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The Big House 3 Results [October 12-13th, 2013 - Ann Arbor, MI]


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI

The Big House 3
Results Thread
October 12-13, 2013
Ann Arbor, MI

What an amazing weekend! This tournament was one of the most fun, challenging, and exciting events I've ever been a part of, let alone organize. Just three years ago I was starting out as a new TO hosting small locals at my house... I never could have imagined growing a tournament series to an event of this magnitude, and I feel really great about how far the Midwest community overall has come from the days where we could barely squeeze out one triple-digit tournament per year. I'm glad to have received so much support that we have a national tournament series again in my home region. You guys know I love my Smash history, so here's some trivia about The Big House 3 to give you a perspective:

* Biggest Smash-only tournament of the year (240 unique attendees)
* 3rd-biggest Smash tournament of the year overall behind EVO 2013 and Apex 2013
* Biggest Midwest Melee tournament in over six years, since FC-Diamond (256 entrants) in 2007
* 2nd-biggest Project M tournament of all-time (90 entrants), ahead of Low Tier City (64 entrants) and behind FC10R (105 entrants)
* 23rd-biggest Melee tournament of all-time (172 entrants) ahead of Revival of Melee 3 (163 entrants) and behind MLG Orlando 2006 (176 entrants)

This is by far the biggest project I've ever taken on and the toughest tournament I've ever had to run. 240 unique attendees will do that to any TO, but there were the behind-the-scenes events that made life even tougher. Dealing with website downtime from DDoS attacks that shut down UM Smash (and tournament registration) for over a week. Being forced to switch t-shirt companies three days before the tournament. Managing a situation in which I asked a top player and good acquaintance not to attend due to extreme outside circumstances. As a wise co-TO once said, it's not necessarily about how high you go when things run well, but how you respond when things don't go well. Luckily for me, the best was saved for tournament weekend, and I couldn't be happier with the result.

Everyone who knows me knows that I'm a die-hard Melee fanboy, but I also want to say a word about how impressed I was with the PM community this past weekend. I've had my fair share of trouble trying to host multi-game events in the past, whether it's due to a lack of cooperation from attendees or a disconnect from one of the event's communities, but I've never even come close to feeling that way with the PM scene. It's a game born out of a respect for the precious Smash titles we have and also a desire to raise gameplay standards for the competitive scene, and the community reflects that in every way. Can't say enough about how much I enjoyed the PM presence at the event, and I really hope to continue that partnership in the future.

I have so many people to thank for helping make this tournament happen. All of them deserve recognition for their contributions. I can safely say the tournament this past weekend was truly made better by each and every one of these people, and I'm proud to associate with them in any capacity I can.

