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Super Smash Bros. Infinite Beyond

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Venus of the Desert Bloom

Cosmic God
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Jul 30, 2007
This thread is currently a work in progress. It will remain locked until development starts. I will be migrating information from the Smash Infinite thread to here.


Super Smash Bros. Infinite was developed between 2020 and 2022 with a team of dedicated developers. The end result was 26 base newcomers with 23 downloadable characters thus totaling 49 total characters. This was quite the endeavor but one that was pulled off thanks to the determination and dedication of the development team which saw the project from beginning to end. Aside from characters, over 30 new stages were included along with plenty of new items, pokeballs, assist trophies, as well as bosses and the ability to summon them into battle. Finally, Infinite saw the greatest increase of Spirits and Music added with the total playtime of the Infinite soundtrack lasting 30+ hours.

Now, a new dawn is rising on Infinite, and, with the launch of a brand new Nintendo system, a new and unexplored region of Smash is about to be unveiled...



Project Phoenix is the codename for the upcoming port of Super Smash Bros. Infinite which will be adding additional content to add to the Infinite experience while also bringing all of the launch and downloadable content into one package for one amazing value. Below, you will find new content included in Project Phoenix followed by a separate post that contains lists of information about what was included in Super Smash Bros. Infinite and its DLC seasons; all of which will be included in Infinite Beyond.

Table of Contents

  1. Newcomers
    1. Master Hand
    2. Saki
    3. Gholdengo
    4. Louie
    5. Shadow
    6. Krystal
    7. Master Chief
  2. DLC Newcomers
    1. Mii Mage
    2. Mii Athlete
    3. Shantae
    4. Squid Sisters
    5. Toad
    6. Sub-Zero
    7. Klonoa
    8. Sans
    9. Mike Jones
    10. Morrigan
    11. Alear
  3. Stages
    1. Great Sky Island
    2. Area Zero
    3. Alivel Mall
    4. Alterna
    5. Shinjuku Station
    6. Starfall Islands
    7. Metro City
    8. Blood Gulch
      1. DLC
        1. Subspace
        2. Scuttletown
        3. Planet Clancer
        4. Sprout Tower
        5. The Pit
        6. Blossoming Acadia
        7. Snowdin
        8. Zoda's Spaceship
        9. Aensland Castle
          1. Stage Variations
  4. Items
  5. Assist Trophies
  6. Pokeball Pokemon
  7. Mii Fighter Outfits
    1. Mii Brawler
    2. Mii Swordfighter
    3. Mii Gunner
  8. Bosses
  9. Game Modes
    1. Smash Hub
      1. Airships
      2. Speeders
      3. Shaders
      4. Pose
      5. Emoji
      6. Tags
    2. Smash Episodes
  10. Spirits
    1. Spirit Events
      1. Falling for Spirits
      2. Winter Wonderland
  11. Music
  12. Trailers
  13. Post-Launch Festivals
    1. Festival of Feasts
    2. Festival of Snow
    3. Festival of Roses
    4. Mii Day Festival
    5. Festival of Fantasy
    6. Fun Sun Summer Fest
  14. Changes from Infinite
    1. New Alternate Costumes/Colors
    2. New Move Changes
  15. Edit <-Venus only

The Roster of Super Smash Bros. Infinite Beyond
Please click on a character to be taken to their information page

Below is a list of newcomers who are appearing in Super Smash Bros. Infinite.​
Additional Content

#119. Master Hand
Super Smash Bros.

Neutral Special: Finger Bullet
A chargeable, aimable projectile stance. Master Hand can aim up or down before firing a burst of 3 shots from his fingers. Each bullet deals 5% has medium-low knockback, and travels very quickly, too.

Side Special: Slap
Master Hand will reel back and then launch himself half the distance of FD while slapping the opponents. It does more damage to opponents who get hit with the slap at the tail-end of the attack with more launch.

Up Special: Airplane

This differs from the original one as it will work in a manner similar to Fire Fox but has more directional movement like Mach Tornado. Master Hand still does the Devil Horns as he moves with the two tips of the fingers having more damage output than the rest. The backside of the "exhaust" can deal collateral fire damage.

Down Special: Finger Beam

Master Hand shoots out four blue lasers from each fingertip. The attack deal 6% per laser. The pattern is random each time which makes it unpredictable but also not reliable. It will shock and then juggle the opponents caught in it. If any characters are fully caught in it during the 5 minutes of animation, they will be launched. Like many MH attacks, there is enhanced superarmor to them but no damage reduction. It has a cooldown.

Final Smash: Master Core
Master Hand will be engulfed by darkness and then transform into:
  • Master Giant: Will do three huge sweeps across the length of the stage.
  • Master Beast: Will pounce into the middle where Master Giant was and unleashes a powerful lightning strike.
  • Master Edges: Unleashes a travel barrage of sword slashes in a manner similar to Mach Tornado and Octoslash that goes to the right and then to the left.
  • Master Fortress: This encloses the area affected by the Final Smash with Master Fortress-like material where opponents can escape and then unleashes a barrage of purple master plasma blasts.
  • Master Core: Finally, it becomes Master Core in its purest form and it will unleash several waves of energy that emanate out; OHKO anyone above 100% at the start of the final smash.
Entrance Animation
  • Master Hand flies from the side of the screen and laughs when arrives on the stage.
Idle Poses
  • Clenches his fists.
  • Wriggles his fingers rapidly.
  • Up: Master Hand gives a thumbs up.
  • Right: Master Hand points forward
  • Left: Master Hand snaps his fingers
  • Down: Master Hand clenches his fist and laughs evilly.
Victory Animation
  • Master Hand appears in the sky with hordes of other Master Hands as seen in World of Light.
  • Master Hand teleports in front of the camera and then vanishes again before appearing closer and snapping at the camera.
  • Master Hand and Crazy Hand appear together and give each other a high five.
Victory Theme
"Final Destination Theme" from Super Smash Bros.

Kirby Hat

  • A glove over Kirby's head. Finger Bullet is the copy ability.
Boxing Ring Title
The Puppeteer

Splash Tagline
  • MASTER HAND shows who’s Boss!
Classic Mode Route

Battlefield (SSB64)​
Main Theme (SSB64)​
Includes five prominent OG characters
Battlefield (SSBM)​
Main Theme (SSBM)​
Includes five characters first revealed
Battlefield (SSBV)​
Main Theme (SSBB)​
Includes the first five characters plus ROB who has a role in SSE.
Battlefield (SSBWiIIU)​
Main Theme (SSB4)​
Includes the first characters revealed plus the Mii Fighters.
Battlefield (SSBU)​
Main Theme (SSBU)​
Includes the first three fighters revealed plus the first three DLC fighters
Battlefield (SSBI)​
Main Theme (SSB)Includes first five fighters revealed
Giant Master Hand, :ultbrawler:
Battlefield (SSBIB)​
Main Theme (SSBIB)​
Mii Fighter resembles Smash director, Sakurai Masahiro.

Alternate Colors

(Based on Taboo)
(Based on Galeem)
(Based on Dharkon)
(Based on Rayquaza and Petey Piranha)
Dark BlueOrangePinkTealRainbow
(Based on the coloration of the final phase of Master Core)

#120 Saki
Sin & Punishment

Submitted by TheMicRula TheMicRula
Neutral Special: Manual Shot
Tapping the special button allows Saki to fire a shot straight in front of him, which isn't aimed in any way. It functions similarly to Fox's neutral special in that it's a low-powered projectile that deals no knockback - though Saki's has some differences. Firstly, Saki's Manual Shot doesn't diminish in attack power with distance - having a flat 2.2% damage rate regardless of where you fire it from. It also has a slightly faster rate of fire than Fox's if you repeatedly tap the button. This form of the neutral special is pretty unique in that it's low in lag, allowing it to be used as a decent walling tool for pressure. Not only this - but if you hold down whilst repeatedly tapping neutral special in the air, you'll be able to shoot downward at a 45-degree angle. Simply stop tapping the special button, and you'll be able to use your own special should you wish to.

I should also note that the move is chargeable, though this charge is really quick - only around 30 frames. Holding down the special button until a visual flash from the muzzle acts as an indicator allows you to fire a version of the move with very slightly increased power (around 4.2%) as well as making an opponent flinch, though this comes at the cost of being a little laggier overall, and not being as easy to quickly fire off (even though it does fire automatically when at full charge.) Again, if airborne and holding down after starting the charge, you can fire downward at a 45-degree angle. This specific function of the attack is in reference to the ability to charge your projectile attacks in Star Successor, while keeping Saki feeling quick and adaptable overall and not getting in the way.

Side Special: Lock-on-Shot

Inputting side special has Saki ready the Dolphin Gun in front of him. When in this state, the closest opponent within a certain range in front of him (around half of Battlefield) gets a reticule over them, and Saki fires a single projectile at them. The Lock-On Shot is a little more powerful than his uncharged Manual Shot due to its more deliberate nature, dealing 3.2% damage and making an opponent flinch. However, the animation itself is a little slower, and it's not as spammable due to needing to lock onto an opponent each time it's used. Not only this, but it has a very slight recoil when used whilst airborne - as well as looking very slightly different. I should note that the range itself has similarities to Palutena's Autoreticule in that it's more akin to a "cone" outward, preventing him from simply firing at opponents over him - though, the cone is a little wider and allows for wider coverage as a result.

Up Special: Dolphin Burst

Based loosely on Isa Jo's hover-backpack in Star Successor, Saki instead has a small burst of energy from the Dolphin Gun which allows him to move upward at a diagonal angle. During this angle, Saki draws his Dolphin Gun and uses the blade function to multi-hit opponents that it contacts, dragging them along before a final (optional) slash at the end can knock them away - working a little like Shulk's Air Slash in that you can activate it with another tap of the special button. You can influence your direction a little by holding forward-up for more horizontal but less vertical motion, or backward-up for more vertical but less horizontal motion - though, be careful, as using this move will leave you helpless until you either touch the ground, get hit, or get killed. Compared to some other moves out there, its range isn't the best in the world - but it's functional as Saki's only real recovery option, and can work as a kill move in certain circumstances.

Down Special: Evasive Manuevers

When inputted on its own, Saki will apparently spot-dodge, albeit with his Dolphin Gun drawn. Then, right after spot-dodging, he'll quickly fire out a charged Manual Shot with significantly lower starting lag than it'd otherwise have, to the point where it's likely to be safe on most attacks.

You can also hold down-back to dodge-roll backward before canceling into the shot - or hold down-forward to dodge-roll forward, turning you around if the closest opponent is now behind you, and then letting you fire. In the air, you'll spot-dodge no matter what - sorry, no directional air-dodge here. Note, however, that repeatedly using the move will increase its startlag over time, similarly to how actual dodges work (and to prevent it from becoming a method of obliterating the usefulness of neutral special altogether.) The move's unique in that, functionally speaking, it works somewhat like a fusion between your traditional counter and a dodge - allowing you to quickly react to an opponent as opposed to just having an automatic attack right afterward. Just like in the original game, seeing an opening means you need to take the chance to escape punishment and act of your own accord - it's the difference between life and death.

Final Smash: Ruffian Form

Saki will jump into the air and past the upper blast line, taking anyone who is caught within it up with him. This will transport them to the final battle Sakiand Kachua. The players find themselves in a whirling pool of crimson liquid as Saki looms over them in Ruffian form. It unleashes a volley of energy shots before taking his blades, charging them up, and slamming them down in a massive explosion.
Entrance Animation
  • Saki appears on a metallic elevator platform as it descends down from the top. Saki hops off it.

Idle Poses

  • Saki stretches his torso and puts his hands behind his head, letting out a sigh of relief.
  • Saki bends down in a pose while aiming his Dolphin Blade forward while stretching his foot out and kneeling.


  • Up: Saki takes his Dolphin Blade and twirls it around his wrist before catching it. He says "Don't let up!"
  • Right: Saki performs a back flip while landing on one knee and his hands. He says "Time to fly!"
  • Left: Saki holsters his Dolphin Blade and says "Man, the enemies keep coming"
  • Down: Saki transforms into a mini version of his Ruffian Form and screams while releasing energy. A long taunt.

Victory Animation

  • Saki runs back and forth; firing his gun off the screen. It continues on if the player doesn't continue forward.
  • Saki radios in and says "The enemy has been vanquished!" and then jumps out of view.
  • Saki checks his Dolphin Blade and then slashes forward while saying "Never stood a chance!"

Victory Theme

Kirby Hat

  • Saki's hair and ponytail. Kirby gains "Manual Shot".

Boxing Ring Title

  • "The Glass Soldier"

Splash Tagline

  • Saki is Ready for Action!

Classic Mode Route: Punishing 64 Pixels

All opponents are characters who debuted or appeared in games on the Nintendo 64, the system Sin & Punishment was first released on.

1WaluigiWaluigi's PinballWaluigi PinballWaluigi first appeared in Mario Tennis
2:ultganondorf:Gerudo DesertGanondorf first appeared in Ocarina of Time.
3:ultvillager::ultvillagerf:SmashvilleAnimal Crossing or Doubutsu no Mori first appeared on the Nintendo 64.
Luigi's MansionKing Boo first appeared in Luigi's Mansion.
5:ultwolf:VenomWolf first appeared in Star Fox 64.
6:ultbanjokazooie:Spiral MountainBanjo first appeared in Banjo & Kazooie.
FinalMaster HandFinal DestinationMain Theme (SSB)Master Hand first appeared in Super Smash Bros.

Alternate Colors
(Based on Isa Jo, his son)
(Based on Airan Jo)
(Based on Achi)
(Based on some coloration of Ruffians.

(Based on Kachi)
(Based on Brad)
(Based on Kachua)
(His appearance is that of a semi-Ruffian form that was planned for S&P 2)
Light Blue
(Uses the semi-Ruffian form but with a light blue color to reference Isa Jo's from.)

#121 Gholdengo

Submitted by cashregister9 cashregister9
Gholdengo Gimmick: Gimmighoul Coins
Gholdengo's main "gimmick" is that he has a meter continually shown next to his damage meter, which specifically indicates the number of Gimmighoul Coins that he is currently holding at any given time. This meter is deliberately stylized after the PokémonScarlet & Violet Bag menu. Many of his attacks utilize Gimmighoul Coins in order to function - and furthermore, having more Gimmighoul Coins affects your stats in the following ways (and vice versa if you have less):
  • Increased Weight
  • Increased Fall Speed (slight)
  • Increased Attack Power
  • Increased Initial Dash Speed
  • Increased Defence (slight, takes around 0.9x damage at 999 Coins)
  • Tough Guy (passive armor against light attacks when over 900 Coins, similar to Bowser and Kazuya)
  • Decreased Walk Speed
  • Decreased Dash Speed (slight)
  • Decreased Jump Height (slight)
  • Increased Starting Lag (slight)
  • Increased End Lag
Gholdengo can have up to 999 Coins at a time but starts at 100 by default. You can gather Coins with the use of his Shield Special (described below.) However, you lose coins when doing nearly any movement, dropping them in the process. This includes walking, running, dodging, jumping, crouching, shielding, and even idle animations - with some attacks even using the Coins as a reservoir of ammunition, and him losing more coins if he's hit by attacks. As such, you'll need to keep your eye on how many you have at any given time and keep gathering them to maintain the benefits of being a heavyweight.

In order to visually distinguish at a glance how many Coins you have, the meter will color-code the icon of a Gimmighoul Coin so that you can see at a glance how many you have without having to actively count, though the first number (i.e., the "5" in "500") will be slightly larger than the others to make it a little easier on top of that. Next to the icon, you'll also see the number itself.
  • 0-99: A dull, dark grey.
  • 100-299: A brighter grey, which then turns into...
  • 300-499: Bronze/copper, with a little bit of a shine but not as much as higher numbers.
  • 500-699: A polished-looking silver.
  • 700-899: A slightly darker gold, but gold nonetheless.
  • 900-999: An opulent, bright gold, with a unique "glistening" effect.
Losing Coins fo in increments of 10 but gathering coins also goes by increments of 10 which makes keeping the number of coins more simplified rather than having to worry about the one-digit spot.

Shield Special: Gimmighoul Coins
Gholdengo manifests a chest next to him, inside of which is a Gimmighoul (in reference to his pre-evolution, Chest Form Gimmighoul.) Whilst holding this input, he'll rapidly gather Gimmighoul Coins from the chest and stuff them into his own pouch, which he wears on his belt. It's possible to cancel out of this with a jump, or a directional input which will have him dodge. The effects of having more or less Gimmighoul Coins are indicated in the section above.

Neutral Special: Pay Day
Tapping Neutral Special has Gholdengo rapidly toss coins in front of him with both of his hands - simply tapping it will have him toss 10 coins incredibly quickly. If you hold Neutral Special, he'll continually keep tossing the coins - and it's also possible to change the direction in which the coins are being tossed by holding up or down on the control stick whilst holding the attack input, similar to Inkling's Splattershot attack in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

These coins have a few unique properties - they're gravity-affected and spread slightly with distance, and whilst each coin does minimal damage, they do inflict flinching and push the opponent backward slightly to prevent infinite jabs. It also stops you by default after you fire a continual 150 coins, but you can hold the button again to get right back to it if you so desire. The main catch to this attack is that it continually uses up your reserve of Gimmighoul Coins, depleting them as a form of ammunition pretty rapidly.

Side Special: Make It Rain

This move's also a projectile, though a little different. Gholdengo can charge this attack by holding down the special button, with from 20 up to 50 Gimmighoul Coins being gathered into it. He'll then toss these tightly bound Coins forward in an arc, which will detonate akin to a shrapnel bomb upon impact with an opponent, item, or surface. It's possible to slightly aim this arc by holding up or down a little on the control stick whilst inputting it, and even if the "bomb" itself doesn't hit the opponent directly, the coins that bounce outward from the point of impact might do (with minor flinching damage.) The amount of damage and knockback will increase if you use more Gimmighoul Coins, though similarly to Pay Day, this attack directly taps into your supply of Gimmighoul Coins as a source of ammunition. However, you can't detonate it remotely - it'll detonate automatically on contact with an object of some sort unless it's being reflected.

Up Special: Heavy Slam

Gholdengo bounces off his surfboard as though it were a diving board, curling into a ball and hurtling in the direction of the joystick. This deals a default of 12.5% but deals more or less damage based on the weight difference between itself and the foe. Has a medium-to-low default kill percentage.

Down Special: Power Gem

Gholdengo takes out the small treasure chest on its belt and opens it up: the closest foe in a range similar to Palutena's Autoreticle will be locked on and hit with a stream of golden energy for as long as Gholdengo holds the button and for as long as that foe is the closest. This beam deals about 2% per half-second, but no knockback until 20% has been accrued in total. The knockback is enough to make this a kill move.

Final Smash: 1000-Coin Tera Blast

Gholdengo Terastallizes into a Steel-type, the axe-shaped Tera Jewel forming above its head as the crystals before attacking with a golden Tera Blast using the Steel-type variant as a base. Anyone caught in the blast will be caught in a Meta Knight-style FS: the Tera Blast bursts to become a sphere of 1000 coins surrounding the foes. Gholdengo then points its finger at one of the coins and fires a single blast that ricochets off all 1000 coins before launching foes with a large golden explosion. This FS deals a total of 100% damage on hit. In training mode, you’ll see that this move racks up 1002 hits, including the initial hit and final explosion.
Entrance Animation
  • A pokeball is thrown out and Gholdengo jumps out with a flash of golden light and coins scattering everywhere.

Idle Poses

  • Shakes his golden hair appendages back and forth.
  • Hops up and down excitedly.


  • Up: Takes out his surfboard and holds it upright while spinning it.
  • Right: A Gimmighoul jumps out and dances around Gholdengo.
  • Left: Pulls out a treasure box and jumps into it before jumping back out with a surprise.
  • Down: Showers the area with coins. It does cause Gholdengo to lose 10 coins as a result.

Victory Animation

  • Gholdengo surfs into the screen, before jumping off it; lands, and strikes a pose by lifting their hands in celebration.
  • A Gimmighoul opens its chest, as Gholdengo arrives and smiles while facing the screen.
  • The victory platform is completely flooded with golden treasures as the camera focuses on Gholdengo sledding along the mountains of gold. After Gholdengo leaps off a mountain, he performs a sick board trick while the announcer says its name before it continues to have fun in the mountains of gold around it, which loops until you leave.

Victory Theme

Kirby Hat

  • Gholdengo's golden hair appendages.
    • Gholdengo Kirby gains access to Pay Day without the Gimmighoul mechanic.

Boxing Ring Title

  • The Golden Surfer
Splash Tagline
  • GHOLDENGO Wipes Out The Competition!

Classic Mode Route: Go for the Gold!

All opponents are character that has a Gold-colored palette swap.

1:ultfalcon:Port Town Aero DiveTeam Star Boss Battle Theme
2:ultroy:Dragon AltarAcademy Ace Tournament Theme
3:ultridley:Ridley's LairBattle! (Trainer Battle Theme)
4:ultpeach:Golden PlainsChampion Nemona Battle Theme
5:ultrob:GyromiteBattle! (Tera Raid)
6:ultdk:Jungle JapesElite Four - Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Final:ultkazuya:Mishima DojoWild Battle (Area Zero)

Alternate Colors
Based on the metal and references Melmetal
Based on copper and references Cooperajah
Based on the mineral cobalt. It references Lucario and Metagross
Based on Fools Gold and references Varoom
Based on sandstone and references Mawhile.
Based on onyx or coal and references Ghastly.
Based on Jade and references Decidueye
Based on diamonds/crystals and references Hsuian Zoroark.
Based on rubies and references Basculegion
Based on amethyst and references Gengar
Light Blue
Utilizes it's shiny form

#40ε Louie

Submitted by KneeOfJustice99 KneeOfJustice99
Neutral Special: Pikmin Pluck
Louie retains the same neutral as Olimar but also has a new Pikmin. Instead of the Purple Pikmin, Louie has the Ice Pikmin from Pikmin 4. The Ice Pikmin differs from the Purple Pikmin in a number of ways. Firstly they fly farther than Purple Pikmin, but not as far as the Red, Blue, and Yellow Pikmin. Secondly, they deal Ice damage, giving them a chance to freeze anyone with 30% hit that gets higher based on input.

Side Special: Pikmin Throw

Up Special: Swooping Snitchbug

A Swooping Snitchbug grabs Louie and hoists him up in the air in a manner similar to the Winged Pikmin. Unlike that move, though, the number of Pikmin Louie has does not affect the distance traveled thus not hampering recovery ability. If Louie quickly gets out of the way or is knocked out in the small number of frames where the Snitchbug grabs him, it will rub its hands together in anger. That being said, it can grab an entirely different person which then creates a recovery move for that captured player.

Down Special: Pikmin Order

Ice Pikmin is added to the rotation instead of purple Pikmin.

Final Smash: Ancient Sirehound

This Final Smash causes Louie to summon the final boss of Pikmin 4, the Ancient Sirehound which will rampage around the stage; casting our iceballs that can freeze opponents, unleashing bursts of electricity, and fireballs in all directions. This is a chaotic Final Smash which, in theory, has four phrases: initial rampage followed by turning around and unleashing ice balls into the air as it goes back, turns around, unleashes a burst of electricity, and then turns back and runs its original direction while shooting off fireballs. As a nod to the boss battle, the Ancient Sirehound will spout wings from its ears and fly away which ends the Final Smash. This doesn't have any impact on the battle. In all, the Final Smash lasts 12 seconds.
Entrance Animation
  • Descends down in a Hokodate Ship albeit a binged-up and dented ship and jumps out; plucking three Pikmin from the ground.

Idle Poses

  • Rubs his tummy as if hungry.
  • Stamps his feet impatiently


  • Up: Louie's eyes bug out while he looks on incredulously.
  • Right: Louie leans back and starts drooling while thinking about food before he shakes off the drool from his chin.
  • Left: Louie nods off and falls backwards; as if to sleep.
  • Down: Louie appears to do a feel stretches as seen in the credits of Pikmin 2.

Victory Animation

  • Louie runs back and forth with a particularly perturbed look on his face as Pikmin chases after him.
  • Louie's back is to the camera bent over a chest and then turns around only to golden Pikpik Carrots in his mouth. Taken from the cutscene "Louie's Dark Secret".
  • Louie jumps into a ship and blasts off as the Pikmin waves in front of the camera
Defeat Animation
  • Louie is tied up.

Kirby Hat

  • Louie's helmet

Boxing Ring Title

  • Interplanetary Foodie

Splash Tagline

LOUIE Botches Another Delivery!

Classic Mode Route: Battle Connoisseur

This is one of those story-based classic modes, with the overarching plot being Louie wanting to collect food to make the ultimate dish, with the ingredients being based on fighters who are based off animals that are used as ingredients before fighting some picky eaters wanting to steal the dish he created.

HomeGraze the Roof
Poached EggsAngry Birds Theme
Deepsea MetroShark Bytes
Deepsea MetroI Am Octavio
Ms. Pac-Man
Tomodachi Life (Omega)Gourmet Race (64)
6:ultkirby: (Giant)Tomdachi Life (Battlefield)Gourmet Race (Brawl)

Alternate Colors
Default - Based on Pikmin 4
Based on Olimar's removed Green color swap in Brawl
Based on the President of Hocotate Freight
Resembles Olimar with red gloves.
Dark GreenBlue
Resembles Alph from Pikmin 3.
Dark Red
Based on the Rescue Corps Leader default outfit
Based on the Waterwraith
Based on Olimar's Black outfit in Brawl
Leafling outfit which changes it entirely

#38ε Shadow the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog

Submitted by Justoneguyhere1999 Justoneguyhere1999
All of Shadow's Specials has a dark effect around him as he moves.

Neutral Special: Homing Attack

Side Special:
Spin Dash

Up Special:
Spring Jump

Shadow's spring is colored black.

Down Special:
Chaos Control

Thrusting a Chaos Emerald upwards like in his Assist Trophy animation, Shadow unleashes a burst of power in a radius around him, vanishing the moment it releases. If the burst doesn't hit anyone, he will teleport in the direction of the joystick...but he will instantly lock onto the first foe the radius touches, performing a powerful roundhouse kick that deals 14.5% damage and knocks the opponent a good distance in the opposite of which way Shadow was facing when activating the move.

Final Smash:
Chaos Blast
Entrance Animation
  • Arrives on the Dark Bike and jumps up before doing a pose as he lands

Idle Poses

  • Folds his arms and stomps his foot.
  • Clenches his fist which slightly glows with dark energy


  • Up: Turns into a ball and performs a circular roll while pushing out dark energy.
  • Left: Shadow turns his back, folds his arms, and says "How pathetic."
  • Right: Does a thumbs-down motion and says "You are washed up." or "You're finished!"
  • Down: Shadow powers up with either a blue aura or a red aura, depending on whether or not Shadow's in the lead. A subtle little shout-out to his rather infamous game spin-off.

