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  • I should get my hopes up because you plan on going? Great!

    Just kidding. If you can though, give me a heads ups.
    Oh you're silly.
    DSO Biweeklies
    Battle Royale

    They're on Friday and Saturday this weekend. Tell me you can go to one of them at least. :3
    Are you going to DSO biweeklies/Battle Royale? I'll be going to both and would love to meet you before Crank that Kosha
    Maybe and we didn't know it >.< U said on the Crank that Kosher boy thread that you would MM me or Friendly me, Ur apparently a good samus :D , and this is my 2nd tourny since Apex, n i just wanna get in as many friendlies as possible against anyone... cuz i improved so much, and ill keep improving... Also ur in 100% Juice, which my friend Allied is in... so i figured why not FR u.. cuz at APEX i had like no smash friends, and this time i wanna make some...
    "Man" "hey man" been a while "man"

    hmm.....anyways, hey, im posting on your wall. We should have conversations other than my dumb book too =D well cya, and this !z t3l-l R@Ñl)Ö)\/(

    Gotcha Rhyme. Well man f you ever do go online because your bored Lemme know and hopefully we can play a few I always like seeing what other samus' do even if it is Wi-Fi lol
    It's been a while. How have you been? Saw you got 25th with samus, that's pretty good man.
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