Calvin (VGBC | GimR) for his incredible work taking livestream production quality to new heights, taking the lead in gaining us social media exposure (7K viewers at a grassroots national!), and putting an enormous effort into executing my vision for how the event should be presented.
Adam (PM | Strong Bad) for doing anything and everything PM-related for the event, from rounding up the PM community to attend in huge numbers to organizing the Roy and Mewtwo playable setups to organizing the grand livestream reveal on Day 2; excellent work in a monumental TOing role.
Arian (OXY | TheCrimsonBlur) for being the most supportive out-of-region attendee ever; can't thank him enough for helping me set up mirror registration on Team-OXY and just being there when it counted.
Amine (Roki) for taking care of all technical internet and livestream questions out of my league and bringing his whole desktop to the venue for the UM Smash livestream.
Brian (BLiu) for supporting the UM Smash livestream all weekend, helping save some of Pittsburgh, and sending constant tournament results updates to SRK.
Chris (CTL) for delivering big-time as the stream TO; if you enjoyed the fast-paced stream lineup, thank CTL for his awesome work in one of the most important roles of any national tournament.
Wenzel (BigWenz) for stepping up with solid TOing help throughout and being one of the funniest, coolest people I met for the first time this weekend.
Richard (BloodyJoker) for pool captaining, driving people literally all over the place, and putting up with my unnecessary bantering all weekend.
Chad (kd) for pool captaining, running every errand imaginable throughout the weekend, and serving as an awesome TOing resource overall.
Chris (Aceplayer) for holding down the fort at the check-in desk all weekend and reminding me that I need to laugh every once in awhile.
Eric (401k) for taking care of airport transportation for several individuals; can't say enough how much of a burden this lifted from my workload.
Chi (clowsui) for being the go-to guy for random venue errands, giving input on scheduling, and putting up with my mid-tourney rants.
Jon (C_Naught) for stepping up as a clutch last-minute TO staff addition and for all his absolutely amazing production work for Melee It On Me and UM Smash.
Matt (Dempt) for a ton of TOing help, especially throughout the day on Friday, and retaining his unofficial title as the chillest ************ in the Melee community.
Somiyah (Sola Gratia) for her great cinematography and production support at the VGBootCamp livestream throughout the weekend.
Blake (Ripple) for taking on the recording manager role and doing a fantastic job communicating with the rest of the TO staff during singles bracket.
Josh (Coffeemug) for coming through in the clutch with last-minute photography requests; can't thank him enough for the work he did.
Chris (AlphaZealot) for all his help and advice dealing with the DDoS attacks that shut down UM Smash for over a week.
Tim (KishPrime) for helping me last-minute with the FC-style pool sheets, finding time in his schedule to attend, and continuing to be a great TOing inspiration.
Bobby (Scar) for supporting the tournament in every way possible, being the most electrifying commentator in Melee, and continuing to serve as the best community rep in the scene through Melee It On Me.
Kris (Toph) for showing off his commentary versatility alongside two of the most different co-casters in the Melee community; really phenomenal work by one of the best new commentators in the business.
Sheridan (Hyuga) for his TOing input before the tourney, teams commentary during Melee Doubles Top 4, and taking on the role of DSR Nazi.
Chris (Wife) for having enough faith in the event to attend with the rest of MD/VA and proving he's still one of the greatest commentators in history.
Travis (samox) for putting his heart and soul into making The Smash Brothers documentary and allowing Big House to be the stage in which it was unveiled.
Steven (Bionic) for training me in the arts of how-to-set-up-online-registration and always being there when I needed additional help.
Aaron (Apasher) for working around his testing schedule and still managing to show up Sunday.
Julian (Zinoto) for pool captaining and coming on board as the most last-minute TOing addition ever.
Mark (Moose) for pool captaining and driving SFAT, PewPewU, and Scar from the airport on Friday.
James (Duck) for housing and driving a bunch of Chicago-Land and West Coast players.
Tim (Timofey) for driving Hax from the airport super early Friday morning like a boss.
Jake (Butch G) for driving Hungrybox and Toph from the airport on Friday and dropping off Dr Peepee on Monday.
Aj (Euscher) for driving Dr Peepee from the airport on Friday.
JCaesar, Toast, Carroll, and metroid for helping record PM Singles Bracket and/or Melee Singles Bracket on Day 2.
SFAT and Violence for being the only out-of-region attendees to make it a perfect 3 for 3 in Big House attendance.
Melee It On Me, Air Dash Online, Apex Tournament Series, and Smashboards for their sponsorships of the event.
Everyone for being one of the most cooperative and understanding groups of attendees I've ever come across in my TOing experience. Thanks for putting up with our yelling and rule-enforcing this past weekend.

With that said, here are the results. Note that Melee results are provided below, and PM results are provided by Strong Bad in the post immediately following this.

