being nice to me in pools and dropping your combos so I could hit you. J

M2K – Congrats on your win! I’m really happy for you and thanks for the picture!

HIV + - I’m sorry I did not meet your pools expectationsL. GGs in friendlies, you’re the superior STD by far.

Everyone else in my pool: Good games to all. I got a long way to go but I’m definitely aiming to make it out next time. Also shoutouts to SaxophoneOfTime for taking on Hax$ with Pichu lol.

Tom/Hammertime: Thanks for driving and making this bomb *** trip possible. Hope you're not feeling to bad from the driving and the allergies. 17th in teams all dai
Wow, no shoutouts to Syphilis for driving everyone home from the US border. Disrespect.
Aug 7, 2007
North Muskegon, Michigan
I'm always gonna be super salty about my pool being loaded with just the fiercest competition, but the whole rest of the tournament was just way too hype and just the most hellafun I've ever had. Roy/Mewtwo PM too strong.

I usually do a full list of shoutouts, but seeing as there are just that many people and I didn't get to play everyone... also I forgot the names of like everyone I money matched this weekend. I just sat down and played and threw money down and it was legit.
----Some Shoutouts
PewPewU - Mad salty you went Mario instead of Marth in PM. Really wanted to see what you'd do to me in that match, but I know you wanted to keep that Melee Marth pristine. Next time when we go game 3, I think I'll stay with Sonic... if you make it that far.
Oro!? - Maaaan, those were some awesome matches. I told you I'd get a game off you. Better look out, all the Sonic nerfs in the world won't stop me next time. But for real man, you're so chill and a blast to be around. Keep it up, I'll be rooting for you.
Strong Bad - Hope you got that Starbucks, man.
Christian (Zoro) - Wish you went Link in PM so I could get a taste of that style you set in Melee. Saw your matches against Moose, man, those were great. I know Florida's a long drive, but hopefully I'll see you next year.
McKillington - Yo, sorry about our pool, dude. We should have said something about two West MI guys in a single pool and got one of us out of that nightmare.
Gravy - The only guy in the pool I couldn't take a game off of. Wow, those Ivy setups Falcon gets are just... wow. I should have just put my controller down whenever you got a grab and got a drink of water. Combos for daaaayyyysss. I wish you made bracket in Melee, but 17th in PM is something to be proud of.
Anther - GET WRECKED BY FLAN~'S SECOND SEED EVEN THOUGH YOU WON. Dude, super legit friendlies, sorry you had to eat the quintuple uair move string from hell. You're such a wacky and dangerous Pikachu, but you made me focus so hard on DI I can't help but feel like I grew a lot after fighting you. I think our games is what finally let me grow enough to beat metroid.
Metroid - If I learned a lot from Anther, I learned even more from you. I was not expecting you to be so fun and chill, and yet you came in with nothing but smiles and the hypest comebacks. Wish we recorded our matches, they were so full of great combos and magnificent SDs.
Oracle - Finally got our friendlies in after waiting for so long after Nerd Rage. Maybe next time we'll money match and we can work on my tourney nerves. I can honestly say I play better in friendlies than in tournament after we talked and played. Hey, maybe next time you'll take a game off me.
Rat - Loved the Roy dittos. You're a super cool guy.
Sax(was wearing Saxophone of Time badge, but other people mentioned Saxophone of Time was someone else?) - So much Mewtwo/Roy shenanigans. Great, great games.
Dude with long braided ponytail who was part of the PM crew whose name escapes me even though we played on JCaesar's setup for like an hour straight because of Melee Top 16 - Hype.
JCaesar - Don't know if any of the Roy/Mewtwo vids are up but you're a super cool guy for setting up the record.
HungryBox and Mew2King - Wish I didn't SD against you guys in teams. Would have been a hype set. This goes the same for The Good Doctor and cheeto.
Lordy - We make good teammates. We did a lot better this time together. 9th place, man. We got those single digits.
Storm (Smalls) - Good job making it to bracket.
Juggleguy - Good job with just about everything, man. Just... good job.

Shoutouts to the quietest tourney crowd I've ever been a part of. Not sure if you guys were respectful or what but it was eerie after being in so many MI tournaments who have no concept of the term 'noise complaint'.


May 26, 2009
Tiphares, B.C., Canada.
13th in melee singles
13th in pm doubles
9th in pm singles

I'll take it! I was excited for this tournament but it exceeded my expectations 100 times over. This tournament has got to be the best grass roots event I've been to. Not only did I get to see a lot of familiar faces but I had the pleasure of meeting all the wonderful folks from the Midwest and everywhere else. Deciding to come to this was the best decision I have made in a while and well worth the travel. The tournament itself was so well run I can't even believe it; Juggleguy and the rest of the bighouse staff all deserve the utmost praise for their accomplishments this past weekend. Good stuff to everyone involved and I hope to see you all again and hopefully meet anyone I didn't have the chance to at later events. GG's everyone, I don't know when my next major will be but if EVO has melee again I'll definitely see you there.



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Mar 8, 2013
Woodhaven, MI
Shoutouts to my pool. Was 1 stock away from making the PM bracket. This was the hypest tourney I've been to. Thanks to Rob and the TO staff. And to Mew2King for that performance.

All that together with the Smash Brothers documentary... Smash is looking pretty good right now.


