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  • hey wuts up? IM from milford ma also little over average smash player tryna play at a higher level u should play me some time nnid kalnixx24
    Hey BC, this is Cross from the Falco boards. I've asked you a few questions for your v/a log, and I've realized that the boards are pretty dead for Falco at least. -_- I asked this in the Q&A thread, but nobody really answered. Are there any really good uses for b-reversing your lasers? I posted a couple examples where I thought b-reverse lasers were used very well, but it certainly doesn't seem to be a mainstream tactic at all.
    And im letting you know now, regardless, no matter what happens. Im telling you this a week ahead of time. im going to be recording all my money matches on my wii. doesnt matter if you 3-0 me, or if I three stock you. Im recording everything and having it put up on YT. just for the sake of seeing how I do against good players.
    And when I say $15 for all three days I mean just one payment of $15 for the three days, instead of three payments of $15 for the three days
    A suggestion about the venue fee: Drop it down to just $15 for all three days, unless you need to pay for the venue and can't pay it off with enough people coming in to play. Because unless you need at least $2910, there's no reason to charge that much, and will probably appeal to a larger audience of players who may not want to spend as much. Pound only charged $10 for all three days, and even though APEX is charging $10 a day, they've given everyone a good 8 months to save up for it.

    Just a suggestion.
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