Melee Singles (172 entrants)
1: CT EMP | Mew2King ($960) :marthmelee: :foxmelee: :sheikmelee:
2: CT | Hungrybox ($480) :jigglypuffmelee:
3: VGBC | Dr Peepee ($360) :falcomelee:
4: SFAT ($240) :foxmelee:
5: Hax$ ($120) :falconmelee:
5: Nintendude ($120) :icsmelee:
7: darkatma ($60) :sheikmelee:
7: PewPewU ($60) :marthmelee:


Top 32:
9: MIOM | Scar :falconmelee:
9: PikaChad :pikachumelee:
9: Kage the Warrior :ganondorfmelee:
9: Idea :jigglypuffmelee:
13: Trail :icsmelee:
13: Kels :foxmelee:
13: Dio Brando :falcomelee:
13: Prince Abu :jigglypuffmelee:
17: Wife :peachmelee:
17: Duck :samusmelee:
17: Moose :falcomelee:
17: Hanky Panky :peachmelee:
17: Frootloop :foxmelee:
17: Shaeden :falcomelee:
17: Kalamazhu :peachmelee:
17: Europhoria :marthmelee:
25: j00t :falconmelee:
25: VaNz :peachmelee: (withdrawal)
25: ZoSo :marthmelee:
25: KJH :falcomelee: :foxmelee:
25: Wake :peachmelee:
25: Christian :linkmelee:
25: Slayer :falconmelee:
25: PGH Carroll :foxmelee:

Pools Cutoff:
33: Ripple
33: ORLY
33: Dope
33: Scythe
33: T-Bone
33: moogle
33: Toph
33: Mundungu
41: KishPrime
41: Izek
41: MIOM | Juggleguy
41: HammerTime
41: Coffeeblack
41: Taki
41: Goose
41: Cheato
49: Proskater
49: Gravy
49: Quaz
49: Montross
49: Rusty Shacklefurd
49: Razor
49: The Good Doctor
49: ShroudedOne
57: Spife
57: Green Ranger
57: Arty
57: .Dempt
57: Gibby
57: Dre
57: Oracle
57: Tremor
65: Gooeybanana
65: MIOM | Hyuga
65: Hellsing
65: Rat
65: Asylum
65: Sweet
65: Captain Cleveland
65: Butch G
65: MDZ | MattDotZeb
65: VGBC | GimR
65: Artificial Flavour
65: Blake
65: Windrose
65: OnionChild
65: BlackPanther
65: General Heinz
81: Anther
81: Kappy
81: Bernal
81: Violence
81: Syphilis
81: Bowyer
81: Super Lous
81: Max Berger
81: JmanJ
81: trustcarthy
81: metroid
81: Slartibartfast42
81: Machiavelli
81: Slasher King
97: zbet
97: Lordy
97: mordicon
97: Shibbypod
97: 0Prz
97: 401k
97: BLiu
97: Stro
97: Yardo
97: Skyson
97: D++
97: Nude
97: roki
97: Excelsior
97: the wizard howl
97: VI
113: DFU
113: luigi master tae
113: Chase
113: BigWenz
113: Blacktician
113: Alco
113: MinorThreat
113: Ultrasatanicus
113: Goonsquad
113: Luigigo-shard
113: Fatz
113: PseudoTurtle
113: Venance
113: Llamaboy
113: Ikkitrix
129: Ferriswheel32
129: Dirac
129: Pizzaman
129: Enigma
129: Crow
129: Noah
129: NextToGodly
129: OXY | The CrimsonBlur
129: SupaDragonYoshi
129: Treetz
129: Malcolm X
129: Kanye Rest
129: tm
129: Axrz
129: meowcenary
129: Master
145: Coffeemug
145: Nutffles
145: Little England (DQ'd)
145: yithril
145: Soggy Rush
145: SaxophoneofTime
145: Ders
145: Krisp
145: Ziggy
145: Deep C. Squid
145: Lanceinthepants (DQ'd)
145: PGH Housewife
145: Garzal
145: bobslob
145: Cort (DQ'd)
145: Zwarm
161: C_Naught
161: Armada Jr. (DQ'd)
161: Torfang (DQ'd)
161: Meridion (DQ'd)
161: Stif
161: Sola Gratia
161: FlynWalrus
161: Oro?! (DQ'd)
161: HotBassFishin
161: Zamn
161: blinK

