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  • Hey,

    i never mentioned, but i loved it when you came down to AUS last year.

    I was the big guy who talked to you when you lost your voice. i got you to sign my poster too.

    TLDR; you rock.
    Hey Wife! I have been trying to find out about swiss tournaments and why they're not done very often for smash. While discussing this with a friend of mine, mslano, he mentioned that you've run a swiss tournament once upon a time. I was just curious how that went; were there any major problems? I often hear people complain that swiss takes forever to run. If you had any advice you would give to someone interested in running a swiss style tournament, I would much appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance!
    Hey Wife, you're my favorite commentator! You seriously have the best commentary ever. You provide insight on the players AND the match-up and you do it in an orderly or interesting manner.

    I'm really happy you're still active from time to time (that I can see anyway) in the Smash community.

    But what I can't wait is to see you compete again, especially with Husband in teams! You also made me want to learn Peach. :)
    Hey, I was really happy it was you that commentated the finals matches. Insightful, hyper-articulate commentary is sexy. I'd totally have joined in on the AR chant if I'd been there.../sigh
    falco's uthrow uair:
    only works on DI right or left on the initial throw. if the opponent is hit by the lasers, they can't be hit by the uair. so in this case, DI actually causes the combo.

    just heard you asking about it in the LF commentary so figured I'd elaborate.
    your controller is like yellow and light blue
    are these controllers made by nintendo or is that a custom job
    'cause I really want one of those light blue ones
    you should talk Caveman into going and team with him!!! :D :D :D i really want to goooooooo!
    Ok, so Xelic doesn't want to go and caveman only wants to go if he gets a partner that's good. so would you be interested in teaming with cave?
    I'mmmmmmmmmmmmmm not sure yet.

    I need to see who all from Texas is going first.
    Ohhhh well I could of prolly gone still if tickets were like 200 or under but that's cool, good luck there.

    I am going to see if anyone wants to go to that big melee torny in CT on the same day, its only one day in CT
    iono, maybe, but like i said i'm pretty sure hiro is going.

    And peach peach?

    *Bans DL and runs away*

    Do you need a teammate for Event 52?

    I'm hungrybox, I met you at GA and I played in crews.

    I'm pretty good in teams and I use jiggs, I got 2nd at FAST :D

    I'm either teaming with you or MaNg0, if not DoH'.

    Man those combo vids are sick, lol I thought I saw my tag 2 times during Oros part though, weird XD

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