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SNES Results + Shoutouts - August 21-23, 2009

wWw Dazwa

Feb 23, 2006
Since people are asking for a shoutouts thread, here you are. For now, I'll post what I can remember, and I'll edit in the full results later.


64 Singles
1 Nuro (Pikachu)
2 Pingas (Falcon)

Brawl+ Singles
1 Ally (Snake)
2 Guru Kid
3 Ksizzle
4 NinjaLink
5 Mew2King (Kirby)


Brawl Singles (Pools omitted, 141 total entrants)

1: ADHD (Diddy Kong)
2: Ally (Snake)
3: Mew2King (Meta Knight)
4: Lain (Ice Climbers/Dedede)
5: Atomsk (Dedede/Ice Climbers/Luigi)
5: Anther (Pikachu)
7: PikaPika (Pikachu)
7: Reflex (Pokemon Trainer)
9: Ksizzle (Meta Knight/Snake/Lucario)
9: Fatal (Snake)
9: Shadow (Meta Knight)
9: Judge (Meta Knight)
13: Snakeee (Zero Suit Samus)
13: NinjaLink (ROB/Diddy Kong/Others?)
13: Meep (Ice Climbers)
13: Drkpch (Peach)
17: JesiahTEG (?)
17: Culex (Falco)
17: Shugo (Sonic)
17: Sago (?)
17: Hunger (Wario?)
17: Chaosmarth (Marth?)
17: Inui (Meta Knight/Snake)
17: Blackanese (Game and Watch?)
25: PGN (?)
25: Bizkit (Snake)
25: Greenace (Yoshi)
25: Orion (Meta Knight)
25: Blackwaltz (Olimar)
25: Roguepit (Pit)
25: KingAce (Meta Knight)
25: Minus (Falco)
33: Pierce (Marth)
33: OBM (Wario)
33: Chibosempai (ROB)
33: Fuzzy (Lucas?)
33: Noj (Game and Watch)
33: Soul Ark (?)
33: D1 (Falco?)
33: Teevee (ROB/Diddy/ZSS?)
33: Wil (Donkey Kong)
33: Mikeray4 (Snake)
33: Buuman (Dedede)
33: DAwes (?)
33: Dazwa (Zero Suit Samus/Diddy Kong)
33: Doom (Meta Knight)
33: KirinBlaze (?)
33: Izumi (?)

Brawl Doubles

1: M2K + Ally
2: Ksizzle + Shadow
3: Anti + Hunger
4: Judge + Anther
5: NOJ + Zucco
5: Fatal***** + ADHD
7: icylight + bizkit
7: Ninjalink +DA Wes
9: Blackanese + Teevee
9: Inui + Atomsk
9: Pierce + Snakeee
9: Kingace + Minus
13: Meep + Lain
13: Chibosempai + Roguepit
13: pikapika + jesiahteg
13: Izumi + Blackwaltz
17: obm + buuman
17: Greenace + Orion
17: Doom + Dazwa (Doomzwa)
17: Turtle + Joebot
17: HoMaLoN + Cheesey******
17: Sago + Raretruffle
17: Ace + Riot
17: PGN + Chaos Marth
25: Duke + Bass
25: Eli + Will
25: Solid Jake + omegawhitemage (Sexy fat bears)
25: Fuzzy + Gamesngoodies
25: kidgoogles + arrancar18
25: Ithrowthings + argentstew
25: Mike Ray4 + Hinkage
25: Peachkid + Mikey Lenetia
33: Dillin + Devon3000
33: chii +AKC12
33: Monkley + Oafa
33: Darkpeach + Reflex
33: Humpythrashabout + Copacetic
33: Deleo + Dano
33: CF12 + Kiwi
33: PD + kiriinblaze
33: Tempest + Tymer
33: Hell + Noah
33: Haggs + Hot kaarl
33: hotdogturtle + soma
33: Mike + etherlight
33: Nuro + Nato
33: Almo - Bloodcross
33: Doo wop + D1


