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Chaotic Yoshi
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  • I'm on my phone at the moment so I don't want to type a lot, but once I'm home let's talk a little more at length. Add me on Facebook: my name's Kris Aldenderfer.

    I can certainly put you in touch with Bombsoldier, although I don't have his phone number anymore. I can ask Captain Jack on Skype to get a hold of him for you though, hahah.

    Hit me up.
    ight smash at my rez then, when i stay here i have fridays off so from when i wake up to when ever ppl wana go is good for me and roomate never stays so yea, plus i got 2 tvs, and 1 melee setup and 1 blazblue setup but its ps3
    Hey there dude, I know you were burned from Wugwan Breda changing to Melee only, but it seems like the GTA Brawl community is stepping up to the plate in order to deliver a Brawl tournament the same day in a venue that is a 10 minute drive from the Wugwan Breda venue.


    Just a heads up in case you were still interested ^^. Housing is still available available too, but I won't be able to drive you and whoever else to the tourney itself since I'll be going to Wugwan.

    Please post in the thread to let them know of your support!
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