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  • come through !!!! (MANTECA CA) NOVEMBER 30TTH

    Get ready to smash your way to the top:
    work your way up the ladder with an ally or solo, in a singles
    plus doubles event... 1st - 2nd and 3rd place winner will not
    leave empty handed...
    play hard and win big!!
    Were hoping to give out 100$ cash to the first place winner.
    It'll be a fun night but the competition isn't amazing. There are about 4 other players at our level and a couple others who might be a bit better. You'll get some good friendlies in for sure but it won't be like playing the good people at the monthlies.
    Okay, I think it's technically only open to UofT students but it shouldn't matter as long as you go with your brother and sign up with him. My friends have brought guests before and it was okay.
    I think that's fine but I'll double check. Only thing is they're doing signups beforehand in the comp sci building, but I'll ask on the FB group if they're accepting online signups as well.
    Hm, yeah, might not be able to. It's not too far but I have class from 11:00-1:00 on Fridays. I'll consider it though.
    Hey. I might be interested but I'll have to know when and where. I'd probably come if you're within subway distance and I'm not busy that day.
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