Victory Animation

  • A Chaos Emerald floats down to Shadow, who grabs it and says "I am the ultimate life form!"
  • Shadow speeds across the stage, shown only as streaks of Chaos Emerald green while singing parts of the victory platform before stopping in the center, crossing his arms, and saying "Hmph! I'm the coolest!"
  • Shadow performs a series of punches and kids before doing a flip. He then says "Too bad you met me!"

Victory Theme

Kirby Hat

  • Shadow's black and red spikes that cover his body

Boxing Ring Title

  • The Ultimate Lifeform

Splash Tagline
Classic Mode Route
: The Ultimate Lifeform
Shadow faces powerful opponents who have all obtained the ultimate form of their power in some way, shape, or form.
1:ultsamus:BerniaEscape from ArtariaHas increased Special attack damage
2:ultmewtwo:Spear PillarChampion Theme (Heartgold/Soulsilver)Gradually healsMewtwo is the ultimate pokemon
3:ultsephiroth:North CaveOne Winged AngelHas increased Smash attack damageSephiroth grafted Jnova's cells to transcend his form
MarsRip and TearHas superarmorDoom Slayer overcomes all odds; he is at the pinnacle of his power without trying
5:ultbowser:Bowser's CastleGiga BowserOften gains Final SmashGiga Bowser is the top of Bowser's power
6:ultganondorf:Bridge of EldinDemon King GanonOften gains Final SmashDemon King Ganon is at the top of his power
FinalMaster Hand & Crazy HandFinal DestinationAll of Me

Alternate Colors
Based on Sonic's colors
Based on Shadow Android
Based on Knuckles
Based on Mephiles Shadow Form
Based on Silver the Hedgehog
Based on Shadow Android
Based on Jet the Hawk
Based on Blaze the Cat
Retains the typical design but has rings on his spikes

#122 Krystal
Star Fox

Submitted by Tankman from Newgrounds Tankman from Newgrounds
Neutral Special: Fire Blaster
Krystal enters a stance where she can attain 360-degree aim and shoot a fiery projectile in the direction of the joystick. The projetile deals 8% damage and decent knockback, and can be fired a little frequently.

Side Special: Ice Blaster
Krystal props her staff up and unleashes a torrent of cold in front of her, just like her Assist Trophy. This deals a total of 13% damage and freezes.

Up Special: Rocket Boost

Krystal will point the tip of the staff to the ground and then boost off into the air with a rocket from the base of her staff, Krystal will launch straight upward with great speed and deliver upward knockback, with the most DMG at the tip of the staff. The discharge from the boost can damage enemies.

Down Special: Grenade

Krystal chucks a grenade forward. Holding down the input causes Krystal to increase the distance when thrown and increases the damage output but shortens the fuse. It releases a plasma-enriched electrical blast.

Final Smash: Krazoa Spirits

Krystal takes the staff and slams it into the ground which causes a rush of Krazoa Spirits to rise up in an areaBattle Field and shoot upwards; taking anyone along with them. It has excellent range but deals less damage the closer the opponents are to Krystal
Entrance Animation
  • Taking from her fellow Star Fox compatriots, a CloudRunner swoops down to the stage and Krystal hops off them, planting her staff into the earth to get a firm footing on the ground before entering her idle stance.

Idle Poses

  • Krystal brushes her hair aside
  • Krystal points her staff forward.


  • Up: Krystal her staff on her shoulders and says "Stop joking around.".
  • Right: Krystal twirls her staff while saying "You don't have a chance."
  • Left: Holds out her staff which glows in a mysterious energy while she says: "The Krazoa Spirits are with me."
  • Down: Tricky appears and jumps up and down on his short, stubby legs while Krystal giggles.

Victory Animation

  1. Krystal performs a 4-point strike, before twirling her staff behind her.
  2. Krystal spins her staff and launches it into the air, catching it and holding the pose.
  3. Based on her victory animation from Star Fox: Assault, Krystal stands her staff upright with one hand, and leans forward. She shakes her finger with her free hand and says “You’re not ready yet!”
Kirby Hat
  • Krystal's hair and eyes as well as the eye scanner.

Boxing Ring Title

  • Sauria Survivor

Splash Tagline

KRYSTAL Leads the Assault

Classic Mode Route: Dinosaur Planet

Opponents are based on games that were originally from another game that was known by another name. This is a reference to how Star Fox Adventures was known as Dinosaur Planet before being rebranded.
1:ultkirby:Dreamland GBGourmet Race (Brawl)Kirby's Avalanche was the western release of Super Puyo Puyo
2:ultyoshi:Super Happy TreeYoshi's Story (64)Yoshi's Cookie was originally called Hermetica before being rebranded with Mario characters
3:ultbanjokazooie:Spiral MountainSpiral MountainBanjo-Kazooie was originally a part of Dream: Land of Giants
MarsAt Doom's GateDoom was originally meant to be an Aliens franchise game which makes this the only reference to that of a franchise outside of gaming
:ultswordfighter: (Dante Outfit)
BattlefieldFinal Battle (Resident Evil 4)Resident Evil 4 was supposed to be more stylish which eventually led to become Devil May Cry
(Toad Outfit)
Mushroom Kingdom IIMushroom Kingdom IISuper Mario Land II was based on the game Doki Doki Panic
Final:ultfox::ultfalco:Lylat CruiseStar Fox Adventures was originally called Dinosaur Planet and wasn't tied to Star Fox
Alternate Colors
Dark Blue
Based on Assault outfit​
Based on Command Outfit​
Based on Amanda, Slippy's wife​
Based on Adventures Outfit​
Based on Kat Monroe​
Based on her lover Fox McCloud's coloration​
Based on Prince Tricky​
Based on the coloration of the Krazoa Spirits​
Based on her ending in Command as a bounty hunter

#123 Master Chief

Submitted by Justoneguyhere1999 Justoneguyhere1999
Character Gimmick

Ammo Storage

Master Chief has an Ammo Storage system. When he runs out of Ammo on a particular weapon, he is unable to gain that ammo back unless he scores a KO. This will recharge the most recently depleted firearm. Another way is getting healed by a healing item or being KO'd which restores all ammo. Players can see the current ammo count on the character HUD.

Energy Shielding
Chief's energy shields are passive shields that protect Chief from projectile attacks but not melee ones which bypass the shields. Melee It can absorb up to 15% power before being shattered. Once shattered, Master Chief takes 1.5% more damage from projectile attacks. Not being attacked, being healed, or dealing damage causes the shields to replenish. Players can see the strength of the shields on the character HUD.

Neutral Special: Weapon Fire/Weapon Swap
Master Chief has access to three sets of weapons; two firearms each. Each weapon has its own ammo. Once Chief loses ammo, he needs to switch to a different weapon. Holding down the Special button releases a volley of fire while double tapping the Neutral Special will cause the Chief to switch the weapon.

M6D Pistol12A standard issue UNSC Pistol that is fast and packs a powerful punch at medium to long range.
Type 51- Carbine18The Carbine has 18 rounds and will fire by tapping B. Each round deals 4% damage and medium-low knockback. Side Smash with the Carbine locks onto the closest fighter in a cone in front of him and deals 16% damage with medium-high knockback on hit.
M7 SMG40Fires a continuous stream of ammunition at a high rate but with reduced damage. Not as accurate as other weapons.
Type-33 Needler22An iconic Covenant weapon and a staple of the series. In Smash, Master Chief can fire up to 20 needles at a rapid rate. While they deal 1% damage initially, hitting a foe with 7 needles will cause them to explode, dealing 8% damage and medium-level knockback. Side Smash with the Needler unloads the entire magazine, the final explosion adding +1% per extra needle stuck in the fighter.
Plasma Pistol30
A covenant pistol that can be pressed rapidly to shoot a small weak projectile or held to charge up a very powerful blast
Spartan Laser5Fires a continuous blast of energy that melts through Shields. It will do continuous damage but letting the input causes the opponent to launch.

Side Special: Plasma Grenade

It functions much like Snake's grenade in theory but, instead of bouncing, it will stick onto a surface much like a Sticky Bomb. Players can shake off the Plasma Grenade if they struggle between being sticked and detonation which is 3 seconds. The blast can also damage Master Chief as well. The grenade is based on the Halo 1 variant.

Up Special: Gravity Lift

Debuting in Halo 3, Master Chief deploys a portable gravity lift right beneath his feet (unlike in a GIF) as it unfolds and quickly flings him vertically high into the air before he falls back down, able to move left or right and attack during that. It will then stay in place for about five seconds before disappearing, which other players/fighters can either use to propel themselves as well or attempt to destroy it. Chief can deploy only one gravity lift at a time. When performed in the air, the gravity lift will linger and drop down toward the ground, hitting opponents below it (6% damage), similar to Banjo & Kazooie's Shock Spring Pad and Sonic's Spring Jump.

Down Special: Drop Shield
Master Chief slams his fist down which erects a large dome shield which, when erected, prevents damage from reaching him. It does not prevent Chief from not being damaged while in the shield. If the shield takes too much damage, it will vanish. It also provides anybody who comes into the shield some slight regeneration of 1.3% per second.

Final Smash: WARTHOG
Master Chief summons a WARTHOG which has a platoon of UNSC Marines. It will rush forward and hit anyone who is in front of it. This creates a cinematic Final Smash where the players find themselves on Installation 04 and the WARTHOG, with Master Chief present, turns around, revs, and blasts forward. It launches itself into the air and then crashes into the trapped opponent. It also comically causes the Warthog to roll which launches the Marines out of the Warthog. It then returns back to the battle while launching opponents. Finally, after the cinematic Final Smash ends, the Marines that were catapulted from the Warthog will pick themselves up and run off.
Entrance Animation
  • Arrives in a Pelican with other Spartan Marines and jumps off of it

Idle Poses

  • Master Chief taps his comms on his helmet.
  • Master Chief checks the ammo on his gun.


  • Up: Master Chief reloads his gun. This does not have any change to the ammo loadout
  • Right: Master Chief points forward and says "Go go go!"
  • Left: Master Chief pulls a data crystal chip from the back of his helmet and briefly projects Cortana's hologram as she says "You look nice." or "Keep your head down." (from Combat Evolved) before he puts it back.
  • Down: Master Chief tea bags three times.

Victory Animation

  • Master Chief lies down in a cryopod and turns to Cortana, saying "Wake me...when you need me," before the cryopod shuts its door and puts Chief into cryosleep.
  • Master Chief would slide onto the screen and make this pose from the Halo 2 poster
  • An Unggoy Grunt is seen running away but is blasted down by Master Chief who appears and raises his gun.

Victory Theme
Kirby Hat

  • Chief's helmet (has access to weapon swap)

Boxing Ring Title

  • UNSC's Greatest Spartan

Splash Tagline

  • MASTER CHIEF Answers the Call

Classic Mode Route:
Hold the Line

Opponents are based on the mascots of their respective companies.
1:ultsonic:Starfall IslandsSet a Fire In Your Heart - Halo: InfiniteSonic the mascot of Sega
2:ultryu:Metro CityGreatest Journey (Warthog Run)Ryu is the mascot of Capcom
3:ultpacman:Pac-MazeKeep What You Steal - Halo 3Pac-Man is the mascot of Bandai-Namco
4:ultsimon:Dracula's CastleOverture - Halo: ReachSimon is the mascot of Konami
5:ultcloud:MidgardThe Last Spartan - Halo 2Cloud is the mascot of Square-Enix
Mushroom Kingdom IIBlow Me Away - Halo 2Ratchet & Clank is the mascot of Soni Interactive Games
Final:ultmario:Rainbow CruiseRock Anthem for Saving The World - Halo: Combat EvolvedMario is the mascot of Nintendo

Alternate Colors

Based on the MJOLNIR MARK V Powerarmor from Halo Combat Evolved
Based on the Red Team from Red vs Blue
Based on Noble 6, another Halo protagonist
Based on the pink armor coloration in Halo Combat Evolved.
Based on the pink armor coloration in Halo Combat Evolved.
Based on USNC A.I> and Master Chief's longtime friend, Cortana.
Based on the ODST Armor which is armor worn by the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers.
Based on the Red Team from Red vs Blue
Based on Master Chief's armor coloration in the original Halo game.
Based on the orange armor coloration from Halo Combat Evolved. The Direct also mentions the original Mountain Dew Game Fuel drink.
Based on the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor (GEN3) in Halo Infinite.
A Smash original that emanates Nintendo colors.

#124 Mii Mage

Apart of the "Mii Day Festival"
Neutral Special: Arcane Bolt
The Mii Mage takes a bit to charge some power, purple lightning shooting up their robes, before they fire a singular long-range bolt of lightning from their hand that deals 9% damage on hit and less damage to everyone after the first for hit. Heavily based on Kazuya's Devil Blaster.
  • Custom 1: Magi-Orb
    • Throws a magical orb out which returns like a boomerang. The only difference is that it has a wider radius of attack but also makes it slower. Based on Ahri's Orb of Dissonance.
  • Custom 2: Geokinesis
    • The Mii summons a giant rock in front of itself. This rock can provide many different functions, it can block a single projectile before shattering, it can absorb enemy damage, and can be launched forward as a slow but powerful projectile. When held down the Mii can hold the forward while moving, however, they can't dash or double jump in this stat.
Side Special: Vine Tangle
The Mii summons spiny vines onto the floor. This has two functions: if someone was in the range of the spell when it was first activated, they will get buried, and when the vine is fully summoned it will be treated like any other spiked platform, dealing damage and launching anyone who touches it upward. After a while the vine will wither a die, up to two vines will be summoned and any new vine after that will kill the oldest vine.
  • Custom 1: Cold Cone
    • Holds out the wand and delivers a chilly blast that rotates; damaging opponents and potentially freezing as it launches them.
  • Custom 2: Light Wisp
    • Delivers a bolt of light that, when it connects to the opponent, causes up to 5 light wisps to rotate around the opponent. After a certain amount of time, it will detonate all at once.
Up Special: Flaming Dragon
Summons a sparkling flame dragon and can guide it to either attack opponents or launch themselves in the direction they are facing. While it is heavily based on PK Thunder, one unique aspect is once it detonates, it causes simultaneous explosions upon contact which increases the radius of damage.
  • Custom 1: Lifting Wind
    • Summons a whirlwind under the player's foot and lifts them into the air. It can be charged and then launched up into the air.
  • Custom 2: Flying Broomstick
    • A recovery-only move that does not deal damage. The player summons a broomstick and rockets the player up into the air.
Down Special: Essence Theft
Traps the opponent in a sphere of darkness which then zaps them of health; healing the Mii. There is a slight difference between Robin's Nosferatu in the effects area as it creates purple and pink stars that float around. It's less dark in appearance.
  • Custom 1: Time Trap
    • An attack that is similar to Bayonetta's Witch Time but, instead, ranged and physical attacks slow down the same amount of time.
  • Custom 2: Crystal Sandstorm
    • Summons a swirling crystalized storm around the player. It can deal damage but also reflect projectiles.
Final Smash: Incantation of Worlds
The Mii Mage drops a flask forward, similar to Simon and Richter's Holy Water. However, this flask quickly transforms into a giant tornado, around the size of the Ice Climber's Iceberg Final Smash. The tornado will rumble violently, with opponents caught in it, taking massive damage. Many different types of elemental magic will burst from this tornado in projectile form, including splashes of water, bursts of fire, small lighting bolts, smaller wind tornados, and boulders formed from earth magic. All of these projectiles will fly out of the tornado in random directions while it is active. After about 6 seconds, the tornado explodes and opponents caught in it will go flying.

Entrance Animation
  • Several purple stars twinkle in a surrounding area before a bigger star flashes for a moment, revealing the Mii Mage in all its glory.
Idle Poses
  • The Mii Mage takes their wand or staff and twirls it around like a baton.
  • The Mii Mage adjusts his/her hat.

  • Up: The Mii Mage takes out its wand or staff and raises it slightly above its head, producing a small light at the end of the weapon.
  • Right: Mii Mage levitates in the air and causes magical energies to flow out.
  • Left: The Mii Mage pulls out a Tome and flips through it.
  • Down: The Mii Mage causes the staff to float before spreading their hands, a large spellbook appearing, and flipping their pages by themselves before vanishing.

Victory Animation
  • The Mii Mage comes riding in on a wave, created by a water spell that they cast. They then hold out their wand or staff to their side in the same pose the Mii Swordfighter does with their sword in the top 2 victory screens at the end, or the Mii Gunner does with their gun in their victory screens at the end.
  • The Mii Mage twirls their wand/staff for a bit before shooting a spray of magic bolts that explode in mid-air, generating celebratory fireworks.
  • The Mii Mage conjures up a magical storm and vanishes in a haze of magic.
Kirby Hat
  • The face of the Mii via headband. Shares the same ones with the other Mii Fighters.

Boxing Ring Title
  • The Mage of Many Faces

Splash Tagline
  • The Mage Conjures a Spell!

Classic Mode Route: Off Might and Magic

Mii Mage's Classic Mode is a unique one: the Mii Mage starts with the default Specials, but after the 2nd and 4th battles of the route, your kit gets replaced with the 2nd and 3rd set of Specials that can be picked from the Mii Mage's spells. Against the Final Boss of the route, you have two Mii Mage allies, both having an unused set of Specials, to aid you.
1ReimuHakurei ShrineSet a Fire In Your Heart - Halo: Infinite3:00, 1 stock
2:ultness::ultlucas:MagicentGreatest Journey (Warthog Run)Magi-Orb, Cold Cone, Lifting Wind, Time Trap
3KrystalGreat FoxKeep What You Steal - Halo 33:00, 1 stock
4:ultzelda:TempleOverture - Halo: ReachGeokinesis, Vine Tangle, Flying Broomstick, Essence Theft
5AshleyGamerThe Last Spartan - Halo 23:00, 1 stock
6:ultrobinf::ultrobin:Dragon AltarBlow Me Away - Halo 2Regular
FinalGiygasGigyas SpaceRock Anthem for Saving The World - Halo: Combat Evolved
  1. Ally 1: Mii Mage (Magi-Orb, Cold Cone, Lifting Wind, Time Trap)
  2. Ally 2: Mii Mage (Geokinesis, Vine Tangle, Flying Broomstick, Essence Theft)
Giygas utilizes psychic power.
air and

#125 Mii Athlete

Apart of the "Mii Day Festival"
Neutral Special: Shotput
The Mii Mage takes a bit to charge some power, purple lightning shooting up their robes, before they fire a singular long-range bolt of lightning from their hand that deals 9% damage on hit and less damage to everyone after the first for hit. Heavily based on Kazuya's Devil Blaster.
  • Custom 1: Ptcher's Glove
    • Picks up a projectile and reflects it - however, when Mii Athlete picks up the projectile, they can charge the throw to go faster and stronger. Charge cannot be held, so sorry Villager fans. Fully charged Samus blast into fully charged Pitcher Glove will be a nightmare... a very situational and rarely practical nightmare, but still.
  • Custom 2: Fencing Stab
    • The Mii does a dashing lunging stab using a Fencing Sword. It resembles one of Marth's Custom Neutrals.
Side Special: Tennis Shot
Mii Athlete takes out a tennis racket and ball and launches the tennis ball forward. The difference is that this attack is purely horizontal, unlike header where the soccer ball is launched from above, the tennis ball will be launched from the Mii's mid-level and travel forward without verticality.
  • Custom 1: BMX Burst
    • The Mii Athlete brings out a BMX Bicycle and rides forward with exceptional force. It's generally weaker overall than Wario's Bike, but it moves faster and is lighter overall.
  • Custom 2: Ribbon Lash
    • Takes out a Rhythmic Ribbon and lashes it forward. It lacks the electrical aspect of the attack but it does equal damage across the ribbon's length.
Up Special: Trampoline
Sets out a trampoline and can bounce on it. Opponents can bounce it. This is based on the Pac-Jump. It allows for two jumps before vanishing.
  • Custom 1: Pole Vault
    • Summons a whirlwind under the player's foot and lifts them into the air. It can be charged and then launched up into the air.
  • Custom 2: Flying Broomstick
    • A recovery-only move that does not deal damage. The player summons a broomstick and rockets the player up into the air.
Down Special: Bowling Knockout
The Mii Athlete rolls a heavy bowling ball forward in the same motion anyone would both in the actual game and in Wii Sports. The bowling ball travels solely on the ground, and is slower than the tennis ball, but does more damage.
  • Custom 1: Power Breath
    • This is pretty much Deep Breathing applied to a Mii Fighter. The difference is that it trades any form of healing for much stronger buffs, making this a riskier status Special overall.
  • Custom 2: Crystal Sandstorm
    • Summons a swirling crystalized storm around the player. It can deal damage but also reflect projectiles.
Final Smash: Wonderful World of Sports
The Mii Athlete takes out a baseball bat and glowing ball. They then hit the ball towards the center of the stage, in which the ball explodes into a portal in the shape of a rainbow-colored Wii Remote. From this portal, an enormous volley of silhouettes will come out that will go into every direction of the stage, doing damage to any opponents they hit. This works similarly to Wii Fit Trainer's Wii Fit Final Smash in this sense. These silhouettes will be of various generic Mii's doing all sorts of sports, similar to the picture below. These involve a large range from holding a baseball bat about to hit a ball, holding a golf club about to putt, holding a tennis racket, etc. Three large silhouettes then conclude this Final Smash, going in three triangle directions from the center where the ball hit. These are the giant Yacht, the giant Wii Blimp, and an Airplane, all seen in Wii Sports Resort in the second picture below. After this the portal closes and the Final Smash concludes, lasting around 6 seconds.

Entrance Animation
  • A finish line ribbon appears with the Athlete running past it; confetti scattering about them.
Idle Poses
  • The Mii Athlete takes out a frisbee and twirls it on their hand in a circular motion like a pizza.
  • Wipes their forehead.

  • Up: The Athlete spins around as a stretch, making them resemble the iconic Reckless Safety Notice Man. To add to this, the motion blur is orange. No hitbox, despite the source material
  • Right: The Mii Athlete takes out a badminton racket and birdie and bounces the birdie a couple of times on the racket before putting it away.
  • Left: The Athlete does a few stretches.
  • Down: The Athlete jumps up in celebration twice.

Victory Animation
  • Mii Athlete prepares to roll a bowling ball... but throws it backward, in classic Wii Sports fashion.
  • A baseball comes flying from above and the Mii Athlete catches it with a baseball glove, does a short standing-in-place backward somersault, and holds it triumphantly above their head.
  • Mii Athlete does a few punches as a graphic from Wii Sports - Boxing says "You Win"
Kirby Hat
  • The face of the Mii via headband. Shares the same ones with the other Mii Fighters.

Boxing Ring Title
  • The Athlete of Many Faces

Splash Tagline
  • The Athlete Aims to Win!

Classic Mode Route: Don't Miss Leg Day

1:ultyoshi:Mario & Sonic Winter OlympicsSet a Fire In Your Heart - Halo: InfiniteGoku's Staff appears oftenYoshi has appeared in various Mario-related sports games.
2:ultfalcon:Big BlueGreatest Journey (Warthog Run)Sprinkles appears oftenCaptain Falcon is a runner and a racer
3:ultincineroar:Boxing RingKeep What You Steal - Halo 3Beastball appears oftenIncineroar is a wrestler
Ms. Pac-Man
Pac-MazeOverture - Halo: ReachSoccer Ball appears oftenPac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man has been in racing games
5:ulticeclimbers:The SummitThe Last Spartan - Halo 2Double Cherry appears oftenIce Climbers are professional mountaineers.
6:ultdoc:Dr. MarioBlow Me Away - Halo 2RegularDr. Mario promotes health and fitness
Wii Fit StudioRock Anthem for Saving The World - Halo: Combat Evolved
Wii Balance Board Assist Trophy spawns often and allied with bosses
Wii Fit are fitness instructors

#126 Shantae

Apart of the "Fun Sun Summer Festl"
Neutral Special: Fireball
Shantae fires off a single fireball that travels a short distance in the same way Luigi's does and will eventually fizzle out. Charging at attack not only increases the range but also releases three Fireballs in quick succession.

Side Special:
Elephant Form
Shantae will transform into her elephant form and charge forward by 2/3 FD at the speed of King K. Rool's run. In this form, she has armor frames that reduce incoming damage by 0.2x and have +40 Weight until the end of the transformation. The charge deals 13.5% damage and high knockback on hit, but there's a follow-up in which Shantae will leap up and plummet straight down, prematurely ending the transformation but dealing 19% damage and spiking.

Up Special:
Harpy Form
Shantae transforms into her harpy form and takes a vertical launch into the air, similar to Pit's Power of Flight. The automatic part of the special will recover around 75% of the vertical distance Power of Flight does, however, the trade-off is that she can also fly briefly with manual input after the automatic part is over, being able to flap her wings (similar to Pit and other winged character's midair jumps) around 3 times afterward before she goes into helpless mode. The Harpy form has slightly less defense, but is lighter and speedier, being very fast in the air. Those in the harpy's range during the automatic part of the recovery will get damaged slightly.

Down Special:
Genie Dance
Holding down Special brings up a menu in the shape of a "plus" with selectable transformation forms that players can select. Each one will do a particular type of attack when accessed.

Attack Name
Monkey-ShantaeMonkey BulletMonkey-Shantae shoots forward while slamming into opponents. It can be used as an aerial recovery,
Spider-ShantaeSpider WebSpider-Shantae shoots out a glob of string which, when it comes into contact with the opponent, induces stun. Moving the control stick about will break the string.
Mermaid-ShantaeMermaid BubbleReleases a rising torrent of bubbles which will push opponents upwards with scaled knockback but zero damage.
Tortoise-ShantaeShell SpinPerforms an area of effect spin that damages and launches anyone nearby; much like Bowser's Down Smash.

Final Smash: Half-Genie Get-Together
Shantae opens up a portal which sucks in nearby players. They get transported to the recreation of the boss battle between Shantae and Empress Siren sans the former. Instead, the "breaking of the crown" happens to the opponent. The half-genies Harmony, Zapple, Vera, Plink, and Fillin appear to begin taking away their "stolen" energy from the opponent which does continuous hits of damage before exploding and being launched.
Entrance Animation
  • Shantae appears via teleport with a flurry of purple energy. This is the reverse of her exit animation in the modern Shantae game.
Idle Poses
  • Shakes her hips twice.
  • Flips her hair around herself.
  • Up: Shantae transforms into her Monkey form and does a flip.
  • Right: Shantae twirls which causes magical particles to swirl about her while saying "Try your luck!"
  • Left: She levitates and sits down as if in a recliner. She leans back and crosses her legs while giggling to herself
  • Down: Shantae does a bell dance where she sways her hips back and forth. It will loop if the down taunt input is held down.

Victory Animation
  • Shantae performs her signature belly dance as she weaves to and fro in front of the camera. This continues
  • Shantae transforms into her Elephant form and comes charging into view before unleashing a powerful call from her trunk.
  • Shantae jumps into the air and spins while holding her arms out as jewels home in and collide with her. This is based on her victory animation in the original Shantae.