Melee Doubles (48 teams)
1: Hungrybox + Mew2King ($480)
2: SFAT + PewPewU ($240)
3: Dr Peepee + Hax ($144)
4: Kage the Warrior + VaNz ($96)
5: MIOM | Scar + MIOM | Hyuga
5: Kels + darkatma
7: Duck + Moose
7: Frootloop + ORLY


Top 48:
9: Hanky Panky + Prince Abu
9: Shaeden + HIV+
9: Kalamazhu + Toph
9: Razor + T-Bone
13: Idea + Ripple
13: Wife + Nintendude
13: Gibby + Violence
13: Max Berger + Wake
17: BlackPanther + Gooeybanana
17: Anther + Bowyer
17: Cort + ZoSo
17: Bernal + HammerTime
17: Cheato + The Good Doctor
17: MB-Smash + Super Lous
17: Asylum + Gravy
17: BigWenz + CTL
25: Dope + Juggleguy
25: Dio Brando + MDZ | MattDotZeb
25: Arty + Scythe
25: Spife + Slartibartfast42
25: Slayer + Professor Chromeagay
25: Trail + KishPrime
25: Coffeeblack + Europhoria
25: Artificial Flavor + Blake
33: .Dempt + Captain Cleveland
33: Lanceinthepants + Little England
33: Green Ranger + Sweet
33: moogle + OXY | TheCrimsonBlur
33: mordicon + Mundungu
33: Chase + Noah
33: Goose + OnionChild
33: Formal + Game
33: PGH Carroll + PGH Housewife
33: Kanye Rest + Butt Zone
33: KELLYK + Luigigo-shard
33: Alco + Butch G
33: Acro + Shibbypod
33: DFU + Quaz
33: 0Prz + Rusty Shacklefurd
33: luigi master tae + Skighwalker

Payout Information:

Here is the list of all players who earned payouts in one or more of the four events:
Dr Peepee
Kage the Warrior
PM | Strong Bad

If you're on this list, please email me at michigansmash@gmail.com with your choice of receiving your payout through either PayPal or a check in the mail. If you choose PayPal, tell me what your PayPal username/email is. If you choose to receive a check in the mail, tell me your full name and your full address including state, country, zip code, etc. so I can write the check properly. I prefer PayPal because it's easier, but it's your choice. Do not contact me through social media to request your payout -- email only.


Melee Singles
Entrants 172 (-12 free entries)
Entry Fee $15
Pot Size $2,400
1st 40.0% $960
2nd 20.0% $480
3rd 15.0% $360
4th 10.0% $240
5th 5.0% $120
5th 5.0% $120
7th 2.5% $60
7th 2.5% $60

Melee Doubles
Entrants 96
Entry Fee $10
Pot Size $960
1st 50.0% $480
2nd 25.0% $240
3rd 15.0% $144
4th 10.0% $96

PM Singles
Entrants 90 (-2 free entries)
Entry Fee $15
Pot Size $1,320
1st 45.0% $594
2nd 20.0% $264
3rd 15.0% $198
4th 10.0% $132
5th 5.0% $66
5th 5.0% $66

PM Doubles
Entrants 70
Entry Fee $10
Pot Size $700
1st 55.0% $386
2nd 30.0% $210
3rd 15.0% $106

To anyone reading this results thread, post about your tournament experience here! I know we're mostly on Facebook these days, but it would mean a lot if you could spare a few minutes to type up shoutouts, summarize your tournament experience, or just drop a line or two about your thoughts on the event here on Smashboards. It's great to look back on not only for prospective attendees in the future, but also sponsors and organizations that may be able to help us throw an even better tournament next time. Each post makes a difference -- thanks everyone!


