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  • Requesting a ban is a bad idea. You really just end up thinking about Smash more.

    If you want to get away from Smash, just log out and delete all your Smashboards bookmarks. From personal experience, killing that temptation within the first couple of weeks makes giving it up easier in the long run.

    Unless you REALLY want all your contributions to have a fat "SUPER BANNED" title next to them.
    I'm starting Angel Beats now, since I finished my other anime. Not gonna download it though. Too lazy to reinstall the necessary program :p
    Do you have a sewing machine and blue threads/yarn? If you do, I can get you a bandanna. I have the material with the dimensions, I just don't have anything to sew it with.
    Would you be up to practicing before then? I really need to pick up a controller again. I haven't played in a while so. If possible, I could talk the commuter rail to your location for practice.
    Hey, I'm still planning on going to DNA 7. The commuter rail is gonna be a *****, but I've started looking up directions. You think you gonna go?
    Hey, not gonna be able to make the Smashfest again. Gotta meet with a group friday for a group project. I feel so s***ty since I haven't played in ~2 weeks :/
    It's faster than trying to do it after a cypher. There might be alignment issues with the C4 drop if you are still in momentum.

    Now my question, transpose the information you have of myself. No offline exp. but plenty of MU exp. with online. Plenty of time to develop proper strategies to be used offline. How might I do at a tournament of yours?
    I do not remember. Those Kos were funny. Me getting killed by a fsmash, and you tyring to juke my recovery and I blow you up instead xD
    Actually, I learned it from Overswarm. He has been collecting data on it for awhile. After I actually tried it out it doesn't seem to affect gameplay all that much and seems like a legit method to prevent heavy planking. I am going to keep pushing for it to be a legit ruleset.
    That was my opinion. I noticed in the snake match vs marth that it helped me out a bit. I recovered about 60%-70% of my damage that match which ultimately helped keep me in that match a bit longer. My biggest reason for testing it is for the whole planking thing. If I ever see someone planking and food is around on low I might be able to recover enough to not have to lose to them doing that. Or if they get fed up enough, come back on stage and try to attack me instead of me having to approach them.
    I forgot to ask you. What did you think about having food on low? I have been testing it out to see what I think about it. I thought it's rather useful at times, but does not overly affect the outcome of the match.
    I cannot recover with Snake against another snake. It's just impossible. And since I cannot juggle people for very long, I have to constantly keep poking and proding people with weak moves to slowly rack up damage. You must have noticed that all the time.

    I could rack up one or two points of damage on you slowly, but could never really keep you offstage for very long.
    I thought it was going to be a joke. And yeah, I am sticking with Peach, Falco and Snake. It just so happens that the others do just fine at times o.0
    <_< A little helpful detail in how they got worse would be nice lulz

    I'm not going to tournaments yet. I am still in limbo until the summer or college starts.
    Ill have to see. I might be going home on the weekend and i have midterms till friday. :( I was looking forward to coming this friday (all samus).
    Don't forget! Also, try your hardest to come!
    Imma try my hardest to come! :)

    Also, yesterday I look for them....I look through about like 50 to 60 pages and I could find them. :(
    Hey, just lettin you know that I won't be goin to the next smashfest on friday. Gotta go home for a TB test :/
    Yea, my bad. I had a ******** moment. Y'know with the past 12, you message became yesterday and I thought you posted it wednesday and it all of a sudden became thursday haha. I'll see if I can get some work done before then. I got 2 tests comin up, but I'll try to show.
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