Victory Theme

Kirby Hat
  • Shantae's purple ponytail as well as head circlet

Boxing Ring Title
  • Half-Genie Heroine

Splash Tagline

Classic Mode Route: The Seven Seas
Every stage has a water element along with opponents that either have a tropical, sea, or pirate theme. Every battle is a Stamina match.
1:ultgreninja:Scuttle TownRun Run Rottytops! (Shantae and the Pirate's Curse)Greninja is a Water-type Pokemon, Scuttle Town is typically the first level in Shantae games.
2:ultinkling::ultinklingboy:Delfino PlazaDance through the Danger (Half-Genie Hero)Inklings are based on humanoid squids while Delfino Plaza is a resort on the ocean.
3MarinTortimier IslandScuttle Town (Shantae: The Half-Genie Hero)Marin grew up on Koholint Island while Tortimer Island is, well, an island.
4:ultkrool:N. Sanity BeachRisky Boots Battle (Shantae GBC)King K. Rool has a pirate persona while N. Sanity Beach is a tropical location.
5:ultcorrin::ultcorrinf:The May ShipSunken Shipyard (Shantae and the Seven Sirens)Corrin has some water-based attacks while The May Ship is a flying pirate ship.
6DJ OctavioGreat BayRise and Shine (Shantae and the Seven Sirens)DJ Octavio is a cephalopod while the stage, Great Bay, is a coastal location.
Final:ultswordfighter:Pirate ShipBoss Fight (Shantae: Half-Genie Hero)The Mii Costume is a Female Pirate OutfitThe Mii Swordfighter is based on Risky Boots while the Pirate Ship is meant to symbolize the ship she owns.

Alternate Colors

Based on the blue costume variation found in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero.
Based on Shantae's friend, Rottytops.
Based on Shantae's friend, Sky
Dark Red
Based on the half-genie Zapple.
Based on the half-genie Zapple.
Dark Blue
Based on the half-genie Vera.
Based on the half-genie Plink.
Based on Risky Boots, the main enemy of the Shantae series.
Based on Siren Empress, the main enemy of Shantae and the Seven Sirens.
Based on Nega Shantae, a copy of Shantae.
Based on the Pajamas Costume found in the Half-Genie Hero DLC.

#127 Squid Sisters

Apart of the "Year One Festival"
Callie and Marie's ink has different properties: Callie's and Marie's ink increases damage taken by their attacks.

Neutral Special: Splattershot
Both leader and follower shoot - follower's ink deals more damage and longer lasting ink, but has less range, sorta like a Roy tipper when both are together.

Side Special: Charger Shot/Splat Roller

This Special is different based on which one is active. If Callie is your active character, then Marie will get on one knee and charge a shot from the Splat Charger. This deals 20% damage and kills relatively early if you manage to get the 2 seconds in, and covers a Devil Beam-sized radius. That being said, the summoning is particularly laggy and will be canceled out if Marie takes so much as a single hit, but Callie can act independently from Marie to hold foes back while her partner charges.

If Marie is your active character, Callie will charge forward with a big toothy smile, her Splat Roller in hand. Unlike the Inkling's Splat Roller, Marie will give Callie a portion of the ink to act and patrol as much of the stage as her ink would allow and this doesn't bury on hit. That being said, Callie constantly moves at maximum speed possible for Splat Roller on Inkling and is relatively well-defended from the front, granting Marie a good defensive approach option. Like with Callie, Marie is free to act independently from Callie while this Special is active.

Up Special: Idol Jump

Same as Inkling, but the follower transforms back into humanoid form and strikes a pose at the peak of trajectory - the leader can angle their landing, while the follower cannot, allowing you to easily separate the idols.

Down Special: Bomb Blush

One of Callie’s signature moves, the two throw out two Suction Bombs. Suction Bombs have a larger blast radius than Splat Bombs at the expense of costing more ink, exploding later and sticking to any surface they are attached to rather than having a bounce property to them. Different from Inkling’s Splat Bomb move, the Squid Sisters throw their bombs automatically and in rapid succession, without the flexibility in arcs that the regular Splat Bomb has.

Final Smash: Calamari Inkatation

A recurring song usually reserved for the final battle of Splatoon stories. When activating the Smash Ball, Callie and Marie summon a large performance stage, with unique camera work showing Callie and Marie flashing the poses above. The Squid Sisters can then use 4 inputs to challenge players to copy on the stage. The more inputs are missed when the beat drops, the more damage that foe will take through the rainbow-colored ink soundwaves bursting from the loudspeakers, with a minimum of 30% and a maximum of 60%.
Entrance Animation
  • The leader jumps down from the sky in humanoid form and strikes a pose, surrounded by neon lights and smoke, while the follower catches up in squid form with a Super Jump, when the follower lands they simply wave.
Idle Poses
  • The leader smiles and waves toward the screen
  • Up: The Squid Sisters do their famed "Staaay Fresh!" pose, catchphrase and all
  • Right: The Squid Sisters look at the camera and smile while waving.
  • Left: Callie and Marie snick together.
  • Down: The Squid Sisters hop for a bit while shouting "Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!"
Victory Animation
  • The Squid Sisters perform the pose from the ''City of Color'' Dance.
  • The Squid Sisters jump up and down excitedly, as Judd hops in excitement with them.
  • The Squid Sisters twirl around, and pose in their “Stay Fresh!” pose.

Victory Theme
Kirby Hat
  • Kirby gains the hardware depending on which Squid Sister was inhaled

Boxing Ring Title
  • The Kalamari Popstars

Splash Tagline
  • THE SQUID SISTERS Makes Their Debut!

Classic Mode Route: Idol Show
All characters come from games that utilize music or fashion in some way and are females.

Till Death Do Us Part
2:ultrosalina:Mario GalaxyAlterna Space Center: Overworld 5
3AhriSummoner's RiftSurprise and Shine
4:ultbayonetta:Umbra Clock TowerClickbait -
5SakuraGrand Imperial TheaterTentacle to the Metal
6StylistBeuamonde ArenaSka-Blam!
FinalDJ OctavioMoray Towers (Omega)Rock Anthem for Saving The World - Halo: Combat EvolvedThe Mii Costume is a Female Pirate Outfit

Alternate Colors

Pink/Light Green
Retains their appearance from both the original Splatoon along with their Assist Trophy appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Infinite.
Cyan/Light Pink
Based on one of the colorations from Splatoon 3's Splatfests.
Based on one of the colorations from Splatoon 3's Splatfests.
Based on one of the colorations from Splatoon 3's Splatfests.
Based on one of the colorations from Splatoon 3's Splatfests.
Based on one of the colorations from Splatoon 3's Splatfests "Squid Sisters Day 2".
Based on Splatoon 3's Splatfest "Zombie vs Skeleton vs Ghost".
Brown/Light Yellow
Based on Splatoon 2's idols, Off the Hook.
Based on the Blue and Yellow Splatfest Colors but also references the colors of Deep Cut.
Black w/ Sparkles
Creates a solid black gradient for the models with green, blue, and purple sparkles. Based on their Billboard design from the original Splatoon.
Based on Chaos vs Control
Light Green/Pink
Inverse colors of the two Callie and Marie.

#128 Toad
Super Mario Bros.

Apart of the "Year One Festival"
Neutral Special: Poison-shroom
Based on the poison mushroom and actual mushrooms, Toad will tuck in and endure an attack, if he does get attacked, he will release a powerful cloud of toxic spores that poisons opponents and knocks them back. Essentially think of this as a buffed version of Peach's Neutral Special. If he isn't hit the attack is as effective as a low-powered Wario Waft.

Side Special: Toad Kart

Toad gets into a Pipe Frame kart and rams forward into opponents, working similarly to other vehicle side specials. The kart can open a parasol and Toad can jump off of it, dropping the kart as a projectile.

Up Special: Propeller-shroom

Toad dons the Propeller Helmet which causes Toad to gently float upwards. Pushing up on the control stick causes Toad to move upwards at a higher rate of speed. Pushing down causes Toad to begin to drop is height until he falls completely.

Down Special: Item Stash

When you input Down Special, he'll pull out his chest, slam it down in front of him, and dive inside. Then, after around 20 frames, he'll come back out of the chest with a new item equipped - at which point he picks it up and it vanishes again. When he comes out of the chest, though - he'll be holding one of five items, which he'll hold up before using. These are:
  1. Super Mushroom - Holds it up, then it activates as if he'd just touched one.
  2. Fire Flower - Holds it up, then holds it like normal.
  3. Super Leaf - Holds it up, then it activates on him.
  4. POW Block - Holds it up, then it immediately uses one of its three activations before he holds it like normal.
  5. Bob-Omb - Holds it up, then holds it like normal. As usual, the timer starts to tick down.

Each of these are items that are already in the game, all of which are from the Mario series. The item pulled out is random each time, and there's a cooldown of around 10 seconds between each use - functioning similarly to Wario's cooldown on his Bike.

Final Smash: Faries' Thanks

Toad opens up a book and summons a group of fairies from SMB2 - they scatter around the stage, landing on various platforms, where they serve as conveyor belts like how they pushed Wart at the end of SMB3. For Toad and his allies, they make them faster with no cons, but for Toad's enemies, they will forcefully move them quickly in the direction of the nearest blast zone (or, on scrolling stages, the direction being moved away from), with fighters being dropped off of any platforms the fairies push them off of.
Entrance Animation
  • Toad appears with Toadette (or if Toadette is chosen, with Toad) and they do a high-five as Toad jumps into action/Toadette spins into action.
Idle Poses
  • Toad/Toadette is startled and looks around cautiously.
  • Toad/Toadette turns and waves at the screen.
  • Up: Toad appears with Toadette or vice versa and they jump up and down while shouting; using their Toad-like voices.
  • Right: Toad spazzes out as if hit with an Oil Spill in Mario Kart.
  • Left: Toad slips and falls on his butt.
  • Down: Toad appears with Toadette (or vice versa) and they prance around while humming a tune.
Victory Animation
  • Toad spins in a circle before pointing to the right. He then proceeds to do a "disco dance".
  • Toad and Toadette appear together and do a duet dance with Toad
  • Toadette comes in while in his Toad Kart and skids to a stop before doing a cool pose. As he drives in, he says "yahoo!" from Mart Kart 64.
Kirby Hat
  • Toad's mushroom cap

Boxing Ring Title
  • Ever-Loyal Fungal Subject"

Splash Tagline
  • TOAD is Here to Aid!

Classic Mode Route: In Another Castle
The iconic line uttered by toad in Super Mario, Toad's Classic Mode consists of Toad fighting against those who kidnap princesses, with said princesses as his ally.

1:ultbowser:Bowser's Castle:ultpeach: is an ally
2DJ OctavioMushroomy Kingdom:ultdaisy: is an allyDJ Octavio represents Tatanga
3:ultganondorf:Temple:ultzelda: is an ally
4Gold NoahAionosMio is an allyNoah as a Gold palette references Consul N after capturing Mio.
5Green :ultridley:Skyworld:ultpalutena: is an allyGreen Ridley is a reference to the Chaos Kin
6White Dr. EggmanMidgard:ultswordfighter: is an ally (Aerith Outfit)Dr. Eggman as a white palette references to Shnra and captured Aerith
FinalDJ OctavioMoray Towers (Omega)Rock Anthem for Saving The World - Halo: Combat EvolvedThe Mii Costume is a Female Pirate Outfit

Alternate Colors

Default - Toad
Based on the blue toad
Based on the Megashroom item.
Based on Captain Toad
Based on the mascot of Nintendo social media accounts
Based on the Propeller Shroom
Based on Toadette
Based on the Ice Flower Toadette.
Based ony the Poison shroom
Based on Captain Toadette
Dark Blue
Based on the Fire Flower power-up for Toad.
Based onthe Penguin Suit for Toadette

#129 Sub-Zero
Mortal Kombat

Part of the "Festival of Frost"
Neutral Special: Ice Blast
Sub-Zero launches an icy projectile forward. If the projectile hits an opponent, it receives 5% DMG and is instantly frozen as an icy statue for a couple of seconds.

Side Special: Polar Puncture

A move from Mortal Kombat X, Sub-Zero will reach out to grab in front of himself with one hand. If he manages to land a grab, Sub-Zero will stab the foe three times with a pair of ice daggers before smashing them one final time into the foe for a burst of damage and knockback. This deals 13.5% damage and is generally a good kill move.

Up Special: Tombstone Teleport

Sub-Zero's body becomes ice, falls backward into the ground/air, and reappears either behind his opponent, or, if he needs to recover, near the edge.

Down Special: Ice Clone

Sub-Zero will do a backflip while leaving an afterimage of himself encased in ice. This can damage those who come into contact with the statue and has a high chance of freezing people. The clone can be shattered with a strong attack though.

Krushing Blow

Performed right after a Perfect Shield if, right at the exact moment the Perfect Shield is inputted, the Special Button is pressed. The causes Sub-Zero to perform an ice-infused punch which, in 1 vs 1, zooms in and shows the inner workings of the attacked fighter. This is done in a black silhouette with a white skeletal frame OR its equivalent. This also launches the opponent up into the air. If performed in a group battle, it does not have a zoom effect. If it kills the opponent, TOASTY!!! can be heard in the background as the opponent is KO'd.

Final Smash: Freezing Storm

Sub-Zero summons forth a freezing storm that envelops him and traps opponents which then cuts into a cinematic Final Smash where players are stuck in the freezing cyclone. Sub-Zero then takes various weapons such as a sword, halberd, mace, and finally does a freezing somersault which launches the opponent into the air. Sub-Zero then launches billions of ice shards which "impales" into the opponent before freezing and launching them.

Final Smash: Fatality: Frostbite Flash

Sub-Zero can initiate this Final Smash when the character is at 100% damage on their last stock OR at 50% during the last 5 seconds of a Timed Match. You know that this is the one that is initiated as the announcer will say "Finish Him/Her/Them". When performed, it causes Sub-Zero to, like the regular Final Smash, summon forth a cone of ice that traps the opponent in a cinematic Final Smash. Sub-Zero causes a barrage of icicles to erupt from the ground and stabs into the opponent; trapping them inside and freezing them. He then launches a torrent of ice shards that chip away at the encased opponent bit by bit before shattering the entire of them entirely. This initiates an OHKO.
Entrance Animation
  • A whirlwind of ice and snow appears and Sub-Zero slowly walks out of the wintery haze, covering his arm with ice for a moment before shattering it and entering a combat stance. A combination of his intro animations from Mortal Kombat X, Injustice 2, and Mortal Kombat 11.
Idle Poses
  • Sub-Zero presses his hands together which causes a burst of cold to emit out.
  • Sub-Zero stands up straight and summons a cloud of coldness around him which causes the air to sprakle with frost.
  • Up Taunt: Sub-Zero forms an icy clone of himself with a stream of icy wind, which falls over and shatters to pieces. Based on one of his Fatalities from Mortal Kombat II. As an added bonus, the statue can deal 5% damage and low knockback on hit.
  • Down Taunt: Sub-Zero waves his hands in the air and expels out frost that creates a zig-zag-like pattern.
  • Right Taunt: Sub-Zero vanishes into the floor in a puddle of ice before reforming himself. This can be used as a sort of dodge.
  • Left Taunt: Sub-Zero expels a blast of cold from his hand while bringing them downwards. Based on the taunt from Mortal Kombat 1.
Victory Animation
  • The camera PoV sways for a moment as though someone was dizzy before the victory platform turns dark. The PoV feels something grab their neck, ice slowly forming from the bottom of the screen before it turns to see Sub-Zero. With little effort, Sub-Zero pulls the PoV upwards, the sound of ice shattering (along with a very VERY subtle wet sound) playing out as Sub-Zero's name flashes on the screen. As the results play out, Sub-Zero continues to stare down the PoV before it gets blurry and blacks out.
  • Sub-Zero raises his hand into the air which is a reference to the original victory poses from the original Mortal Kombat to Mortal Kombat III.
  • Sub-Zero performs various hand motions before kneeling down and slamming the floor; causing ice to rush up around him. He then looks up to stare into the screen. It is based on Sub-Zero's victory animation from Mortal Kombat: Deception to Armageddon.
Victory Screen
  • If the player did not die at all during the match, the announcer says "Flawless Victory". On regular matches, the announcer says "Sub-Zero Wins".

Kirby Hat
  • Sub-Zero's hood and mask.

Boxing Ring Title
  • Lin Kuei Cyromancer

Splash Tagline
  • SUB-ZERO Tests his Might!

Classic Mode Route: Flawless Victory
Sub-Zero's battles are all on Omega variants with Stamina Matches and each opponent is based on a particualr character from the Mortal Kombat series. The Classic Mode mimics the Mortal Kombat Arcade Mode aka Mortal Kombat Ladder. With a Mirror Match and Team Match near the end.

1:ultryu:Suzaku CastleRyu is based on Scorpion
2:ultsnake:Mishima DojoSnake represents Johnny Cage in one of his films.
3:ultrob:Find MiiROB references Kano.
4:ultzss:Blood GulchZero Suit Samus references Sonya Blade
5Sub-ZeroThe SummitTypically in the Mortal Kombat classic mode, players fight a copy of themselves.
Gran Mach MonastaryPikachu is based on Raiden and Jin is based on Liu Kang.
FinalDJ OctavioMoray Towers (Omega)Rock Anthem for Saving The World - Halo: Combat EvolvedThe Mii Costume is a Female Pirate Outfit

Alternate Colors

Default -Mortal Kombat to III version
Based on Scorpion
Based on Reptile
Based on Ermac.
Pale Blue
Based on Mortal Kombat (2011) outfit
Based on Rain
Based on Khameleon and Smoke
Based on Mileena.
Dark Blue
Based on Bi Han's version from Mortal Kombat 1.
Based on Frost
Based onNoob-Sabot
Based on Tremor.

#130 Klonoa

Part of the "Cherry Blossom Festival"
Neutral Special: Wind Bullet
A projectile that has been a staple in the series since its birth. Klonoa uses this to stun and inflate enemies Dig-Dug-style, after which he can use them as either an extra projectile to hit other enemies or as an extra jump. In Smash, Klonoa will fire a burst of green energy in front of himself, turning any foe that hits into a ball similar to Venom's Giga Machina System Instant Kill from Guilty Gear XRD.
This is a semi-bury state where their fall speed gets reduced to Jigglypuff's. While they're Winded, Klonoa can do one of the following:

  • Take advantage of their now-enlarged hurtbox to continue combos at the cost of reducing the bury timer.
  • Pick them up with A/B and throw them as though they were a Crate, dealing 14% upon contact with the ground.
  • The player can press Jump while near a Winded foe to make a more powerful third jump while cleansing their state for 5% damage.

Side Special: Shuriken
Klonoa's wind ring creates a Shuriken that flies forward and will pass through opponents while damaging them. It will bounce off walls if it hits. It will also be thrown downwards at an angle in the air.

Up Special: Moo Jump
Klonoa would lift his wind ring upwards while a Moo, a common enemy from the Klonoa appears on top of it. Klonoa shouts it "Wa Hoo!" and thrusts the wind ring down which tosses the Moo downwards, dealing knockback damage to the enemy while also boosting himself high into the air.

Down Special: Beam Gnome
Klonoa summons a shield of energy from the wind ring called the Beam Gnome and uses it as his down special. Klonoa can turn on the beam gnome shield where he dash forward a short distance with the shield active. The shield can deal some damage, but it's mainly nullifying incoming damage. it can absorb projectiles and block standard attacks.

Final Smash: Thunder Hurricane
Klonoa jumps into the air and begins to spin around very quickly. Multiple lightning bolts strike down onto the stage everywhere, racking up damage if the opponent is directly hit by them. After an onslaught of attacks, Klonoa excitedly lands on the ground while putting his wind ring up with a wink.
Entrance Animation
  • Klonoa leaps in from the foreground while shouting "Wahoo!".
Idle Poses
  • Klonoa yawns and stretches his arms. Based on his animation in Klonoa for the Wii.
  • Looks around him but then has a sad frown.
  • Up Taunt: Spins in three rotations before jumping into the air while punching the air.
  • Down Taunt: Lays down as if relaxing and waves to the camera.
  • Right Taunt: Bobs up and down on his legs while holding his hands in front of him as his eyes turn into hearts.
  • Left Taunt: Folds his arm and looks at the screen as "wind" blows past him and causes his ears to flow in the air.
Victory Animation
  • Takes the Wind Ring and holds it into the air as the wind billows about him.
  • Comes running in a kicks an inflated enemy Moo away.
  • Does a small little dance before spinning and then does a pose like in his artwork by pointing the Wind Ring forward.

Kirby Hat
  • Klonoa's hat and ears. The Wind Ring is also represented but, like Terry's gloves, envelopes the hand.

Boxing Ring Title
  • The Dream Traveler

Splash Tagline
  • KLONOA Enters the Dream Match!

Classic Mode Route: Cross Battles
Klonoa's opponents are a collection of Capcom fighters while teamed up with a Namco fighter referencing the game series Project X Zone which Klonoa was a part of back when it was Namco x Capcom.

Racoon CityAgumon is an ally
2RollCentral HighwayLloyd is an ally
3PhoenixCourtroomMs. Pac-Man is an ally
4:ultken:Shopping DistrictJin is an ally
5:ultswordfighter:Kamura VillageNightmare is an ally.Mii Swordfighter wears the Monster Hunter Rathalos Armor outfit.
6:ultryu:Suzaku Castle:ultkazuya:is an ally
Final:ultmegaman:Wily's Castle:ultpacman: is an ally

Alternate Colors

Based on Klonoa's typical depiction.
Based Klonoa's appearance in Door to Phantomile, Moonlight Museum, and Klonoa (Wii).
Based on his friend, Lolo
Based on Chippie.
Based on Popka.
Based on Huepow
Based on Lephise
Based on Leorina.
Based on Jokka.
Based on Guntz
Based on the King of Sorrow
Based on the Pro Famista Baseball 2011.

#131 Sans

Part of the "UNDERTALE Festival"
Neutral Special: Bgaster Blaster / COOL DUDE
Sans summons out Gaster Blasters in any direction and uses them to blast the opponent at 5% damage with 1.5% damage increasing from KARMA. While this move can be spammed. if used too much. Sans will get tired and Papyrus will fill in for his Side Special by summoning a trail of bones that formed the words "COOL DUDE" at the enemy till Sans is ready again. The cooldown would be 8-10 seconds. It does a little more damage but it's less faster. It does no KARMA damage when Papyrus attacks.

Side Special: Ribcage

A simple but iconic attack that has Sans summon a close-knit row of bones from the ground to damage the opponent, the bones deal KARMA damage and are one of the more common ways to inflict the status condition. Sans can hold down the special button to allow the bones to travel farther, allowing the attack to have a surprising range. If the target is on the ground they will be tripped, allowing the attack to deal more KARMA damage. When Papyrus is involved he tosses a bone from above that acts as a potent spike, the purpose of this bone is to spike the opponent into Sans' bones to maximize the amount of KARMA received.

Up Special: Teleport / Blue Mode

Sans can briefly teleport where he would disappear and suddenly appear at any given direction within range in a fair distance. This would not put Sans into freefall as he can freely use any other moves right after. Of course, if used too much. Papyrus will help Sans instead by turning his brother's soul blue to move upwards but will get into freefall.

Down Special: Blue SOUL

Sans will flash his eye for a brief moment, preparing to counterattack his foe. If the foe strikes him, Sans will inflict the foe with a status where they possess a blue heart for 60 frames + 1 frame per every 1% the attack would've dealt. While in this state, a fighter is reduced to Steve's jump power, but if going beyond the stage, the status effect will wear off. If attempting to initiate DSpec while this is active, Papyrus will appear and summon a trail of bones from his position like they were a bed of spikes dealing medium damage and knockback on hit.

Final Smash: San's Strongest Move / San's Desperate Move

If any opponent gets get by a single bone rising from the ground when his FS is active. It would send them to the Undertale battle bud where Sans to proceed to use his strongest attack like he did at the start of the genocide fight. It may be possible to dodge it but more often than not. You'll get hit with tons of KARMA poison.

If on his last stock and high damage, he will do his last desperate attack which also uses his telekinesis to whip the opponent around but also causes Sans to be fatigued at the end of the Final Smash.
Entrance Animation
  • Sans and Papyrus step out of a white rectangle from a black void with Papyrus vanishing and then reappearing on a platform behind in the background.
Idle Poses
  • When standing for a period of time. Sans will fall asleep standing until the player wakes him up by moving. Papyrus would either look disappointed by the lack of anything or makes a cool pose while his cape flows in the wind
  • Sans shrugs his shoulders.
  • Up Taunt: San takes out a bottle of ketchup and starts to drink it. It has a chance of recovering anywhere from 1, 3, to 5% damage. Papyrus looks in disgust only to buck up when Sans recovers health.
  • Down Taunt: Sans turns to the camera winking and a shrugs as a rimshot plays. As if he’d just told a bad pun. While Papyrus stomps on the ground in annoyance. Papyrus raises his fist in the air.
  • Right Taunt: Sans turns and his left eye shifts colors. Papyrus jumps in the air.
  • Left Taunt: A quote box appears above Sans in the typical Undertale format and Sans says a particular quote.
Victory Animation
  • Sans is seen sleeping but only for his brother, Papyrus, running up to hoist him into the air much to Sans surprise.
  • Sans holds a medal in his hand, but he doesn't look interested in it and gives it to Papyrus next to him who happily accepts it.
  • Sans is walking away from the camera before the screen turns to black for a split second. When the black disappears, Sans is sitting at Grillby's with a nice bottle of ketchup to drink.

Kirby Hat
  • San's jacket, and slippers, along with his color-changing left eye.

Boxing Ring Title
  • Mr. Lazy Bones

Splash Tagline
  • SANS dunks the Compeition!

Classic Mode Route: The Seven Human SOULS
Sans's battles replicate the nature of the seven SOULS in the underground.

Racoon CityAgumon is an ally
2RollCentral HighwayLloyd is an ally
3PhoenixCourtroomMs. Pac-Man is an ally
4:ultken:Shopping DistrictJin is an ally
5:ultswordfighter:Kamura VillageNightmare is an ally.Mii Swordfighter wears the Monster Hunter Rathalos Armor outfit.
6:ultryu:Suzaku Castle:ultkazuya:is an ally
Final:ultmegaman:Wily's Castle:ultpacman: is an ally

Alternate Colors

Based on Sans depiction in Undertale media inlcuding his appearance as a Mii Costume in Ultimate, Infinite, and Infinite Beyond.
Based Undertale's general appearance and his sprite from said game.
Based off his brother, Papyrus.
Based on Undyne, protector of The Underground
Based on Toriel
Based on Alphys.
Based on Flowey.
Based on Asgore.
Light Blue
Based on Frisk or Charam the main protaganist.
Based on Mettaton EX
Based the coloration of Snowdin, where Sans and his brother lives in Undertale.
Light Green
Based on the company, Fangamer, which handles the merchandising for Undertale and Deltarune.