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Dec 10, 2005
St Louis, Missouri/Fremont, CA

First and foremost, shoutout to the Big House 3 TO team. You guys ran another flawless tournament! Thank you Juggleguy for having the vision and the tenacity to run these beastly tournaments. You’re one of the most amazing TOs to have ever graced the midwest.

Wife: I’m incredibly sorry about running in front of your game. It was a horrible accident, and I would’ve been just as mad if someone had done it to me. I absolutely love your commentary and everything you’ve contributed to melee, and I’m glad to see you doing well in bracket in 2013.

Hbox: The more I learn about fox vs puff the more I appreciate how amazing you are at playing your character. Keep placing amazing and being the best sport in the elite 4! I am personally a big fan.

Kels: At some point you have to acknowledge that you need to learn character specifics. You have some gaping flaws in your gameplay. Whether you learn how to deal with them with fox, sheik, or falco is your choice, but at some point you have to work on them to become a better national/interregional presence.

Trail: Was really cheering for you against kage, and thought you had it when you were 1 up against him.

M2k: congrats. I hope you pay back hylian his 80 bucks now.

Norcal bros: Love you guys. Scar almost whooped me, SFAT actually did whoop me, Violence is a homie, and it was awesome watching Kevin body and style on people. Also very nostalgic to see Sheridan from across the room with his all sweats attire. Glad toph could commentate on matches and make them more awesome too!

MI Asians: <3 you guys. Duck is still really darn good at smash, despite playing a free character. Coney Island >>other late night breakfasts. Moose is sexy and I would want his babies if I were female(who am I kidding, I just want his babies). Kzhu battlefielded himself on Pokemon Stadium, but at least he got me a point in R1 predictions. Nice meeting you Brian who now lives in pittsburg.

Metroid/Ripple: Thanks for champing the drive out with me! Great teamwork and coordination in driving. We all did fairly decently as well.

Everyone else: Freeeee

luigi master tae

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May 3, 2006
first of all big props to juggleguy my smash brother from another mutha he gets the job done if you cant respect that then you know what to do and kudos to dope trail for just being friends and mew2 hope u enjoyed your sleep I know u was tired I kept the room quite as I could for you to rest and thanks to hax and scar for playing my roy and giving me honest props and helpful tips and rival to ripple awesome roy dittos man your roy is better no doubt and shout out to hungrybox that ***** love bacon and to everyone it felt like a big family honestly like ppl all over remember you by simple little detail it was cool my wife even said it was fun and she had fun talking to kish primes wife oh by the way prime that puff is mine next time son lol


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Apr 12, 2012

Rob for setting up and conducting the most amazing tourney ever. Keep em coming!

VGBC for an awesome stream and godlike youtube uploading. Serious props, and thanks.

Scar, Toph, and Wife for awesome commentary.

Amazing players:
Mew2King - excellent job jason. Keep it up, return of the king for real. You can do it.
Hungrybox - your play is amazing and your sportsmanship is incredible. Keep it up
Dr Peepee - I had a great time playing you and learning from you. Hopefully I will again someday. Don't get down on yourself, become even better!
SFAT - you're fun as hell to watch, amazing play this tourney, especially in doubles, as well as beating hax in singles. Keep it up
Hax$ - playing you was a blast. Your movement blows my mind, I can only hope that someday I'll be anywhere near as crisp as you. Don't get down, you're still amazing.
PewPewU - slick as ever. Amazing doubles play. Tone down the ohio hate though :chuckle:
MIOM | Scar - fun to play, fun to watch, fun to listen to. You're the champ! See you again.
Kage the Warrior - still amazing. Keep working and you'll break top 5 next time for sure. Was really cool to finally meet and play you. Till next time!

My pool:
Shaeden - spank me harder next time. I'm probably even worse from your perspective lol
j00t - nice falcon, you did really well. Too bad I choked super hard in our set.
Gravy - sweet falcon dude. Only playing for a year? That's madness. You have amazing potential, keep it up.
Windrose - ggs. Don't fear yoshis story too much, your falcon is definitely solid, no need to counterpick marth.
metroid - fun as hell games, super close. Let's play again in the future.
roki - make me choke harder next time
PseudoTurtle - it was nice to meet you and play. Awesome consistency with the RLD, i'm too afraid / inconsistent to use it midmatch, and you got me with it several times. Fun matches though!
Garzal - good times, let's keep this toledo thing going.
blinK - ggs, keep working on your play.
tm - GG 9th in your pool. Level up dude

Moose - nice games, you can use me for your ganon practice anytime lol.
KJH - nice job man (top 32!). You just keep getting better and better.
Slayer - gj getting top 32. Teach me how to beat falcon
Slasher King - nice job taking my money. super close. I'll have to not SD next time lol
.Dempt - yay you cleared pools R1! stop killing yourself in doubles though
Captain Cleveland - it's up to you to put toledo on the map dude. teach me how to beat falcon
MinorThreat - it was nice hanging out and talking again. Keep up the ganon. I'll talk whenever you want
Coffeemug - nice pictures (i'm assuming the pictures are going to be nice). Anyway it's cool that we have someone doing this.

Extra-special thanks:
Super Lous - teaching M2K how to beat puff at the last minute. You are the one responsible for the return of the king.
PGH Carroll, T-bone, & Hbox for creating the most hilarious smash set I have ever witnessed (VGBC, you need an audience mic)
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