Melee Singles

1: Mango (Falco/Falcon)
2: Hax (Falcon)
3: Mew2King (Marth)
4: Swiftbass (Fox)
5: Cort (Peach)
5: Darc (Jigglypuff)
7: Scar (Falcon)
7: Gmoney (Marth)
9: JesiahTEG (Marth)
9: Skler (Link)
9: N64 (Pikachu)
9: Alukard (?)
13: th0rn (Falco)
13: Trees (Falcon?)
13: D1 (?)
13: Mikey Lenetia (Peach)
17: Elen (Fox)
17: Hayato (Sheik)
17: Sastopher (Peach)
17: Derilink
17: Inui (Sheik)
17: CVNT
17: Mogwai (Falco?)
17: Chibosempai (Samus?)
25: Kwan
25: Milktea (Peach)
25: Banks (Sheik)
25: Glick
25: Kartel
25: Lain
25: WeaponX
25: Kyu Puff (Ice Climbers)
33: Yuri
33: Sago
33: Boxman
33: Cheese, Master of losing to 13 year old girls
33: Variola
33: Fang
33: Roman
33: Titus
33: Questor
33: U bad
33: Henry
33: Andumbrodeus
33: Eli
33: Will
33: DarkMagicX2
49: dudutsai (Jigglypuff)
49: Xander
49: Irish Mafia (Peach)
49: Doo wop
49: Boxob
49: Spife (Link/Sheik?)
49: Smash Jim
49: Huan
49: PGN
49: Suicide
49: Meep
49: Pingas
49: Ben

Melee Doubles

1 Mango/Darc
2 Mew2King/Cort
3 Hax/Scar
4 Swiftbass/Mogwai
5 Banks/th0rn
5 Skler/N64
7: Alukard + gmoney
7: mikey lenetia + Anther
9: Henry + Sastopher
9: Inui + JesiahTEG
9: Spawn + Mikemoney
9: Elen + Trees
13: Boxman + Variola
13: Eli + Kwan
13: Tsai + Sailex
13: Irish Mafia + WeaponX
17: D1 + Crismas
17: Derilink + Lvl 9 CPU
17: Craig ferguson + Andy ****
17: Speed + Kr0n!c
17: Will + Smashjin


Smash Lord
May 30, 2006
First? :O!!

This tourney was amazing.

ILU Dazwario.

Shoutouts later.

CT Chia

Smash Obsessed
Sep 4, 2007
Post Reserved for Shouts and Cool stuff

Best Brawl Grand Finals ever.
One of the worst Melee Grand Finals ever lol.

As an gaming convention, GameUnicon was actually really lame imo, not what I was expecting at all. VGXPO is a lot better, though Unicon was advertised and hyped a lot more. I wish it was better :/



Smash Lord
Mar 25, 2008
all i gotta say is

GOOD **** ADHD!!!!!!
very glad that you won the tourny...tired of ally vs m2k

ksizzle- snake?!?!?!?!?!?! ahaha dayum

anti- y not singles????????!?!?!?!?!?

thats it for it...maybe some later


Smash Hero
Jun 2, 2006
WHY DOES it say puu for me winning i didnt use her once

in the singles tourney

i used falco / falcon



Smash Lord
Oct 31, 2005
New York Citaaay :333 Occupation: Stripper ;]
YAYUZ big daddy dazwa

im waaay 2 lazy 2 have a shoutout 4 every person ._. but all i know is shiz was MAD FUNSIES

though i didnt get2 do everything i wanted (swimming / concert / and maybe sexy time lmfaoo jk)

anyways seeing old faces and meeting new 1s was great, especially midwest, i would love 2 chill with those guys again lol booty chin crew

thnx papa khanti 4 driving us and was mad fun chillin with u guys (guru, glick, silven and d1) being drunk fo teh win, shiz was 2 epic

good stuff 2 the hosts and every1 helping out with it, everything got done quick and was perfect.

uhhh i cant really remember much, so ill just edit this if i do lol

OH im sure most of u guys remember me recording alot of u on sat morning with silvens camera, so ill share it once he uploads everythign


May 12, 2008
Oakland, CA
Switch FC
wow, interesting results.




Smash Hero
Sep 8, 2008
This was the best tournament i've been to no doubt mad fun.

Not entering singles was enjoyable

Angel.M <3 C:

Smash Champion
Sep 23, 2006
imouto island
Mad fun tournament! I had a blast.


Punishment Divine: amazing time talking to you, and playing against you. We need to chill at more tournaments.