#132 Mike Jones

Part of the "Retro Festival"
Neutral Special: Perfect Swing
Mike charges his bat to perform a powerful swing, it is inspired by Marth's Shield Breaker, however it has some unique properties. Firstly the bat usually can't instantly break shields, it can heavily damage them but it isn't capable of shattering the shield in one hit. The true power is lining up the sweetspot of the bat, which is in the middle, hitting that deals incredible knockback and not only instantly break shields but also deals a critical hit, launching the foe upwards. Think of it as a toned down version of what would happen if Jigglypuff breaks her shield.

Side Special: Slingshot

Mike puts a small rock inside of a slingshot, where he pulls it back and fires it , hitting into a foe with 3 or 4% damage. You are not able to charge it but rather angle at any direction.

Up Special: Anklet

The Anklet goes into Mike's ankles, appearing as wings. Mike will be able to fly upwards for a few seconds before the anklet disappears.

Down Special: Bola

Mike takes out a bola and swings it forward. If it connects with an opponent, it will shut them down and cause them to be immobilized for a period of time. When performed in the air, it causes the character to enter into a freefall for a period of time. Higher damage percentages causes longer capture times.

Final Smash: Ultra Psychic Snowman Wave

Mike brings forth a Snowman which causes any opponents on the stage to freeze. He then unleashes multiple blasts of Ultra Psychic Shock Wave's which, unlike the source material, shoots out in multiple areas. It will deal damage before eventually shattering and launching opponents. Those who touch the frozen opponents will in turn get frozen.
Entrance Animation
  • Appears via sprite form before transforming to his Smash iteration.
Idle Poses
  • Wiggles his body like how he runs in the original game.
  • Turns and smiles.
  • Up Taunt: Mike takes out two bananas and sticks them into his ears with a big smile.
  • Down Taunt: Mike takes his bat and swings a few times.
  • Right Taunt: Mike bounces back and forth on his feet with a goofy grin.
  • Left Taunt: Mike takes out two bananas and sticks them into his ears with a big smile.
Victory Animation
  • Mike takes out his yo-yo and swings it around before catching it and smiling at the camera.
  • Dramatically takes out two bananas and puts them in his ears while grinning.
  • Mike takes a coconut and throws it in the air before batting it into the sunset.

Kirby Hat
  • Mikes hair, freckles, and eyebrows
Boxing Ring Title
  • Ace Pitcher of C Island
Splash Tagline
  • MIKE JONES Comes Ashore!

Classic Mode Route: Retro Adventure

Opponents fought in this Classic Mode are from characters who first appeared in videos games during the Nintendo Entertainment System and older era aka retro.
1:ultgnw:FlatzoneFirst appeared in 1980.
2:ulticeclimbers:The SummitFirst appeared in 1984.
3:ultduckhunt:Duck HuntFirst appeared in 1984.
4:ultlittlemac:Boxing RingFirst appeared in 1984.
5TakamaruMurasame CastleFirst appeared in 1986.
6:ultpit:SkyworldFirst appeared in 1986.
Final:ultmario::ultdk::ultlink::ultsamus:Final DestinationDonkey Kong first appeared in 1981, Mario in 1985, Link in 1986, and 1986.

Alternate Colors

Based on an updated version of his classic sprite from the original StarTropics.
Based on Chief Corecola
Based on Mica
Based on the character Urban Champion from the game Urban Champion.
Based on Popka. Based on the sprite of Barker Bill from Barker Bill's Trick Shooting.
Based on the color scheme for when Mike Jones takes damage in the original StarTropics.
Based on the villain, Zoda.
Based on the character Detective Gumshoe from the game Gumshoe.
Based on Starman from the game Pro Wrestling.
Based on the Island Shaman from StarTropics 2.
Based on black-and-white television movies; further connecting Mike Jones to the "retro era".
Dark Blue
Based on Mario's debut appearance in Nintendo Power which featured a dark blue and red outfit.

#133 Morrigan

Apart of the "Return to the Festival of Fright"
Neutral Special: Soul Fist
Morrigan assumes a Buster Wolf-style stance and fires a skull projectile in an identical manner to the Hadouken. This deals 7% damage and low knockback on the light version, but like with Ryu & Ken, this deals incrementally more damage and travels faster, by 0.5% each, with the input version aimed upwards. If used in the air, Morrigan will fire the Soul Fist at a downward angle for the same damage and knockback.

Side Special: Flight/Shell Blade

Morrigan launches herself using magic in the air which can be used as a recovery move. This move by itself doesn't do any damage but inputting side special will induce shell blade which causes a drill like appendage to sprout around her feet as she kicks forward. It deals multiple hits of damage before launching the opponent.

Up Special: Shadow Blade

Morrigan turns one of her wings into a blade and files upwards, cutting anyone in her way and allowing her to fly briefly.

Down Special: Vector Drain

A command grab where Morrigan flies upwards near the top of the blastline before smashing them down into the ground, dealing 14% damage and medium-high knockback. The strength of the attack determines how far the attack goes.

Final Smash: Finishing Shower/Darkness Illusion

As with Ryu and Ken, Morrigan has two Final Smashes depending on the distance she is from her opponent. They can also be used in the air. Finishing Shower is used when Morrigan is further away from her opponent, she says, "Can you dodge this? Finishing Shower!" Then she fires a hail of missiles from her wings at her opponent. Darkness Illusion is used when Morrigan is closer to her opponent, where she says "You've been naughty." Then turns her wings into a jetpack, creating a copy of herself, and attacking her opponent non-stop before she kicks them to the ground, sending them flying.
Entrance Animation
  • A portal to the void appears from the ground and Morrigan rises up, accompanied by bats who transform into the wings on her head and back.
Idle Poses
  • Stretches her arms out while clasping her hands.
  • Phantom bats swirl about her in a frantic pattern.
  • Up Taunt: Morrigan does a back flip in place and a circle of bats appear around her.
  • Down Taunt: Morrigan folds her arms and gestures with an outreached palm whilst shaking her head and saying "come over here".
  • Right Taunt: Lilith appears and jumps into the air while shouting.
  • Left Taunt: Morrigan says "Can you amuse me for a bit?" and she sits back on a makeshift chair made of bats and folds her legs.
Victory Animation
  • She and Lilith appear in an intimate pose together with their wings covering their body.
  • Morrigan summons bats and sits down on them while crossing her legs while saying "That is ALL your body could offer."
  • Arrives in a cloud of bats before spinning and striking an intimidating pose with her swings spread out and crossing her arms. She then says "The night is still young...."
Kirby Hat
  • Morrigan's hair and bat wings.

Boxing Ring Title
  • The Night Warrior
Splash Tagline
  • MORRIGAN Enchants the Stage!

Classic Mode Route: Crossing Over Two Worlds
All characters are three on "three" battles based on characters that appear from various companies and studios which is a reference to Marvel vs Capcom series which is something Morrigan has a constant presence in. Instead of Morrigan having two allies, she has three total stocks. She fights each character one by one. All battles are on Omega stage variants and is a Stamina Match. Finally, after the defeat of each character, a new song plays which reflects that character.

1:ultmario::ultsonic::ultbanjokazooie:Mario Galaxy
N. Sanity Beach
3:ultsephiroth::ultgreninja:AhriSummoner's Rift
4:ultzelda::ultsteve:ReimuHakurei Shrine
5:ultfalcon::ultbayonetta::ultsora:Hollow Bastion
Final:ultmegaman::ultryu:JillSuzaku CastleEach character appeared at some point in the Versus series.

Alternate Colors

Based on Morrigan's appearances in the Darkstalkers series as well as crossover content such as Marvel vs Capcom and Project X Zone.
Based on her alternate palette from Darkstalkers.
Based her her "sister" Lilith while a;lso based on her original Darsktalkers alternate color 2 from Marvel vs Capcom 3.
Based on one of her color swaps from the original Vampire Savior.
Based her alternate color 2 from Marvel vs Capcom 3.
Based on Huepow
Based her alternate color 2 from Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.
Based on the 3K coloration for Morrigan from Capcom vs SNK EO 2
Light Blue
Based on the character, Felicia.
Based on the character, Hsein-ko
Based on her casual appearance.

#134 Alear
Fire Emblem
Part of the "Year 2 Festival"​
Neutral Special: Excalibur /Engage Special
Alear unleashes a torrent of wind which rises about and launches the opponent into the air. The magic is centered around Alear making it an effective defensive move.

:ultike: Eruption: Alear delivers a possibly charged Eruption with Ike.
:ultcorrin::ultcorrinf: Dragon Fang Shot: Alear unleashes a possibly charged Dragon Fang Shot along with Corrin.

Side Special: Dragon's Fist / Engage Special

Alear charges with energy before unleashing a flurry of fist strikes similar to Dancing Blade, the first hit being a left straight punch, the second being a right hook and the final hit dependent on input direction: straight ahead ends with a final dual palm strike that sends the foe flying, upwards-angled caps with an uppercut and downwards-angled ends with an overhead cudgel that spikes.

When the Engage Meter is full and the Emblem is engaged, Alear has access to a mapped special to this to do an attack that character Alear is engaged with. The following specials are:

:ultroy: Flare Blade: Alear performs a possibly charged Flare Blade along with Roy.
:ultchrom: Flare Blade: Alear performs a possibly charged Flare Blade with Chrom.
:ultrobin::ultrobinf: Arcfire: Alear casts a possibly charged Arcfire.
Anna Ballista: Alear unleashes a possibly charged Ballista with Anna.

Up Special: Draconic Crash

Alear jumps into the air and does a downward slash. It has high air movement by pushing forward at the end of the upwards travel distance to move Alear more forward. This is similar to Power Dunk but with more higher upwards mobility. This can cause Alear to Alearicide if they miss the ledge or go off the ledge but can meteor smash airborne opponents.

Down Special: Bolganoe/Engage Special

Alear slams him sword into the ground or will stall and fall and channel their Divine Dragon energy into the ground. It causes a geyser to shoot up and then travel forward in a straight line several spaces in front of him

:ultmarth: Counter: Alear performs a Counter along with Marth.
:ultlucina: Counter: Alear performs a Counter along with Lucina.
:ultchrom::ultbylethf:Amyr: Alear delivers a crushinng blow from Amyr along with Byleth.

Final Smash: Divinely Inspiring/Lodestar Rush/All for One/Blazing Lion/Awakening Aether/Great Aether/All for One/Torrential Roar/Goddess Dance/What a DealDragon Blast

When not engaged, Alear performs Divinely Inspiring which summons a pillar of Holy Light which seeks out opponents and detonates. It has the added benefit of healing Alear for every hit it does.

With :ultmarth: , Alear does Lodestar Rush which is is a combined Critial Strike but with more distance.
With :ultlucina:, Alear does One for All which is a combined critical strike.
With :ultroy:, Alear does Blazing Lion which is a combined Critical Strike.
With :ultchrom:, Alear does Awakenign Aether which is a combined version of Corrin's version.
With :ultike:, Alear does a combined version of Great Aether.
With :ultrobin::ultrobinf:, Alear does Giga Levin Sword which electrifies Emblem Chrom's sword as he does damage.
With :ultcorrin::ultcorrinf:, Alear does Torrential Roar which is a combined version of Corrin's attack.
With :ultbylethf::ultbyleth:, Alear does Goddess Dance which is a combined version of Progenitor God Ruptured Heaven
With Anna, Alear does What a Deal which is a combined version of Anna's but with each Anna seen in Fire Emblem's past being Emblematic form.
With Alear, Alear does Dragon Blast which unleashes a Zero Laser-like blast across the stage.
Entrance Animation
  • Alear appears along with their selected Emblem. Alear will say "Our foes are strong."
    • Marth: Spins while exiting the magical circle and brandishes the sword.
    • Lucina: Spins while existing the magical circle but doe snot throw off the mask.
    • Roy: Appears with a sword planted in the ground before rising back up.
    • Chrom: Appears with Chrom with their swords planted in the ground.
    • Ike: Appears while waving his sword forward while jumping out of the magical circle.
    • Robin: Spins out of the magical circle with a book of spells in their hand.
    • Corrin: Appears as a Dragon-like construct similar to Corrin ans transforms.
    • Byleth: Alear appears and takes out a teacher's pointer and taps their hand.
    • Anna: Alear walks out along with Anna from her shop.
    • Alear: Allear appears with Alear from a magical circle and twirl together before nodding.
Idle Poses
  • Alear swipes their sword into the air slightly.
  • Alear swipes their hair to the side.
  • Up Taunt: Alear holds out their hand which causes the twelve Emblem rings to radiate out and spin around their hand. They will say "Emblems, engage!"
  • Down Taunt: Alear holds out his sword as they glow and says "I've got this."
  • Right Taunt: Alear swipes his sword forward which causes a wave of energy to seep out.
  • Left Taunt: Sommie comes out and bounces around before Alear bends down to pet it.
Victory Animation
  • Alear appears via magic circle and rushes the camera before striking down.
  • Somme comes charging and runs between Alear's legs before jumping up and causing Alear to catch them.
  • Alear summons forth their Emblem that they are Engaged with who does a sword-holding pose back to back.
Kirby Hat
  • Female Alear's hair and heterochromia.

Boxing Ring Title
  • The Divine Dragon
Splash Tagline
  • ALEAR Engages the Battle!

Classic Mode Route: Emblems Engaged
Alear comes equipped with an Emblem of their choice. Matches are fought with Stamina Matches of one stock each which is based on Fire Emblem's gameplay. In addition, enemies have a "Dark Emblem" based on one from the original game which is a red palettte version of Fire Emblem characters.

Red :ultmarth:
Hyrule Castle
Red Anna
Red :ultbylethf:
Lylat Cruise
Red :ultcorrin:
Area Zero
Red :ultrobinf:
Red :ultroy:
Mishima Dojo
Red :ultike:
Ostrheinsburg Chapel

Alternate Colors
WhiteBased on Alear's female avatar in Fire Emblem Engage.
WhiteBased on Alear's male avatar in Fire Emblem Engage.
RedBased on Framme, a Steward of Dragon and someone Alear met at the start of the game.
GreenBased on Clanne, a Steward of Dragon and someone Alear met at the start of the game.
CyanBased on the character, Solm.
BrownBased on the character, Diamant.
PurpleBased on the character, Ivy.
YellowBased on the character, Alfred
BlueBased on their mother, Lumeria,
BlackBased on the bFell Dragon, Sombron.
Dark RedBased on the Fell Child class of female Past Alear.
Dark RedBased on the Fell Child class of male Past Alear.

#135 Rayman
Part of the "Year 2 Festival'​
Neutral Special: Soul Fist

Side Special: Flight/Shell Blade

Up Special: Shadow Blade

Down Special: Vector Drain

Final Smash: Finishing Shower/Darkness Illusion
Entrance Animation
  • Rayman appears with his limbs getting reassambled, only for him to strike a pose
Idle Poses
  • Rayman waves over his hair and makes a pose that makes him look more macho.... until his hair turns back like it usually does again.
  • Rayman puts his hand on the forehead and looks around before facing the screen and shrugging
  • Up Taunt: Rayman performs his grimace face which is a common staple in Rayman games.
  • Down Taunt: Rayman makes his victory dance from Rayman 2 whenever he frees the Teensies and finishes a level.
  • Right Taunt: Rayman does a sideways shuffle dance from the disco scene of Rayman Origins.
  • Left Taunt:
Victory Animation
  • Rayman jumps on a tree branch and starts eating an endless cycle of fruit like in the opening of Rayman Origins.
  • Based on Rayman's level clear dance from Rayman Legends after lums are counted. A swarm of lums fly above as he dances.
  • Rayman's best friend Globox runs up to him and the two perform a small victory dance before capping with a high-five to celebrate Rayman's win.
Kirby Hat
  • Rayman's hair

Boxing Ring Title
  • Limbless Luchador
Splash Tagline

Classic Mode Route: Crossing Over Two Worlds

1:ultmario::ultsonic::ultbanjokazooie:Mario Galaxy
N. Sanity Beach
3:ultsephiroth::ultgreninja:AhriSummoner's Rift
4:ultzelda::ultsteve:ReimuHakurei Shrine
5:ultfalcon::ultbayonetta::ultsora:Hollow Bastion
Final:ultmegaman::ultryu:JillSuzaku CastleEach character appeared at some point in the Versus series.

Alternate Colors

GreyBlackLight BlueMagentaWhiteCyan

#136, #137, #138 Team Fortress
Team Fortress
Neutral Special: Soul Fist

Side Special: Flight/Shell Blade

Up Special: Shadow Blade

Down Special: Vector Drain

Final Smash: Finishing Shower/Darkness Illusion

Entrance Animation
Idle Poses

  • Up Taunt:
  • Down Taunt:
  • Right Taunt:
  • Left Taunt:
Victory Animation

Kirby Hat

Boxing Ring Title
Splash Tagline

Classic Mode Route: Crossing Over Two Worlds

1:ultmario::ultsonic::ultbanjokazooie:Mario Galaxy
N. Sanity Beach
3:ultsephiroth::ultgreninja:AhriSummoner's Rift
4:ultzelda::ultsteve:ReimuHakurei Shrine
5:ultfalcon::ultbayonetta::ultsora:Hollow Bastion
Final:ultmegaman::ultryu:JillSuzaku CastleEach character appeared at some point in the Versus series.

Alternate Colors

GreyBlackLight BlueMagentaWhiteCyan

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Below are the stages appearing in Super Smash Bros. Infinite Beyond

Great Sky Island
The Legend of Zelda

Submitted by Mushroomguy12 Mushroomguy12
File:TotK Lookout Landing.png

The stage will start on the ground with one large ground platform and two higher smaller platforms. On the sides of the ground platform will be stairs as seen in the above picture. Cameos from Hylian townsfolk, Ritos, Gorons, Zoras, Gerudo, Sheikah, and Koroks will be in the background. There will also be cameos from Purah, the first four champions (Sidon, Riju, Yunobo, and Tulin), Teba, Yona, Buliara, Hestu, Paya, Old Impa (if Duck Hunt and Toon Link can be stage cameos and playable, so can she), Robbie, and Josha.

Eventually, Purah will attach four balloons, two on each side of the large platform, and one for each of the two smaller platforms, to the platforms and place flame emitters beneath each balloon, all using Ultrahand. Robbie will then use Ultrahand from the background to move the stage to the tower where the platforms will be shot into the air. For around ten seconds, the platforms will travel very fast upwards from the tower, but then the vertical momentum from the tower stops, so the flame emitters will activate and carry the platforms more slowly into the air using the balloons until the platforms reach the next portion of the stage.

Great Sky Island

File:TotK Sky Island.png

The platforms will then reach the Great Sky Island. The ground platform incorporates into the Island (similar to Delfino Plaza and Skyloft), with the sides now having ledges that players can fall off like with Final Destination. Zonai Constructs will deactivate the flame emitters, but the balloons will still be a little hot, so they will use hydrants to put out the flames with water. Cameos from the spirits of Rauru, Mineru, and Sonia appear in the background. There will also be Zonai constructs building various platforms in the background, using both Ultrahand and Autobuild and then sending them into the foreground.

These include:
  • A hover stone that will float in the air. It will have a fan attached to the bottom which will slowly take it up higher and higher until it goes off screen. Occasionally it will have a rocket attached instead, in which case it will shoot up much faster off-screen, taking unlucky players who don't jump off fast enough with it.
  • A wing with fans attached that will glide across the screen in a diagonal line, from top (a third of the way from the top) left to bottom (a third of the way from the bottom) right.
  • A sled with small wheels attached that will travel across the ground and drop a time bomb in the center of the stage, that will go off after a couple seconds and damage players in its radius.
  • A spring that players can bounce on to gain extra height.
  • A wooden platform will be attached to a hanger and be moved along by a fan along a rail. The rail will be high above the platforms and can't be interacted with, but the hanger and the wooden platform can.
Eventually, Rauru will use Ultrahand to move the platforms to the Temple of Time. He then will use Recall on the platforms, turning the stage grey (not the players themselves, just the stage), as everything moves in backward, first to the Sky Island, then downwards through the sky, all the way until the platforms reach the ground of the Lookout Landing again, and then the recall will end, starting the cycle anew.

The Omega and Battlefield forms of the stage will take place on the Sky Island, with a Sky Island textured platform used in the omega form, and two smaller Sky Island textured platforms being used in the battlefield form.

The stage name on the actual menu select (and the overall stage name in general) will be Great Sky Island, named after the second form of the stage, since that is the form that the Omega and Battlefield forms take place on.

Area Zero

Submitted by Venus of the Desert Bloom Venus of the Desert Bloom
The area is a touring stage that will start at the top of the crater of Area Zero and descend into the abyss; through the fog. It will fly over the land masses that dot Area Zero and the landmarks there including the Research Labs. As the stage goes down further, it enters into the depths of Area Zero which are adorned by crystals that help with the Terastalizing phenomenon in the region.

Area Zero depths
Once the stage reaches the end, it arrives at Zero Lab and enters into the lab where you can find either Professor Sawada and Koraidon or Professor Turo with Miraidon. The chance of seeing either is decided upon the match starting and never changes. Once arriving in Zero Lab, it will circle the Time Machine before it releases a pulse of energy which causes the stage to revert back to the starting position.

Time Machine area

The stage layout is a battlefield-type stage with elements taken from Area Zero for the platform appearances such as the terrain, fences, and the trees. The Omega and Battlefield layout sees the stage settled into the upper level of Area Zero.

Here are the cameos in Area Zero:
  • Venomoth
  • Dunsparce
  • Bisharp
  • Talinflame
  • Garganacl
  • Bellibolt
  • Glimmora
  • Greavard
Then, depending on if Scarlet or Violet was decided upon at the start of the match
  • Scarlet
    • Slither Wing
    • Great Tusk
    • Sandy Shocks
    • Brute Bonnet
  • Violet
    • Iron Moth
    • Iron Treads
    • Iron Thorns
    • Iron Hands

Alivel Mall

Submitted by Venus of the Desert Bloom Venus of the Desert Bloom
The stage has two stories with lofts on either side with escalators in the middle forming an "X" shape. It is only the front escalator that players can interact with as the back one is just the background. The front escalator connects to the left-side loft while the background escalator connects to the right-side loft. The right side loft then juts out toward the camera to provide a platform. The escalator can be demolished but not the platforms. It will be reconstructed after a while.

View attachment 375352

The stage itself is in a state of disrepair with nature slowly creeping into it but still, a semblance that this was a shopping mall. Grass pokes out ut from the titles, vines creep along the wall, trees, grow in wide spaces in the background, and a canopy of foliage is at the top of the stage.

The bottom layer still has tables, chairs, and signs albeit rusted from the elements which can be picked up and thrown.

The stage does have enemies that can be defeated. These are enemies who only appear in The Forgotten Land:
1. Awoofy
2. Rabiroo
3. Jabhog (technically not from this stage but rather another area.)

Omega and Battlefield variants utilize the same stage aesthetics but position the stage in front of the mall as seen in the background.


Submitted by Mushroomguy12 Mushroomguy12
File:S3 promo screenshot story Alterna 00.jpg

The main setting of Splatoon 3's single-player mode. This will be a traveling stage that will travel to each of the seven sites in the game that the player explores in story mode. Cameos include Callie, Marie, Mr. Grizz, Craig Cuttlefish, The Captain, New Agent 3 (can randomly be Inkling or Octoling, comes with Smallfry companion), Shiver, Frye, and Big Man. The seven sites will each have different platform layouts and include Future Utopia Island, Cozy and Safe Factory, Cryogenic Hopetown, Landfill Dreamland, Eco-Forest Treehills, Happiness Research Lab, and Alterna Space Center.

File:S3 Alterna loading screen.png

Shinjuku Station
Sin & Punishment

Submitted by KneeOfJustice99 KneeOfJustice99

The central background & concept.

Design & Layout:
Shinjuku Station is based primarily on the boss battle in the first game's second level, Stage 1-1, as well as the entire level in general. Taking place in a futuristic cityscape under attack by the Seemers and the Armed Volunteers, it's intended to represent the game's futuristic nature and vibe as opposed to purely the gameplay That said, some creative liberties would be taken with this - including elements like the overhead beams present in other parts of the level whilst having Shinjuku Station in the background, and having the Crab and Centipede Seemers crawling over it over time. Not only this but Achi and Airan Jo will cameo in the background, fending off the attacking beings.

Some of the background buildings besides purely Shinjuku Station.

The actual stage takes place on the bridge going toward Shinjuku Station, though some of the ruined buildings can be seen in the background - and there's also an upper platform, made up of one of the overhead bars seen earlier in the stage. I should note that the Seemers, nor Near Zero, would actually influence gameplay - though they do appear in the background and cause chaos.

An indication of what the platform might look like.

In terms of layout: assume that areas indicated in black are actual platforms, with grey areas being purely decorative background elements, and a silhouette of Mario for the sake of scale. I opted to remove the side parts mostly because it'd have made the stage pretty unbalanced, honestly.

As for its appearance in Battlefield and Omega forms, I'd say that it'd have a similar sort of vibe - albeit with the remade platforms that are intended to match the layout of the new form. Of course, that means the background would still be the same, war and all!

Starfall Islands
Sonic the Hedgehog

Submitted by cashregister9 cashregister9
A simple large flat stage that is high up and is about the size of Kalos but larger. where you can see the Titans from Sonic Frontiers in the background. Various Koco including the elder and hermit can be seen just sort of wandering on the platform background. The stage has multiple themes

Kronos Island where you see Giganto. This is a grassy plain.
Ares Island is a desert island where you see Wyvern flying around.
Chaos Island is a volcanic island where you see Knight
Ouranos Island is a nighttime grassy island where Supreme can be seen in the background

Each titan mostly just stomps around and occasionally Sage will come in and command whatever titan to attack the stage.
  • Giganto comes close to the stage and does several slashes into the stage followed by a wide-hitting circular spinning slash.
  • Wyvern will charge toward the stage before diving below it. It then rises up; charging into the stage from the ground up.
  • Knight cuts the stage in half much like Odin in Midgard. The stage will crackle with electricity during it being split in half and then will come back together.
  • Supreme charges up and creates its laser wings and then fires a blast of concentrated energy into the stage which travels around; dealing multiple hits of damage.
The stage will shift between each island with each shift being heralded by a boss attack. Once the boss attack concludes, Sage causes the stage to move to the next location.

Metro City
Street Fighter

Submitted by Infinity Sorcerer Infinity Sorcerer
The main stage consists of the central area of Metro City, with a mobile platform moving the fighters to different corners of the city much like other stages like Luminiere City. It would sound basic but it has a special hazard: Challengers.

Random NPCs that jump to the quarrel to fight you, probably instead of the SF6 NPCs it can be Mii's so we can get a more variable fight apart that they work very similarly with the SF6 NPCs using moves of another preexistent character to fight. Thought there was a special surprise.


