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  • While changing Falco's laser colors I found out that the colors for him shooting to the right are separate from him shooting left., do you have any idea why that it?
    nvm iI'm pretty sure it's b/c the laser is 3d and turning shows the other side of it.
    Hey lance. I've been recently getting into modding but I find the most trouble in finding which offsets to edit. How do you figure out what offsets you need to change?
    Hi, I am having trouble fully converting the firefox effect. I am trying to make it black and white, but a significant amount of it is still orange. I edited all of the color changes (to my knowledge) and edited one texture I found in DAT texture wizard but a significant amount of the firefox is still orange. Can you enlighten me on how to finish this process? Ill send you pics if you need them
    Hi, How can I put two color effect changes if they share the same file? I'm trying to get purple firefox and purple shine together but i can only get one or the other. Is there any way to do it without having to create my own file? (i've just been downloading pre-made ones so far.) I'm also not sure if my issue has is related to me using a mac. Please let me know, Thanks
    if you send me the 2 files that you are trying to combine, I can do it for you
    I have a question for you. How did you figure out which lines change what for fox/falco?
    Once I figured out what structures were important to changing colors (a lot of going through hex), I altered values until i found what I want.
    Could you make a video tutorial on hex editing the elemental effect and maybe others? cuz im trying my fkin best but i just dont understand all of it and when i try to find the data i can neverfind it either, ot even by just searching for what youve searched for, not even by sheer luck. So please help me!
    I want to get with you about the smash group. I'm tempted on traveling for tourneys, but it's unfortunate that, being a Senior, my priorities will be super focused on doing well before graduation. So this will be the next best thing :)

    If you're still up for the group setting with you and England holding the Melee/64 setup stuff, I'll keep you updated for sure. If you have ideas for the setting place let me know, I know you had something planned before but it got late.
    wait uh I dont do texts XD! You'll have to ring my phone lol. Or i can watch SWF like a hawk
    Forgot to say that yea I can meet you at tark with Hades. Call me when you are on your way over there sat. morning. Also I assume we're coming back the same night, in which case you can drop us back off at tark right? :p
    do you plan on picking us up from hilltop top of campus or you want me and hades to meet you somewhere?

    Also you sure 10? Cuz the registration is at 11 - 12:30. It takes 3 hours to get there. It would be right at 12 THEIR time of course. Just wanted to make sure... :p

    imma pm you my number, give me yours if you'd like or call me.
    Can you tell me exactly what time we plan on leaving for Don't Blink? Are we getting housing friday night or are we leaving Sat. morning? I need to know to tell Hades when to be here .
    hey bro, do you know who is all driving up to Don't Blink, is it you and someone else . . . ? I'd like to know if you have room for besides me, I know my original partner for Brawl Hadesblade a yoshi player wants to go and might be able to get up to Purdue but needs a ride from there. If not its cool. If you have a lot of room, I have another smash player that is here on campus who'd like to go but I won't say anything yet about it...

    Anyways just lemme know.
    Yo dude, text me when you know updates on important things/Midwest/IHSB/MacD xD
    I won't be able to see a computer for a while, so it's going to be all phone for me.
    901 x 496 ~5240
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