Strong Badam

Super Elite
Feb 27, 2008
Project M Singles (90 entrants)
1: Kirk ($594) :bowser2:
2: PikaChad ($264) :mario2: :zerosuitsamus:
3: VaNz ($198) :peach: :sheik: :zerosuitsamus:
4: Mew2King ($132) :fox: :sheik: :bowser2:
5: Rat ($66) :wolf:
5: Oracle ($66) :lucas:
7: Hungrybox :jigglypuff: :mario2:
7: Scythe :wolf:
9: SFAT :falco:
9: Yakal :falco:
9: Shaeden :fox:
9: Oro?! :zerosuitsamus:
13: PM | Strong Bad :warioc: :dk2: :mario2: :ike:
13: Ripple :dedede:
13: MDZ | MattDotZeb :falco:
13: HammerTime :lucas:
17: Trail :ganondorf: :bowser2:
17: Arty :ganondorf:
17: Gravy :falcon:
17: heyseuss :dedede:
17: Rizner :zelda:
17: JCaesar :rob:
17: Kappy :metaknight:
17: metroid :charizard:
25: Asylum
25: Hyuga :luigi2:
25: Rusty Shacklefurd :ike:
25: Dope :dedede:
25: mudkyp :ivysaur:
25: OnionChild :ness2:
25: KishPrime :ike: :ivysaur: :zelda:
25: j00t
33: Calabrel :ness2:
33: Lordy :ike:
33: JTsm :snake:?
33: moogle :peach: :marth: ?
33: Zwarm :squirtle:
33: Chase
33: Susan :bowser2:
33: Green Ranger :gw:
33: ORLY :bowser2: :falcon:
33: PewPewU (DQ'd) :mario2:
33: Sweet :ivysaur:
33: Flan~ :snake:
33: Storm
33: Gooeybanana
33: Frootloop (DQ'd)
33: Anther :pikachu2:


49: Master
49: Kanye Rest
49: Christian
49: Maestro
49: Nude
49: root
49: Deep C. Squid
49: SpooN
49: Toast
49: Cheato
49: Jono
49: Tesla Coil
49: Quaz
49: Burnsy
49: LoreLoli
65: jfgameboy
65: Ziggy
65: Super
65: Monk
65: Garzal
65: Village Mascot
65: clowsui (DQ'd himself)
65: Money Match Mike
65: luigi master tae
65: Ttyman
65: Stif
65: Shibbypod
65: LMNo
65: robjoe
65: Nutffles
65: FalkonOnSkiis
81: blinK
81: Goonsquad
81: McKillington
81: Axrz
81: Lanceinthepants (DQ'd)
81: Dre
81: Saxophoneoftime
81: Noah
81: Coffeemug
[collapse=Singles Bracket image]


Project M Doubles (35 teams)
1: CT | Hungrybox + CT EMP | Mew2King ($386)
2: PM | Strong Bad + VaNz ($210)
3: Kirk + Scythe ($106)
4: Oracle + Oro!?
5: Europhoria + HammerTime
5: Frootloop + ORLY
7: Cheato + The Good Doctor
7: JCaesar + Susan
9: Anther + Shaeden
9: Lordy + Super
9: Kappy + Zwarm
9: Dope + Rat
13: luigi master tae + Skighwalker
13: Rizner + Village Mascot
13: Rusty Shaklefurd + Yakal
13: Burnsy + heyseuss
17: Acro + Formal
17: Goose + OnionChild
17: Hyuga + Root
17: KishPrime + Trail
17: mudkyp + Proskater
17: Flan~ + Robjoe
17: Coffeemug + Ders
17: Calabrel + CTL
25: KBORNS + zamn
25: Money Match Mike + Storm
25: PewPewU + SFAT (DQ'd)
25: Game + Shibbypod
25: Asylum + Gravy
25: Nude + Ttyman
25: Chase + Noah
25: Dirty Deeds + MdicK
33: Nutffles + Ziggy
33: PGH Carroll + Sweet
33: Butt Zone + Kanye Rest
[collapse=Doubles Bracket image]

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bair-condtioned nightmare
Aug 21, 2011
Cleveland Heights, Ohio
i'll post shoutouts tomorrow. best tourney ever.

i love melee too much man, it's just the best game ever.

first off, shoutouts to butt zone for being my ****in homie and driving me up, i love you dude. and shroudedone, for getting to round 2 pools. you'll gonna be really good dude, i know it. (also this game rules wtf are you on???)