There is a chance that between the challengers, Shen Long himself comes to fight. Unlike the rather easy-to-defeat challengers, Shen Long has full strength and moves like a high-level AI, even in the lowest difficulties he would be a very hard fighter. If my Mii submission gets in tho he can still just use Mishima's gi or something.

Blood Gulch

Submitted by GolisoPower GolisoPower
Arguably one of the most iconic maps of Halo multiplayer, Blood Gulch is a Capture The Flag map taking place on one of the eponymous Halos. In Smash, this is a miniature-sized version of the map designed to be a walk-off like Bridge of Eldin...save for the two bases that serve as extra platforms. Eventually, however, a Flag will spawn on one of the bases that a player can pick up. Bring it to the other base and you'll earn a temporary buff to either Attack, Defense, or All stats, similar to the Dark Emperor's buffs on Find Mii.

On occasion, a Covenant Dropship will arrive and drop one of several enemies:
  • Unggoy Grunt (deals minor damage with projectiles but is also easy to kill)
  • Kig-Yar Sniper (runs away and will try to establish distance so it can snipe out opponents.)
  • Mgalekgolo Brute (Capable of using projectile attacks but delivers powerful melee ones.)
  • Sangheili Hunter (Can become invisible and will attack with either projectiles or very powerful energy sword strikes.)
While these enemies do not appear in Multiplayer Maps, they were important to the story mode so they were incorporated to pay homage to the story of Halo. In the background, UNSC forces can be seen fighting against Covenant forces as well.


Available in "Mii Day Festival"
The stage is the size of Final Destination with one major feature: it transforms in layout as it cycles through various locations within Subspace. Here are the locations and descriptions. The version will transition using the Gateway Doors found in the stages that will open causing the stage transition.

Midair Stadium
This is a pretty standard stage and is Final Destination-like in appearance and function. Petey Piranha is visible in the background with Peach and Zelda in cages in the background. If Peach or Zelda are present in battle, then Miis are swapped in. If Pirahna Plant is selected, none of them appear.


The Plains
This section is composed of a floating earthy platform with ancient rock-like floating platforms. The stage itself is situated in a way like Green Hill Zone with two raised platforms on either side with a middle indent in the middle with two platforms floating overhead this section.


\................................................................ /

The following three enemies are stage hazards here:
  • Feyesh
  • Barbaros
  • Glunder

Ruined Zoo
The Ruined Zoo is dismal and long abandoned. The Statue of Porky Minch can be seen in the distance causing issues for everyone but it is not a stage hazard. The stage itself is similar to The Plains. This portion is the only one that technically is based on an actual video game, Earthbound. It is set similar to The Plains but the left side has a much higher which consists of a large bird cage that has since deteriorated with broken cages. The left side is far smaller and consists of a wooden tower platform. There is now just two floating platforms made out of wood in the center.

.... / .................\............................. ___________________
.../...................... \
/ .......................... \
|............................. | ..................... ___________________
| .............................| ..........................................................................___________
|..............................|_______________________________________|................... |
\ ............................................................................................................................/
..\ ........................................................................................................................./
.... \_____________________________________________________________/

Opponents that appear in this version as stage hazards are:

  • Auroros
  • Bytan
  • Floow

Research Facility
This version is a far departure from the rest with two small Final Destination-like platforms on either side of each other and a platform that travels between the two platforms followed by a bottomless pit. Like Space Frigate Orpheon, the lights will turn on and off occasionally.



Eenemies that appear here as stage hazards includes:
  • Roader
  • Buckot
  • Roturret


Going back to the original concept, it is just a Final Destination platform utilizing the Subspace aesthetic. Certain enemies that appear include:

  • Glice
  • Bombed
  • Puppit
Following the Subspace section, it returns back to the Midair Stadium


Available in "Sun Fun Summer Fest"
The hometown of Shantae, bearing consistent appearances throughout most of the Shantae games. In Smash, this is a walk-off stage along the water with several bazaar shop covers serving as three additional platforms. Eventually, the hazard will show up: a large pirate ship helmed by Shantae's archenemy Risky Boots. Her pirate ship functions similarly to the Battleship enemy from Smash Dungeon, with points of damage being the portside cannons, the sail on the ship, and Risky herself.

When defeating Risky, the person who dealt the last hit will be rewarded various items by the townsfolk as thanks for saving their town. This mainly consists of equippable items like the Rocket Belt and the Franklin Badge and food items.

Planet Clancer
Mischief Makers

Part of the "Year One Festival"
Planet Clancer is the main setting for Mischief Makers, a 2.5D platformer for the N64 when the rest were going all-in on the 3D. It's more puzzle-oriented and exploration-based, and only uses the D-pad and not the analog stick for gameplay.

In Smash, Planet Clancer is a fairly large stage with three Battlefield-sized main platforms made from the blocks you see in the image above, sporting different colors. Scattered in between them are Clanballs that fighters can auto-grab on contact to jump towards either a platform or a fighter. Alternatively, there are Warp Stars that players can touch to instantly teleport to a platform.

Sprout Tower

Part of the "Year One Festival"
This was intended for Melee but it lines up with our content restrictions. This location lines up with our time requirements and is from Pokemon Gold and Silver. This is a traveling stage in the same vein as those like Rumble Falls and Icicle Mountain where it scrolls upwards. The stage will sway side to side slightly and players scramble up wooden platforms that seem to have been constructed for Smash rather than for monks worshipping the Almighty Bellsprout. There are about 10 floors that players have to get through which generally lasts 2:00 minutes. Finally, players find themselves at the top of Sprout Tower. The pagoda is roughly 100 feet tall so it overlooks Johto. In the background, players can see the Bell Tower and Burnt Tower. Mt. Pyre can be viewed from in the background as well along with forests. It seems this version of the stage is during a festival at night as paper lanterns are hanging everywhere with crowds of people in the background milling about. In fact, the interior of the tower also has a warm, red glow.

As players move upwards, Bellsrpouts can be seen dancing about on the flowers as well as Weepingbells and even a Victreebell. Finally, upon arriving at the top, players may even see Ho-oh in the background where it will perch upon the Bell Tower. This also means Ho-oh as a Pokeball Pokemon cannot be summoned. In addition, Bellsprout dances on the roof with occasional Crobats and Noctowls flying in the distance.

The Pit
Mortal Kombat

Part of the "Festival of Frost"
A staple of the Mortal Kombat series since its inception. Initially, the Pit is a semi-walk-off stage with similar stage mechanics as King Of Fighters Stadium, but with an extra one at the bottom: If you spike somebody while their damage is at 75% or higher, you'll break open the stage and access a lower part:


The lower part of the Pit is a spike-filled hellscape (minus all the corpses and gore). The corpses shown here will be replaced with bundled-up skeletons that will serve as platforms for fighters to stand on, up to three being scattered across the pillars on random positions. The spikes at the very bottom function similar to Great Cave Offensive's Danger Zones and will instantly KO anyone above 100% that touches them.

Blossoming Acadia
Pikmin 4 is one of the most beloved Nintendo games released in 2023, even winning awards at the Game Awards. This stage takes place on a Kindergarten Playground, with the elephant slide in the picture being a prominent part of the stage. Cherry blossom trees adorn the background with pink petals falling on the stage. There will also be blue fences, a small wooden model house, and various other elements from the Pikmin 4 area littered throughout the stage.

The setting for Door to Phantomile, its 2009 remake for Wii and its remaster in the Phantasy Reverie collection, Phantomile is a land powered by the dreams of its populace. In Smash, Phantomile is a transforming stage similar to Pokemon Stadium that takes place on the book shown above. Occasionally, it'll flip through some pages before settling on one of the following worlds within Phantomile before resetting to the default after a while. The following worlds are:


Breezegale, the Wind Village
The first world of Door to Phantomile and the hometown of Klonoa. In this format, the stage gets a large three-bladed windmill that slowly rotates clockwise. Occasionally, a wind spirit (shown in the picture) will sprout from a nearby cloud and blow left or right, redirecting the windmill in the opposite direction. The blades of the windmill serve as platforms.


Jugpot, Kingdom of Water
The second world of Door to Phantomile. A two-layer stage covered in water, with the platforms getting smaller as you go up. Occasionally, King Seadoph, the ruler of Jugpot, will channel his power and cause streams of water and waterfalls to push fighters off the summit.


Forlock, the Tree Village
The third world, sustained by the waters of Jugpot. When transitioning to this, the book sprouts a large tree that grows four branches that serve as soft platforms for players to jump on. Players can strike these platforms for a chance to drop 1-5 Nuts that are treated as stage-exclusive food items that heal 5% per pop.


Coronia, Temple of the Sun
The fourth world in Door to Phantomile. A large floating platform with four pedestals, the stage is initially covered in darkness. However, striking fighters, while this stage is active, gives them a chance to drop large Jewels that are placed on the pedestals automatically. Whoever places the final Jewel first has the benefit of temporary invulnerability with the sun shining down on that fighter. The pedestals then reset.

Snowdin as a stage is a horizontal snowy platform with two platforms made of snow that can be passed through. The background has the inn and shop from Snowdin along with cameo characters such as Toriel, Mettaton, Undyne, Alphys, Flowey, as well as Sans and Papyrus if Sans was not selected. They are kept in their original sprite format. While the appearance of the characters will be random, there is a chance that the song will help decide who appears much like in King of Fighter's Stadium.

Zoda's Spaceship

Aensland Castle
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Stage Variations
Stage Variations are ones that can be selected prior to starting a match. It provides a unique experience to that stage rather than outright changing its design. If not chosen, there is a 10% you may still get a Variation.​
Super Mario Maker
Super Mario Bros
Launch - Unloackable
The Super Mario Maker stage is now updated to have several elements from Super Mario Maker 2, including a Day/Night cycle, and a Super Mario 3D World theme added to the cycle. There may also be some random background style change variations, based on the new styles added in Mario Maker 2, including Forest, Desert, Snow, and Sky.
The Legend of Zelda
Launch - Starter
Great Fox
Star Fox
Launch - Starter
Will take the Great Fox above the planet into space as throwback to the stage it replaced (Sector Z, searched & looked like Pac-Maze was only stage brought back in Infinite?), would be different from a straight port of Sector Z as it would utilize the modern great fox from Corneria & a modern background as opposed to other N64 stages & have the planet of Corneria visible on the bottom part of the stage.
Unova Pokemon League
Launch -Starter
This stage features a daylight version instead of a nighttime version.
Tortimer Island
Animal Crossing
Launch - Unlockable
This version features a rainy version which does not have an impact on gameplay.
Venus Lighthouse
Golden Sun
Launch - Starter
It features a darkened sky with an aurora in the sky behind with occasional meteor showers.
Final Fantasy
Launch- Starter
The Airship, while still flying, is on fire which can cause fire damage upon touching it.
Mishima Dojo
Launch - Unlockable
Mishima Dojo is besieged with snowy drifts and encroaching ice which causes the floor to be slippery.
Aperture Smash Chamber
Launch - Unloackable
The stage is largely on the verge of a breakdown with alarms blaring, fires having started, and portions collapsed.
Ace Attorney
The tried-and-true Courthouse stage has been updated with a unique set of variants based on different parts of the franchise, such as the bombed Courthouse from Dual Destinies and the Courthouse from the Great Ace Attorney duology.
Green Greens
Purchase at the "Festival of Feasts" Store; time exclusive
Autumn variation will change all the trees and grass in the stage to red, yellow, and brown colors, much like Autumn stages in the Kirby games themselves. The wind will be slightly stronger to signify the colder season.
Garden of Hope
Purchase at the "Festival of Feasts" Store; time exclusive
In an environment as lush and full of nature as this, of course, the fall would be a good season for this stage! The Autumn variation of the Garden of Hope will change from a lush green to a rustic red and yellow. Some parts of the stage will be plastered with various leaves and there are even some pumpkins scattered across the background of the stage, to boot!
Shadow Moses Island
Metal Gear
Purchase at the "Festival of Feasts" Store; time exclusive
This transforms the once barren hospital military base into a sea of reds, oranges, and browns as leaves scattered about the stage instead of snow. The Metal Gear still does appear in the background though so this once tranquil fall paradise is not what it seems.
Green Hill Zone
Sonic the Hedgehog
Purchase at the "Festival of Feasts" Store; time exclusive
The greenery of this iconic level has turned orange, with leaves on the trees before a dimmer sky as well as extra cameos in the background are orange\yellow or season-appropriate animals like Tails, Sticks, Marine,
Delfino Plaza
Super Mario Bros.
Purchase at the "Festival of Feasts" Store; time exclusive
It seems winter has set in at Delfino with the water frozen entirely and it’s one its idyllic landscapes being drifts of snow. The main harbor seems ready for festivities though with festive lights adorning its eaves and palm trees.
Great Sky Island
The Legend of Zelda
Purchase at the "Festival of Feasts" Store; time exclusive
The stage now has a snowy aesthetic comparable to the snowy areas of BOTW and TOTK. The stage now takes place at night, with colorful lights adorning Lookout Landing among the buildings and the Great Sky Island among the trees. The ground in both areas is covered with snow.
Kongo Jungle
Donkey Kong
Purchase at the "Festival of Feasts" Store; time exclusive
Saffron City
Purchase at the "Festival of Feasts" Store; time exclusive
Animal Crossing
Purchase at the "Festival of Feasts" Store; time exclusive
It has snow in the background with trees having christmas lights on them including some of the other decorations. Presents sit under the tree.
Minecraft World
Purchase at the "Festival of Feasts" Store; time exclusive
Based on the Snowy Tundra but mixed with the Taiga-related trees. This includes Wolves that appear on the stage. This variation is unique that, while considered part of the variation series, is actually one of the Biomes grandfathered into the Biomes set.
Raccoon City
Resident Evil
Purchase at the "Festival of Feasts" Store; time exclusive
Hakurei Shrine
Touhou Project
Purchase at the "Festival of Feasts" Store; time exclusive
In this variant of the Touhou stage, snow is falling, perhaps for much longer, alluding to the plotline of Perfect Cherry Blossom. In Smash, the Hakurei Shrine winter variant is covered in snow, and the trees are devoid of leaves. Furthermore, ice-themed characters like Cirno and Letty Whitrock as well as characters making their debut in PCB such as Yuyuko Saigyouji, Youmu Konpaku, the Prismriver Sisters, and the Yakumo trio have a higher chance of making a cameo here.
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Below are the items appearing in Super Smash Bros. Infinite Beyond
Baby YoshiSuper Mario Bros.SpecialA Yoshi egg will appear and, when interacted with, will pop out a baby Yoshi that comes in one of three colors: blue, pink, and gold. It can be picked up but otherwise walks around on its own. When picked up, it will release its attacks.
  • Blue: Shoots out bubbles
  • Pink: Inflats when jumped as used to slow down descent
  • Gold: Sends out lightwaves which can stun opponents for 1.6% seconds
The Baby Yoshi can be knocked off the stage or it may even accidentally walk off on its own.
DDR DancepadDance Dance RevolutionPlayers can pick up and throw this dancepad at opponents, causing a flurry of DDR arrows, seen below, to fly at them. The arrows will travel up the screen vertically on the specific point of the stage where the item was thrown, effectively creating a short-term wall in the stage, with any players other than the player that threw the item (or their teammates) taking damage from the arrows. The arrows will disappear when they get to the top of the screen, with the four arrow markers hitting them like in the animation below.

EletrichakusSuper Smash Bros.BatteringIts Jab works like a staff, but using the side tilts makes it segment to reach long distances, it also deals electric damage so it has a chance to stun.
ExcaliburFire EmblemShootingIt appears as a magical book that glows with green energy. When picked up, that green energy channels around the player and creates an aesthetic swirling vortex. When the special button is pressed while in this state, it fires a large arrow-like wind projectile that deals damage and continues to push opponents backward as advances to the blastlines of the stage.
FoodSuper Smash Bros.RecoveryMochi (4%), BBQ Ribs (6%), Dinosaur Nuggets, (6%) Pretzel (3%), and Croissant (5%) are added to the Food menu.
Mini Master HandSuper Smash Bros.SpecialA bite-sized glove which accompanies the person who picked it up. This is effectively a miniature version of the boss Master Hand that's been present throughout the series, using the same attacks in tandem with your own. It has a dynamic AI system in place, using one of the attacks from his boss battle depending on certain situations. Think about how Street Fighter 6's Dynamic Controls work. After 15 seconds, the Mini Master Hand will give a thumbs up to the fighter who picked him up before flying off.
Octo BalloonThe Legend of ZeldaTrapping/StatusWhen thrown, it attaches the balloon to the player and causes the player to slowly ascend up in a manner similar to the Beetle or Boss Galaga items. However, the player can still attack while in this state. Performing a stall-and-fall attack slows the descent. This gives the affected player options of attacking players while moving upwards. Trying to struggle though doesn't remove the balloon though. Instead, players need to up up aerial attacks or aerial attacks that have a 360 effect to pop the balloon.
Parachute BombsSuper Smash Bros.ExplosiveAn explosive that, when activated, will shoot up 8 different payloads into the air. They will then descend back down to the ground but will pop open a parachute. The bombs will explode regardless of where they make contact; an opponent, obstacles, or ground. This makes the bombs tricky as players will need to avoid them or avoid being launched into them.
TacticoolerSplatoonHealing/StatWhen placed, it plays the Tacticooler jingle and shoots up confetti. Anyone taking a swig from it gains partial healing and stat increases. It can be destroyed. It has 4 uses before it dries up.
Zombie PillSuper Smash Bros.StatusPlayers who ingest this pill see a dramatic increase in superarmor and takes reduce damage by 25% thus allowing them to shrug off attacks. This causes a reduced jump and speed stat but further augments their abilities by healing the player when using melee-based attacks.
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Assist Trophy
Below are the assist trophies appearing in Super Smash Bros. Infinite Beyond
The Arbiter will appear and begin to relentlessly track down and eliminate opponents. At long range, he will use a plasma rifle to fire shots at opponents with high accuracy. If players get close, it will strike with an energy sword. On occasion, it will also activate its camouflage in order to sneak on opponents.
Bill RizerContraBill Rizer has two unique gimmicks; one cosmetic and one gameplay. If he is summoned on a stage that is from the 80s/has an 8-bit theme, he will appear as his 8-bit spirit. However, any other stage will result in his modern design from the upcoming remake Bill Rizer has some of the most versatile and damaging attacks for assist trophies.. He can swiftly switch between a wide spreadshot, a heavy damage-inducing flamethrower, and a piercing laser beam on the fly. These attacks deal much more damage than what is the norm for attacks of this caliber, but again Bill is one of the frailer assist trophies to KO, so summoning him has some risk. Talking about that frailty, Bill dies in one hit but can come back to life 5 times until he is gone for good.
DragnauxRing Fit AdventureHe will stand in the middle of the stage and flex, working out. His flexes create shockwaves that can stun an opponent. The more he flexes, the larger the shockwaves and the further they emanate outwards. Like many ATs, you ca KO Dragnaux for points.
Chosen UndeadDark SoulsA bonfire will be lit at your location and the Chosen Undead will stand straight, Astoran Sword and Shield at the ready. As he travels around, he will target foes as though he were a summoned ally, and do one of the following:
  • Sword Flurry: A four-hit sword combo that deals 6% damage and medium-low knockback per hit.
  • Parry & Riposte: If the Chosen Undead has been attacked within a 5-second margin, he will counter any incoming hit with a blow with his shield followed by a nasty Riposte that deals 40% damage and crumples.
  • Dodge Roll: Alternatively, the Chosen Undead will dodge in one of several directions with surprising deftness.
  • Fire Bomb: The Chosen Undead will throw one of the items of the game, a Fire Bomb, which explodes at the size of Boom and deals 13% damage and medium-high knockback.
  • Sunlight Spear: If the foe decides to keep far enough away for long enough, the Chosen Undead will create a lightning bolt and throw it at the foe's position for Thoron-like damage and knockback.
Curiously enough, the Chosen Undead has half the HP of other Assist Trophies. This is where the Bonfire kicks in: after the Chosen Undead is defeated once, the classic "YOU DIED" flashes on the screen before he reappears at the Bonfire in a burst of flame. Do this 3 times in a row and you actually defeat the Chosen Undead.
Available in "Festival of Fantasy"
The appearance of Diablo would mark a second Assist Trophy Blizzard rep but this character embodies the medieval/fantasy-like motif we are going for. using the height of Diablo III but the muscular physique of II and HotS. When summoned, he will do multiple attacks:
Slash: When he gets near an opponent, he delivers a brutal slash attack followed by a second and then a third downward slash.
  • Fireball: Releases a Power Wave-type attack that is much larger and travels along the ground until it hits the ledge or an opponent which causes a large explosion.
  • Flame Circle: Stomps his feet which causes a wing of fire to shoot out on either side as you see in this gif
  • Boine Prison: Create a prison of bones that traps opponents
  • Teleport: Teleports
  • Red Lighting Hose: A charge attack that takes a lot of time to activate but unleashes a powerful blast.
Earthworm Jim
Earthworm Jim
When summoned, Earthworm Jim will follow opponents, using his head to grapple around the stage, and shoot them with his laser gun. Before disappearing, he'll say his catchphrase, "Groovy!" He can be KOed.
EVR RacerEVR RaceThe horses, jockeys, and race cars would appear and dart across the stage. They appear in a big hoard as they are racing back and forth. They are an EXCELLENT assist for stage control causing about 20% damage to any foes they encounter and can send opponents flying! After a few seconds, the racers just disappear. You can't KO them though!
FroggerFroggerFrogger hops around the stage and occasionally summons a car or truck to drive through the stage and ram opponents. He will summon around 3 cars or trucks, one at a time before disappearing. Cars are faster, but are smaller and do less damage, trucks are slower, but are larger and do more damage. Each of the three attacks has a 75% of being a car and a 25% of being a truck.
Iris Archwell
Available in "Mii Day Festival"
Mii Street PassThe assistant to the player from the Street Pass game Monster Mansion. Monster Mansion is an RPG in which you must place tiles to get around a large spooky house while getting into turn-based battles with all kinds of terrifying monsters. Iris appears as she does in the game, traveling around the stage. She'll place tiles down in front of her, which a monster may appear from. If it did it would proceed to attack the nearest fighter. This may be a ghost or Skeleton.
Labo RobotLABOIt chases the closest person next to it and, when it gets close enough, it throws out a very strong punch ( it would do about 20/30 percent, great knockback, and also with the bonus of doing around half of your shield's health.
MallowSuper Mario RPGOne of the two entry-original companions alongside Geno, Mallow is a self-proclaimed frog who was raised by the sage Frogfucius, when in truth he's the Prince of Nimbus Land. In Smash, Mallow will do one of the following abilities:
  • Thunderbolt: Mallow calls delayed bolts of lightning down on all enemies on the stage tracking the foe's position. This attack deals 7% damage and stuns on hit.
  • HP Rain: Creates a smiling cloud over the summoner that releases healing rain atop them. This heals 1% per 1/2 a second.
  • Shocker: You can't escape Mallow, he'll chase you to the ends of the Earth! ...or at least the stage. This is effectively a single-target version of Thunderbolt that deals double the damage and higher knockback.
  • Snowy: Mallow drops a large snowman on the ground that lingers as a 100HP construct for the remaining duration that Mallow is summoned. The drop itself deals 14% damage and freezes on contact.
  • Star Rain: This is essentially a variant of the Moon Assist Trophy, except it deals a single hit of 50% damage and is near-guaranteed to KO on hit.
  • Psychopath: Occasionally, there's a chance that Mallow will instead try to read a foe's mind, revealing an amusing (and usually nonsensical) quote regarding that foe.
MC Horace1, 2 SwitchMC Horace will begin dancing on stage with two Joy Cons in hand, accompanied by dance music similar to the one in the video. He will then do one of three randomly generated attacks, each with a 1/3 chance of being selected. The first will be based on the balloon minigames where he releases around 4 fighter-sized balloons onto the stage, which will pop after 4 seconds, damaging players in their vicinity. The second will involve summoning 3 UFOs which will fire beams onto the stage, damaging players caught in the blast. The third and last attack involves jump rope, in which a giant jump rope will go around the entire screen and damage players that touch it (it can be dodged by shielding/rolling and will go a little slower than in the game as to not be too overpowered). It will swing around the stage 4 times before disappearing. Once any one of the three attacks has concluded, MC Horace will do a wacky pose and then disappear. The design of the balloons, UFOs, and jump rope will all be taken directly from Everybody 1 2 Switch as seen in the video.

Available in "Festival of Ice"
OverwatchMei spawns in and performs one of several attacks
  • Endothermic Blaster - Mei will shoot a frozen beam at opponents
  • Icicle - Mei will shoot a powerful icicle that deals extra damage to Frozen opponents
  • Ice Wall - Mei will summon a large pillar on the stage that can be destroyed
When she leaves, she sends out Snowball and performs Blizzard, A large circle of frozen air appears around the middle of the stage and freezes any opponent trapped inside, Her leaving animation involves her entering Ice Block as well.
NintendogNintendogsIt functions much like the previous Nintendogs but the model for Infinite Beyond is a Siberian Husky.
Nintendo Eshop BagIts main gimmick is that you need to protect it rather than have it protect you as it is downloading data for a special purchase. When fully downloaded, the Eshop Bag can give you either a free Final Smash, a full Dragoon, a full Daybreak, a Heart, an extra point in timed matches, or an extra life in stock matches. But again you need to protect it before it can give you the good stuff, otherwise you'll waste an assist.
OatchiPikminThe loveable space hound companion from the recent smash hit Pikmin 4. When summoned, the yellow pooch will look for items and will bring them to the player, picking up anything that is dropped and dragging them to the player's character. The player can also direct him to an opponent via a little prompt that pops up, and he will proceed to chomp that fighter.
Parabo & SateboSatellaviewThe two of them will spawn on the Battlefield with Satebo setting up his satellite. Then, Parebo will fly around throwing explodable Super FamiCom or SNESs onto the battlefield causing damage ot other fighters. Eventually, the two of them will "download" an opponent's move and simply strike back with that move on the other fighters. A complicated assist for such an obscure piece of Nintendo history.
The PrinceKatamari DamacyThe Prince rolls a ball around the stage but it has three sizes: small, medium, and large.