KirinBlaze: Had fun talking to you. Amazing player and person. We gotta play sometime

ADHD: Congrats on winning and had fun talking to you in our hotel room.

PGN: We did really good in teams 17th isnt bad for our first time. We should team more.

Alex/Jake/Dazwa/OBM/OWM: good job on an awesome tournament. I had a blast I <3 you guys.

NinjaLink: you're a *** <3 thanks for helping me with my marth game and get at me in pokemon I told you i'm too goodz.

Hunger: LOL you're amazing. Our trip to mcdonalds was too good.

Cheese: had fun talking to you on the bus and had fun friendlies. kiwi <3

Adumbrodeus: Had fun talking to you on the bus as well we shoulda got more friendlies xD

Dark.pch: My first time playing you in tournament and I'm pleased with how i did considering we practice alot. You're an amazing friend and tutor. :D

Rogue Pit: Amazing set, but you shouldn't cp mk on me. I know that match-up sooo well. Amazing pit though.

Buuman: Great d3 you had me scared the whole match. great set.

Fatal: Omfg I'm going to beat you next time i swear. i get closer everytime. You have an amazing snake and i can't wait to play you again. :D

Ksizzle: Thanks for the tips, they helped alot <3

Anti: Mad funny and shoulda entered singles >:O

shadow: Great time talking to you. You shoulda done way better but you're still amazing.

All the people I roomed with: you guys are mad chill and I love you all.

Arrancar: Don't let this tournament get to you, mindset is everything and you didn't do so well because of how you took things.

Pierce: Thanks for the tips and everything <3

Blackwaltz: I love you xD you're too goodz beating me in pools and teams, but ggz <3

Mikey/peachkid: Great doubles set. Sorry i had to metagay you guys D:

Mew2king: I got you in doubles >/ we almost took a set. Team me to play mk dittos more then I know so I can beat every mk ever.

Ally: ****** me in doubles :c

Orion: Great to talk to and fun sets. <3 didn't even camp me. Ny/nj all day.

Boxob: mad fun on the bus, you're too funny. xD

<3 everyone and i had mad fun. EC is too amazing specially ny/nj :D


Heir to the Monado
Sep 20, 2005
Amherst, MA
I love mangooooo

and milkteaaaa

and joeyyyy

and everybodyyyy


shoutouts sometime maybe


Smash Lord
Nov 24, 2007
Lincoln MA
Very glad I went to this tournament, even though melee turnout was a bit low, I got tons of practice.
Shoutouts later


Banned via Warnings
Oct 30, 2005
Ocean Grove, New Jersey
Very fun event despite a traumatizing experience in doubles that I hope never happens again.

Atomsk: From now on, it's first place or second place to Mew2King. Nothing else is acceptable. I won't fail again.

ADHD: Great job. You've also made yourself a target in NJ. Everyone is going to want to beat the slayer of Mew2King and Ally...and I plan on being one of the people that takes you out soon.

Anti: You've improved a lot in doubles.

Hunger: Amazing player, even better person. It was nice meeting you.

Judge: Sorry I screwed up game five in our doubles MM. I guess I need to get more consistent. Good job ****** me game three in our set.

Anther: Ike! :)

Rhyme: You're dirty, lol...

Shadow and ksizzle: Good job repping our area in doubles when Atomsk and I failed...but you're not going to take us out any time soon!

Everyone from the Midwest: It was awesome of you guys to come down. Nice seeing you again.

Melee community: So hype! I'm going to play this game again. Gotta keep taking out good teams and I want to **** all of these good Falcons!

Mew2King: Don't be so down. You're still the best Smasher in the world. See you at Viridian City, little buddy. ;)

Ally: The Ike vs Falcon set was fun until you claimed it was best of five (I definitely didn't say it was best of five, so you misheard me or lied, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're not a liar). We'll do it again next time and make sure we both are on the same page.

Mages/ME guys: Great job hosting as usual.

Izumi: Thanks for driving us.

Milktea: We didn't play enough. Or talk enough. :(

Enemy Controller: Not enough dominance. We can't rely on Mew2King to win everything for the crew anymore. It's time to step up our game.

Reflex: Wtf @ your character...

Everyone I played: GGs. Ike all day!


Smash Champion
Mar 15, 2008
Western Mass
Tagged for later. Still so tired.