hbox: you're my favorite, but you know that already. i hope i can "coach" you more in the future haha
scar/toph: you guys are too chill, and those shoutouts on the casts cracked me up
carol: PGH 1 NEOH 0 in the battle of coaching
stro: please just let me watch your link forever
lake/naka: the beasts from the weast
sweet: your ivy is sweet (wow such pun), gg man
taki: TOO FUNNY, always great to see you
mudkyp: you are also so ****in funny, i hope i see you at more tourneys in the future dude
pewfat: you guys are too godlike wtf
housewife: you're hilarious but you barely said anything to me :(
skyson: league talk will always be too funny with you
vanz: ohio ruins you and you still place 2nd and 3rd concurrently in P:M, goddamn you're sick at smash
dempt: always good to see you BIG OL' DEMPT
green ranger: HOW ARE YOU SO AMAZING
proskater/handsome joe: too goddamn handsome
spife: you are just so crazy hyper and happy and i find that hilarious. keep being you boi
yakal/dio brando: shoutouts to jojo's. ggs man, you're a rad dude
ORLY: s2g you are funny as ****

and of course
juggleguy, the best ****ing tourney director, stay golden


Smash Journeyman
Feb 21, 2009
Columbus, OH
Mad props to:
Juggleguy setting up a perfect tournament
VGBC Hooking us up with the perfect stream all weekend
Toph, Wife, Scar, and all the commentators doing an excellent job. Damn the commentary was good :O
EastPointPictures with an incredible documentary
The Project Melee team, Mewtwo looks sweet


Such great sets at this, I had a blast this weekend


Smash Apprentice
Jul 21, 2013
Shoutout to GIMR and his GF for the great stream and the fast uploads.

Shoutout the PPU and SFAT for some of my favorite matches.


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
Just to brief everyone on our progress, I'm working on the Melee results for the original post, and Strong Bad is working on PM results for the post immediately following that.

I'll have a 90%-complete results thread done by the end of tonight -- bracket results and bracket images for each event, as well as information about payouts and how to collect them.

I'll have a 100%-complete results thread done by the end of the week -- full results for Melee Singles Pools and PM Singles Pools such that every entrant's name is included to allow for complete shoutouts.


Smash Apprentice
Jul 28, 2013
Spring Lake/East Lansing
Holy **** I hope all nationals are this good because this was the first national ive been to and it was so so awesome. I am so hyped for the big house 4.

Juggleguy for running another great tourney
H-Box for hitting 8 straight rests
Shibby for playing against M2K all of championship sunday (seriously he has to have had something to do with M2K kicking ass)
My boy Falkononskii for winning a game
My boy goonsquad for nearly taking 2 stocks off M2K in a friendly
Wife for playing doubs with me and my crew and teaching me how stage/character bans work
Myself for taking a game off Rat in P:M (it may sound self centered but im really pumped)
The P:M team for Roy, Mewtwo and that beautiful Dr.Mario skin
Kage for being the coolest guy ever
Everyone who played friendlies with me for being so nice and helping me improve
and of course M2K for playing out of his mind and winning my bet with General Heniz
Edit: Also Idea is the man (congratz on 9th)


Smash Apprentice
Aug 18, 2010
So good to see M2K clutch it out against Dr PP and not choke, and then to put in a fairly dominant performance against Hbox twice! Missed the stream unfortunately but thanks to GIMR for his fast uploads!


Smash Ace
Aug 13, 2012
West Chester, Pennsylvania
All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.


Smash Legend
Aug 6, 2006
Montreal, Quebec
Good **** guys, it was a lot of fun, played lots of intense sets. =D This is getting bad for my heart... lol.

Shoutouts a little later once im rested.


Smash Hero
Jan 4, 2006
Quincy, MA
I gave someone a purple controller to hold on to before melee grand finals started. I returned after gf and could not locate this person (mattdotdumb couldn't remember who had it).

