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  • come through!!!! (MANTECA CA) NOVEMBER 30TTH

    Get ready to smash your way to the top:
    work your way up the ladder with an ally or solo, in a singles
    plus doubles event... 1st - 2nd and 3rd place winner will not
    leave empty handed...
    play hard and win big!!
    Were hoping to give out 100$ cash to the first place winner.
    You're Oosanbashi on youtube right? Just saw your comment on the Scar-Tomber runback at Gamecenter VI, too funny. Loooool shaGuar
    hey Toph, just found your profile by accident. I wanted to say your Melee commentary is DAMN GOOD.
    also, your character impersonations are very amusing.

    hope to see you on the mic again

    Hey bro thanks for the try it does not look to good as of right now but like I said thank u again i really am greatfull
    that was you doing all the commentary as of late right haha (ncr and some koc2) ? if so excellent and I enjoy it. if not disregard.
    So due to Salt Fest being changed back to a 2 day event, with Sunday being canceled, M2K can no longer make it. So 1st place is up for grabs! LOL
    Also, if you pre-reg with this code (BJGRXTGO1RRF), you'll get $10 off the venue fee, making it only $20 before the tournament entry fee.
    Are you getting notifications for my replies to you? Since you only seem to reply to some of my replies to you.
    I am getting notifications for them although I haven't been consistently checking my notifications on this site lol. Probably because I'm not used to it yet.
    dude bro guy you on?
    wat hi
    ****ed up at 3am and was looking for people to talk to

    probably lucky that you didn't have to deal with me haha
    Pretty impressive. I'm still a ways away from evening thinking of tackling the level 1 test.

    Anyway, the Utah fighting game community is hosting a giant video gaming tournament this upcoming May (2 days after my birthday, too). I'm trying to see if I can host a side-tournament for a version of Smash that's not vBrawl (i.e. Melee or Project:M).
    LOL you're a sheik main to me =3

    And dude, we talk about anything. All of us pop in and out haha.
    Well, I texted you. Hopefully you got it. Just leaving this message here just in case the texts didn't go through.
    Hello Toph,

    元気ですか. I was directed to you through the Melee Social Thread. To start, a little introduction. I am a veteran melee player since way back in the day in the time of Isai and Ken rivarly, and even before that (I camped out in front of walmart for game release day). I have been following the scene for a long time (from behind the scenes haha) and have seen melee through its up and downs. I've watched all the legendary tournaments and their finals, and combo videos until the music rang in my ears.

    To the point. I have long since "quit" melee, as playing actively that is, but I still play the game amongst friends. But, before I had quit, I was determined to do 2 things. Visit Japan, and play Bombsoldier. Well... After a lot of hard work, I am here in Japan as an English teacher. Now I have to finish the job, and find Bombsoldier. I have been ordered by my crew to retrieve the head (or hands) of bombsoldier (in jest of course). So at the very least I would like to have an opportunity to play against him, win or lose.

    So finally, As I understand it, you are fimilar with the Japanese smash scene. If you know of any way that I can get in touch with Bombsoldier I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thank you kindly,
    It can wait until Genesis. Just be sure to track me down if I haven't found you guys by day 2 or something. Do you know if he plans to compete in the Project M tourney? It'll be $5 entry and it'll be a more recent build than the demo with Landing Detection fixed.
    I see you and Kou are coming to Genesis 2. Does Kou speak English at all? If not, you should totally help me translate and **** because I need to talk to that guy about Project M.
    So i had a weird *** dream last night and part of it was you being a mod on smashboards. I was like "Wtf, why is he suddenly a mod? Well i guess it kind of makes sense, he's a better choice than most." So gratz on your dream modship
    LMAO u kno what else is depressing... Every character specific has new posts except the M2 boards haha.

    I cant screen shot but it would be tight if u could take a screeen shot of that or something
    yo when you gettin bak ne ways? and goodsh*t bein power ranked in A FREAKIN COUNTRY MY DUDE!! haha, *** a state you're on the PR for an ENTIRE COUNTRY DAWG!!

    lol but seriously, on the bottom of your profile some dude named touk hit you up (like two years ago+ lol) but did he ever smash with you/us?
    hey, just saw your name on a japanese tournament ranking. Does that mean tournaments have started up in japan again? Also, did you play frugs? He's a good friend of mine lol, hope you ***** him :p
    Well I hope to be going to japan sometime, dyou reckon they will still be running next year?
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