Just so anyone who met me knows NE Ace = MdrnDayMercutio. I may just start using the MDM name, cause hearing New England Ace over and over was so effing awkward.


Smash Lord
Mar 19, 2008
Brooklyn, NY
Silven: Lol seeing you drunk made me LOL so hard.
Guru: Yo, stop ****** everybody
Khanti: mad pro at driving, even though I annoyed the **** out of you while trying to go home. and close game on the live stream lol.

Ally: your snake is pretty ridiculous in B+. I hope you consider getting into the game seriously when Gold comes out. Your pressure is insane. Especially at the edge.
Everyone else: I had a lot of fun.

lol Ace and I'm sorry I told everyone that we got married when I got drunk.


Smash Champion
Jan 14, 2009
Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Didn't even make it out of pools. My ****ed up mentality is screwing me over when I should be placing higher. It will take time I suppose.

But really, this tournament was TOO FUN for me to get all depressed and ****. Dude... Kiwi beating Cheese was so good lmao. Lots of ****ing hype on ADHD vs Ally (until my dad started pestering me to leave <_<). WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH


Anther: You are so amazing. Most chill smasher I've ever played, every friendly plus our pool match was too fun and friggen close. No shame at all, good playing you man hope to see you again.

Inui: Grrrr Brinstar. I've learned that I can tolerate Rainbow Cruise now lol (running away is fun XP). You're pretty cool too for a cocky ******* on the intarweebz lolol. GGs.

Roy: Wow... I was so pissed for not friendlying you. SO PISSED! Really glad to see you again, we'll friendly at the next Mass Madness for sure (and I'll win that **** teehee)

Almo: Idk why I get pissed in doubles. I really don't care for doubles yet... I have no idea really. Anyway, we beasted against Snaake + Pierce yet we **** up in tourney lol. Forgetting about dubs: You've gotten much better during that week. See what happens when you get massive friendlies (not named NE lol)? good ****

Scrub: **** YOU SCRUB FOR COMING HERE AT THE LAST MINUTE LOL. Me and you could have gotten far with MK team lol... Almo I <3 you too but Scrub has always been my fav/best partner. dude, shuttle loop cancelling, drill rush on top platform, cape to ledge on the other side.... HAHAHA FLASHY

Fatal: ***** you're my ride to Viridian XP All about the money man could have let me get in on Duelist some more... I'm better than you think dude lol... Jilla is too pro. Speaking of Jilla, anyone know where he's from?

Green Ace: AIIEEEEEEEEEEE (but that was pretty much all we did for socializing... then I just leave... meh). Beast Yoshi as usual

Ally: Glad I got a few matches with you... I was the Falco with tag BC+ btw if you care lol. good ****

Solid Jake: You did an amazing job running this tourney as well as commentating lol. DID I ANNOY YOU TOO MUCH SONNNNNNNNNNNNNN? Were the ADHD vs Ally matches recorded? Oh and don't hate me :(

Banana: You're IC's have gotten better too. Lain will bulk you up... and get you some weed too XP

ADHD: wtf you ***** my Wolf + MK with Peach. FML. 5$ MM at Viridian Diddy vs Falco. Amazing job winning the whole thing.

Everyone else I played... TASTE MY WRATH (I can't remember everyone)

Amazing tournament


Smash Champion
Mar 15, 2008
Western Mass
This tourney was so amazing. I barely slept, loved every minute and apparently got married. What more could you ask for.


Still saving for later. :p

Punishment Divine

Smash Champion
May 21, 2008
Long Island, NY

Kirin - Next time, I promise not to **** doubles up -.- good **** in pools/singles, though. Much love

Will - good ****, next time you play someone gay I'll be sure to stand behind you and coach like a mofo

Boxob - white bread tfg. Much <3 Mr. BoxxyBox

Chaos Marth - dude good **** in the tournament and amazing time talking. I'll get you in the ditto next time! And I'm banning RC! lmao

Cheez - next time I'll have an airhorn for you =)

Alex - good **** rooming us. Mad random lmao

Crismas - next time I'll get stickers :3

Everyone who hosted - good stuff

Ninjalink - so much fun playing friendlies, you're amazing. I was really depressed when we played pools though :-/ sorry bout that, i lost all will to play the game at that point

Zucco - you're way too good, and I came so close -_- I'll get you next time!