  • The Small Ball has a 25% chance of happening and it would be almost pokeball size and wouldn't do much damage or knockback
  • The Medium Ball has a 50% chance of happening and, in a battlefield-sized stage, the player has to jump toward one of the two platforms on the sides. It has decent knockback and damage output.
  • The Large Ball has a 25% chance of happening and again with the battlefield comparison, the players would have to jump to the top platform to avoid it. It has the best damage and the best knockback out of all of them but not the biggest amount either.
Shy GuyYoshi/MarioSummoning the Shy Guy causes a ship in the background to appear in view. They will begin lobbying Bomb-ombs onto the stage. This Assist Trophy is not available on moving, touring, or some transformative stages.
SpyroSpyroWhen summoned Spyro will attack his enemies with fire or by using his horns, he could also fly and the player that summoned him could stay on top to travel the stage, this could be useful in big stages like Palutena's Temple.
Waddle DooKirbyWaddle Doo walks and jumps around and will shoot out a beam of energy that deals continuous damage before launching the players.
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Pokeball Pokemon
Below are the pokemon appearing in Super Smash Bros. Infinite Beyond
GrassLeafageSprigatito meows and unleashes a flurry of leaves shoot forward; pelting opponents and pushing them backward.
FireEmberFuecoco puffs out small embers into the air which then cascade down. Anyone who get **** by the embers gets burned with the ember then fading away.
WaterAqua JetSwims forward in a stream of water at high speeds while kicking at anyone who comes near.
#0920LokixBug/DarkFlying Kick & Axe KickLokix will emerge from its Pokeball and run around while kicking opponents. Before it leaves, it performs one more dynamite kick.
#0927DachsbunFairyHalf-Baked Body & Aroma VeilDachsbun will harden its skin and act as a shield to the fighters, the sweet aroma that it leaves behind will heal fighters.
#0936ArmarogueFire/PsychicArnor CannonArmarogue takes all of the power of its armor, combines it together, and fires a powerful Zero Laser-like beam across the stage that deals fire damage.
#0945GrafaiaiPoison/NormalAcid SprayGrafaiai shoots out a toxic spray cloud like graffiti can shoot out a spray of paint. The spray shot by the pokemon deals normal damage and it gives a poison effect on opponents when having contact with it.
#0947BrambleghastGrass/GhostWind RiderBrambleghast will vanish before a large horde of Bramblins and Brambleghasts will start tumbling across the stage, dealing light damage and knockback per tumbleweed.
#0959TinkatonFairy/SteelGigaton HammerTinkaton attacks the nearest player with its hammer. which Tinkaton slams into the player with its hammer and it also gives a bury effect on the opponent.
#0964PalafinWaterCharm, Jet Punch, & Wave CrashHe'll perform Charm (a windbox pulls opponents towards him) Jet Punch, another Charm, and finally, Wave Crash. He then despawns, but not before striking a heroic pose.
#0973FlamigoFlying/FightingDouble Kick & FlyFlamigo will use Double Kick and will fly or run around the stage and kick opponents with 2 powerful kicks.

Dondozo & TatsugiriWater
Order UpDondozo will flop around with Tatsugiri while attacking using Order Up. If Dondozo swallows Tatsugiri and performs Order Up, it will either boost the summoners' attack stat, defense stat, or speed stat. Players can KO Tatsugiri.
#0981FarigarafNormal/PsychicTwin BeamIt fires 2 blasts of beams at the opponents, dealing a decent amount of damage.
#0989Sandy ShocksElectric/GroundMagnetic FluxIt creates a powerful yellow electromagnetic field around its body which draws opponents, items, and objects toward it - then, if you hit its actual body, you get a powerful electric shock! Whilst the force itself isn't as powerful as, say, the Black Hole item, it is still enough to cause a bit of chaos - plus, the field itself grows slightly as its effect continues. However, once again, the user of the original Pokéball is immune to this effect... even if their projectiles aren't.
#0992Iron HandsFighting/ElectricWild ChargeIron Hands begins charging with power before thrusting its disembodied hands in front of or behind itself using Wild Charge, dealing 15% damage and stunning before inflicting medium-high knockback.
#0994Iron MothFire/PoisonFiery DanceIron Moth flaps its wings and pulsates with fire before traveling about the stage; emanating fire that burns and damages anyone who touches it. It will fly in a random formation.
#1001Wo-ChenDark/GrassGiga DrainWo-Chien releases a burst of dark-green energy which creates a sphere around it. Anyone, not the summoner constantly gets accumulated damage as long as they are in the field. FLinching doesn't occur but it does slow speed down by 1.2x.
#1002Chien-PoDark/IceIce ShardIt increases the size of its fangs and then swings its head; firing them in a straight line. It does this attack 7 to 10 times and will move side to side. The ice has a 50% chance of freezing the opponent upon touch while also dealing damage.
#1003Ting-LuDark/GroundRuinationTing-Lu summons a wave of ruinous energy that pours down like rain from the top of the stage down to the bottom. Anyone caught in the attack is forced down and buried or meteor smashes when in the air.
#1004Chi-YuDark/FireLava PlumeChi-Yu dives onto the stage and will occasionally leaps back up; causing a geyser of lava to shoot up as it jumps and falls. Each subsequent jump is higher and creates a larger laval plume than before.
#1005Roaring MoonDragon/DarkDragon BreathIt rushes back and forth around the stage while causing bursts of dragon fire to erupt and bathe the stage in it.
Collission Course​
It transforms into its Apex Mode and launches itself into the air. It will then spin and then crash down into the ground; creating an explosion that can engulf smaller stages. The explosion does high amounts of damage and functions similar to a Smart Bomb but also draws in opponents as well.
#1008MiraidonElectric/DragonElectro DriftIt transforms Ultimate Form and then blasts forward multiple times along the stage at breakneck speed; all the while generating electricity which shocks and traps opponents.
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Mii Fighter Outfits
Below are the Mii Fighter Outfits appearing in Super Smash Bros. Infinite Beyond
Special Notes
Color Variations
Santa Cap
Super Smash Bros.
  • Santa Cap
This outfit appears in the "Festival of Ice" Update Update 3.0Festival of Ice Store - Timed Exclusive
Present Mask
Super Smash Bros.
  • Present Mask
This outfit appears in the "Festival of Ice" Update Update 3.0Festival of Ice Store - Timed Exclusive
Fighting Polygon Team Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Polygonal Mask
  • Polygonal Outfit
Has color variations as a tie-in crossover with Dragon King.
Scarecrow Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Scarecrow Mask
  • Scarecrow Outfit
This outfit appears in the "Festival of Feasts" Update Update 2.0

:ultswordfighter: uses a rake. :ultgunner: just uses it's hand without an arm cannon being visible
Festival of Feasts Store - Timed Exclusive​
Jester Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Jester Cap
  • Jester Outfit
Sword and Staff becomes a Jester SecpterFestival of Fantasy Store & Infinite Beyond Store
Burning Cinderfist Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Cinderfist Helmet
  • Cinderfist Outfit
Shares the same armor with Cinderblade and Cindershot. Fists become volcanic.
Cascading Hydrofist Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Hydrofist Cap
  • Hydrofist Outfit
Shares the same armor with Hydroblade and Hydroshot. Fists become clad in seashells.
Biting Petalfist Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Petalfist Crown
  • Petalfist Outfit
Shares the same armor with Petalblade and Petalshot. Fists become venus-fly-traps.
Quaking Golemfist Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Golemfist Mask
  • Golemfist Outfit
Shares the same armor with Golemblade and Golemshot. Fists become clade entirely with rock.
Frigid Frostfist Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Frostfist Wig
  • Frostfist Outfit
Shares the same armor with Frostblade and Cindershot. Fists become encased in ice.
Blinding Stormfist Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Stormfist Wig
  • Stormfist Outfit
Shares the same armor with Stormfist and Stormblade. Fists emanate blinding light and crackle with electricity.
Soaring Skyfist Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Skyfist Mask
  • Skyfist Outfit
Shares the same armor with Skyblade and Skyshot. Fists become clad in winged gauntlets.
Shadowed Nightfist Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Nightfist Hood
  • Nightfist Outfit
Shares the same armor with Nightblade and Nightshot. Fists become clad in darkened claws.
Ascended Lightfist Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Lightfist Helmet
  • Lightfist Outfit
Shares the same armor with Frostblade and Cindershot. Fists shine forth in light and clad in holy gauntlets.
Fox Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Fox Mask
  • Fox Outfit
This outfit appears in the "Festival of Feasts" Update Update 2.0
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Black
  • Silver
  • White
Festival of Feasts Store - Timed Exclusive​
Snowman Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Snowman Mask
  • Snowman Outfit
This outfit appears in the "Festival of Ice" Update Update 3.0Festival of Ice Store - Timed Exclusive
Frankenstein Outfit:ultbrawler:Super Smash Bros.
  • Frakenstein Mask
  • Frankenstein Outfit
Werewolf Outfit:ultbrawler:Super Smash Bros.
  • Werewolf Mask
  • Werewolf Outfit
Elephant Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Elephant Mask
  • Elehepant Outfit
  • Gray (default)
  • Light Pink
  • Light
  • Yellow
Pistol Shrimp Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Pistol Shrimp Mask
  • Pistol Shrimp Outfit
Koopa Troopa Outfit
Super Mario Bros.
  • Koopa Troopa Mask
  • Koopa Troopa Outfit
Fun Sun Summer Fest Store & Infinite Beyond Store
Sommie Outfit
Fire Emblem
  • Sommie Mask
  • Sommie Outfit
Dragonite Outfit:ultbrawler:Pokemon
  • Dragonite Mask
  • Dragonite Outfit
Jody Summers Outfit:ultbrawler:F-Zero
  • Jody Summers Wig
  • Jody Summers Outfit
Akuma Outfit:ultbrawler:Street Fighter
  • Akuma Wig
  • Akuma Outfit
Cortana Outfit
  • Cortana Wig
  • Cortana Outfit
It causes the entire Mii Costume to become blueish in tint; including the skin.
Rottytops Outfits
  • Rottytops Outfit
  • Rottytops Wig
Fun Sun Summer Fest Store & Infinite Beyond Store
Sky Outfit
  • Sky Outfit
  • Sky Wig
Fun Sun Summer Fest Store & Infinite Beyond Store
Bonnie OutfitFive Nights at Freddy's
  • Bonnie Helmet
  • Bonnie Outfit
Springtrap OutfitFive Nights at Freddy's
  • Springtrap Helmet
  • Springtrap Outfit
Alex Kidd Outfit
Alex Kidd
  • Alex Kidd Wig
  • Alex Kidd Outfit
Rash Outfit
  • Rash Mask
  • Rash Outfit
  • Rash Costume
  • Zitz Costume
  • Pimple Costume
Xenomorph Outfit:ultbrawler:Aliens
  • Xenamorph Helmet
  • Xenamorph Outfit
Rock Legend Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Rock Legend Mask​
  • Rock Legend Outfit​
Sword is replaced with an electric guitar
Blazing Cinderblade Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Cinderblade Helmet
  • Cinderblade Outfit Outfit
Shares the same armor with CInderfist and Cindershot. The sword becomes a blade of fire.
Crashing Hydroblade Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Hydroblade Cap
  • Hydroblade Outfit
Shares the same armor with Hydrofist and Hydroshot. The sword becomes a trident
Blossomed Petalblade Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Petalblade Crown
  • Petalbalde Outfit
Shares the same armor with Petalfist and Petalshot. The sword becomes a cactus.
Crag Golemblade Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Golemblade Mask​
  • Golemblade Outfit​
Shares the same armor with Golemblade and Golemshot. The sword becomes a stone club.
Frozen Frostblade Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Frostblade Wig​
  • Frostblade Outfit​
Shares the same armor with Frostfist and Frostshot. The sword becomes a spear of ice.
Thundering Stormblade Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Stormblade Wig​
  • Stormblade Outfit​
Shares the same armor with Stormfist and Stormshot. The sword becomes a blade of electricity.
Tempest Skyblade Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Skyblade Mask​
  • Skyblade Outfit​
Shares the same armor with Skyfist and Skyshot. The sword becomes a blade with wings serving as hilts.
StoreGloom Nightblade Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Nightblade Hood​
  • Nightblade Outfit​
Shares the same armor with Nightfist and Nightshot. The sword becomes a sword with a black blade with shadows moving all about it.
Heavenly Lightblade Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Lightblade Helmet​
  • Lightblade Outfit​
Shares the same armor with Lightblade and Lightshot. The sword becomes a shining blade that emanates light
Gingerbread Man Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Gingerbread Mask
  • Gingerbread Outfit
Sword becomes a candycane

This outfit appears in the "Festival of Ice" Update Update 3.0
Festival of Ice Store - Timed Exclusive
Blacksmith Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Blacksmith Mask
  • Blacksmith Outfit
Sword becomes a giant smelting hammer.Festival of Fantasy Store & Infinite Beyond Store
Kabuki OutfitSuper Smash Bros.
  • Kabuki Mask
  • KabukiOutfit
Ceruledge Outfit
  • Ceruledge Mask
  • Ceruledge Outfit
:ultgunner:One arm becomes an entire blade.
Ghirahim Outfit
The Legend of Zelda
  • Ghirahim Wig
  • Ghirahim Outfit
Andy Outfit:ultswordfighter:Advance Wars
  • Andy Wig
  • Andy Outfit
Dr. Wright Outfit
  • :ultswordfighter:
  • Dr. Wright Wig
  • Dr. Wright Outfit
Squall Leonhart Costume
Final Fantasy
  • Squall Leonhart Wig
  • Squall Leonhart Outfit
Squall outfit utilizies the Gunblade.
Pyramid Head Outfit:ultswordfighter:Silent Hill
  • Pyramid Head Helmet
  • Pyramid Head Outfit
Prince of Persia Outfit:ultswordfighter:Prince of Persia
  • Prince of Persia Wig
  • Prince of Persia Outfit
Alien Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Alien Mask
  • Alien Outfit
Alien outfit uses a sci-fi blaster as an arm cannon.
  • Gray (default)
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red
Detonating Cindershot Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Cindershot Helmet
  • Cindershot Outfit
Shares the same armor with CInderfist and Cinderblade. The arm cannon becomes a volcanic cone.
Flowing Hydroshot Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Hydroshot Cap
  • Hydroshot Outfit
Shares the same armor with Hydrofist and Hydroblade. The arm cannon becomes a high-tech seashell cone.
Spore Petalshot Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Petalshot Crown
  • Petalshot Outfit
Shares the same armor with Petalfist and Petalblade. The arm cannon becomes a pitcherplant.
Dusty Golemshot Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Golemshot Mask
  • Golemshot Outfit
Shares the same armor with Golemfist and Golemblade. The arm cannon becomes a hunk of glowing stone with crystals.
Winter Frostshot Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Frostshot Wig
  • Frostshot Outfit
Shares the same armor with Frostfist and Frostblade. The arm cannon becomes encased in ice and resembles an icicle.
Electrified Stormshot Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Stormshot Wig
  • Stormshot Outfit
Shares the same armor with Stormfist and Stormblade. The arm cannon becomes a spark of electricity.
Hurricane Skyshot Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Skyshot Mask
  • Skyshot Outfit
Shares the same armor with Skyfist and Skyblade. The arm cannon becomes a replica of a winged pegasus head.
Nightmarish Nightshot Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Nightshot Hood
  • Nightshot Outfit
Shares the same armor with Nightfist and Nightblade. The arm cannon becomes a demonic-looking gnarled construct with bone trimmings. Shadows seep out from it.
Radiant Lightshot Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Lightshot Helmet
  • Lightshot Outfit
Shares the same armor with Lightfist and Lightblade. The arm cannon becomes shining gold in design and has multiple heavenly, glowing rings surrounding it. Light bursts forth from it.
Wart Outfit
Super Mario Bros.
  • Wart Mask
  • Wart Outfit
Uses a metal pillar for an arm cannon.
Professor E. Gadd Outfit
Super Mario Bros.
  • Professor E. Gadd Wig
  • Professor E. Gadd Outfit
Uses a Poltergust as the arm cannon
Beat Outfit
Jet Set Radio
  • Beat Wig​
  • Beat Outfit​
Uses a spray can as the arm cannon
Dallas Outfit
  • DALLAS Mask & Wig
  • DALLAS Outfit
Uses his signature .40 Pistol as an arm cannon
Issac Clark Outfit:ultgunner:Dead Space
  • Isaac Clark Helmet
  • Isaac Clark Outfit
Ghostbusters Outfit:ultgunner:Ghostbusters
  • Ghostbusters Outfit
Steampunk Mage Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Steampunk Mage Cap
  • Steampunk Mage Outfit
Staff is a mechanical-looking staffMii Day Festival Store & Infinite Beyond Store
Wizard/Witch Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Wizard/Witch Cap
  • Wizard/Witch Outfit
Has two variations for male or female MiisMii Day Festival Store & Infinite Beyond Store
Druid Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Druid Hood
  • Druid Outfit
Staff ais a wooden staffMii Day Festival Store & Infinite Beyond Store
Tanuki OutfitSuper Smash Bros.
  • Tanuki Mask
  • Tanuki Outfit
Kamek Outfit
Super Mario Bros.
  • Kamek Mask
  • Kamek Outfit
Staff is based on Kamek's wandMii Day Festival Store & Infinite Beyond Store
Tharja OufitFire Emblem
  • Tharja Wig
  • Tharja Outfit
Black Mage OutfitFinal Fantasy
  • Black Mage Mask & Cap
  • Black Mage Outfit
Uses the Mage Staff from Final Fantasy IX.Mii Day Festival Store & Infinite Beyond Store
White Mage Outfit
Final Fantasy
  • White Mage Hood
  • White Mage Outfit
Uses the Ash StaffFestival of Fantasy Store & Infinite Beyond Store
Trucy Wright Outfit
Ace Attorney
  • Trucy Wright Cap
  • Trucy Wright Outfit
Uses her wand from her gameMii Day Festival Store & Infinite Beyond Store
Soccer Uniform
Super Smash Bros
  • Soccer Uniform
Mii Day Festival Store & Infinite Beyond Store
Football Uniform Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Football Helmet
  • Football Uniform Outfit
Mii Day Festival Store & Infinite Beyond Store
Tennis Outfit
Super Smash Bros
  • Tennis Vizor
  • Tennis Outfit
Mii Day Festival Store & Infinite Beyond Store
Racecar Driver Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Racecar Driver Helmet
  • Racecar Driver Outfit
Mii Day Festival Store & Infinite Beyond Store
Lifeguard Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Lifeguard Sunglasses
  • Lifeguard Outfit
Fun Sun Summer Fest Store & Infinite Beyond Store
Wetsuit Outfit
Super Smash Bros.
  • Wetsuit Mask
  • Wetsuit Outfit
Fun Sun Summer Fest Store & Infinite Beyond Store
Baseball OutfitSuper Smash Bros.
  • Baseball Helmet
  • Baseball Outfit
Princess Biker Outfit
Super Mario Bros.
  • Princess Biker Helmet
  • Princess Biker Outfit
Mii Day Festival Store & Infinite Beyond Store
Cinderace Outfit
  • Cidnerace Mask
  • Cinderace Outfit
Mii Day Festival Store & Infinite Beyond Store
Akari Hayami Outfit
1080 Snowboarding
  • Akari Hayami Cap
  • Akari Hayami Outfit
Mii Day Festival Store & Infinite Beyond Store
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Below are bosses that appear in Infinite Beyond
Cyber Demon
Destroyed science facilityAbilities:
  • Rocket Arm: The Cyberdemon shoots homing rockets from its arm
  • Laser: The Cyberdemon charges up a large blast and then fires a massive laser from its arm
  • Bombardment: The Cyberdemon launches several smaller explosives on the ground that explode after a little while
  • Roar: The Cyberdemon roars stunning anyone next to them
  • Charge: The Cyberdemon charges forwards
  • Firewall: at half-health, it summons 2 pillars one behind the Cyber Demon and One Behind the Player that are on fire and deal damage once touched, they are destroyed once the Cyberdemon charges
Devil's MachineWhen fighting Giygas in the Devil's Machine, the face of any Smash Fighter you're using against this boss will appear in the orb in the center of Giygas. It will appear to use the following attacks such as:

-Powerful PK attacks similar to Ness and Lucas's PK attacks.
-Firing out energy bolts that come from the top of the screen.
-Can generate an energy shield that can reflect projectiles from most fighters back to them.

But the more you damage using physical attacks, the orb will start to break apart until the health bar completely drops to zero. The orb will shatter, leading to Phase 2 of the boss.

Phase 2 - Giygas's True Form

15 Most Scary Video Game Moments From Your Childhood | Page 13

One of his most infamous appearances has arrived, consuming the stage in a completely black void while Giygas begins to spread across the screen slowly. But with Giygas no longer having a physical form in its true state, he will instead summon upon red glitched versions of enemies that appeared from Smash Dungeon to attack the fighter while Giygas damages the fighter as well with their inexplicable attacks, which may pop up in random places.

After at least two or three waves of enemies, Giygas now becomes a shifting background. The player will now fight a red glitchy version of the fighter they're using which is basically fighting a level 7-9 CPU whose stats increased slightly to give the player a challenge. But once the fighter was able to finally beat the final enemy. Giygas is finally defeated as Static fills the screen, vanishing from existence once more.

Giygas's text messages may appear in either of the two phases as a nod to his boss fight from the game.
Raven Beak
Tiki Tong
Donkey Kong
Jungle stageTiki tong will do its basic attacks from the game like its hand slam, and hand clapping attack. However, attacks would also activate Tiki tongs weakness if he does an attack he exposes a part of his hand that is vulnerable, and to make Tiki Tong go into his second phase you have to jump on that weak spot (three times)

In the second phase and last phase, Tiki Tong uses its homing fire attack directed toward the player (the fire would be really slow just like in the original game) and also does its head stomping attack where it stomps its head into the ground causing a mini-wave of fire to go towards the player and it would also make Tiki tong stuck to the ground revealing its other weak spot below his crown (this attack would give about 4 seconds to jump on his head so that slow characters aren't in disadvantage in this fight you would also have to jump on his head three times again)

After jumping on Tiki Tong's head for the third and last time it would explode and play the little jingle that you hear at the end of the last cutscene after beating Tiki Tong!
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Game Modes
Below are the game modes appearing in Super Smash Bros. Infinite Beyond
Smash HubSmash Hub is an online-based hub where players can access various features that, while available in traditional menus outside of the Hub, allow players to purchase items including cosmetics, airships, speeders, music, spirits, and so on. Within the hub are various kiosks and vendors that allow players to purchase this content using in-game gold or real money. Players use Airships upon starting up the Hub to automatically arrive at the hub which is a floating island composed of various elements of past Battlefields. Players an use Speeders to get from point A to point B quickly. Please find the table below for more information regarding the Smash Hub.Internet connectionNone
Smash Episodes are self-contained episodes where players partake in a series of activities relating to this episode. Most of them are an hour to an hour and a half in typical gameplay and the end result is a collection of content that players receive such as collectables, music, costumes, and Gold. For a full list of Episodes, please consult the below table.Internet Connection for updatesNone
Smash TrialsPlayers can participate in difficult-themed matches that focus on improving techniques rather than outright matches.
  • Beginning to Smash: This is for the new player who has never played Smash before. Here, you learn the most basic of techniques.
  • Intermediately Smashing: Teaches the player about techniques that are universally used by themselves, such as Perfect Shielding and teching.
  • Smash Like A Pro: A series of challenges that teaches the player several advanced techniques that can be done in-game.
  • Know Your Smasher: After going through Beginning To Smash, it is recommended to go here, a section where players can pick a character and learn how to play them, from character-exclusive mechanics to "Break the Targets" stages to combo trials that play into the character's strengths. As you complete a character's Know Your Smasher section, you gain Mastery points, which indicate how skilled you are with a character.
  • Trial Studio: Alternatively, you can use this mode to create your own Custom Trials for your character, which can be uploaded for players online to save. The game automatically calculates how many Mastery points completing a Trial is worth, ranging from the length of a combo to how hard it is to complete.
Team ManagerUse Friend Codes to form an e-sports team to face off against other teams! Players must register a team of either 6, 8, or 10 players. Team Managers can decide to drop players and pick up players which needs to be officiated by Nintendo and then but there must be a majority vote. Removal of players who cause issues can be sped up through official communication with Nintendo.Online Connection, Management Form VerifiedNone
Smash DungeonSmash Dungeon returns with a few new dungeons added to it:
New Enemies
Highway Dungeon
Super Smash Bros.
This dungeon is not particularly based on one specific franchise; rather, it focuses more on the setting and atmosphere, which is a highway during the night. The layout is mainly flat, with several floors to access different layers of traffic. It's best to be in the air as the dungeon's main gimmicks will add some difficulty to ground travel. The first gimmick is Dash Panels. These special floor tiles will cause anyone who walks on them to dash in their current direction, while this can be used to ram and damage oncoming enemies, you are just as likely to fall face-first into a wall, pit, or the other gimmick of this stage the traffic. Cars, trucks, and all sorts of semis will run through this road, they can be both harmful and helpful as while getting run over by one can damage you a lot, they can also be used as makeshift platforms, allowing for a dynamic level design where you have to bob and weave through traffic as you explore the floor. On top of these dangers most of the enemies in this stage are designed to knock you into oncoming traffic.
  • Traffic Lakitu
  • Pickleman
Four Seasons Dungeon
Super Smash Bros.
This dungeon comprises segments that incorporate the four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Start off fresh and sweet with the fragrance of flowers in the air. Run through the rolling hills, vault over clear springs, and battle enemies such as Koopatroopas, goombas, gulpins, mites, buzzbombs, mettaurs and more!

The area heats up with some summer fun with a tropical paradise full of sand dunes, crashing waves, palm trees, and other sights of summer. Common enemies of this area include kitters, guardians, pooka, roader, roroturrent, and octotroopers and morre.

Bask in the shades of fall as you waltz through cavernous lanes of autumn colors. Plow through piles of leaves in search of treasure and find yourself in the middle of hordes of mushrooms! The heat of summer may be gone but autumn has its own flair! Enemies that call this area home include granados, ducks, beedrill, lynel, boo, sneaky spirit, and more.

You are near the end of your journey as you drudge through the snow in this winter wonderland. Will you get Christmas presents at the end of the dungeon or a lump of coal? Regardless, there are certain baddies that will certainly get coal polar bears, jack frosts, negative man, bytan, toadies, and more.
  • Mamuta
  • Lizaflos
  • Funghoul
  • Cyrogonal
Castle Dungeon
The Castle Dungeon is a level inspired by the Ostrheinsburg Castle from the Soul Calibur games.None
Inferno Dungeon
Hell Dungeon is a place that is inspired by both classic Doom 1 and 2 and modern Doom 2016 and Eternal, this place is in its own Hell of Doom universe.
  • Imp
  • Cacodemon
  • Pinky
  • Hell Knight
Copied Dungeon
NieR Automata
Dungeon based on Copied City from NeiR Automata
  • Small Stubby
  • Medium Biped
  • Small Flyer
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Smash Hub
The Smash Hub is an online experience where players can connect with other players, participate in both online and offline battles, access Spirit information, purchase mii costumes and other cosmetics, and many other things while also collecting Gold and other collectibles. Players can access these menus outside of Smash Hub but there is a far more immersive experience. An online connection is needed to access this mode.