If you're this person please message me to arrange how I can get it back. It's my primary tourney controller. :(


Smash Lord
Mar 12, 2008
Damn. Probably the funnest and most hype tourney I've been to so far.

(Btw, this is Super Lous.)

Juggleguy: Best TO NA
Vanz: Your Sheik is insane. x_x You as well as Goose showed me that its one of my weakest matchups.
Slayer: Too good. You cover so many of my options/decisions. I'll try to work on not being a campy little *****. :p
Stro: Mad respect for being THAT good with Link. Keep it up, dude. Couldn't quite pull out the win.
Wake: Fun as hell set. We're 1-1 now. Moneymatch next year?
Butch G: I can't beat you! Next time.
Crimson Blur: Good games, dude. Once my buddy started cheering for me, the wheels just started turning.
Goose: Your Sheik is good. Humiliated me on Yoshi's Story with that 4-stock.
FlynWalrus: Jitters happen. It gets better with experience, dude. Good games in pools though.
Krisp: Nice Puff. It's not often that I get to face them.
Captain Cleveland: Looks like you just barely didn't make it out of pools. We're almost there, dude. Only a matter of time before Toledo is really on the Melee map.
tm: Such a great doubles partner! We did really well. Look forward to teaming with you in the future, dude.
Garzal: It was great riding up to AA with you and stuff. Look forward to having you smash more with us.
MB-Smash: Hope you feel better and can actually participate in a tourney. You're so good, dude. And have the potential to be a really great player. Don't get down if you lose to someone who consistently places well.
KJH: Thanks for the warm-ups Friday night. Most technical Fox MI. lol
Shibbypod: Enjoy that gold dollar. You earned it. I expect to earn it back next time!
Dempt: Thanks for the moneymatch. Your tech skill is insane and you're so much more of an aggressive player than I am.
M2K: Congrats on winning! It was good to see you actually excited about winning a set. Hope my sandbag Puff practice helped prep you for Hbox.
Minorthreat: T'was fun chilling with you at Chipotle.
PP and Hax: Thanks for the experience of showing us what its like to go up against a pro doubles team. x_x GG.


Smash Rookie
Mar 6, 2012
Champaign, IL
(0Prz here) Fantastic tournament! Even though I'm disappointed, I'll make sure to use my experience here to improve and make a better run next year!

Juggleguy: Awesome tournament man! Was fun playing you and Dope!
Arty: I'm still thirsty. Also I hate Samus.
Wife: Thanks for being so nice after you messed my puff up and congrats on such good results.
Nintendude: Thanks for the friendlies man and congrats!
Pizzaman: Fun friendlies man!
Coffeeblack: Your falcon is pretty damn terror man. Some intense friendlies.
Soggyrush and Stif: lol fun sets guys just don't dash attack my shield :p
Moose: You're too powerful for me dude. I'll take your advice to heart though! Thanks for the friendlies.
Hanky Panky: Fantastic peach and nice results man! Thanks for the friendlies!
j00t: Was great warming up with you man and congrats on making bracket!
Rusty: Fun friendlies and it was good teaming with you. Hopefully I won't be heavy SDing if we team again lol.
M2K: Thank you Jesus.

Hopefully I didn't forget anyone and I'm looking forward to seeing you all at Big House 4!


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Feb 19, 2009
m2k did work this tournament. 1st in Melee singles, doubles, P:M doubles and 4th in P:M singles.

Good **** to PPU and Hax as well. Your set was ridiculous.

Shoutouts to SFAT too holding it down in teams with kevin and putting in work vs hax/pp (you can beat him)

great tournament juggleguy

Major Shoutouts to VGbootcamp for those ridiculously quick uploads to YT

Strong Badam

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Feb 27, 2008
Alright, just got home. I put up results of bracket, pools, and doubles for PM. Help me out on any character usage and if anyone/any team was DQ'd and isn't noted already.
For character usage, I'm going to say if a player didn't win any tournament games with the character, it isn't going to be counted. VaNz's Ness isn't going to be displayed, for example.