Culnex - bah i shouldnt lose to DK -_- you're good though

Diddy in my pool - sorry i Snaked you :-/ I can't beat Diddy with Marth

Pierce - PIERCE! I'm glad I got you down to one stock both times, I made some mistakes which I realize though. I can't wait to play you/talk to you again. Third best Marth? Probably

Random Snake Scrub - grow a pair f4ggot, you suck at the game but use Snake. Play some real characters

Everyone I didn't play in my pool because I forfeited the rest - sorry but losing to Terribad Snake X really upset me :-/

Snakeee - too good :3 <3 Frank

Shadow - So help me if you lose to Pikachu again Nick >:o

Lord Knight - thanks for all the BB tips and being so helpful/**** :D

Atomsk - <3 Trevor. You're the funnest person to be around at smash tournaments. WAH! WAH! WAH!

Inui - lmao FEFF

ADHD - Wyatt tfg, congrats dude

Fatal - mad fun playing Duelist :D see you at VC prob

Izumi - Dave you so ridiculous lmao

Hunger - dude I'm so upset I didn't get tto play you or even talk that much :( When we talked you were hilarious.


Hax - omg you're hilarious and actually good at Brawl XD Hope to see you soon, your Falcon is **** in both games lmao

Chick with the purple streak in her hair - omg I wanted to bang you so bad ;_;

Everyone I friendlied - good ****. I love playing this game so much

I cannot possibly say what i want to everyone I want to. I love everyone in this community. SNES was one of if not the best tournaments I've been too. I love you all, and I hope to see you guys again soon ( moreso that chick w/ the pruple streak than the rest of you :( )


Smash Gizmo
Sep 30, 2006
I want to expect better of you, but I know not to
Fun tourney, I definitely have a bunch of suggestions for another one if it's gonna happen, but I don't wanna sound like I'm *****ing or anything here cause overall it was a good time.


Mango: yea, you're pretty good at this game... I like to say that I'd like to play friendlies with you, but w/e, you'd probably crush my spirit so maybe it's good that we've still never played.

Hax: good **** Aziz. you definitely got off at this. Swift and I should've had you guys in teams though, Hax combos are broke as **** and need to be banned :p

M2K: you're the best player in the world, don't get discouraged.

Swift: great job dude. I love doin' spacies with you, glad we got into the money in teams.

Cort: good seeing you again dude. I just realized you still owe me for chipotle, but w/e, I'm over it :p Rufus is broke as ****.

Darc: uh, I hate missing l-cancels vs. Jiggs...

Scar: you blow. na seriously, good seeing you for the weekend dude.

G$: so glad that Swift and I didn't have to play you guys in teams, nice job in singles.

Alu: again, def glad that swift and I didn't have to play you guys in teams.

Mikey Lentia: Mute City is so stupid :p. Good set, your peach is still super legit.

Anther: Your offstage uairs always send me straight down :(.

N64 & Skler: Awesome match guys, way to get 5th playing ****ing terrible characters LOL. Low Tier mains always blow my mind.

Inui & Jessiah: I'm still in shock that you guys took that set off us. Good stuff.

Mike$ + Spawn: good **** taking down Banks and Thorn. Mike, you should play Fox in teams, I still think your Fox is way better than the Peach.

Dazwa: is awesome.

Hayato: I always feel so terrible after playing you cause I shoot the **** out of you, but I'm always too scared to approach :laugh:. Good match, I'm glad I got my revenge.

Falco guy I played 1st round: You were definitely playing the matchup better than I was, you just SDed and got nervous on your last stocks. Just work on those things and your Falco will be pretty ****.

Smash Jin: it was fun warming up with you in teams, keep at it man, your Falcon's getting a lot better.

Can't think of anyone else, sorry if I neglected someone.