AirshipN AirshipSuper Smash Bros.CommonDefault
AirshipOld TimerSuper Smash Bros.CommonStore
AirshipStar TreaderSuper Smash Bros.CommonStore
AirshipHeavy TransportSuper Smash Bros.CommonStore
AirshipFlying SaucerSuper Smash Bros.CommonStore
AirshipSpace BoomerangSuper Smash Bros.CommonStore
AirshipOrbital DroneSuper Smash Bros.CommonStore
AirshipNES AirshipSuper Smash Bros.UncommonStore
AirshipSNES AirshipSuper Smash Bros.RareStore
AirshipVB AirshipSuper Smash Bros.MasterStore
AirshipN64 AirshipSuper Smash Bros.RareStore
AirshipGB AirshipSuper Smash Bros.UncommonStore
AirshipGBC AirshipSuper Smash Bros.UncommonStore
AirshipGBA AirshipSuper Smash Bros.RareStore
AirshipGCN AirshipSuper Smash Bros.RareStore
AirshipNDS AirshipSuper Smash Bros.RareStore
Airship3DS AirshipSuper Smash Bros.MasterStore
AirshipWII AirshipSuper Smash Bros.MasterStore
AirshipWIIU AirshipSuper Smash Bros.UncommonStore
AirshipNS AirshipSuper Smash Bros.RareStore
AirshipInfinite Beyond AirshipSuper Smash Bros.MasterStore
AirshipPixel ShipSuper Smash Bros.RareStore
AirshipHot Air BalloonSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Feasts" Store
AirshipSanta's SleighSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Ice" Store
AirshipNorth Pole TrainSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Ice" Store
AirshipChocolate AirshipSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Roses" Store
AirshipFlowery AirshipSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Roses" Store
AirshipDragonSuper Smash Bros.
"Festival of Fantasy" Store
AirshipPegasusSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Fantasy" Store
AirshipViking ShipSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Fantasy" Store
AirshipIce Cream TruckSuper Smash Bros.Master"Fun Sun Summer Fest" Store
AirshipHaunted HouseSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Fright" Store
AirshipFlying CoachmenSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Fright" Store
AirshipOdysseySuper Mario Bros.MasterStore
AirshipCastle BowserSuper Mario Bros.MasterStore
AirshipDiddy PlaneDonkey KongCommonStore
AirshipLoftwingLegend of ZeldaUncommonStore
AirshipSamus GunshipMetroidUncommonStore
AirshipGreat FoxStar FoxUncommonStore
AirshipArwingStar FoxCommonStore
AirshipCorviknightPokemonMaster"Festival of Fright" Store
AirshipBlue FalconF-ZeroUncommonStore
AirshipParachute HelicopterGame & WatchRareStore
AirshipS.S. DolphinPikminRareStore
AirshipTransport HelicopterAdvance WarsCommonStore
AirshipWuhu PlaneMiiMaster"Mii Day Festival" Store
AirshipWii/Wii U BlimpMiiMaster"Mii Day Festival" Store
AirshipTornadoSonic the HedgehogCommonStore
AirshipGummi ShipKingdom HeartsUncommonStore
AirshipHighwindFinal FantasyMasterStore
AirshipCortex BlimpCrash BandicootCommonStore
AirshipYoRHa Flight UnitNeiR AutomataMasterStore
AirshipPennyPlants vs ZombiesUncommonStore
AirshipPalaquin ShipTouhou ProjectRareStore
AirshipEnder DragonMinecraftMasterStore
AirshipRathalosMonster HunterMasterStore
AirshipUNSC VultureHaloUncommonStore
AirshipUNSC PelicanHaloRareStore
SpeederN SpeederSuper Smash Bros.CommonDefault
SpeederHover BikeSuper Smash Bros.CommonStore
SpeederRoad RagerSuper Smash Bros.CommonStore
SpeederPatrol BikeSuper Smash Bros.CommonStore
SpeederWasteland RacerSuper Smash Bros.CommonStore
SpeederTimeless MachineSuper Smash Bros.CommonStore
SpeederLight CycleSuper Smash Bros.CommonStore
SpeederNES SpeederSuper Smash Bros.UncommonStore
SpeederSNES SpeederSuper Smash Bros.RareStore
SpeederVB SpeederSuper Smash Bros.MasterStore
SpeederGB SpeederSuper Smash Bros.UncommonStore
SpeederGBC SpeederSuper Smash Bros.UncommonStore
SpeederGBA SpeederSuper Smash Bros.RareStore
SpeederGCN SpeederSuper Smash Bros.RareStore
SpeederNDS SpeederSuper Smash Bros.UncommonStore
Speeder3DS SpeederSuper Smash Bros.MasterStore
SpeederWII SpeederSuper Smash Bros.MasterStore
SpeederWIIU SpeederSuper Smash Bros.UncommonStore
SpeederNS SpeederSuper Smash Bros.MasterStore
SpeederInfinite Beyond SpeederSuper Smash Bros.MasterStore
SpeederPixel SpeederSuper Smash Bros.RareStore
SpeederHayrideSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Feasts" Store
SpeederReindeer BikeSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Ice" Store
SpeederSnowmobileSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Ice" Store
SpeederCandy CaneSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Ice" Store
SpeederCatapultSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Fantasy" Store
SpeederHorse & CarriageSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Fantasy" Store
SpeederSand Castle BikeSuper Smash Bros.Master"Fun Sun Summer Fest" Store
SpeederDune BuggySuper Smash Bros.Master"Fun Sun Summer Fest" Store
SpeederStandard KartMario KartCommonStore
SpeederStandard BikeMario KartCommonStore
SpeederMaster CycleLegend of ZeldaMasterStore
SpeederBanana SliderDonkey KongCommonStore
SpeederRambiDonkey KongUncommonStore
SpeederWario BikeWarioCommonStore
SpeederRecon JeepAdvance WarsCommonStore
SpeederSuper ZoomerMiiMaster"Mii Day Festival" Store
SpeederJet SkiMiiMaster"Mii Day Festival" Store
SpeederMorgana BusPersonaRareStore
SpeederMine CartMinecraftCommonStore
SpeederTeam Cortex KartCrash BandicootUncommonStore
ShaderBlue Sky (Blue/White)Super Smash Bros.CommonStore
ShaderDandelion (Orange/Yellow)Super Smash Bros.CommonStore
ShaderPurple Sunset (Purple/Orange)Super Smash Bros.CommonStore
ShaderOnyx (Black/Gray)Super Smash Bros.CommonStore
ShaderBurning Sky (Red/Orange)Super Smash Bros.CommonStore
ShaderArctic Blast (Blue/White)Super Smash Bros.CommonStore
ShaderElectro-Boom (Yellow/Cyan)Super Smash Bros.CommonStore
ShaderRusted Steel (Red/Gray)Super Smash Bros.CommonStore
ShaderRadioactive Psycho (Neon Green/Black)Super Smash Bros.CommonStore
ShaderRising Sun (Red/White)Super Smash Bros.UncommonStore
ShaderBlue Lagoon (Blue/Green)Super Smash Bros.UncommonStore
ShaderCute Bloom (Pink/White)Super Smash Bros.UncommonStore
ShaderViolet Nights (Purple/Dark Blue)Super Smash Bros.UncommonStore
ShaderRoyal Fringe (Purple/Dark Red)Super Smash Bros.UncommonStore
ShaderZebra Rush (White/Black)Super Smash Bros.UncommonStore
ShaderHidden Warrior (Green/Brown)Super Smash Bros.UncommonStore
ShaderSherbert Twist (Orange/White)Super Smash Bros.UncommonStore
ShaderSamurai Blue (Blue/Black)Super Smash Bros.RareStore
ShaderTwisted Bubblegum (Pink/Black)Super Smash Bros.RareStore
ShaderFuturistic Stream (White/Neon Green)Super Smash Bros.RareStore
ShaderDarklight (Black/Cyan)Super Smash Bros.RareStore
ShaderJudgement Lightning (Yellow/White)Super Smash Bros.RareStore
ShaderLavender Dream (White/Purple)Super Smash Bros.RareStore
ShaderToothpaste (Red/Blue/White)Super Smash Bros.MasterStore
ShaderSafari Trip (Yellow/Brown/Green)Super Smash Bros.MasterStore
ShaderIsotope Danger (Neon Green/Neon Blue/Black)Super Smash Bros.MasterStore
ShaderCoffee Time (Brown/White/Red)Super Smash Bros.MasterStore
ShaderTwisted Delight (Orange/Pink/White)Super Smash Bros.MasterStore
ShaderTechno Heaven (Pink/Green/Blue)Super Smash Bros.MasterStore
ShaderDeep Space (Blue/Purple/Black)Super Smash Bros.MasterStore
ShaderOld Timer (Black/Gray/White)Super Smash Bros.MasterStore
ShaderHalloween Time (Orange & Black)Super Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Feasts" Store
ShaderTurkey Tumbler (Brown, Red, & Orange)Super Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Feasts" Store
ShaderPumpkin Patch (Orange, Dark Orange, & Green)Super Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Feasts" Store
ShaderOn Ice (Light Blue & White)Super Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Ice" Store
ShaderFestive Cheer (Red, Green, and White)Super Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Ice" Store
ShaderRun Run Rudolph (Brown, Red, and White)Super Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Ice" Store
ShaderSilent Night (Dark Blue, White, Yellow)Super Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Ice" Store
ShaderColors of Love (Pink, White, Red)Super Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Roses" Store
ShaderCarnation (Red and Pink)Super Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Roses" Store
ShaderInnocence (White and Light Pink)Super Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Roses" Store
ShaderTreasure Chest (Gold and Brown)Super Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Roses" Store
ShaderCastle Wall (Gray, White, Slate Blue)Super Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Roses" Store
PoseWaveSuper Smash Bros.CommonStore
PoseExcited JumpSuper Smash Bros.CommonStore
PoseHave a SeatSuper Smash Bros.CommonStore
PoseStomp FeetSuper Smash Bros.CommonStore
PoseWhew!Super Smash Bros.CommonStore
PoseShort DanceSuper Smash Bros.CommonStore
PoseLaughSuper Smash Bros.CommonStore
PoseShockSuper Smash Bros.CommonStore
PoseChallenge Me!Super Smash Bros.CommonStore
PoseFlossSuper Smash Bros.UncommonStore
PoseMoonwalkSuper Smash Bros.RareStore
PoseTangoSuper Smash Bros.RareStore
PoseSaluteSuper Smash Bros.CommonStore
PoseShrugSuper Smash Bros.CommonStore
PoseTake A BreakSuper Smash Bros.UncommonStore
PosePlaying GamesSuper Smash Bros.RareStore
PosePlankSuper Smash Bros.UncommonStore
PosePumpkin CarvingSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Feasts" Store
PosePlaying in LeavesSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Feasts" Store
PoseTurkey Leg TimeSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Feasts" Store
PoseHoliday Cookie FeastSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Ice" Store
PosePresent for You!Super Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Ice" Store
PoseSnow AngelSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Ice" Store
PoseSnowball Fight!Super Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Ice" Store
PoseFlying CherubSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Roses" Store
PoseTo You My DearSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Roses" Store
PoseBox of ChocolatesSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Roses" Store
PoseScattered RosesSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Roses" Store
PoseHail to the KingSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Fantasy" Store
PoseBard's SongSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Fantasy" Store
PoseKnightedSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Fantasy" Store
PoseTrumpeteerSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Fantasy" Store
PoseIt's Hot!Super Smash Bros.Master"Fun Sun Summer Fest" Store
PoseRelaxin'Super Smash Bros.Master"Fun Sun Summer Fest" Store
PoseWatermelon FunSuper Smash Bros.Master"Fun Sun Summer Fest" Store
PoseFlower DanceSuper Smash Bros.Master"Fun Sun Summer Fest" Store
PoseHere's Candy!Super Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Fright" Store
PoseDead as a DoornailSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Fright" Store
PoseMario JumpSuper Mario Bros.CommonStore
PoseSuper StarSuper Mario Bros.MasterStore
PoseBoo!Super Mario Bros.Master"Festival of Fright" Store
PoseKonga BeatDonkey KongRareStore
PoseGorilla PoseDonkey KongCommonStore
PoseFound an ItemThe Legend of ZeldaCommonStore
PoseMaster SwordThe Legend of ZeldaMasterStore
PoseAir RideKirbyRareStore
PoseOsohe DanceEarthbound/MOTHERUncommonStore
PosePokeball ThrowPokemonCommonStore
PoseGladion PosePokemonMasterStore
PoseW! W! W!WarioUncommonStore
PosePikmin PluckPikminCommonStore
PoseCatch a Bug!Animal CrossingUncommonStore
PoseYoga StetchWii FitUncommonStore
PoseSquid SistersSplatoonCommonStore
PoseOff the HookSplatoonCommonStore
PoseRobo SteppingSplatoonUncommonStore
PoseLanded ItSplatoonRareStore
PoseWave 'Em OffSplatoonMasterStore
PoseBowlingMiiMaster"Mii Day Festival" Store
PosePick Me UpMiiMaster"Mii Day Festival" Store
PoseOut of BreathMiiMaster"Mii Day Festival" Store
PoseFinger WagSonic the HedgehogCommonStore
PoseMessatsuStreet FighterMasterStore
PoseOne-Winged AngelFinal FantasyRareStore
PoseLet's Dance, BoysBayonettaMasterStore
PoseCome on, Come on!Fatal FuryRareStore
PoseEating MeatMinecraftMasterStore
PoseCrash SpinCrash BandicootCommonStore
PoseBandage Me UpResident EvilCommonStore
PoseObjection!Ace AttorneyMasterStore
PoseSkull CrushDoomMasterStore
PoseTea BagHaloRareStore
PoseResting by the FireDark SoulsUncommonStore
EmojiWHAAAT???!Super Mario Bros.CommonStore
EmojiShocked KongDonkey KongUncommonStore
EmojiShocked OlimarPikminRareStore
EmojiAngry IsabelleAnimal CrossingMasterStore
EmojiGreetingsAnimal CrossingCommonStore
EmojiJoyAnimal CrossingCommonStore
EmojiLaughterAnimal CrossingCommonStore
EmojiSadnessAnimal CrossingCommonStore
TagRoasted Turkey LegSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Feasts" Store
TagHarvest GodSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Feasts" Store
TagPumpkinSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Feasts" Store
TagCornucopiaSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Feasts" Store
TagScarecrowSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Feasts" Store
TagMaples LeavesSuper Smash Bros.Master"Festival of Feasts" Store
TagBowser SymbolSuper Mario Bros.RareStore
TagMario SymbolSuper Mario Bros.CommonStore
TagLuigi SymbolSuper Mario Bros.CommonStore
TagPeach SymbolSuper Mario Bros.CommonStore
TagDaisy SymbolSuper Mario Bros.CommonStore
TagYoshi SymbolYoshiCommonStore
TagRosalina SymbolSuper Mario Bros. UncommonStore
TagTriforce SymbolLegend of ZeldaUncommonStore
TagShiekah SymbolLegend of ZeldaCommonStore
TagWario BombWarioUncommonStore
TagSplatoon SquidSplatoonCommonStore
TagSuper FamiconNintendoCommonStore
TagSuper NintendoNintendoCommonStore
TagNintendo 64NintendoCommonStore
TagWii UNintendoCommonStore
TagNintendo SwitchNintendoCommonStore
TagNintendo Seal of ApprovalNintendoMasterStore
TagMii Logo TagMiiMaster"Mii Day Festival" Store
TagAR Card TagMiiMaster"Mii Day Festival" Store
TagWii Sports TagMiiMaster"Mii Day Festival" Store
TagNintendoland TagMiiMaster"Mii Day Festival" Store
TagMiiVerse TagMiiMaster"Mii Day Festival" Store
TagReckless Safety Guy TafMiiMaster"Mii Day Festival" Store
TagMii Plaza Streetpass TagMiiMaster"Mii Day Festival" Store
TagSonic SymbolSonic the HedgehogCommonStore
TagEggman EmpireSonic the HedgehogUncommonStore
TagSumo WrestlerStreet FighterRareStore
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Smash Episodes

Smash Episodes are self-contained "smashisodes" where players can engage in a story-centered plot with a boss or an event at the end. Some episodes are more comical while others have a more darker tone. Players can choose between several available characters. An online connection is needed to access this mode.​
Episode Name
Available Characters
Festival of Smash
The Festival of Smash is about to commence and the universes meet to welcome the rebirth of the festival! On this day, a shining Final Smash Orb is erected above the festival square. Plans are underway with Peach and Daisy heading the construction of the festival for this year. They are waiting for a very special guest. However, they a short of a number of things and they seem to be missing from the Princess Peach's storerooms. The Princess tasks you with finding items on her list to complete the festival preparations. The list indicates where the item can be found but, unfortunately, it seems certain individuals are hoarding the item for their own.

  1. :ultpiranha:: Flower pots and bouquets
  2. :ultrob:: ROB servers and waiting staff
  3. :ultsteve:: Construction materials
  4. Crash Bandicoot: Crates of Wompa Fruit
  5. :ultsephiroth:: JENOVA-branded Cocktails
  6. :ultincineroar:: BBQ-cooking materials and food
  7. :ultdk:: Wood for Construction
  8. Ashley: Magic show
  9. :ultbyleth:: Tapestries, rugs, and other decorations
  10. Red:Games to Play
  11. :ultsnake:: Boxes
  12. :ultbowser:: Power Star to Power up the Festival
:ultmario::ultkirby::ultlink::ultpit::ultvillager::ultinkling::ultolimar::ultpiranha::ultrob::ultsteve:Crash:ultsephiroth::ultincineroar:DJ Octavio:ultdk:Ashley:ultbyleth:Red:ultsnake::ultbowser:Giant Master HandNo
The Chaining of Master Hand
Play as Master Hand as you revisit the events leading up to Tabuu taking control of Master Hand during his attempt at taking over the Smash multiverse. The Episode takes place within five levels which act as a Boss Rush on steroids with players retaining the damage percentage from the prior level and entering into fights with them.

Level 1: The Lake
This is the "Lake" level from Brawl but in reverse with Master Hand having to navigate it while fighting Goomas, Koopa Troopas, Hammer Bros, Borboras, Towtows, Mites, Hydro Jyk, and Bullet Bills. The end boss is Rayquaza with Master Hand coming onto the beast who roars at the Hand but seems to gain its composure. Just then, golden chains erupt from the sky and chains Raquaza; forcing it to do Tabuu's bidding.

Level 2: The Ruined Zoo
This is "Ruined Zoo" but backward where players must navigate the dilapidated zoo while fighting against Primids, Towtow, Auroros, Glunder, Ticken, and Fire Primids. The end boss is Porky Minch in his mech.

Level 3: The Wilds
This is the level "The Wilds" where Master Hand traverses a deserted area followed by a fight with Galleom in the Ruined Hall. Master Hand must fight with Primid and Scope Primids, Buckot, Armank, Mites, Gamyga, Bytan, and Roader.

Level 4: Battleship Halberd
This is a mix between the Exterior of Battleship Halberd and the fight with Duon. Master Hand must navigate the deck of the ship while fighting waves of Primids and Scope Primids, Mites, Popants, Greaps, Feyesh, and Puppit.

Level 5: Subspace
This takes place in "Subspace (Part 1)" from Brawl where Master Hand investigates further into Subspace to find and eliminate Tabuu. Here, Master Hand fights against Primids, Glice, Bombed, Feyesh, Trowlon. Big Primid, Poppant, Mites, Bytan, Puppet, and Roader. The final boss is Tabuu.

While Master Hand seemingly defeats Tabuu, this is not the case as Tabuu unleashes a series of powerful attacks to decimate the area thus knocking Master Hand out. As Master Hand is about to be destroyed by Tabuu, Crazy Hand appears to defend his friend. Tabuu takes Crazy Hand and causes a Subspace Bomb to appear and launches Crazy Hand far away before it detonates; erasing it. Tabuu looks down and then summons golden chains and fires them at Master Hand; chaining him to Tabuu.
Master HandRayquaza
Porky Minch
How Kirby Saved the Festival
The Smash cast is preparing to celebrate the Festival of Ice when King K Rool decides to steal all of the festival cookies. Kirby sets out to recover the stolen cookies. It seems King K. Rool also enlisted the aid of King Dedede, Bowser Jr., and Bowser with each person keeping hold of a large collection of cookies. Navigate the icy worlds and recover these cookies.
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Below are the Spirits appearing in Super Smash Bros. Infinite Beyond
Spirit Information
Super Mario Bros.
  1. Super Mario Wonder
    1. Prince Florian
    2. Talking Flowers
    3. Poplin
    4. Drill Mario
    5. Bubble Mario
    6. Elephant Mario
    7. Wubba Mario
    8. Hoppos
    9. Skedaddlers
    10. Melon Piranha Plant
    11. Hoppycats
    12. Castle Bowser
    13. Wonder Flower
    14. Wonder Seed
The Legend of Zelda
  1. Rauru
  2. Queen Sonia
  3. Tulin -> Tulin, Sage of Wind
  4. Yunobo, Sage of Fire
  5. Riju, Sage of Lightning
  6. Sidon, Sage of Water
  7. Purah (Tears of the Kingdom)
  8. Mineru
  9. Tauro
  10. Colgera
  11. Mucktorok
  12. Marbled Gohma
  13. Queen Gibdo
  14. Seized Construct
  1. Sprigatito
  2. Fuecoco
  3. Quaxly
  4. Lokix
  5. Dachsbun
  6. Aramrogue
  7. Grafaiai
  8. Brambleghast
  9. Tinkaton
  10. Palafin
  11. Flamigo
  12. Dodonzo
  13. Tatsugiri
  14. Farigaraf
  15. Garganacl
  16. Bellibolt
  17. Glimmora
  18. Greavard
  19. Slither Wing
  20. Great Tusk
  21. Sandy Shocks
  22. Brute Bonnet
  23. Iron Moth
  24. Iron Treads
  25. Iron Thorns
  26. Iron Hands
  27. Koraidon
  28. Miraidon
  29. Dipplin
  30. Sinistcha
  31. Ogerpon
  32. The Loyal Three
Fire Emblem
  1. Pikmin 4
    1. Rescue Corp Rookie
    2. Oatchi
    3. Ice Pikmin
    4. Glow Pikmin
    5. Groovy Long Legs
    6. Toxstool
    7. Sovreign Bulblax
    8. Ancient Sirehound
Xenoblade Chronicles
Other First-Party
Sonic the Hedgehog
Street Fighter
Final Fantasy
  1. Odin
  • Bayonetta 3
    1. Viola
    2. Cheshire -> Cereza & Chesire
    3. Kraken
    4. Connor Sigurd
    5. Dark Adam
    6. Umbra Clock Tower
    7. Iridescent -> Arch-Iridescent
    8. Strider, the Twilight Wanderer
    9. Singularity -> Definition
  • Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Witch
    1. Prince Lukaon
    2. Morgana
    3. Colm
King of Fighters
  1. Sniffer
Guilty Gear
  1. Bridget
  2. Asuka R. Kreutz
  1. Sergeant Johnson
  2. Cortana
  3. 343-Guilty Spark
  4. The Arbiter
  5. Noble 6
  6. Jameson Locke
  7. The Gravemind
  8. The Hierarchs
  9. Unggoy
  10. Sanghelli
  11. Mgalekgolo
  12. Kig-Yar
  13. Jiralhanae
  1. Risky Boots
  2. Rottytop
  3. Sky
  4. Mimic
  5. Bolo
  6. The Half-Genies
  7. Holly Lingerbean
  8. The Seven Sirens
  9. Empress Siren
  10. Barons of Sequin Land
  11. The Pirate Master
  12. Lobster Siren
  13. Mayor of Scuttletown
  14. Abner & Poe
Other Third-Party
  1. Chell (Portal)
  2. GlaDos (Portal)
  3. Atlas (Portal)
  4. P-Body (Portal)
  5. Beat (Jet Set Radio)
  6. Gum (Jet Set Radio)
  7. Corn (Jet Set Radio)
  8. Heavy (Team Fortress 2)
  9. Scout (Team Fortress 2)
  10. Soldier (Team Fortress 2)
  11. Antonio Belpaese (Vampire Survivors)
  12. Asuka (Senran Kagura)
  13. Neko Arc (Melty Blood)
  14. Gunstar Red & Gunstar Blue (Gunstar Heroes)
  15. Duck (Duck Game)
  16. Peppino (Pizza Tower)
  17. The Noise (Pizza Tower)
  18. Jacket (Hotline Miami)
  19. Boogerman (Boogerman)
  20. Yumetaro (Mr. Gimmick!)
  21. PowerPro Kun (
  22. ChuChus (ChuChu Rocket) -> ChuChu Pilots
  23. Chai (Hi-Fi RUSH)
  24. Rindo Kanade (The World Ends With You)
  25. The Prince of Persia (Prince of Persia)
  26. Toejam & Earl (Toejam & Earl)
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Spirit Events
Falling for Spirits
Festival of FeastsFall/Halloween/Food
  1. Drill Mario (Super Mario)
  2. Tanooki Mario (Mario)
  3. Super Mushroom (Mario)
  4. Skull Kid (Zelda)
  5. Owl (Zelda)
  6. X Parasite (Metroid)
  7. Barnard (Kirby)
  8. Digguh (Kirby)
  9. Miltank (Pokemon
  10. Appletun (Pokemon)
  11. Alcremie (Pokemon)
  12. Lopunny (Pokemon)
  13. Brambleghast (Pokemon)
  14. Lopunny (Pokemon)
  15. Brambleghast (Pokemon)
  16. Daschbun (Pokemon)
  17. Ramblin Evil Mushroom(Mother/Earthbound)
  18. Diamant (Fire Emblem)
  19. Walhart (Fire Emblem)
  20. Daisy Mae (Animal Crossing)
  21. Sasha (Animal Crossing)
  22. Monica & Ghondor (Xenoblade)
  23. Mr. Grizz (Splatoon)
  24. Phoenix (Golden Sun)
  25. Viola (Bayonetta)
  26. Pumpkin (Plants VS. Zombies)
  27. Antonio Belpase (Vampire Suvivor)
Winter Wonderland
Festival of Ice​
  1. Penguin Mario (Super Mario Bros.)
  2. Freezie (Super Mario Bros.)
  3. Bashmaster (Donkey Kong)
  4. Zora King (The Legend of Zelda)
  5. Colgera (The Legend of Zelda)
  6. Sheegoth (Metroid)
  7. Chilly (Kirby)
  8. Mr. Frosty (Kirby)
  9. Abomasnow (Pokemon)
  10. Cyrogonal (Pokemon)
  11. Alolan Vulpix (Pokemon)
  12. Polar Bear (Ice Climbers)
  13. Ice Pikmin (Pikmin)
  14. Olaf (Advance Wars)
  15. Chill Pneguin (Mega Man)
  16. Ice Man (Mega Man)
  17. Woofa (Pac-Man)
  18. Shiva (Final Fantasy)
  19. Snow Golem (Minecraft)
  20. Tamed Wolf (Minecraft)
  21. Vexen (Kingdom Hearts)
  22. Snow Pea (Plants vs Zombies)
  23. Winter Melon (Plants vs Zombies)
  24. Iceberg Lettuce (Plants vs Zombies)
  25. Prince Richard (For the Frog the Bell Tolls)
  26. Akari Hayami (1080 Snowboarding)
  27. Lil' Blue (Chee-chai Alien)
  28. I-Ttrimono (Tetris)
  29. Dragonborn (Elder Scrolls)
  30. Orcane (Rivals of Aether)
  31. Madeline (Celeste)
  32. Polar Knight (Shovel Knight)
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Below are the music appearing in Super Smash Bros. Infinite Beyond
Super Mario Bros.