Gonna wait to see how Rob wants to handle posting brackets before I add mine. Maybe he wants to upload 'em to the umsmash website or something. Up to him.


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Sep 27, 2010
Thank you Based Mimi.
Awesome tournament. Most fun tournament I've been to probably.

M2K- I had a ton of fun playing you despite the fact that you live on the ledge. Good job winning this. Also, bombs.

Shaeden- Ah good job. I was worried when I saw I had to play you. I'll do better next time hopefully haha.

Super Lous- You've definitely improved. I think I underestimated you a bit this time around. Nice job. I'll take that MM.

Slayer- Can't wait to play you again. I got bopped.

Blur- Zelda's not bottom 5. Walls.

Stro- Rematch! There were a couple of good Links at this tournament apparently.

Vanz- Had so much fun in our set in pools. Thanks for going Peach, and good job in PM. Don't get down on yourself too hard. I also had a ton of fun in our doubles match.

Butch G- You've gotten better from last year too. Maybe you'll beat me next time?

Goose- Good job, but I clutched both games out this time.

Krisp- Looks like you didn't have much Peach experience. Good luck next time we play.

TheLake- You play Zelda a bit differently from Max, and I'm not exactly sure who's the best Zelda now. Good matches, but I was too ready for Zelda to lose that MU!

Dempt- Haha just gotta get used to how fast I play. I know you can play better.

Hammertime- Peach/ICs...

Kage- I don't like DL against you. I think I'll stick to smaller stages. Also, I had a lot of fun in our doubles match.

Hanky Panky- Our set was ridiculous and very close. It was one of my favorite sets of the tournament. Good job taking it.

Hax- Had a ton of fun playing with you after the tournament. Too good.

PPU- Ugh, that was so difficult. You're amazing.

PP- Nice meeting you. We didn't get to play, but you seem like a really nice guy.

ShroudedOne- It was fun playing on (almost) all of the stages in the game. You've gotten better since Apex 2012.

Kzhu- Didn't get to play you AGAIN. Maybe one day lol.

Abu- Thanks for playing some Puff friendlies with me to help me prepare for Krisp. It helped quite a bit I think. Good job beating Hanky and taking away Peach's hope in that MU. Stop losing Puff dittos.

Kels- Had a lot of fun playing you in teams friendlies and hanging out in Chicago. Nice meeting you. I hope to see you in MN soon.

Lauren- Nice meeting you too. Our matches were a ton of fun, as well as just hanging out.

Frootloop- We didn't really play against each other much, but good job, especially against PPU. You played really well in that set. I hope you give yourself some credit haha.

Mundungu- Thanks a ton for housing MN at all of these events lol. I think you're getting better.

Gibby- Didn't play you at all. Why.

Alco- Only played you in a couple teams games, but it was nice meeting you and hanging out.

Atma- Didn't play you, but it looked like you were playing well. Good job.

Scar- I'll get you next time.

Quaz- You definitely could've made it out. Just needed to clutch out a couple close games. GG's from the game I got to play with you.

Max- We did well in teams. You have some unfortunate r1 pool luck though. Awesome trip. BH should be a tradition for us.

MDZ- Don't get too down on yourself. We should've played friendlies.

Giraffe- Yeah not taking any of my money. No chance.

Strong Bad- Is this where I start crying?

Metroid- Maybe we'll play again one day. Someday. lol

Jugglyguy- Awesome tournament. Most fun I've had. Thank you and everyone who helped run and organize the event.

Guy I talked about Yun/Viper With- Nice hanging out at the hotel and Steak N Shake. Viper too awesome.

Anyone I might've forgotten, I hope to see everyone next time.


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Jul 18, 2002
Cinnaminson (southwest NJ 5 min drive from Philly)
ggs! mad happy i won finally x.x

plz make sheik better in project M she SUCKS imo (all the melee skill transfers but she feels super limited as a character in general compared to most other chars)

im mad hyped for mewtwo and roy altho since i dont have PM, i prolly wont be playing them for a while
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