Smash Lord
Jul 22, 2008
Farmingville, Long Island.
What an amazing weekend. I met and played a lot of cool people in both Brawl and Melee. I did pretty well in the tournament too. :)

The Mages - Amazzzzzzzzzzing Tournament. I had soooooo much fun.
PD - We always do better in teams friendlies. We should probably like..practice or something, y'know? xD
Will - Dayummmmmm. This DK kid is too good.
Boxob - HUWAH. PAWNCH. Too funny.
Alex Strife/Crismas - Thank you so much for letting us stay with you for the weekend. We really appreciate it. :)
ChaosMarth - Amazing bus ride home. We'll def play some friendlies at Viridian.
Snakeee/Shadow - Great seeing you two again. We gotta work on your fear of DK Fsmash's, Snakee. lmao
Blackanese - Dear god..just..too good..
Izumi - Random Ditto Money Match..?
Inui - Melee Link is pretty good, that or Skler is just amazing. Better luck next time in teams. :(
Atomsk - Good seeing you again and fun pools set. I'll work on my ledge stuff. xD
Dark Peach - Really fun tournament set. I'm really glad I got to play you. You're right, I didn't lose to any Peach there after I played you.
NinjaLink - Great seeing you again. New Super Mario Bros. Mini-Game Champ? lmao
Sago - You're Samus is amazing. I had fun playing you.
Rhyme - Even though it wasn't a real pools set that was some intense ****. Awesome Samus.
Doom - Still a pretty cool kid. Maybe we can play a bit as VC.
Hax - Great meeting you and really funny Brawl sets.
SmashJin - Pretty cute.
Solark - Great meeting you. You're Fox is pretty good.
Fatal - Great seeing you again, as always. Maybe we'll be in pools again next time. See you at VC.
Truffles - That pools set was pretty amazing. Great ZSS.
OmegaBlackMage - I wanna play your GnW next time. D: Great pools set.
M2K - You're still the best player in the world. You'll get 'em next time.
Eli/Doowop - Glad to see you two are still around. Double DK is pretty legit. lmao
Pierce - Good seeing you again. You're Mario is really something. Use him more. lol

I know I played a lot of people, GG's to all. I'd definitely do this again.


Smash Ace
Sep 14, 2007
Brooklyn, NY
I hope the brackets are uploaded ASAP.

Again, this tournament was too beast. From the tournaments themselves to drunken shenanigans, I had a great time. Full shoutouts in a bit.


edit: CONGRATS to MDM and Glick! :bee:


Banned via Warnings
Oct 30, 2005
Ocean Grove, New Jersey
Didn't even make it out of pools. My ****ed up mentality is screwing me over when I should be placing higher. It will take time I suppose.

Inui: Grrrr Brinstar. I've learned that I can tolerate Rainbow Cruise now lol (running away is fun XP). You're pretty cool too for a cocky ******* on the intarweebz lolol. GGs.
You would have made it out if you just played all your matches and kept your cool! You got this next time!


Smash Lord
May 31, 2008
gah smsh 64 and brawl+!!
i really wish i went.
ill mm anyone in smsh 64 or B+ $10+


Smash Hero
Sep 8, 2008
You should of went meng this tournament was something else :)

Shadow Huan

Smash Champion
Oct 31, 2008
Springfield, MA
I tied for LAST! ;D

Sorry to give it away, but its what happened.

This tourny was mad fun, even if I was falling asleep during friendlies afterwards (I wish I was joking: I couldn't even effing Wavedash by the end of the day O_o)

Shout-outs later on although I have a special message for M2K.

Mango is freaking good. You are freaking good. When such a twosome "cross swords" one will have to loose. It looked to me that he got into your head during the second match and then you lost it. You are capable of beating him: no one is unbeatable. But he's good enough that it can go either way, so if you intend to stay in the Melee tourny scene (Where you're probably going to be playing Mango like EVERY freaking time) you may want to spend less time on Brawl. Just sayin.

I have nothing against Mango either. I've chatted with him and he seems like a nice dude for such a cutthroat player. But the M2K/Mango matches could've been so much more. To see the two best players in the world butting heads is amazing. (Okay Armada wasn't there my bad)

This coming from a guy who lost in his first round. :dizzy:


Smash Hero
Sep 8, 2008
I was so tempted to run onto the stage and play the last match of the set for M2K



Smash Ace
Sep 14, 2007
Brooklyn, NY
gah smsh 64 and brawl+!!
i really wish i went.
ill mm anyone in smsh 64 or B+ $10+
Yeah man you missed one hell of an event.

And we still have that $7 B+ MM pending. I'm down to make it 10 ducks if ya want, though.

Yeah I'll try to get that stuff sorted out later and post the vids or something....
I can't wait to see those vids. They were too good. :p
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