The Legend of Zelda

Fire Emblem
Advance Wars
Sin & Punishment
Other First-Party

Sonic the Hedgehog
Street Fighter
Final Fantasy

King of Fighters
Other Third Party
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This is the collection of trailers showcasing the character reveals in Infinite Beyond.​
Revealed Character
Included in...
Master Hand
Submitted by GolisoPower GolisoPower
Debut Trailer for The Game Awards Show
The trailer begins with a dark room with a golden sigil on the floor, a Mii approaching it with interest...the moment they stand in the center, however, the darkness gives away and reveals a familiar battlefield. The Mii then hears footsteps behind him and sees Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, and Pikachu behind him with looks of determination on their faces. As soon as he turns back around he's met with the inside of a familiar double-barreled hand cannon, causing him to jump back, revealing Noah & Mio, Doom Slayer & 2B. Both sides charge at one another, with the Mii looking in awe. With a familiar gloved hand watching in the distance, an epic battle draws close until a flash of gold fills the screen...


As soon as the title screen is finished, the gameplay is shown, announcing the bundling of all DLC fighters including Phoenix, Sol Badguy, Ahri, and Nightmare. For the next minute, we're shown a few new Assist Trophies in MC Horace and Mallow, a suite of new Spirits to collect, and a bunch of new Mii Costumes to pick from. We're also shown specific Veteran changes from Infinite, such as Ganondorf's new appearance based on Tears of the Kingdom and a few new Specials for characters like Sonic and Wario that haven't been seen before.

Then, the trailer shows off the Smash Trials, a series of tutorials and character-specific combos that show off each character's strengths and weaknesses and teach players specific techniques found often in competitive play. The Trial Studio is also revealed, giving players the opportunity to create their own combos for players to attempt to replicate. We're also shown the eSports Management mode, showcasing a Guild-like group where people form teams online and collectively build up power.

We're then shown off the new Story Mode, anthological scenarios regarding the Smash roster, showcasing such battles as Kirby VS. Pac-Man, Joker VS. Reimu, and Link VS. Piranha Plant. The trailer tells us that more stories in this Smash anthology will be coming so "Stay Tuned!" Then we see the new Beginning Destination, the game's hub area identical to Street Fighter 6's Battle Hub where the player can explore an entire map leading to the modes from Smash Infinite as well as interact with other players.

At this point, the 5 minutes are almost up and the trailer cuts back to the CGI battle from the beginning, which continues for a few seconds before Mario & 2B point fireball and sword at one another in a close-quarters stand-off. Eventually, both sides smile at one another and firmly shake hands with one another, with Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Pikachu, Doom Slayer, Noah & Mio regathering. Master Hand then shows up with a cackling laugh, catching the attention of the 8 fighters, who are confused and wary of this hand's arrival. Master Hand, however, waves a finger in a rather dismissive manner before flying next to the Smash 64 veterans. The quartet watches in awe as the original Smash boss curls his fingers as if to smile and promptly counts down from 3 before snapping his fingers, revealing...

Shows Who's Boss!

The final minute is a brief trailer showing off Master Hand's moveset, a legacy to his 7-entry-strong appearance throughout the Super Smash Bros series. The trailer ends with the Super Smash Bros. Infinite Beyond logo appearing before we see one final CGI animation: after a good Round 2, Master Hand snaps his fingers one more time and summons the entire Smash Infinite roster onto the stage. Master Hand curls into a fist and soars into the air as a sign saying that Super Smash Bros is back, much to the resounding, uproarious approval of the roster, the final shot shows the celebrating Fighters looking at Master Hand floating in front of a golden Smash Ball in the background.
Submitted by keleyeemoh keleyeemoh
Pokemon Presents​
The trailer opens with a Pokémon Trainer choosing his first Pokémon. The art style is all Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. He surveys each Pokéball carefully, and finally picks the one in the middle. Squirtle pops out, and we see both Trainer and Pokémon in a joyous state about their journey together.

Text: "A new, but familiar journey unfolds..."

Quick montage as we see Squirtle battle a Charmander until the Trainer throws a Pokéball. Then a cut to the Charmander battling a Jigglypuff, the Trainer catching it, and the Charmander evolving into a Charmeleon. We're doing quicker cuts now. The trainer catches a Bulbasaur, and then we cut to Charmeleon, now a Charizard, battling Mewtwo.

Text: "Through generations..."

Next cut, the Trainer and a Pikachu watch proudly as an egg hatches into a Pichu. Next cut, we see the Trainer and Bulbasaur, now an Ivysaur, practicing fighting stances with a Lucario.

Text: "Until, finally..."

Final cut, we see the Trainer in a double battle in a Pokémon tournament. The Trainer has Greninja and Incineroar, who are facing off against Grovyle and Celebi. Greninja uses Shadow Sneak against the Celebi and Incineroar uses Blaze Kick against the Grovyle, causing both to faint. The opposing trainer reluctantly gives our Trainer some gold coins, which he tosses into his bag next to him. We close up on the bag and notice a suspicious chest inching toward it. The chest opens up, and a Gimmighoul pops out to steal the Trainer's winnings. Upon doing this, it starts glowing and begins to evolve! Once it's done evolving, we smash to the reveal screen:

"Gholdengo goes for the gold!"

Requisite montage of in-game footage. At the end of the trailer, we see Wario and Waluigi, eyes full of greed, sneaking up on Gholdengo's chest.
Louie & Shadow
Partially submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
Nintendo Direct​
The GameCube logo plays, but at the end, a Pikmin voice clips sound at the end. The scene fades to white and then shows the Dreamcast logo. The logo swirls but, as it does, it creates a whooshing sound followed by "CHAOS CONTROL!"

It cuts to a half-black half-white scene - two cubes emerge, the one on the white side has this symbol:

and the one on the black side has this symbol
Screenshot 2023-10-19 193936.png

Louie and Shadow emerge from their respective games' cubes followed by corresponding splash taglines. This is proceeded by gameplay reels of the characters.
Master Chief
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Post-Launch Festivals
Festivals are post-launch "live update model" systems that focus on bringing content to players post-launch in the aforementioned Smash Hub world that was mentioned in Game Modes. Upon logging into the Smash Hub once an update is ready, it will automatically start to update so you can jump into the festivities. Festivals are typically announced several days in advance with a warning to back up any data in case something is lost during the update. For bigger events, more time is allocated with typically a general reminder to back up data. Updates typically take a few minutes to 5 minutes in length. Upon updating and accessing the Hub, players can begin participating in the festival's events and getting content.

In order to get content, players can either use (A) in-game gold, (B) real-world money, or (C) winning in Online Tournaments, completing Spirit Boards or Events. Content doesn't only include Mii Costumes, Character Alternate Costumes, and Collectibles Music, but even characters, stages, and other game-related content. While some of these items are time-sensitive, more visible content such as stages would be available outside the festival time but at a higher price than when it could be purchased. It may also return in other Festivals or in a "year-after"-type situation. Below is a list of Festivals, when they appear, and what they contain...

Please note that italics mean that content will be not a time exclusive but available outside of the Festival for a higher price
Festival of Feasts
Update 2.0
11/20 - 11/26 ; 7 days​
"Come join us for some friendly fall fun with the Festival of Feasts! Fall colors are full to the brim with explosions of yellow, orange, red, and brown! Everyone from around the Smashverse can enjoy this Fall-infused festival as we celebrate the changing of seasons and the joy and battles this cold weather brings!"
  • Mii Costumes: 2
    1. Mii Brawler Fox Outfit
    2. Mii Swordfighter Scarecrow Outfit
  • Stage Variations: 4
    1. Green Greens (Kirby)
    2. Garden of Hope (Pikmin)
    3. Shadow Moses Island (Metal Gear)
    4. Green Hill Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Smash Hud Aesthetic Change
  • Flair
    • Currency: Acorns
    • Items
      1. Leaf Rake
      2. Basket of Mushrooms
      3. Fish on a Stick
    • Pal
      1. Small Owl
      2. Scarecrow
      3. Korok
      4. Mini-Pumpkin
      5. Full Moon
    • Effect
      1. Falling Leaves
      2. Horde of Bats
  • Online Tournament
    1. Festival of Feasts: Red, Yellow, Orange & Brown
  • Festival of Feasts Spirit Event
  • Collectibles: 24
    • Poses (3)
      1. Pumpkin Carving
      2. Playing in Leaves
      3. Turkey Leg Time
    • Festival Costumes (4)
      1. Hero Shade Link
      2. Farmer Daisy
      3. Halloween Byleth
      4. Halloween Town Sora
    • Festival Colors (6)
      1. Autumn Mario
      2. Jack o Lantern Samus
      3. Patched Shirt Villager
      4. Werehog Sonic
      5. Plaid Doomslayer
      6. Autumn Harvest 2B
    • Airships (1)
      1. Hot Air Balloon
    • Speeders (1)
      1. Hayride
    • Shaders (4)
      1. Halloween Time (Orange & Black)
      2. Turkey Tumbler (Brown, Red, & Orange)
      3. Pumpkin Patch (Orange, Dark Orange, & Green)
      4. Groovy Gravy (White & Brown)
    • Tags (6)
Festival of Ice
Update 3.0
12/09 - 01/03​
"The weather outside is frightful, but the Smash Ball is so delightful. Since we have no place to go - let's snow, let it snow, let it snow! The snow is piling up in the Smash Hub with tons of gifts for everyone! It's no better time to grab a warm beverage, cozy up by the fire, and let loose a Smash Attack! This event will pull out all the stops with not only a Seasons-oriented Episode but a global event right in the Hub!"
  • Mii Costumes: 4
    1. Snowman Mii Brawler
    2. Gingerbead Man Mii Swordfighter
    3. Santa Cap (all classes)
    4. Present Mask (all classes)
  • Stage Variations: 8
    1. Delfino Plaza
    2. Great Sky Island
    3. Kongo Jungle
    4. Saffron City
    5. Smashville
    6. Minecraft World
    7. Raccoon City
    8. Hakurei Shrine
  • Smash Hud Aesthetic Change
    1. Hub world gets a Christmas tree in the middle followed by piled-up snow and Christmas lights on the houses. Snow falls from the ground.
  • Global Event in the Hud
    1. Brawlidays
  • Flair
    1. Holiday Cookies
      1. Purchasable Items
        1. Items
          1. Christmas Cake
          2. Candy Cane
          3. Wrapped Gift
          4. Snowball
          5. Snow Shovel
          6. Snowglobe
          7. Party Popper
        2. Pal
          1. Snowman
          2. Snowflake
          3. Mini Reindeer
          4. Alolan Vulpix
          5. Penguin
        3. Effect
          1. Falling Snow
          2. Sparkling Ice
          3. Musical Notes
          4. Cookie Crumbs
          5. Colored Lights
  • New Episode
    1. Kirby Saves the Festivities
  • 1 New Added Content
    1. Assist Trophy: Mei (Overwatch)
  • Online Tournament
    1. Put On Ice
  • Spirit Event: Winter Wonderland
  • Collectibles
    • Poses (4)
      1. Holiday Cookie Feast
      2. Present For You!
      3. Snow Angel
      4. Snowball Fight!
    • Festival Costumes (5)
      1. Rudolph Yoshi
      2. Santa K. Klaus
      3. Ashley Claus
      4. Gift Giber Ashley
      5. Wealth-Wisher Anna
    • Festival Colors (7)
      1. Ice Flower Luigi
      2. Festive Colors Ice Climbers
      3. Winter Witch Palutena
      4. Festive Ms. Pac-Man
      5. Holiday Suit Phoenix
      6. Robin Bird Red
      7. Spartan Rudolph Chief
    • Airships (2)
      1. Santa's Sleigh
      2. North Pole Train
    • Speeders (3)
      1. Reindeer Bike
      2. Snowmobile
      3. Candy Cane
    • Shaders (4)
      1. Festive Cheer (Red, Green, and White)
      2. On Ice (White & Blue)
      3. Silent Night (Dark Blue, White, & Yellow)
      4. Run Run Rudolph (Brown, Red, & White)
    • Tags (10)
Festival of Roses
Update 2.5
02/13 - 02/15​
"Let the special Smasher of your life know how much you care by gifting them a special something for them on this day! Or, better yet, challenge them to a battle! Nothing says "I love you" like a good "GG' at the end of a match. This day will celebrate those warm and fuzzy feelings in the form of chocolate, letters, and battles."
  • Mii Costumes: 1
    • Duelist Peach Mii Swordfighter
  • Smash Hud Aesthetic Change
    • A red carpet of rose petals litters the floor as a cherry blossom tree blooms at the center. Cherry blossoms and rose petals swirl about as large heart balloons float from the houses.
  • Global Event in the Hud
    • Sma****ines
      • Send messages to people on your friend's list with a gift and a pre-written slogan centered around Smash Bros.
  • Flair
    • Currency
      • Heart Balloons
    • Items
      • Lunar Tear (NeiR)
      • Bouquet of Flowers
      • Box of Chocolates
      • Single Rose
      • Heart Balloon
    • Pal
      • Centurion
      • Cupid
      • Dove
    • Effect
      • Hearts
      • Scattered Roses
      • Butterflies
  • Spirit Event related to hearts, pink, and love
  • Collectibles
    • Poses (4)
      1. Flying Cherub
      2. Box of Chocolates
      3. To You My Dear
      4. Scattered Roses
    • Festival Costumes
      1. Retro Pit
      2. Sweetheart Robin
      3. Innocent Love Luciina
    • Festival Colors
      1. Pink Gold Peach
      2. Beloved Shiek
      3. Cupid Ridley
      4. Red Roses Blue Violets Piranha Plant
    • Airships
      • Chocolate Airship
      • Flowery Airship
    • Shaders
      • Colors of Love (Pink & White)
      • Carnation (Red & Pink)
      • Innocence (White Red & Pink)
    • Tags
Mii Day Festival
Update 3.0
04/05 - 04/25​
"Come join everything it means by being a Mii with various events, items, and more related to our favorite Miis. Got a Mii you are dying to show? Strut their stuff down the walkway! There will be tons of Mii-related content to deck out your Miis with. There will also be a special surprise as well."
  • Mii Costumes:
    1. Steampunk Mii Mage
    2. Wizard/Witch Wii Mage
    3. Druid Wii Mage
    4. Plague Doctor Mii Mage
    5. Black Mage Mii Mage
    6. Trucy Wright Mii Mage
    7. Kamek Mii Mage
    8. Soccer Uniform Mii Athlete
    9. Football Uniform Mii Athlete
    10. Tennis Outfit Mii Athlete
    11. Racecar Driver Outfit Mii Athlete
    12. Cinderace Outfit Mii Athlete
    13. Akari Hayami Mii Athlete
    14. Princess Biker Outfit Mii Athlete
  • Huge Update to Miis
    • Added Mii Mage and Mii Athlete Mii Fighter classes
  • New Stage
    • Subspace
  • New Episode
    • Miis Comes to Play
  • New Added Content
    • Assist Trophy
      • Iris Archwell
  • Global Event in the Hud
  • Purchasable Items Related to the Event
    • Currency
      • Play Coins
    • Flair
      • Items
        • Tomodachi Life House
        • Tennis Racket
        • Golf Club
        • Baseball Bat
        • Wii Remote
      • Pals
        • Mini Matt
        • Dog
        • Monita
        • Sebastian Tute
      • Effect
        • Fireworks
        • Sweat
        • Music Notes
        • Cursor
  • Online Tournament
    • All Hail the Miis
  • Spirit Event related to Miis
  • Collectibles
    • Poses
      • Bowling
      • Pick Me Up
      • Out of Breath
    • Festival Colors
      • Infinite Beyond Samus
      • Infinite Beyond Roy
      • Infinite Beyond Metaknight
      • Infinite Beyond Snake
      • Infinite Beyond Lucario
      • Infinite Beyond Pac-Man
      • Infinite Beyond Isabelle
      • Infinite Beyond Incineroar
      • Infinite Beyond Waluigi
      • Infinite Beyond Crazy Dave
      • Infinite Beyond Geno
    • Airships
      • Wuhu Plane
      • Wii/Wii U Blimp
    • Speeders
      • Super Zoomer
      • Jet Ski
    • Tags
      • AR Card Tag
      • Wii Sports Tag
      • Nintendoland Tag
      • MiiVerse Tag
      • Reeckless Safety Remote Guy Tag
      • Streetpass Mii Plaza Tag
      • Mii Logo Tag
Festival of Fantasy
Update 3.5
06/07 - 06/16​
"Hear ye hear ye. I proclaim to you the "Festival of Fantasy" Grab your swords, axes, wands, and dragons and celebrate all things fantastical!"
  • Mii Costumes:
    1. Blacksmith Mii Swordfighter
    2. Jester Mii Swordfighter/Mage
    3. White Mage Mii Mage
  • Stage Variations
    1. N. Sanity Beach
    2. Hakurei Shrine
  • New Added Content
    • Assist Trophy
      • Diablo (Diablo)
  • Purchasable Items Related to the Event
    • Currency
      • Magic Beans
    • Flair
      • Items
        • Knight's Shield
        • Magic Potion
        • King's Scepter
      • Pals
        • Dragon Hatchling
        • Gnome
        • Fairy
      • Effect
        • Glow
        • Cinders
  • Online Tournament
    • Fantastical Fighters
      • Participate in Stamina Matches against characters from Fantasy/RPG Games
  • Spirit Event related to Fantasy
  • Collectibles
    • Poses
      • Hail to the King
      • Bard's Song
      • Knighted
      • Trumpet
    • Festival Costumes
      • Witch Peach
      • Pac-Knight Pac-Man
      • Crusader Doom Slayer
      • Medieval Chief
    • Festival Colors
      • Dragon Rider Zelda
    • Airships
      • Dragon
      • Pegasus
      • Viking Ship
    • Speeders
      • Horse & Carriage
      • Catapult
    • Shaders
      • Treasure Chest (Brown & Gold)
      • Castle Wall (Gray, White, Slate Blue)
    • Tags
Fun Sun Summer Bash Festival
Update 4.0
Late July/Early August​
Coming soon
Festival of Fright
Update 5.0
Late October​
"Come all who dare to the spectacular, spooky, frightening Festival of Frights! Blood-curdling screams, lurking shadows, evil eyes peeking out, and all manner of creepy, crawlings things are sure to come out!"
Year 1 Anniversary Festival
Update 6.0
Coming soon
  • New Character
    • Squid Sisters (Splatoon)
    • Toad (Super Mario Bros.)
  • New Stage
    • Planet Clancer (Mischief Makers)
    • Sprout Tower (Pokemon)
  • Mii Costumes
    • Virtual Boy Headgear
    • Akuma Mii Brawler (Street Fighter)
    • Dr. Wright Mii Swordfighter (SimCity)
    • Tharja Mii Mage (Fire Emblem)
    • Jody Summers Mii Brawler (F-Zero)
    • Andy Mii Swordfighter (Advance Wars)
    • Prince of Persia Mii Swordfighter (Prince of Persia)
  • New Episode
  • Masterpieces
    • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    • Diddy Kong 64
    • Mischief Makers
  • Global Event in the Hud
    • Great Fray Rainbow featuring the Squid Sisters!
  • Game Changes
    • Squid Sisters Assist Trophy -> Off the Hook Assist Trophy
  • Purchasable Items Related to the Event
    • Currency
      • Smash Coins &Bills
    • Flair
      • Items
        • Beam Sword
        • Mini Smash Ball
        • Rage Blaster
      • Pals
        • Sandbag
        • Mite
        • Towtow
      • Effect
        • Final Smash
        • Colored Launch Smoke
  • Smash Dungeon
    • Tokusatsu Dungeon
  • Online Tournament
  • Spirit Event related to Smash Infinite
  • Collectibles:
    • Poses
      • Koopa Shuffle (Super Mario Bros.)
      • Mario Breakdown (Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix)
      • Demon Kings Presence (The Legend of Zelda)
      • Show me Your Moves (F-Zero)
      • Feelin' It (Xenoblade Chronicles)
    • Festival Costumes
      • Mario Party Peach
      • Majora's Mask Young Link
      • Pokemon Stadium Pokemon Trainer
      • Banjo-Kazooie Banjo-& Kazooie
    • Festival Colors
      • Mega Man 64
      • Inkling 64
      • DJ Otcavio 64
      • Doomslayer 64
      • Gholdengo 64
    • Airships
      • Comet Observatory (Super Mario Bros.)
      • Rocketbarrel Jetpack (Donkey Kong)
      • Phase Distorter (Earthbound)
      • Verus (Xenoblade Chronicles)
    • Speeders
      • B Dasher (Super Mario Bros.)
      • Robotbot Armor (Wheel Mode) (Kirby)
      • Color TV Racing 112 (Color TV)
    • Shaders
    • Tags
Festival of Frost
Update 7.0
Late December​
Festival of Roses
Update 7.5
Late December​
  • New Stage Variations
    • Rainbow Cruise (Super Mario Bros)
    • Crossfire (Advance Wars)
    • House (Plants vs Zombies)
    • Kamura Village (Monster Hunter)
  • Mii Costumes
    • Cupid Mii Outfit (Swordfighter)
  • New Episode
  • Global Event in the Hud
  • New Pokemon
    • Glalie
  • Online Tournament
  • Spirit Event related to New Years
  • Collectibles:
    • Poses
      • Paper Heart
      • Blowing a Kiss
    • Festival Costumes
      • Bridal Anna
      • Wedding Suit Joker
    • Festival Colors
      • 2B Valentine
      • Angel Jin
    • Poses
      • Blowing a Kiss
      • Heart Eyes
    • Tags
Cherry Blossom Festival
Update 8
  • New Character
    • Klonoa
  • New Stage
    • Phantomile (Klonoa)
    • Blossoming Arcadia (Pikmin)
  • New Music
    • Klonoa
  • New Stage Variations
  • Smash Dungeon
    • Garden Dungeon
  • Mii Costumes
    • Tulip Mii Fighter
    • Rose Mii Tulip
    • Marigold Mii Fighter
    • Red Spider Lily Mii Fighter
    • Sunflower Mii Fighter
    • Basketball Player Mii Athlete
    • Meowscarda Mii Mage (Pokemon)
    • Mappy Mii Swordfighter (Mappy)
    • Kyari Pamyu Pamyu Mii Fighter (Kyari Pamyu Pamyu)
  • New Episode
  • Global Event in the Hud
  • Online Tournament
  • Spirit Event related to Spring
  • Collectibles:
    • Currency
      • Cherry Blossom Petals
    • Poses
      • Blowing Cherry Blossoms
      • Rays of Sunshine
    • Festival Costumes
      • Spring Rabbit Chrom
      • Egg Hunt Yoshi
      • Bunny Suit Crash
    • Festival Colors
      • Spring Fashion Stylist
      • Cherry Blossom Saki
      • Spring Time Dave
    • Airships
      • Birdhouse
      • Cherry Blossom Hot Air Balloon
    • Speeders
      • Rideable Lawn Mower
    • Shaders
    • Tags
    • Items
      • Pink Umbrella
      • Picnic Basket
    • Pals
      • Star Rabbit (Mario)
      • Leafeon (Pokemon)
    • Effect
      • Rainbow
      • Scattering Cherry Blossoms
        Flying Butterflies
Stories from the Underground Festival
Update 9
Retro Festival
Return of the Festival of Fright
Year 2 Festival
Festival of Wishes
  • New Stage
    • Freezeflame Galaxy (Super Mario)
    • New London (Frostpunk)
  • Stage Variations
    • Starry Temple (The Legend of Zelda)
    • Starry Cloudy Sea of Alrest (Xenoblade Chronicles)
    • Starry House (Plants vs Zombies)
  • Mii Costumes
    • Ice Titan Mii Fighter
    • Fjorm Mii Swordfighter (Fire Emblem)
    • Shiva Mii Mage (Final Fantasy)
    • Ice Bird Headgear (Angry Birds)
    • Nutcracker Mii Brawler
    • Penguin Mii Brawler
    • Darth Vader Mii Swordfighter (Star Wars)
    • Stormtrooper Mii Gunner (Star Wars)
    • Luke Skywalker (Mii Swordfighter)
  • Global Event in the Hud
    • Invasion of the Ice Titan
      • The Ice Titan arrives an invades the Smash Hub along with their Fire Generals: Fire General Corrin, Ice General Zagreus, Ice General Wolf, and Ice General Pit
      • The Ice Titan captures four locations in the Smash Hub with four dungeons occupying both areas resulting in players having to navigate said dungeon.
      • The Fire Titan occurs in 3 phases (each requires defeating the four generals who are resurrected to be stronger each time.)
        • First Phase: Titanic Phase
          • A battle against a gigantic version
        • Second Phase: Ethereal Phase
          • A battle against a moving spiritual form of the Titan in it's own inner realm
        • Third Phase: Origin Phase
          • Occurs against a downsized fighter in their throneroom
  • Online Tournament
  • Spirit Event
  • Spirits
    • Festival of Wishes
      • Penguin (Mario)
      • Frosslass (Pokemon)
      • Tony (Angry Birds)
      • PTX-40A (Lost Planet)
      • Mona (Genshin Impact)
      • Mortimer Freeze (Cuphead)
      • Bad Mr. Frosty (Clayfighter)
      • Valere and Cale (Sea of Stars)
  • Collectibles:
    • Currency
    • Airships
    • Speeders
    • Festival Costumes
      • Crystalized Ice Rosalina
      • Crystalized Little Mac
      • Crystalized Ice Dark Samus
      • Crsytalized Ice Gholdengo
      • Winter Fashion Peach
      • Winter Fashion Zelda
      • Winter Fashion Byleth
      • Winter Fashion Min-Min
      • Ice General Corrin
      • Ice General Wolf
      • Ice General Zagreus
      • Ice General Greninja
    • Festive Colors
      • Cold Star Mewtwo
      • Cold Star Pit
      • Cold Star Young Link
      • Cold Star Phoenix
      • Cold Star Ahri
    • Poses
    • Shaders
    • Tags
    • Items
    • Pals
    • Effect
Festival of Essence
  • Character
    • Team Fortress
  • New Stage
    • Team Fortress Stage
    • Nature-based stage
  • Stage Variations
  • Mii Costumes
    • Nature Titan Mii Fighter
    • Team Fortress Costumes
    • FPS Costumes
    • Nintendo Costumes
  • Global Event in the Hud
    • Invasion of the Nature Titan
      • The Nature Titan arrives an invades the Smash Hub along with their Nature Generals:
      • The Ice Titan captures